•is this a real or fictional blog?

this blog is real. the only things I make up are dialogue and small details that could give away a specific person, place or thing.

•what days do you post?

i don’t have a specific posting schedule, but i try to get something up 2-3 times a week. make sure you follow me to keep up.

•what college did you go to?

i graduated from asu.

•do your friends read your blog?

actually no. they are the ones who encouraged me to start it, but ironically I haven’t told them I actually did it.

•are you as stupid and self centered as you seem?

that’s rude. a lot of what I say is sarcastic and/or tongue in cheek. this blog shouldn’t be taken seriously and don’t read if you don’t have a sense of humor. 🙂

•what’s the longest relationship you’ve had?

define relationship.

•what other blogs do you read?

I love:

The Coveteur

Tragedy and the Twenty-something

Crazy Adventures in NY

Love Sex Pizza

The Bitch Bible

Babe Walker

Cranberry and Vodka

Lu’s blog

The Cut


Slutty is the New Black

Life by Aleah

Hopeless Temptation

The Life of Ordinary Leah

always looking to read new blogs so send me your faves.


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