where is he finding all these hot girls?

I was in Houston last weekend. Brady had a ton of work to do so he didn’t come with and this kind of sounds bad, but it was a relief to have a break from him for a little while. I’m sure he felt the same way. And Tucker too. Taking care of a needy dog 24/7 is tough. Obviously by the end of the weekend I was ready to come home to them though.

I didn’t want to decide whether to stay at my mom or my dad’s so I just got a hotel downtown and Brittany insisted on staying with me for the weekend. She doesn’t live too far from the hotel, but I think she’s finally starting to realize that she doesn’t have any friends. So she’s clinging on to me. Funny.

I got dinner with my mom on Friday when I landed.

“Y’all are really serious about getting married,” was one of the first things she said. “Good thing you finally found someone. I was a little worried for a while.”

She tried to make it sound like a compliment, but it totally wasn’t. Before I got a boyfriend, she was constantly badger me about finding one and warning me that I’d be single forever. That’s how southern moms are. Life is not complete until you find a husband and start having babies. So then she’d try to hook me up with any and every single guy she came across. Thanks, mama.

The rest of dinner she just wanted to discuss my dad. She wanted to know if I’d talked to him, what he had said, where he was, who he was with, etc. My mom thinks he’s dating someone. That would be a shitty thing to do and my dad is actually a really, really good person. My mom seemed pretty adamant though so I decided to do my own investigation later.

On Saturday, Brittany had plans for us to go to a rooftop party during the day. I wore a tank top bodysuit, One Teaspoon shorts and wedges so I’d fit in with all the other basic bitches at the party. Texas is so tacky and I love and hate that about it.

As soon as we arrived at the party, Brittany introduced me to a guy named Christian. He was tall with an athletic build – similar to my ex – with a neat beard. He was dressed like Kanye West though. Longline t-shirt, ripped up skinny jeans, a Houston Astros hat, and high top sneakers. I was intrigued. One thing I wish about Brady is that he’d be more edgy and daring. The most daring thing he does is sometimes wear crew socks with his sneakers. So that’s why I shop for him sometimes.

This guy Christian is really into the arts. And after talking to him, I realized that I am too. I used to paint. Not anything serious or great, but talking to Christian made me realize how much I miss it. I feel like I don’t really have any hobbies or passions and that makes me feel unfulfilled. Does anyone else feel that way? Christian paints too and also produces music so it was nice to talk about that and I was actually surprised about how much I could attribute to our conversation. I normally talk a lot, but I just couldn’t stop talking. Usually I don’t have that much to talk about unless it’s about Kim Kardashian’s outfits or my favorite things to mix with tequila.

While I was talking to Christian, Brittany sent me two texts. One of them was a winking emoji and the other said, “I knew you would like him.”

She’d walked away at the beginning of our conversation and I hadn’t seen her since. I put my phone away and hung out with my new friend for the rest of the party. He’s really popular with the girls (he’s beautiful to look at so I’m not surprised) so everyone stopped him to talk.

We spent the majority of the day together and when it was time to leave, he invited me and Brittany back to his studio. I was going to say no, but Brittany said, “Yeah, come on. Let’s go.”

So I figured I could hang out for a little while longer. We all hopped in Brittany’s Mercedes SUV and headed over there. Christian poured sangria and we sat around his concrete island talking. I realized that I hadn’t mentioned Brady at all and I didn’t want Christian to get the wrong idea. So I started talking all about my boyfriend.

Brittany scrunched up her nose. “But y’all aren’t that serious, right?” She turned to Christian and shrugged.

“Uh, yes,” I said back. “He’s proposing soon.”

She smirked at me. “No he isn’t.”

“How would you know?” I shot back.

She took a sip of her sangria and looked at me over the glass. “I just know.”

She’s so annoying. She got a call and Christian suggested we paint. I agreed. It was actually really fun and therapeutic and random, but it didn’t seem random. It seemed so normal to be sitting there painting in my bodysuit and wedges.

Uninspired, I painted the scene from Christian’s windows which was buildings, a park, a pool and the night sky. I didn’t quite finish, but it turned out really nice and he insisted on keeping it. I hope I get famous from it.

Christian and I had already exchanged numbers earlier in the day so we didn’t have to deal with that when it was time to leave. He did say, “Hit me up, beautiful.”

Ugh. I thought we established that I had a boyfriend who was about to propose. But then I thought about what Kendra once told me, that just because a guy is being nice and complimenting you, it doesn’t mean he’s hitting on you. And I think that’s probably true, although guys would never ever turn down sex if the opportunity presented itself. But that’s another conversation.

Brittany wanted to go out that night, but I was just not feeling it. Nights out with Brittany are always a shitshow and I didn’t want to get that crazy without Brady around to babysit me.

So instead, I met up with my dad for food at around midnight. He’s so sweet. He swung by and picked me up from the hotel and then we headed to the restaurant.

“So how does it feel to live completely alone?” I asked.

“I haven’t spent much time at home, to be honest with you-” he began.

“Where have you been spending all your time?” I cut him off.

“I’ve been working, Reese. I can invest a lot more time into work now so that’s what I’ve been doing.”

“Oh,” I nodded. “Are you dating?”

My dad looked at me like I was crazy. “Dating? No.” And then he kind of chuckled. “Did your mother tell you that?”

I shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Perhaps ask her if she’s dating anyone. I think that’s the better question,” my dad said.

Do you see how petty and ridiculous my parents have become? So after leaving on Sunday, I realized I don’t want to go back while they’re like this.

Scott has been driving me absolute nuts. I had a couple more dreams about him (ugh), but have been mostly keeping my distance. He’s been giving me stupid bitch work to do and basically doing my job for me. It’s frustrating. He will have me do something stupid like alphabetize files and then he give me obviously tips like, “Put them in order before writing the names. That way if you make a mistake, it’s easy to fix.” Like duh, Scott. I’m smarter than I look. And obviously I don’t respond well to that. Then when we leave work for the day he will text me saying, “Good job today. You always amaze me.”

I want to strangle him. The other day, Mike stopped by my office on his way out and just kind of chatted with me. He was asking about my weekend, where I’m from and even about my hair. It was cute. As soon as Mike’s foot stepped off my office carpet, Scott texted me.

“Were you just talking to Mike?”

Stalker much?

I replied, “Yes,” and Scott said, “What did he want?”

I can’t tell if Scott is obsessed with me or obsessed with Mike, but leave me alone. I didn’t text back and Scott stopped by my office, of course.

“Hey,” he said, looking all nonchalant with his hands in his pockets. “What did Mike say?”

I didn’t even look up. “He just wanted to say hi. He’s a real human being, you know. Sometimes he just wants to be nice.”

Scott caught my drift and left me alone. I just can’t deal with him. I feel like soon, I’m just going to let him have it and it won’t be pretty.

Y’all will be happy to know that I haven’t gone out much in the last couple of weeks (there’s a reason why) and honestly, it’s nice. I’ve saved so much money.

Brady went out on Saturday night with some guy friends and I stayed home with Tucker and watched the Food Network. Brady and I had gone grocery shopping earlier in the day so I had a ton of snacks and I really can’t think of a better way to spend Saturday night.

Brady came stumbling in at 3:00 am and it pissed me off because he woke me up.

“I missed you, baby,” he said after he’d taken off his shirt and tried to get in bed with his jeans on.

“Ugh, get off me,” I said, shoving him. “Take off your clothes first.”

Brady laughed and got undressed and then we fell asleep.

His phone started ringing at 6:30 am. First, he got the three calls back to back and then a bunch of texts. His phone was just sitting on the nightstand so naturally I picked it up. Who would be blowing up his phone at 6:30 in the morning?

Apparently some girl named Aubrey. Are you kidding me? I was cranky from being woken up twice so I shook Brady so hard that he probably thought he was waking up to an earthquake.

“What?” he groaned, turning away from me.

“Who is Aubrey and why is she calling you right now?” I demanded.

“I don’t know,” he said.

And since he didn’t know, I decided to find out.

Aubrey’s texts said:

“Hey, where are you?”

“Are you still out?”

“Where can we meet? My phone is about to go dead.”

This is me, so I was thinking the worst. Like that Brady was meeting up with this broad for sex or a blowjob for money. I mean, I didn’t know.

So I texted back, “Brady’s sleeping and he’s not meeting you anywhere. Probably delete this number too. Thanks for your cooperation, Aubrey.”

Immediately, Aubrey responded, “He has my keys. I can’t get into my apartment.”

“Why does he have your keys?”

“Because I couldn’t bring my purse into the bar and I asked him to hold them for me. Where exactly are you? I’ll come get them. My phone is on 4%.”

And I don’t know what’s happened to me, but I actually felt bad for the girl so after I went through Brady’s pockets and found her keys, I told her she could come by and get them. I even ignored the fact that she was a hot, leggy mixed girl with big lips that were natural unlike Tia’s. Where is Brady finding all these hot girls?

Anyway, I have things to paint and conference calls to get on so ciao!



i’m not engaged.

I was very excited to get out of Chicago for the weekend. Especially because I ran into Tia at Target when I was getting some of my travel toiletries. She was standing in the toiletry aisle with a female friend and my first reaction was to say, “Hey, how are you?”

She smirked at me and I saw her raise her eyebrows through her sunglasses. “Hey.”

I squeezed past her to grab some deodorant and when I looked up an older white man was walking down the aisle toward us. Her sugar daddy I assume.

“Did you ladies find what you were looking for?” he asked them.

Tia threw her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. It was loud.

Just as she was telling him that she had found everything, I said, “It was nice seeing you. Bye!”

She gave me what looked like a satisfied smile. “Bye.”

Am I fake? Why did I talk to her like we are cool or something? I must have temporarily forgotten the unfinished business we had. But as soon as I left the aisle I texted Brady, “I just saw Tia with her sugar daddy. He’s hideous, but so is she.”

Brady said, “Lol, where?” and I didn’t respond because who cares.

Anyway, we left for the beach on Friday morning, but I’d waited until Friday morning to pack so we almost missed our flight. Y’all probably think Brady is the most patient person in the world, but he really isn’t. He hassled me about packing all evening, physically began putting things in my suitcase to encourage me to start on Friday morning and then he called our Uber while I was still in the shower. So rude.

Brady arranged a cute little cottage through Airbnb even though his aunt and uncle have a large house that the family usually stays in. Since it was a family trip, the house was going to be way too full for our liking. On Friday night the plan was to go to the aunt and uncle’s for dinner and wine. With all of Brady’s family.

At first, I thought it was just Brady’s dad side of the family. So Landon, Logan, Brady’s pretentious aunts, etc, but then I saw Brady’s Aunt Kat! The one I met in Florida. She was the first person I saw when we walked into Brady’s aunt and uncle’s house and I was really confused.

“Hi Brady! You two!” she said. It was obvious that she’d forgotten my name.

They hugged and then she reached out to hug me. Brady’s parents weren’t supposed to be there, but after seeing Aunt Kat I was a little freaked out that they would show up. I was not mentally prepared to see them.

Everyone was hanging out in the dining room so we made our rounds. We saw Landon, who of course, was double fisting beer. He looked like a huge pink, wet ball and I was not impressed. We also saw Landon’s brother, Logan, who had brought a date. Logan is so much better than Landon and it’s weird to me that they are brothers.

Anyway, all of Brady’s aunts are those haughty Upper East Side women who have vacation homes all over the east coast. Maybe I’d be the same way if I were them, but it got real old, real fast. As they were opening the wine, they seriously discussed the years the grapes were harvested for each bottle and what was going to go well with the oysters. Like bitch, give me a Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joes and I’m good to go. And as a matter of fact, fuck your oysters and give me mozzarella sticks. It was annoying.

We sat down at the dining room table and had oysters, a cheese board (Logan’s girlfriend brought it. Sucking up to the aunts) and wine. Landon was starting med school so everyone wanted to know how that was going. If that idiot is in med school, then I totally could have gone to med school.

After dinner, most of us headed out to the patio to continue drinking. Kat and one of Brady’s other aunts were pretty tipsy and started talking about sex (intercourse), blow jobs (fellatio) and dicks (cocks). It was funny and entertaining at first but I think all of us younger people were relieved when they decided to go to a bar. Especially Landon. Can you imagine your mother talking about giving head in front of you? The only time my mom has really mentioned anything like that to me was toward the end of my parents relationship when she told me that she and my dad were no longer having sex. And I was just thinking, “Wow Mom, you could have left that detail out.”

After all the “grown ups” were gone, Brady, Landon and Logan decided to smoke. I wasn’t gonna, but then when they pulled all the materials and stuff out, I figured why not.

About an hour later, we were all sitting out on the patio, stoned out of our minds. We were just staring at each other and the water. The patio door opened and this tall, hot brunette walked out. She was wearing white shorts, a thin off the shoulder sweater, knee high boots and a choker. She actually looked a lot like my friend, Brittany. Landon glanced at Brady and started grinning like The Joker.

“Hi y’all!” she exclaimed. I (thought I) loved her immediately.

Landon was the first to say anything, obviously.

“Sara! What the fuck! I didn’t know you were coming!” He stood up to hug her.

Brady stood up to greet her next and her eyes lit up.

“Oh my gosh!” she said as they hugged. “Brady!”

When they pulled away, she kept her hands on his biceps. “How have you been? I miss you.”

I realized that something weird must have been going on because Brady immediately turned back to me without acknowledging what she said. “This is my girlfriend, Reese.”

Not wanting to seem like a bitch, I stood up to shake her hand. With her heeled boots on, she was about an inch or two taller than Brady.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” I said.

She pulled me into a hug. “You’re beautiful.”

Sara sat down and Landon started firing off questions. Apparently she’s a local news reporter and Landon seemed so fascinated by it. At one point, I pulled out my phone to check some texts and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Landon wag his finger between Brady and Sara. I looked up and Landon quickly put his hand in his lap and smiled sheepishly. I glared at him.

Sara didn’t stay much longer, but before she left, she pulled out her phone and suggested she and Brady exchange numbers. She wasn’t even out of the house when I demanded to know what was going on.

“What? What do you mean?” Brady asked, looking all confused.

“Landon is a fucking shit starter and he kept making all these faces. Don’t try to lie,” I said through clenched teeth.

Brady made a big show of glaring at Landon then turning back to me looking defeated. “I guess she and I had a thing.”

“What do you mean?” I needed to know.

“Nothing serious. We slept together a few times.”

“Who didn’t you fucking sleep with? Literally the only requirement is a warm, wet pussy!” I hissed.

“Reese, would you stop?” he said sternly.

“And why does she want your number now?”

“I don’t know!”

“Well, don’t talk to her.”

“Okay, I won’t.”

You know what though? I can’t blame Sara for wanting to rekindle things with Brady. He’s hot and he’s lowkey, but he’s so amazing in bed. I was just thinking about it recently. Dick made of gold as Preston would say. I am freaking obsessed with him.

After our fight about Sara (and all the weed), I was ready to call it a night. We stopped and got a ton of shitty junk food, took it back to the Airbnb, and then ate until we passed out.

The next morning, Brady woke me up early because he had plans for us to go out in a boat. Naturally, I thought he’d be proposing so I took forever to get ready, making sure I looked perfect and photo ready. I wore a Free People dress, Jeffrey Campbell booties and my hair half up in a bun (kind of trendy for the photos, but it was cute).

Brady didn’t propose. I realized he wasn’t going to when he opened his fourth beer. Brady is not the kind of guy who is going to propose to his girlfriend while drunk. No matter how nervous he was. And he didn’t seem nervous or anxious at all. Just another day for him. I was annoyed that I’d gotten so cute, but still made Brady take a ton of pictures with me and of me anyway.

Immediately after the boat, Brady wanted to go meet Landon and another cousin at the bar. Obviously I didn’t want to hang out with Landon more, but I did want to drink with my man so I agreed.

When I walked in Landon said, “Why are you wearing a prom dress?”

I don’t think I’ve ever been more insulted in my life.

“Why are you so fat you can’t find you dick?” I said back.

I’m sorry, but I hate Brady’s cousin. He deliberately tries to piss me off and almost like scare me away, and I’m just not the one to play that shit with. Landon laughed, but Brady exclaimed, “Reese!”

“Relax, baby B,” Landon said laughing and putting his arm around my shoulders. “Me and the girl are just kidding around with each other.”

I wasn’t kidding, but I guess we could pretend it was all for fun. We hung out at the bar for a little while before Brady and Landon decided they wanted to go smoke on the beach. I wasn’t too enthused about going to the beach with my prom dress on, but I also didn’t want to go back to the cottage and spend the night alone. So I tagged along.

We met up with one of Logan’s attorney friends – another tall, hot American jock, JFK kinda dude. He turned out to be a huge douche though. He and Landon took turns calling Brady a pussy and making fun of him for being skinny. Brady’s been working out so he isn’t even that skinny.

Eventually I got tired of it though and I said, “Would y’all shut the fuck up?”

“Oh, babe,” Landon said, pouting at me. I don’t think Landon has ever acknowledged me by name. “You can’t protect Brady from this.”

“You’re actually so annoying. I’m sure you already know that,” I said.

“I do. And I’m sure you already know that Brady is only with you because you’re kind of hot,” Landon said.

The attorney laughed and Brady sighed. Landon and the attorney pounded fists and Brady looked at me apologetically.

“Bern, shut the fuck up,” he said.

“Fuck, dude. I’m kidding,” Landon said.

We continued walking and no one said anything while Landon lit up the weed. When it was my turn, Brady helped me light the bowl because he’s a gentleman and it takes some coordination. I don’t even like smoking but I felt like I had to to deal with them.

When we finally got down to the beach and after a long time of silence, Landon said, “You know who is really hot though? Sara.”

None of us said anything so Landon continued. “And she would still totally let you tap that.” He clapped Brady on the shoulder.

Brady gave Landon a deadly glance then looked over at me and I rolled my eyes. Landon went on for a little while longer, objectifying Sara and trying to get Brady to chime in. I was sick of fighting with Landon, but I wasn’t about to just stand there and listen. So I announced that I was leaving and began walking away. I heard Brady tell them he had to go, Landon call him a pussy and then Brady come after me.

Later that night, after we’d eaten and hooked up, I went through Brady’s phone. I don’t care. And Sara had texted him.

“It was so nice to see you.🙂 I’d love to grab a coffee with you tomorrow,” she said. Tomorrow would have been Saturday – when Brady and I spent the entire day together.

He replied, “It was nice to see you also. I hope you enjoy your stay.”

So fuck Landon. Brady wasn’t about to “tap” Sara again. Landon is seriously the worst. When we were on the beach he said something like, “My father owns this beach so if you don’t like what I have to say then you can fuck off.” He wasn’t talking to me directly, but what a shitty, privileged thing to say. Everything that’s wrong with America, to be honest.

Anyway, my birthday was last week. Brady planned a dinner with my friends which was so cute and sweet because no one told me. Pregnant ass Kendra was there with John, Preston, Luke, my new friend Ava and her man, my old coworker Leah and even my fucking mother. She’d flown into Chicago the Monday before, but when I realized that Brady had arranged this whole dinner, I thought for sure he was proposing. My mom doesn’t come visit me just for my birthday anymore. Again, I put on my nicest dress and had my mom help me with some falsies.

But nope. Still no proposal. After dinner, I asked my mom if she knew anything about Brady’s plans to propose to me. She said no and my mom is a terrible liar so I knew she was telling the truth.

Brady’s parents sent me a gift. A set of brass measuring spoons. Super chic and vintage and I appreciate the thought. I emailed his mom saying thank you and she did not respond at all.

On my birthday I got a delivery of flowers and donuts to the office. I assumed it was Brady even though it wasn’t his style. The donut box had “Scott” written on it in Sharpie so then I figured it was my dad. It made sense. Since my mom had flown in, he felt like he needed to compete so he sent flowers and donuts. But after I read the tiny card attached to the bouquet, I realized it was from my boss, Scott.

“Thank you for everything you do.”

For a few days after our night out, Scott texted me all the time – about work and about life in general. He asked me to hang out a couple times, but I declined, claiming to have plans with Brady. He didn’t stop trying though.

Monica came in my office and saw the flowers.

“Pretty. Are they from Brady?” she asked.

And it kind of embarrassed me that they actually weren’t from Brady and that he didn’t send me anything. I went ahead and lied and said they were though. Scott had sent a whole dozen donuts and I wasn’t going to finish them all so I ripped off the top that had his name written on it and left it in the break room for everyone.

I texted him saying thank you and he replied, “You’re welcome. And happy birthday.”

I didn’t say anything else and he added, “I owe you a drink. I’m sure you have plans tonight, but later this week?”

I said, “That’s probably not a good idea.”

I’m sure I could’ve found a way to sound my confident and sure of myself, but I still have to work for this man so I wanted to let him down gently.

“You’re right. I shouldn’t have asked,” Scott said.

But just over the weekend he texted me saying, “Come to the bar. There’s a margarita here with your name on it.” So obviously he doesn’t care that it’s inappropriate.

Even though I haven’t done anything with Scott, I must feel guilty in some way because I had a dream the other night about making out with him at the office and his wife stopping by. We pulled away just before she caught us, but I was sitting on his desk and he was standing between my legs. The wife cried and the rest of the dream was just her sobbing. I woke up feeling really guilty even though Scott and I have never kissed or done anything like that. Ew. She stopped by the office in real life last week, the day after my birthday. Scott was putting on this big show, hugging her and being all affectionate even though I have texts from him saying that they are both checked out of their marriage.


My mom just moved to downtown Houston. My dad bought a 3 bedroom house in the suburbs and told my mom she was welcome to stay there if she needed to, but she went off and did her own thing. Good for her I guess. They’re both refusing to file for divorce and I think I’m secretly hoping they’ll work it out. Who wants to be a single divorcee at that age? It’s just so depressing.

Over the weekend, we had a couple people over for Labor Day. I didn’t want to, but people started texting us asking what we were doing and if they could come over? We’re just so popular. So we went to the grocery store and spent $300, grilled, ate and smoked all day. Brady and I bailed on the party to go hook up and then fell asleep and when we woke up, everyone was gone. I guess we are getting old. I’m 27 now. It’s so fucking weird. Can you believe when I started this blog I was only 24? So much has changed. Back then I was hooking up with everyone in sight (my intern?!) and now I’m hoping my boyfriend will put a ring on it soon. So crazy.


i hate when you do this.

I told y’all that Brady and I have both been working a lot. I feel like when Brady starts working a lot I get really upset. I’m so needy. But on top of that, he wasn’t really responding to my texts very much. Or would just be short and dismissive. Rude! I whined to him on Friday evening when he got home (at 9:30 PM).

“Do you even care about me?” I greeted him at the door.

Brady looked startled. “What?”

“Do you care? We haven’t spent any time together in forever!” I continued.

He relaxed a little bit. “I’m sorry. It’s not intentional. I’ve taken on a bit more at work.”

“That’s what you always say,” I pointed out, not satisfied with his answer.

“I know. It isn’t an excuse. I’d spend every second with you if I could,” Brady said.

Obviously that wasn’t entirely true, but it was enough for me and we made plans to spend some quality time together (with Craig) that evening. We went to a bar and got chicken strips, fries, and quesadillas to eat along with beer and margaritas. After we overstayed our welcome, we walked next door to the next bar and took a few shots. Craig actually wasn’t getting on my nerves much, mostly because he was trying to pick up the bartender which left me to spend some alone time with my man.

Brady and I were talking about work. Brady was mentioning possibly putting himself up for research roles since that’s what he’s wanted to do. I told him that if he needed to relocate for a new job, I’d go with him. I mean obviously. And then we can start a family.

We went to another bar where we ran into another of Brady and Craig’s friends, who was with a girl and her friends. Eventually the girls left so it was just me alone with the guys. They started ordering beers eight at a time for us and even I was having trouble keeping up. Brady and I hung out at a table making out and feeling each other up and then the friend came over to us, clapping his hand on Brady’s shoulder.

“Here’s the plan. Let’s finish these beers then go back to your place and blow some lines,” he said.

I wasn’t too drunk to realize that wasn’t a normal thing to say. My man does not blow lines.

Brady turned his attention back to me and didn’t say anything back to his friend. It was weird. I’ve never seen Brady do cocaine in the time I’ve known him (but I’ve also never met that friend).

We stayed until the bar closed then took our party outside. All of us were super drunk and being loud and belligerent. Brady’s friend realized that he wanted a cigarette so he ran over to a group of girls who were smoking. Brady followed him and I watched as they talked for a moment while the friend smoked. Then Brady came back over to me and asked if I was ready to go home. It was just odd and it made me feel uncomfortable. I’m not exactly sure why.

Brady had to go into work on Saturday so I spent the day with Tucker. It was hot and disgusting outside, but I still took him for a long walk and then to the pet store. Brady came home with food and we stayed in and watched tv all night.

On Sunday, Brady went into work again and I didn’t want to stay inside all day so I texted Luke to hang out. I haven’t seen Luke in forever and I missed him so I was excited to be able to see him. We caught up over cheeseburgers and margaritas. He says he wants to come work for me. He’s basically the last one left from our old team so he’s hating all the new people and all the changes. He’s also dating someone. A personal trainer which is cute for Luke since Luke is so into being fit.

While we were at the bar eating, Scott texted me asking me something about work. At this point I was a little bit tipsy and sent back a message with a ton of typos then sent corrections one by one. I texted him back like eight times.

“So your Sunday is going well, I gather?” he said.

I sent him back a picture of my margarita and he said, “Nice. Do you want to share?”

I sent back a smiling emoji then I put my phone in my purse. Luke and I were sitting inside the bar, but decided to go up to the rooftop to mingle and take videos for Snapchat. The next time I’d looked at my phone, Scott had sent me a few texts.

“Do you want to have a drink together?”

“Where are you?”

“I’d love to buy you a drink tonight.”

I sent him back the name of the bar I was at and turned to Luke.

“My boss is coming!”

He made a face. “Oh. Why?”

“He’s obsessed with me. It’s okay though. He’s really cool.”

While we waited for Scott, Luke and I met a few friends at the bar. I was talking to a younger good looking cop when I saw Scott walk in out the corner of my eye. He was wearing jeans and a nice shirt and it was weird and creepy to see him out of his suit.

“Well hello there,” Scott greeted me. He pulled out the barstool next to me and sat down.

“This is my friend, Luke,” I said introducing the two.

They shook hands and Luke said, “Nice to meet you. Wish I could stay longer and chat!”

I spun around and saw Luke signing his bill.

“What? Where are you going?” I asked.

“My flight tomorrow is early and I haven’t even finished packing. Have fun though!”

Luke had a trip to Costa Rica planned and was leaving Monday morning. We hugged and promised to hang out again soon. Then I turned my attention back toward Scott and we talked about our days. He said that he’d been out drinking with his friends all day, but wasn’t ready to call it a night hence why he wanted to meet up with me.

We ordered more drinks and talked about work. We talked about Mike and I told Scott to stop being so intimidated by him.

“Wait, you think I’m intimidated by him?” Scott asked, looking surprised.

“Yes! You’re always running around losing your mind when he’s around,” I said. “I get that we need to impress him, but you’re just so over the top.”

I laughed a little, but Scott kept a straight face.

“Once you’re in my position, you’ll see why I am the way I am,” he said and then he excused himself to go to the bathroom.

I turned back to my cop friend while Scott was using the restroom and talked to him for a little bit until I felt someone’s hands on my shoulders. I continued talking to the cop without turning around so Scott ran his hand down my arm and put his hand over my hand which was sitting on the bar. I felt his face close to the back of my neck.

“Do you want to go to another bar?” he asked.

“Okay,” I agreed.

Scott asked for the check and the cop leaned over to us. “No offense man. I didn’t know she was with you before you got here so I got her first couple of rounds of drinks. I hope that’s okay.”

“It’s okay! We aren’t together like that,” I laughed because it was hilarious and I was drunk.

I ordered an Uber to take us to my favorite bar so Scott and I trekked downstairs. Once we made it outside, Scott grabbed my hand to guide me out in the street.

“So glad you could make it out tonight,” I said as we crossed the street.

“Me too. Glad you made some time to see me.”

As if we don’t see each other everyday at work.

Once we were across the street and waiting for our Uber to pull up, Scott still didn’t let go of my hand. And in the car, he placed his hand on my thigh and kind caressed it the entire way to the next bar. We didn’t say anything at all.

We got to the next bar and ordered drinks and continued talking about work. I was sucking down my drinks pretty fast so I can’t remember a lot of the details. Scott was flirting with our bartender – a super cute blonde. He was telling her how beautiful she is and talking about the Olympics and I was playing the perfect wing woman. I noticed that Scott didn’t have his wedding ring on and I tried not to make it obvious that I was looking for it.

While the bartender was helping other people, Scott told me about life before he moved to the United States. About the jobs he had and his his bosses were much more intense than Mike.

“They make Mike look like a sweet puppy,” Scott said.

I leaned over to him and giggled, accidentally knocking my entire drink into my lap. Scott grabbed some napkins and started patting my thigh with them to dry me off. The bartender quickly placed another drink in front of me as if I deserved it.

We sat there for a little while longer before deciding to go to the next bar. Once we got outside, Scott grabbed my hand and held it while we walked to the next bar. We got inside and sat down and ordered our drinks.

“I can’t even lie, I’m very attracted to you,” Scott said.

“Why?” I asked.

“You’re stunning. It’s the way you carry yourself. You’re very direct and you know what you want. That is hot.”

I just grinned.

“Your boyfriend is very, very lucky. I mean, he’s extremely lucky to have you to come home to.”

I took that to mean Scott didn’t enjoy “coming home” to his wife which is crazy because she’s hot and super sweet. I took a sip of my drink and Scott asked, “How many people would you say you’ve slept with?”

I told him the answer and he said, “That’s not a lot considering how good looking you are.”

“What about you?” I wanted to know.

“Over one hundred women. I stopped counting after one hundred,” Scott answered.

I feel like he wanted me to have some grand reaction to that, but I just shrugged. “Well you are older and you’re a man.”

“Yeah, I suppose that would explain it. You’d be surprised how many women throw themselves at me solely because of my accent. I mean, I’m not complaining, but…” Scott said.

Have I mentioned that Scott is British? He’s actually from Australia, but grew up in England for the majority of his childhood. He’s lived in the United States for several years.

“I’m sure it’s not just your accent. You’re not bad looking either,” I said.

Scott turned to me. “Really?”

I nodded. He put his hand on the back of my neck and started massaging it with his fingers. It was so relaxing and we just sat there talking some more. Suddenly, he pulled me toward him and I realized he was trying to lean in for a kiss!

I grabbed his hand and backed away, giggling and pretending I didn’t know what he was doing.

Eventually we got in a cab to go home, deciding that we would just share one since Scott didn’t live that far away from the bar. I didn’t remember the cab ride until the next day when I realized that we were again holding hands and caressing each other’s thighs. What the fuck.

When I got home, it was after 3:00 AM, but Brady was still up. I was excited and relieved to see him.

“Hi baby!” I squealed, jumping on the couch next to him. I laid the back of my head on his lap so I could still look at him.

“How was your night? It’s late,” Brady said.

“Good. I was out with Scott!”

Brady gave me a weird look. “Really?” It sounded more like an “are you kidding?” really.

I nodded. “He’s obsessed with me and it’s not like you’ve been spending any time with me lately so…”

“So you go get drunk with your boss who is obsessed with you and stay out until-” Brady paused to look at the time. “3:00 in the morning?”


“I hate when you do this,” Brady mumbled.

“I hate when you do this too!” I sat up and we started arguing. We were screaming at each other, I’m not even sure what about, and woke Craig up.

“Hey, is everything okay?” he asked.

“No!” I said. “Both of you need to leave. I’m not comfortable sleeping here if y’all are here.” What did poor Craig do?

“Stop being ridiculous, Reese. We aren’t going anywhere,” Brady said.

“Fine. I’ll call the cops then,” I said and started rummaging through my bag to find my phone.

So then Brady had to wrestle my phone from me so I wouldn’t call the police and make an even huger scene. What a hot mess. Eventually, Brady decided it would be best if he slept on the couch downstairs and left me in the bedroom.

On Monday morning I woke up at 7:30 still in my clothes and makeup from the night before. Brady was already gone, but had left a bottle of water on the nightstand. I felt so awful about the whole night, especially how I’d acted when I got home. I called Brady at work to apologize. Like I called the actual hospital because it was an emergency.

“Reese?” Brady greeted me, after picking up the call.

“Brady, I am so sorry about last night. That should have never happened,” I said.

He sighed. “Okay.”

“Scott tried to kiss me. He was like holding my hand the entire night,” I added.

Brady didn’t say anything.

“I don’t know what to do. I’m sorry. I’m literally so dumb.”


“I love you,” I said.

“We can talk more about it later when I get home, okay?” Brady said. He sounded cold, but not necessarily mad.

After we hung up, Brady texted me saying, “You do this too often to continue apologizing for it.”

I didn’t even know what to say so I didn’t say anything.

Scott had texted me a few times.

“Glad you got home safely.”

“Are you okay to come in today?”

“By the way, you looked super sexy last night.”

I didn’t respond and got up to get ready for work. When I got there, Scott was already there working away in his office. I stopped in and said hello and asked if there was anything he needed me to work on. After we discussed work, he lowered his voice and asked, “How are you feeling?”

I shrugged. “Okay. Not that bad though considering how much I drank. You?”

“Not great. My wife woke me up this morning after finding me passed out in a chair. I dry heaved in the bathroom for an hour before coming here.”

We both laughed. Scott stayed in his office all day and didn’t really talk to anyone so people were coming to my office and asking if he was okay. I told them he was probably just hungover.

Brady and I went to dinner that night and I told him everything and I apologized for my behavior. He lectured me, making me feel like complete shit which I deserved.

“If this is what you do when you aren’t receiving the attention you want then I can’t help you,” Brady said. And then he pointed out that Scott is married.

“Did the two of you even think about me and his wife? It’s wrong on so many levels, Reese. I can’t believe you.”

Obviously I felt really bad and couldn’t stop apologizing, but Brady refused to accept my apology because I know better.

Scott is traveling the rest of this week and texted me a few things he wants me to get done while he is gone. He’s getting back Thursday night and told me to let him know if I wanted to grab drinks after he landed. As if I would get drinks with him again! Now I’m just annoyed that I got myself in this situation. I know I need to have a mature adult conversation with him and let him know that none of that should have happened. It will be extremely awkward and I might even do it over email. There goes my raise.


i’m sorry.

The last few weeks have been weird and depressing and I’m not really sure why. One of Brady’s friends has been staying with us because he was having problems with his live in girlfriend. So I’ve been thirdwheeling. On one of his first nights staying with us, we grilled and had people over to eat and drink. Lindsey was the only girl besides me and the guys starting being guys. Someone brought up Tia. Apparently she gets around a little bit (clearly) so they discussed that.

“[Guy who she hooked up with] says she has her hair shaved into a lightning bolt,” one of them said and they all laughed.

And then Brady said, “She changes it with her mood. Along with the jewelry.”

Why would Brady know that?

“I’m curious to see this now,” one of the guys said.

“I’m sure if you ask to see, she will send you a picture. I’m quite sure of that,” Brady said.

I gave him probably the most disgusted and unimpressed look he’s ever seen and he made a face like, “Hey, it’s not my fault.” I rolled my eyes. I don’t want my man thinking about Tia’s vagina and most certainly not seeing it either.

Another night, the three of us went out for dinner and beers. Brady’s friend (his name is Craig) wanted to bitch about his girlfriend all night and I get that Brady should take his friend’s side, but it was offensive. Craig was blaming his girlfriend for being crazy, unreasonable and selfish and Brady was agreeing with him. Finally, I said, “What did you do to her?”

They both looked at me.

“I didn’t do anything to her, Reese. I’m not here to play the blame game,” Craig said.

“But that’s exactly what you’re doing,” I said.

So now I’m just hoping Craig will leave soon. I’ve even been encouraging him to reach out to his girlfriends and apologize. I miss walking around naked when I want to and being able to come home and eat junk food. Craig works from home a lot (our home) and eats all the junk food during the day. Imagine how frustrating it is to come home from a long day of work thinking you’re going to sit in front of the tv with a pack of Oreos all night, but all the Oreos are gone. If he doesn’t leave soon, I’m probably going to kill him.

Speaking of work, Mike is back. Scott and I have gotten pretty close the past few weeks as we prepared for Mike to come back. We work together literally all day everyday either in my office or his office, or if we’re feeling adventurous, in one of the conference rooms. Monica hates it because I think she feels left out. But it seems like she’s alienating herself purposely. We’ve invited her to our work sessions and she says stuff like, “I have so much stuff to do, I can’t!”
We all have so much stuff to do, girl.
I even had lunch with Scott and his wife last week. So weird. I thought I’d be third wheeling, but I think the wife actually was. She’s a cute little blonde (obviously) who does yoga all day. She even showed up lunch in her yoga gear complete with a mat attached to her bag.

Anyway, Scott just wanted to talk about work the whole time. Like, can we have a lunch period off? We’ve all been working 12-14 hours a day so you’d think we would want to find something else to talk about for an hour.

When we got back to the office, Mike met us at the door and said, “Reese, can I talk to you for a minute?” and headed back to his office before waiting for me to say yes.

I can’t even lie, I thought Mike would confront me about going to lunch with Scott (and his wife) because that seems bad for office politics, right? Monica may have gone to him to complain, you know?
But he wanted to let me know how well I’ve been doing and to thank me for my hard work. I definitely don’t feel like I deserved it (even though I have been working hard), but there have been times I’ve busted my ass even more and no one said anything. But at least he’s noticing.
It was short lived though. On Monday morning, he sent me an email with a list of things that he wanted done, that I haven’t been doing.
“This is your priority this week. Don’t let me catch you doing anything else,” was how Mike closed the email.

So this week I’ve been busting my ass for him and avoiding Scott’s requests to work together. Obviously Mike hadn’t informed him of the list he’d given me so I guess it was supposed to be private. Although I don’t see why.

Carly was here over the weekend. We grabbed a quick brunch on Saturday morning, but that’s the only time I saw her. She spent most of her time in the suburbs wedding planning with her mom. I cannot believe she’s getting married in a few months. She actually kept changing the subject when I asked her about it at brunch which I don’t think is a good sign. I hope she isn’t getting cold feet.

I’m sorry I don’t have much to write about. Like I said, I’ve been in a weird mood, borderline depressed, anxious and super, super tired all the time. I can barely get out of bed most mornings. Hopefully the getaway Brady has planned for the end of the most helps. He’s taking me to a beach in Massachusetts for the weekend. He’s actually been working even more than I have so we definitely both need it. I miss y’all. Hopefully I feel better soon. 


why are we like this?

So I went through Brady’s phone and read his messages with Tia. In my defense though, he was sitting right there and said I could look through his phone.

Anyway, I fucking hate her. Apparently she has a sugar daddy who pays all her bills and gives her a ton of spending money to live on (like $3,500 a month). That’s more than some people make working at a job. She and Brady were texting about it and he said, “You must be doing something amazing to make a man spend money on you like that.”

And she said, “Well I am Asian after all. ;-)”

Like ew. I know what she means by that. I never thought she had class before, but I definitely know she doesn’t now. Since we were on the subject of Tia anyway, I asked Brady if he was attracted to her. Because those are the things I want to know (to make myself miserable obviously).

“I think she’s pretty, but attracted to her? No,” Brady answered.

“Liar. You’d pay all her bills too if you were given the opportunity,” I said. “Have you hooked up with her before?”

He almost like flinched. Like the question was so offensive and revolting. “No! Why would you ask that?”

“Because I feel like I have to,” I said.

“Of course not. Jeez. No,” he scoffed.

I kind of enjoyed Brady being so offended. But then I pestered him a little bit about his relationship with her. And he told me that once they were out with their friends, drunk of course, and they hugged. But when they pulled away, they didn’t exactly pull away and she kept her arms around his neck and he kept his hands around her waist. Why would he tell me that?

“Show me,” I demanded.

And then Brady stood up and demonstrated the position they were in, putting my hands in the position Tia’s were in. I thought he’d laugh and tell me to stop being ridiculous, that it wasn’t that big of a deal, etc, but he did it with a straight and serious face. So we were standing there like we were slow dancing at prom.

“Inappropriate,” I declared.

He shrugged and then nodded. “Yeah.”

I couldn’t even bring myself to fight with him about it, but it just solidified my hatred for her. Plus, obviously they aren’t speaking or hanging out like they used to, so I was just thinking, “Well, at least she’s out of the picture now.” And get this – she texted Brady earlier this week, seeing if he wanted Lolla tickets because she had a friend selling some. He didn’t respond and she said something like, “I get that your girlfriend hates me, but I don’t want that to get in the way of our friendship. You should be able to hang out with whoever you want to hang out with no matter what situation is going on.”

She’s obviously smoking crack again. Who is she to tell Brady who he should be allowed to hang out with? And she hasn’t even acknowledged the fact that one. she stole my bracelet and two. Brady screamed at her and made her feel like shit about it. What a true sociopath.

Brady’s mom called my mom and apparently they had a pretty long conversation. It was weird to me that Brady’s mom was so adamant about talking to my mom. What did she need to talk to my mom about that she couldn’t talk to me about? Apparently, she wanted to voice her concerns.

1. Brady and I haven’t known each other long. Did we even know each other well enough to get married?

2. I’ve switched jobs a lot. Is my career stable?

3. Am I emotionally stable? (Rude)

4. Did I plan on contributing financially since moving in with Brady? (He purchased the home for himself and himself only).

But she did say that they have a family jeweler who would be able to custom make any ring I wanted. Why would she say that if she has all these concerns about everything? She also said, “I like Reese, I do. If Brady likes her, then I do.” Which seems like such a back handed, passive aggressive thing to say. And also, “We may not have anything in common besides our children, but if this actually happens, then I want all of us to spend more time together.” Which made my mom to say she’s uptight and pretentious.

My mom has always thought I was being a baby when I told her about Brady’s mom, but she finally saw it for herself. In the end, my mom said, “If you and Brady want to get married, you know you have my full support. If you try to wait until you have that woman’s approval, you’ll never be married.” My mom may be crazy, but she’s so sweet and supportive of literally anything I do. I wish everyone could experience a mother like that.

I hung out with my new 22 year old friend, Ava, last week. She’s just so perfect. Her skin is bomb, her hair is bomb and her eyes are bomb. And of course, she’s tiny and athletic and if I didn’t love her, I would hate her.

We talked about being crazy girlfriends. She has a long term boyfriend who she moved to Chicago to be with. They were long distance for a while and had a lot of trust issues. So we exchanged stories and it made me not feel as bad about trying to use Brady’s thumb while he was sleeping to get into his phone, sending Jessica that Facebook message, and physically fighting Devin once a week while we were in college. But I must admit, I got some good ideas from her.

“Why are we like this?” I asked.

“Guys make us like this,” she replied and she’s right. We’ll blame it all on the guys.

Speaking of crazy, I really wanted access to Brady’s email so I thought I’d try to guess his password. And I guessed it on the first try – with the capitalization and numbers and everything. It annoyed me because he makes it easy to snoop. I texted him telling him that he needs to think of a more creative password for his stuff.

Anna emails him a lot. She asks him to read things she writes and give her feedback. Or she sends him articles about current events and stuff and then they have full conversations through email about it. Brady and I rarely talk about that kind of stuff (I’m just not interested), but maybe we should. He probably thinks I’m so stupid and uninformed. Brady didn’t reply to my text, but yelled at me about it when he got home. I gave him my Tucker pouty eyes and he calmed down.

He sighed and said, “I respect your privacy so I’d appreciate it if you do the same.”

That made me feel kind of bad, but not really. This is twisted, but I kind of wish Brady would be more interested in who I’m talking to and stuff. Clearly he trusts me and I’m glad for that, but doesn’t he at least think guys are making passes at me? Isn’t he concerned? I know I’m insecure for thinking that, but I can’t help it.

Speaking of which, Scott has been being really nice to me lately. I guess all the sucking up paid off. Every morning he’s been stopping by my office to check in and a couple of times he’s brought me a latte or a green tea. And since I’m being nicer and he’s being nicer, he’s included me in a lot more things. For example, he had a meeting with Mike last week and he let me help him prepare and told me all the things Mike would be looking for (but never outright said he’d be looking for them cuz this is Mike we are talking about). And, no one is supposed to know this yet, but Mike is most likely coming back to Chicago next month for good. Scott thinks he’s having marriage problems. This was a good way to get into talking about Scott’s marriage.

“How’s your wife? I feel like I haven’t seen her in a while,” I said. I’ve only met Scott’s wife once so this was kind of crazy thing to say. Obviously I was fishing for information.

I don’t know if he picked up on it, but Scott didn’t make eye contact with me. “She’s okay. She just started a new job so she’s been really busy. You’ll see more of her soon, I’m sure.”

But the next night, I was working from home and texted Scott asking a question. He sent four back to back messages answering my question and correcting himself and then apologizing.

“Sorry, I’m out with some buddies. I hope that made sense,” he said.

“It did, thank you. I hope you have fun,” I said back.

“Why don’t you meet up with us? I know it’s a bit ugly out, but I owe you a drink for all of your hard work this week.”

“I wish I could, but I promised my boyfriend I’d bake cookies tonight.” I was lying, but I did have plans of baking a batch of lemon cookies. Plus, I wanted to remind him of Brady.

“Too bad. We’ve gotta plan another evening out soon. I could care less of Monica or the others come though. :-)”

I didn’t know what he meant by this, but I could take a guess. I didn’t want to feed into it so I just said, “Okay. :-)”

And then Scott started talking about how he enjoys my company and thinks we work really well together.

Eventually I stopped responding and the following Monday at work, we hung out and didn’t mention any of it. He just wouldn’t let me leave his sight. Every time I’d try to go back to my office, he would stop me and tell me more things he needed help with. And if I did make it back to my own office, he would show up with his laptop so he could work alongside me. For lunch, I told him that I was going to step out and grab something to eat and he wanted to know where I was going and would I be able to pick up a sandwich for him?

Luckily, he’s been traveling the rest of this week so I haven’t had to deal with him, but he’s been texting me constantly. And even sending me pictures of his hotel room and stuff he’s doing. Why are you so obsessed with me? I think he means well though and I can’t be annoyed. At least he isn’t telling me how much I suck or anything.

*This is my 200th post! Thank y’all so much for reading and being supportive these past two years! It’s been a crazy and fun emotional roller coaster and I don’t plan on quitting until y’all ask me to! My life seems a lot less dramatic than it was two years ago – crazy how much things can change. I’m extremely happy now and I hope everyone else is too. Love y’all!!!*


you’re going to jail.

Scott surprised us all and flew home early and showed up to the office on Thursday. He didn’t warn us before hand, but did call me before he arrived to see how everything was going. I let him know that everything was fine and under control. Luckily when he showed up I was finishing up a call with a client and not sitting on Monica’s office floor complaining that I wanted to go home.

“Oh, hey! What are you doing here?” I asked, following him to his office.

“I’ve got a load of things to do that I couldn’t do in New York. You don’t sound excited to see me?” he replied.

“Oh, I’m super excited! We have so much to catch up on,” I said.

Have I mentioned that I’ve started sucking up to Scott lately because I realized that he’s the kind of boss who needs it? He pretends to be super humble, but really, he just wants to be flattered and I’m happy to do it. I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do.

There was a scheduled conference call with Mike that afternoon so Scott and I prepared for it together. Monica had already left for the day so she missed it and this is kind of evil, but I was curious to see what Scott would say to her about the client complaint situation. Monica and I are speaking again, but the whole situation just isn’t okay. I spoke to the client and he was mostly upset with how Monica treated him and how little she was willing to help him. And her treating clients like that makes my job harder.

As if having Scott show up unannounced wasn’t enough, Mike arrived on Friday morning. Even Scott didn’t know he was coming and he took the day off. I was standing at the reception desk, checking my email and Snapchat when I heard Mike say, “Hi, Reese.”

I dropped my phone and stood up straighter. “Hi Mike! It’s so nice to see you!”

He walked past me and kind of frowned, not returning my friendly greeting. Not even five minutes later, he emailed me asking me to meet him in his office. Fuck.

I quickly memorized the quarterly numbers, swished some mouthwash and headed down there. His door was propped open and I stepped inside.

“Hey. You wanted to see me?”

“Yes,” Mike said and just glared at me. I sat down in the chair in front of his desk. “I want to know about the client complaint.”

“Oh, yeah. Sure.” I’d sent Scott, Mike and Monica an email letting them know how I resolved the issue, but I was purposely a little vague because Monica was included in the email and I didn’t want to trash talk her or seem like I was blaming her. I’d told Scott the whole truth over the phone though and he didn’t show me that he cared much.

So I explained everything to him in full detail including what the client said about Monica and her team. I mean, I really went in depth.

When I finished Mike just stared at his desk for a second before giving me a disappointed look. “It’s unfortunate we almost lost a great customer like that.”

I nodded and then he pulled his phone out of his suit pocket and started typing. I waited a moment before starting to say, “Well, I’m gonna go,” but Mike interrupted me.

“How can we prevent something like that from happening again?”

“I think we need to be sure everyone is on board with the company expectations when it comes to clients. And clear consequences when those expectations aren’t met,” I said.

Mike nodded. “Yeah.” He started typing again.

A few hours after my talk with Mike, Scott called my cell phone.

“Hey Scott,” I answered.

“Hi Reese. How are things going there?” he asked.

“Fine. I’ve been helping one of the designers all afternoon. Coming up with ideas.”

“I’m disappointed you didn’t reach out to me and let me know that Mike was there and that he requested a meeting with you. I need to know about all your interactions with Mike. No matter how small.”

Honestly, I’d forgotten that Scott wanted to know anytime I talked to Mike like some sort of jealous husband.

“It completely slipped my mind,” I admitted.

“I noticed. And that’s unacceptable.”

But having a client complaint get all the way back to Mike is?

Needless to say, I was ready for the weekend. On Saturday, one of Brady’s friends was having people over before we all went on another friend’s boats. Even though I would never even stick my toe in Lake Michigan, I put on a bikini under a romper just in case.

I wasn’t prepared to see Tia because I was so focused on myself, but she was sitting on the couch when we arrived. She had on oversized aviators and a huge t-shirt and was kind of hunched over the table on her phone. I rolled my eyes, but wasn’t about to acknowledge her presence. Thief.

I’d invited Preston to the festivities because he appreciates a good boat and he arrived a little while later with a bottle of Don Julio. Brady left us alone to catch up and I immediately informed him that Tia was present. Obviously I’d told him all about her.

“Holy lips,” he gasped after taking a look at her. “She’s hot.”

I glared at him. “I hate her. I really just want to punch her in the face.”

“Reesie baby, no violence today. Let’s drink!” he said.

And that’s probably the most mature thing Preston has ever said so we did. We started talking to these two guys from Boston and I could tell Preston was really into them. Preston and his boyfriend, Joe, have been having issues because Joe cheated. Anyway, Preston loves straight guys especially if they have zero chance of being gay. More of a challenge for him I guess.

Suddenly Preston was a Republican, loved craft beer and planned on going back to school to further his education. All lies, but you know, you have to fit in somehow. Preston hit it off particularly well with the shorter of the two and kept giggling and touching the guy’s forearm. I’d kind of zoned out until I heard the guy say, “No, no, no. You gotta see this.” And the three of them started to walk away. Preston turned around and motioned for me to follow, but I decided to let him spend some quality time getting to know his new friend. So I waved him off then went to hang out with Brady.

To my surprise, Brady pulled me to him by my waist and kissed my forehead. He was drinking a beer with two guys and a girl who I’ve never met. The four of them were talking about work. One of the guys is a surgeon, but is an attending (?) and the girl is a resident OBGYN. They were using words like sutures, calcified and deoxyhemoglobin. Like what? Even though I had no idea what they were talking about, I love hearing Brady talk and be in his element like that. It’s so adorable.

Luckily they ran out of their beers and wanted to chug one last can before we left for the boat. At this point it had probably been close to an hour since I’d seen Preston and I checked my phone to see that he had texted me.

“This Tia bitch is actually pretty cool. I can’t wait to tell you about it!” he’d said. Why was he talking to Tia? Where was his loyalty?

A lot of the guests were migrating outside to get ready to walk to the dock where the boat was waiting. I hadn’t seen Preston go outside so I walked through the house to find him. He was in the living room where we’d first seen Tia, kneeling down in front of her and her friend. He must have felt my presence because he quickly jumped up and turned to me, motioning for me to leave.

“Don’t freak out yet. Give it a little time so it doesn’t look like I told you anything,” he said through clenched teeth.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

Preston discreetly grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the kitchen with him. “Check your phone.”

I had to dig my phone all the way out of the bottom of my purse and saw that Preston had sent me a picture. A screenshot from Tia’s Instagram. Since I sent her that message, I think she blocked me or changed her Instagram name or something, but I haven’t really been too concerned about it. I didn’t think the skank would be stupid enough to post a picture wearing my bracelet.

But she did. At least I think it was my bracelet. In the picture she’s standing on the beach with a friend, her big fake tits on full display and wearing a stack of bracelets on one arm. There is a glare from the sun, but it definitely looked like my gold bracelet and I immediately saw red. There was no way Preston was stopping me from saying anything.

“So yeah, just wait a bit-” Preston started, but I was already on my way back to the living room to confront her. “Reese, wait!”

Tia and her little friend were still sitting on the couch where they’d been since we first arrived. They were the only ones still left inside.

“I’m nuts, huh?” I said.

Through her huge sunglasses I saw her roll her eyes.

“I may be nuts, but you’re a thief and a liar,” I continued.

“Girl, first of all, get out of my face,” she said.

“Give me my shit back, you klepto!” I said, my voice rising.

“I’m warning you right now, if you don’t get out of my face…”

A threat?

“Then what? Where’s my bracelet, Tiana? If I have to come get it I will, bitch. I know where you live.” I have no idea where the broad lives.

We started arguing and I was determined to win it. I was telling her that I had a serial number on my bracelet along with a miniature tracking device and the police knew where it was. She kept rolling her eyes and telling me to get out of her face which only pissed me off more. She never actually denied it.

Preston must have went to get Brady because the two came rushing in.

I was saying, “You’re. Going. To. Jail. You. Fuck. Ing. Freak. Show,” when Brady grabbed my arm.

“What are you doing, Reese?” he asked.

“She stole my bracelet! Look! Show him the picture, Preston!” I exclaimed.

“What?” Brady said, even though he knew about my suspicions beforehand.

“I did not, Brady!” Tia said, standing up.

Preston and I both pulled out our phones, but I unlocked mine first.

“Look at the picture!” I yelled, shoving my phone in Brady’s face.

He barely even looked at it before shouting (Brady shouted!), “You stole my girlfriend’s bracelet?!”

“No! I wouldn’t do that! Brady!” Tia cried.

She was such a tough bitch when it was just me, but after Brady showed up she was suddenly whining and crying and playing the victim.

“Why would you do that after we invited you into our home?” he continued.

Tia put her hands up like she was going to grab Brady’s face, but thought better of it and just clasped them together in front of his face like she was begging. “I didn’t! I swear! I wouldn’t fucking do that! You know me.”

Tia’s friend said, “Don’t fucking yell at her!” And stepped in front of Tia to protect her as they walked around us toward the kitchen.

“She’s literally psychotic!” I yelled as they walked past.

I’ve never seen Brady yell at anyone besides me like that. I can literally count on one hand how many times I’ve seen him lose his cool in the time I’ve known him. Do y’all remember the time Brady screamed at me for messaging Jessica? It was like that. Face red, hands in fists and veins popping out everywhere. Scary. But at least he stuck up for me, even though he didn’t believe me at first.

So as you can imagine, we didn’t make it out onto the boat. Just think of what would happen if the two of us were on a boat together after that? One of us would have ended up at the bottom of Lake Michigan and it wasn’t going to be me.

On our way home, Brady apologized and told me he’d buy me a new bracelet. But I didn’t even want a new bracelet because that wasn’t the point.

That night, we went bar hopping. We made dinner, had a couple (four) drinks then walked a few blocks to the bars. We had a lot of fun dancing and making out and meeting new friends at the bar. I met a gorgeous Persian girl named Ava who promised to teach me how to slay my makeup like hers. She was so beautiful. I kept saying, “Isn’t she beautiful?” to Brady and I think it started to annoy him a bit. She’s only 22 and just graduated from college, but I want to be her when I grow up.

On Sunday, we didn’t wake up with hangovers so we went to church with Kendra and John and then had the hugest feast at brunch. I think Kendra and John were judging us a little bit because we literally had four huge platters sitting in front of us. I don’t care though. Food = ❤️.

I guess Brady felt really bad about the Tia thing because he bought me a pair of sunglasses I’ve been wanting. He’s so sweet. But I still want my bracelet back and I’m going to find a way to get it.

A couple more things. One: Dom has been in labor for three days. Brady is pissed because he said it’s super dangerous. She wants to have a natural birth and is refusing to take any drugs or have a C-section. Her water broke on Saturday and she’s been sitting is the hospital ever since. Brady and I talked about it and he literally screamed, “The baby could die! She’s such an idiot!” Yikes. Hopefully Brady’s mom or someone can talk some sense into her.

Speaking of Brady’s mom, she called my mom. My mom didn’t answer the first time so Brady’s mom left a voicemail saying something like, “I’d like to speak to you regarding your daughter wanting to marry my son.” Um, girlfriend, he wants to marry me too.

My mom called back and they spoke for about fifteen minutes. My freaking mom couldn’t remember the exact words, but said his mom asked her if she knew why we suddenly wanted to get married and how she felt about it. Of course my mom told her that she was excited and happy for us. And Brady’s mom said something like, “We don’t know if we approve of this yet. We hardly know Reese at all.” And whose fault is that?

So they scheduled a time for a longer conversation this week and I told my mom what she wasn’t allowed to say (that she sometimes gets high with her college friends, that she and my dad are separated, that I once locked my parents out of the house and threatened suicide because they wouldn’t let me sign up for the dorm I wanted, etc). Anyway, I’m anxious for that conversation.


he hid all the scissors from me.

Hola amigas. Brady and I didn’t end up going to Florida – we went to Mexico instead. The place we went was super touristy, but it’s beautiful and the tickets weren’t extremely expensive so we just went. Brady and I never said it out loud, but I think we were both trying to avoid accidentally encountering his mom in Florida. Can’t you imagine her “randomly” showing up because we were there?

So Brady left me in charge of finding somewhere to stay and of course, I completely forgot until the night before we left. I’m not sure how I managed to do that when the trip was last minute in the first place. It ended up working out fine though and we stayed in the cutest all inclusive ever. Brady didn’t even have to know I forgot.

On our way to Playa, Brady and I sat next to a woman who was probably in her late 30s. She was traveling with her husband, but their assigned seats weren’t together and no one was willing to switch. I know I wasn’t.

Brady was in the middle and I had the window seat and the woman was sitting on the other side of him. Despite being in her late 30s, she was wearing two pigtails which confused me a little bit. Brady and I were just talking and minding our own business and the lady leaned over to Brady and said, “Have you been here before?”

I detected a slight southern accent so I thought I liked her immediately. But she only wanted to talk to Brady. She took one glance at me and decided she wanted nothing to do with me. He started telling her about his travels and his job and she was super intrigued. She even turned around to the row behind us to tell her husband all about her new friend. Her husband was a doctor. And since Brady had worked during the day and we were traveling in the evening, she asked if he was tired. She was like, “You poor thing! You’re probably exhausted. Get some rest before we land. We won’t bother you!” Speak for yourself, lady.

They literally talked for the entire flight and I gave up trying to join the conversation after I realized she didn’t want me involved. I wasn’t even mad.

The lady was totally right that we were exhausted, but not too exhausted to drink. We found this late night buffet with margarita pitchers so we went there. A buffet! I’d go back to Mexico once a month just for the buffet. I’m kidding.

After we were drunk and full and happy, we headed back to the hotel. Naturally, we began fooling around. I was giving Brady the best blow job of his life when his phone vibrated and he had the fucking nerve to pick it up. And then read his message.

“What the fuck, Brady?” I exclaimed.

“What? Sorry. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t important,” he said.

“Why would it be important? I’m right here,” I said. I began to get up and grab my dignity.

“No, no, no. I’m almost there, don’t stop,” he said, putting his phone down.

“Fuck you!”

“Baby, please. I’m sorry…”

I was livid. Who actually does that? I’m fairly sure I’ve never been so offended in my life. I refused to even touch him for the rest of the night.

The next morning, we got dressed in our bathing suits and headed down to the pool. To make up for the night before, I made Brady take a ton of pictures and videos of me to post online. Usually I’m not even that vain, but I figured since I always wished I had a personal photographer, this was my time to have one. And Brady kept saying, “That one was really good.” Probably so I would be satisfied and let him stop.

Later that day, we met a cute couple from Texas – Marianna and Ricardo. I loved them so much. She works in marketing/social media for a well known jewelry company, but also has a background in the beauty industry so we talked nonstop for about an hour. She asked me to be her personal stylist and I said yes. Isn’t that fun? I’d love to just tell people what to wear for a living, but if they ever disagreed with me, I’d quit. What I say goes. Ask Brady.

We were all staying at the same resort so we went to the restaurant/bar together that evening. It was almost like a double date with Kendra and John, but way more fun. No one was judging me. It’s cute, I have about forty pictures of the four of us saved on my camera roll. I don’t remember taking them, but they’re so funny to look back on. And I probably had a five minute long Snapchat story of all of us. Everyone kept chatting me with curious questions so they’re even popular with my friend group already.

Oh, do y’all remember my friend from college, Ronnie? He’s the one who is good friends with Devin and is always asking us to get back together. Like fuck you. So now I only talk to him on Snaphat and when he comments on my pictures on Instagram. Anyway, he was at an event on Saturday night and uploaded a ton of videos from it. I was just watching them innocently and then there was one of Devin standing there while Ronnie made fun of him. That’s what they do. They’ll video each other “roasting” the other. I don’t know. I watched it a couple (six) times and then I threw my phone. Luckily Brady rescued it for me and babysat me (and my phone) for the rest of the night.

So Mexico was fun especially for such a last minute trip. We got back on Sunday morning and even though we were pretty tired, our place was disgusting so we spent a few hours cleaning. I don’t mind cleaning, but I hate when Brady makes me. Or suggests that we clean together. Ugh. If I clean, I want it to be my own decision.

After everything was clean and all of our laundry was sorted, Brady went to the gym. I poured a glass of wine and FaceTimed my friend, Natalie. She was starting a new job on Monday and needed help calming her nerves. She’s so cute.

We sat on FaceTime drinking wine for about an hour and I helped her pick out an outfit (my second personal stylist client) and taught her how to introduce herself to people in a professional, non-bitchy way. Because I’m the perfect person to teach that.

After we hung up, Tucker came and found me and got in my lap. I’ve been meaning to find the perfect groomer to take him to for a haircut, but I just haven’t gotten the chance. And since its summertime and scorching hot in Chicago, I felt bad that he had to live under all that fur. So after three glasses of wine, I thought it would be a good idea to just trim his hair myself. I’d learned a little bit about hair cutting and coloring from Marianna so I thought I’d put my new knowledge to use. I grabbed a pair of scissors from the office along with his brush and began chopping.

First of all, let me just say Tucker wouldn’t sit still. And the scissors I was using weren’t sharp enough for his thick hair. So it didn’t turn out quite how I envisioned. And then, no one tells you this, but dogs have so many little crevices that grow hair. And he didn’t want me touching all those crevices. It was tough. Every time I thought I was getting close to be doing done, a new lock of hair would sprout up. Eventually, there was so much hair on the floor that I gave up because I needed to clean again before Brady came home and murdered me.

A little while later, Brady woke me up out of my sleep. It was freezing in the house because I’d turned the air down to 60 degrees to cool down from all the wine.

“Reese, what did you do?” he asked, holding Tucker in his arms.

When I fell asleep, Tucker looked at least partially presentable, but now he looked like a burn victim.

“Oh my gosh,” I said, reaching out to grab my baby.

Brady pulled him away. “Did you attempt to cut his hair?”

“Yes,” I sighed. “Now let me see him so I can fix it.”

“No. You aren’t allowed to do that again,” he said. And then he hid all the scissors in the house from me like I’m some sort of unstable psychopath.

We made Tucker an appointment to see a real groomer, but it isn’t until Friday. It’s embarrassing taking him for a walk with his fur all messed up like that. Learn from my mistake y’all, don’t try to groom your dog after three glasses of wine.

When I got back to work on Monday, Scott (who has been in New York working with Mike) had emailed everyone about a really bad complaint from a client about Monica. The client said she and her team were rude, didn’t get him what he asked for at all and quoted them completely inaccurate prices. It’s crazy because Monica’s sole job is to make sure all of our clients are satisfied. She’s supposed to be the one who deal with this kind of stuff. Mike was copied on the email which made Monica look so bad and I just waited to see what Mike would say. Mike is the kind of guy who would give a client $100,000 and a Range Rover to make them happy.

Monica called me just before lunch.

“That client is such a fucking dick,” she complained. “He’s so needy. He acts like he’s the only customer we have. Like, we don’t need your business that bad if you’re gonna make my life hell.”

I kind of get where she’s coming from, but you can’t have that kind of mindset and work in customer experience. You just can’t.

“I’ve done so much for this guy and he just isn’t satisfied. I’m pissed that he complained on me. He’s so annoying,” she went on.

I let her rant for a little bit while interjecting, “Yeah, I mean you did everything you could,” every so often.

Later on in the afternoon, right before we left for the day, Mike responded to the email, “Have Reese take over this account. Reese, please resolve the issue and let us know the outcome.”

He copied everyone and I can’t even lie, I liked that he specifically asked me to resolve the issue because he knew I could.

The next morning, Scott called Monica to see how everything in the office was going. I don’t know why, but it annoyed me. Why was he calling Monica, who couldn’t even keep her clients happy? Whatever. And he didn’t even reach out to me to see how my client resolution plan was going, but do you know who did? Mike. He emailed me asking if the irate client needed any accommodations or anything. And when I told him that I had everything under control he said, “I know you do. Thank you for all of your hard work, Reese.” And coming from Mike, that’s huge.

So I don’t hate Monica or anything, I just don’t think she’s very good at her job. But that isn’t really my issue until it’s my issue. 

On Tuesday when I got to work, she stopped by my office to vent about the client some more. I tried to calm her down and asked a little bit about what he had been requesting and she  just yelled about how needy and ridiculous he was. Then she stormed out and didn’t speak to me again for the rest of the day. I know I throw tantrums on the regular, but I would never throw a fit like that at work. I’m not exactly sure what I did wrong and why she has an issue with me? Not that I care, but it created a hostile work environment all day. She was talking to everyone except me and would literally wipe the smile off her face whenever I came around.

Scott isn’t back until next week. I think she’s mad that she looked bad in front of Mike and he asked me to fix it. How incredibly immature is it to be mad at me for that though?


that bitch stole my bracelet.

So Anna told Lindsey that I was rude to her and Lindsey told Brady. I know I wasn’t super nice or anything, but I don’t think I was rude and especially not rude enough for her to go telling people. So it really bothered me.

“Wait, do you think I was rude?” I asked Brady when he told me.

He shrugged, but then nodded.

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Why didn’t you say anything then if you thought I was rude? Or are you just saying that because she did?”

“I didn’t think about it. She doesn’t know you very well, like I do,” Brady said.

“So what? I was not rude to her,” I said and then I thought of something else. “What’s the deal with y’all anyway? Are you still into it?”

“Into what?” Brady wanted to know.


He gave me a weird look. “No! What? Why would you ask that?”

“Because y’all were all over each other – she kissed you!”

“She did not kiss me!”

“And you wouldn’t stop talking at her and looking at her. In fact, I think you were rude,” I said.

Brady laughed. He’s so annoying. And honestly, I think Anna is annoying too for complaining about me. Like grow up.

Brady’s mom has emailed me a couple of times. One of them was the worksheets she promised which she sent to both me and Brady. The other one was another article in which she prefaced, “A must read.” Obviously I didn’t read it, but it was something about millennials and our generation. Not interested. She hasn’t called my mom either. I’ve been texting my mom every hour asking because I’m nervous about it.

I asked Brady if his mom gave Anna such a hard time. Brady didn’t look up and said, “She gives everyone a hard time.”

Which isn’t true because I asked Lindsey and she doesn’t have any issues with Brady’s mom. In fact, she loves her. She called her “nice” and “sweet.” We can’t have been talking about the same person.

I got in an argument with Carly’s brother, Kyle, last week. He’s such a dick. I left an expensive bracelet at his apartment last year – SO LONG AGO – and I never got around to going to get it. He sent me a picture of it and said, “You want this?”

And I said, “Oh my gosh, yes please! I kind of forgot about it.”

“My girlfriend almost got a new gift lol, what’s it worth to you?” he said.

I sent the eye rolling emoji back.

“I’m kidding. Do you want to swing by and pick it up?”

“Can you just mail it to me? I don’t have time to come to your place and I definitely have no business being there.”

“And I don’t have time to mail it to you.”

“Okay give it to your little 21 year old girlfriend then, you prick,” I said.

“She’s 22. Are you jealous? :-)”

And so I had to go on this tirade about how I’m not jealous and had no reason to be jealous because I have a hot boyfriend who loves me. Kyle said, “Whatever. Do you want this or not?”

And I said, “Keep it and give it to your girlfriend. I’m sure it’ll be the only gift she ever gets from you anyway.”

He didn’t respond.

So when I saw Carly on Friday, I said, “Your brother is such a dick.”

And she said, “You weren’t saying that when you were fucking him though.”

I didn’t know what to say. Carly has changed so much. She used to be the sweetest, happiest girl who was afraid to piss people off. I’m kind of proud of her actually, as long as she doesn’t get too crazy with me.

On Friday evening, I had dinner and drinks with Carly before she headed to the suburbs to visit her family. Chris wasn’t arriving until Saturday morning so girls night it was.

“You and Brady are so on and off. You’ll get engaged and then he will piss you off and you’ll call the wedding off,” Carly said.

“That’s rude,” I said.

“It’s true. I feel like you complain about him more than you praise him.” Carly rolled her eyes. “I’d love for you two to work out though.”

“It sounds like you have faith in us,” I replied.

“I just don’t know. Don’t get engaged just because I am.”

I laughed. “This has absolutely nothing to do with you!”

She was busy admiring her ring and looking at her phone and didn’t say anything.

“How is planning going?” I asked.

Carly locked her phone. “Good. It’s coming together. Have you found any shoes yet?”

And that started us into talking about her wedding, Chris, their place in Philly and took us back to me and Brady. I told her that we were kind of looking for a new place and she said, “Look in the suburbs. More bang for your buck.”

I scoffed. “No! Are you crazy? We are not suburban people.”

“I bet Brady would consider it. I’ll ask him when I see him.”

She was being so annoying. I was actually really glad when it was time for her to leave. When I got home, Lindsey was over again. Brady was in the kitchen making food and I went in and greeted him.

“Carly was being such a bitch,” I said after we hugged.

“What did she do?” Brady asked.

“Just saying that I want to get engaged because she’s engaged and other stuff. She thinks we should move to the suburbs and I had to explain to her that we aren’t suburban people. Right?”

He shrugged. “I’d be open to looking.”

“What the hell!” I exclaimed, swatting him and someone buzzed the buzzer. “I’ll get it.”

Lindsey beat me to buzzing them in, but I met whoever it was at the door when they rang the bell. I wasn’t sure who we were expecting, but I personally was not expecting Tia. She was with Brady’s friend, Ben, but she was standing right in the doorway, waiting to get in.

“Hey girl,” she greeted me.

“Hi,” I said back. I remembered Anna calling me rude and didn’t want anyone else to call me rude and have Brady questioning if he wanted to marry someone like that. So I added, “How are you?”

“Good. Brady is expecting us,” she said.

I opened the door wider to let them in. And then, Lindsey and Tia proceeded to be butt buddies all night. They were all over each other and I can’t even lie, I felt a little bit left out. Especially because Brady was hanging out with his guy friend so I was just sitting there fifth wheeling. Eventually I got bored and got in bed with a book.

A little while later, Brady came and found me and got on top of me.

“Why did you leave?” he whined. He smelled like alcohol.

“Because you’re with your friends and I have reading to catch up on,” I said, holding up the iPad.

“Reading my messages?” Brady smirked.

Very funny. He didn’t give me the chance to answer because he lifted up my shirt and started kissing my tummy. “Come back out,” he said. “I’m bored without you.”

So I went back out there and listened to them be loud and drunk and talk for a while until they all finally went home. At one point, Tia went to the bathroom and was gone for a little while, but I didn’t think anything of it. I figured the broad was probably sick from drinking, but as long as she cleaned up after herself, I wasn’t worried about it.

On Saturday, Brady and I woke up and went to the gym then got ready for lunch with Carly and Chris. I was not in any rush to see Carly again.

As soon as we sat down, Carly dug in her purse and slid the bracelet I left at Kyle’s to me.

“From Kyle,” she told me.

Seriously, Carly? I snatched it and put it in my bag then dared a peek at Brady. He was squinting at me through his glasses and quickly looked away when he saw me looking. I’d explain later.

Even with everything that happened, I was happy to see Carly and Chris being super affectionate and cute during lunch. Apparently she doesn’t think my relationship is going to make it, but I wouldn’t wish that on her.

That night, we went bar hopping like old times. I wore an off the shoulder top, One Teaspoon shorts and heels and looked way too cute for the bars we went to. And definitely way too cute for Taco Bell which we went to afterwards. It’s all I crave when I’m drunk though. We all went back to our place because Carly and Chris were crashing with us. Brady and I went to our room and I immediately jumped on my man.

The next morning, we met up with Kendra and John for brunch. Naturally, I got a little too crazy with the mimosas and dominated the entire conversation. I was being really annoying, but no one stopped me. Kendra, Carly and their men were doing something afterwards, but Brady decided to take me home.

Later on, we were getting ready to go to dinner and I realized that I couldn’t find my Cartier love bracelet Brady got me. I’ve lost it before, but I knew exactly where I left it, on the bathroom counter on my jewelry tray. I saw it on Friday evening before Brady’s friends came over. And you know who used the bathroom?

At first, I wasn’t going to confront Brady about it, but I couldn’t even stop myself.

“I think your stupid friend Tia stole my bracelet,” I told him.

“Your bracelet? The one Carly’s brother got you?” Brady said, not looking up.

“No, the one you got me. Kyle didn’t get me a bracelet! What the hell?” I said.

“What was that Carly gave you?” he asked.

“I left it at Kyle’s a long time ago and he just found it,” I explained.

Brady looked up at me, rolled his eyes, and looked back down.

“Anyway, I hate her. She’s not welcome back here and I want my fucking shit back,” I said.

“You don’t know that anyone stole it. You probably lost it,” he scoffed.

I glared at him. I let it go then, but that’s a pretty expensive bracelet. So I messaged her yesterday.

Brady and I went to dinner and talked about his parents a lot. His mom has been emailing him daily. I don’t remember her ever caring about him that much so it annoyed me. We are going to Florida next weekend and she was asking questions about when we are arriving and leaving. If this broad ruins our trip to Florida, I’m going to kill her. I’ve been sending him pictures of rings too. I have a whole file on my laptop. With how crazy his mom is being lately, we might get married sooner than we thought! Who knows! I want to be prepared.

So yeah, I found Tia through Lindsey’s Instagram. And I messaged her. I said, “I know you stole my bracelet. It was shitty. I’m expecting it back with an apology note and don’t think you’re ever allowed back at our place again.”

She replied, “You’re nuts.”

And then she told Brady because of course. Brady and I were sitting on the patio, eating and drinking, and his phone vibrated. Brady read the message then looked up at me, slowly.

“Reese, you messaged Tia?” he said, sounding pissed.

“Yes, I did! That bitch stole my bracelet and you weren’t going to do anything about it!” I said.

“I cannot believe you,” he mumbled.

“I hate her,” I said.

Brady was pissed at me for a little while, but he got over it because he knows I had no choice, but do that. And now, I won’t have to see Tia and her stupid big lips and tits and piercings again.

I have more Scott cheating drama. He was on vacation for about a week, but emailed me constantly with things he needed done. One day he emailed me with the code to his office and asked me to get a bag from there that a friend would be picking up. I did as I was told and waited for the friend. And do you know who his friend was? A lanky brunette in a tight pencil skirt and silky tank top! She was hot. Obviously I introduced myself and demanded to know who she was.

“I’m Megan! So nice to meet you!” she said.

“So how do you know Scott?” I asked.

“We’re good friends. Thank you for my stuff!”

So when Scott got back, I was all, “So Megan was nice.”

He didn’t make eye contact and just said, “Yes, she is. Did you make any progress with the North Carolina client?”

Evading questions and eye contact? Definitely his mistress.

Let’s see, what else? I’ve been browsing dogs online. I know it’s the last thing we need right now, but I’m addicted. I just want another one – a big one! Brady’s not on board yet, but he will just need some convincing.

How was everyone’s weekend?


if i wasn’t a jealous psycho. 

Since our flight to New York was at 6 PM on Friday, I convinced Brady to take a short day on Friday and also Thursday so we could pack and clean and mentally prepare for the weekend.

So anyway, on Thursday I had Brady’s phone because I wanted to upload a picture to Instagram for him. I don’t know why he gave me that kind of freedom, but I mistakenly took advantage of the free reign. I went to his photo albums and scrolled way to the top. I was pretty unimpressed by the lack of interesting pictures in his phone until I scrolled past a video. It looked like someone’s butt was in the frame so out of curiosity, I pressed play.

It was a sex video. You could see whoever was taking the video (Brady) hitting a girl from the back with her ass taking up most of the screen. She was moaning loudly and kind of obnoxiously, but I couldn’t tell who it was from the video. I screamed.

Brady was standing a few feet away from me and lunged for his phone when he realized what was going on.

“Brady, you made a sex tape?” I squealed.

“That’s so old. I didn’t even know I still had it,” he said, once he had possession of his phone. His face was turning red and I could tell he was really embarrassed.

I started laughing uncontrollably. I couldn’t stop.

“Who is that?” I asked.

“No one,” Brady mumbled.

I don’t know why I found Brady’s sex tape so hilarious, but all I could do was laugh. He still won’t tell me who it was and refuses to speak about it. It’s too old to be Jessica and too recent to be Anna and it obviously isn’t me. I guess I don’t really care, but I just want to know. You have to be pretty close with someone to let them record you having sex.

Brady’s parents have been spending a lot of time in New York City recently and Brady and I had a trip to NYC planned for next month so we moved our flights to kill two birds with one stone. I’m not exactly sure why we were meeting them, but I just went along with it.

When we arrived on Friday evening, we checked into our room then headed out to Brady’s cousin’s place. Remember when I met Brady’s annoying cousin, Landon, last year? I don’t know why I even agreed to go hang out with him again. But I guess if Brady and I are going to get married then I need to get along with his family.

Landon lives in Brooklyn (obviously since he’s such a hipster) in the cutest brownstone. I honestly though he might live in a basement or something just to seem more cultured, but nope.

There were already a few friends there when we got there and they were all sitting on the couch watching one of the friends play the guitar. It was weird. Brady and I sat at the tiny two person dining table and eventually Landon asked if we wanted a shot. We said yes.

Landon poured six shots of Fireball, two for each of us. So disgusting and desperate. I demanded a real drink after that and he handed me a beer.

So we sat there listening to the guitar and drinking while more friends showed up. I was really, really surprised when about an hour later, Brady’s ex, Anna showed up. Like, are you kidding me?

She came in squealing and threw her arms around Landon. Everyone calls him Bernie or Bern for some reason. So she’s like, “Bernie!” hugged him and then kissed him on both cheeks. Landon is a little bit overweight and kind of clammy all the time so I was grossed out. I’ve never seen her so enthusiastic about anything. 

Brady stood up to greet her and she hugged him also. When they pulled away, she waved at me and said, “Good to see you.”

She’d dyed her hair darker, but still hadn’t gotten any color to her skin and her hazel eyes really stood out. She looked like a witch. It was creepy.

“Yeah!” I said back. Honestly, I wasn’t trying to be rude or bitchy, I just didn’t know what to say. 

Anna went to make her rounds and Brady sat back down. I reached over to grab Brady’s hand and I accidentally grabbed his crotch and he jumped. We both laughed.

“Can’t you save that for a little bit later?” he asked.

I shook my head. “No.”

Brady grabbed my hand and put it on his dick, which was growing hard. I started rubbing it and we just stared at each other until Landon shouted his name. We looked up.

“Dude. Brexit?” Landon said.

They all started talking about it and I knew better than to say anything so I just sat there. Eventually one of Landon’s friends suggested we play a drinking game, thank goodness, so we pulled the table out so more people could sit down.

We played a card game and Brady and Anna kept making weird eye contact. I don’t know if I would have noticed it if I wasn’t a jealous psycho, but I just kept watching them. So much so that I wasn’t paying any attention to the game and kept having to drink.

Once the game was over, I decided to run to the bathroom before the next game started. I went in and did my business, then sat on the toilet for a little while checking Instagram, Snapchat, etc. I finally opened the bathroom door to go back out there and Brady was standing there waiting.

“What the fuck!” I gasped because he startled me.

Brady smirked and then nudged me back into the small bathroom, pushing the door shut behind us.

“Why were you in here for so long?” he asked.

I shrugged. I turned around to look at myself in the mirror and Brady pushed his pelvis against me. I gave him a look in the mirror.

“What are you trying to do?” I asked.

“You. Now,” he said with a straight face.

I smirked at him. I was wearing a pair of One Teaspoon bandit shorts and Brady reached around to unbutton them. I grabbed his hand.

“What? I can’t wait until later,” he said. “You can’t touch me like that and then expect me to wait.”

“Yes, I can and you’re gonna have to,” I smiled.

Brady groaned and continue trying to unbutton my shorts. I finally let him and he yanked them down and made me step out of them. He turned me around so I was facing him, knealt down and started kissing my thighs. How am I supposed to say no to that? I couldn’t.

Brady slid my thong down to my ankles and motioned for me to step out of them.

“Are you sure?” I asked. I felt weird about being in his cousin’s bathroom basically naked.

“Come on,” he said, sounding impatient.

I did as instructed and Brady proceeded to eat me out. I grabbed onto his hair and desperately tried to keep quiet. Brady’s hair has grown out and is cut kind of like Justin Timberlake’s. Super hipster and adorable. He keeps mentioning meaning to go get it chopped off, but he looks pretty hot so I tell him not to. And that night, he had a little bit of stubble on his face so he looked so good. Usually Brady shaves everyday so I’m not used to him having any facial hair. It’s light and blondish, but still. Sexy.

Brady legitimately enjoys going down on me. It’s obvious when someone enjoys giving oral and when they’re doing it just because they feel obligated to.

A few minutes later, we heard Landon call, “Baby Brady?”

I froze, but Brady continued. He looked up at me and moaned and I almost lost it.

“Baby Brady?” Landon called again. “Are you and the girl coming to the bar?”

Again Brady didn’t even indicate that he’d heard Landon so I said, “Just a minute!”

About a minute later, I came and Brady stood up. “Okay, let’s go.”

“K.” I put my clothes back on and Brady started to open the door to leave, but I stopped him. “Fix your hair!”

It was so disheveled and messy. Brady caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and splashed some water in his hair to push it back then he was ready to walk back out there.

Everyone was waiting and watched us walk out there. Actually so embarrassing.

“Yeah, we’re ready,” Brady said.

We walked across the street to a super crowded dive bar. Brady and Anna started talking at the bar while waiting to order drinks and to my surprise, Landon invited me to take a shot with him.

I didn’t even ask what it was and just took the shot. It was clear and I assumed it was just tequila or vodka or something. It was disgusting and I made a face when we finished.
“Ew. What was that?” I asked.

Landon threw a meaty arm around my shoulder. “Everclear, baby! Go big or go home!”

Ugh. I don’t think shots of Everclear are even legal. I decided that it was probably the last drink I needed for the night and sat in the barstool next to where Brady was standing.

I spent the next hour or so rubbing his back and whispering stuff to him before he finally turned around and asked if I was ready to go back to the hotel. I couldn’t nod fast enough.

Brady closed our tab and announced that we were leaving and Anna kissed him on the cheek. I leaned around him and gave her a look and she gave me a startled smile.

“I hope you enjoy your trip,” she said to both of us.

“We will. I hope you enjoy your life,” I said back. 

Anna giggled and gave Brady a puzzled look. I grabbed his hand and dragged him out of there. 

“I hate her,” I announced on our cab ride back to the hotel back.

And then I immediately passed out. Brady informed me that as we were getting out I told the cab driver that I loved him and I also told the hotel concierge that I loved him. I don’t remember that.

The next morning, we woke up to get ready because we were meeting up with his parents. They were meeting with a realtor to look at property then we were going to lunch. After we were ready, we got the bright idea to get tequila for breakfast. We got on Google maps and found a liquor store within walking distance. We got a bottle of José, a bottle of lemonade and a bottle of water. And then, like actual bums, we went in an alley and poured the water out of the bottle and replaced it with the tequila.

There was still a little bit of tequila leftover so we took turns chugging it until it was gone. An actual low point in my life. I was feeling pretty tipsy and giggly after that. It was around 10 AM at this point and a pizza food cart had just opened so I insisted we go. While we were standing on the curb smacking on pizza, Brady’s mom called.

“Yeah?” he answered. Obviously he was feeling the alcohol too because he would normally never speak to his mom like that.

“We’re on our way. Be there soon,” Brady said.

We hailed a cab and finished off our pizza on the way there. Then we passed the water bottle back and forth because we just weren’t drunk enough yet. When we arrived and Brady gave the cab driver a $20 tip, I knew we were probably good.
Brady’s parents were waiting for us outside the building. His mom watched while we got out of the cab and then tapped her wrist super dramatically and scowled at us. The woman is just never in a good mood.

“Hi!” I greeted them, walking ahead of Brady.

His mom didn’t reach out to hug me so I put my hand out to shake her hand. She shook mine. His dad wanted a hug though and it wasn’t until I hugged him that I realized he had lost a bit of weight. Poor guy. 

“I thought I said ten o’clock,” I heard the mom say to Brady.

“I can’t remember. We are here now though,” Brady said. They hugged.

“Let’s head up. Sue is waiting,” Brady’s mom said and we followed her into the building. 

I’m not exactly sure why Brady’s parents are trying to buy a place in New York, but apparently they’ve been looking for a few months now. The apartment they were looking at was on the 37th floor and was one of two apartments on the floor.
The lady showing the apartment, Sue, was waiting for us and Brady’s mom went into the main living area to talk to her. Brady and I made a pit stop in the huge bathroom right off the foyer.

“I am literally drunk,” I told him.

“Literally?” he mocked me, smiling.

I kissed him. I pulled away and Brady grabbed my ass. 

“Hey, where are you going?” he asked me.

“To go suck up to your mother,” I answered.

“That isn’t gonna help at this point,” Brady informed me which didn’t register to me until later. Does he mean that his mom already hates me?

He started trying to feel me up through my dress and I smacked his hand away then went back out there to join the group.

We toured the apartment (it was super nice and rather large), but Brady’s mom said she was looking for something a little more homey. She didn’t want to live in such a huge building.

After that, a car came to take us to lunch not too far away. We probably could have walked. It was a bougie little spot with a rooftop and since it was nice out, we requested a table outside on the rooftop. Brady’s mom made the host move our table to a more shaded area, requested an umbrella to shade us from the sun and when she discovered that they didn’t actually have table umbrellas, she demanded we be moved indoors. 

After we were finally seated to her satisfaction, she ordered a bottle of prosecco before the server even brought out a menu or wine list.

The table was quiet while we scanned the menus. Brady and I were texting back and forth and by the time the server came back to take our order, I hadn’t even decided on anything. I just asked for a house salad.

“Do you want wine?” Brady’s mom asked, once the server came back with the bottle.

I nodded and she kind of rolled her eyes and motioned for the guy to pour a glass for me too. I resisted the urge to stick my tongue out at her. 

“I’m glad the two of you could make it this weekend,” Brady’s dad said. His mom nodded in agreement which was the nicest thing I’d seen her do all day.

“Us too! It worked out well since we were going to come next month anyway,” I said.

“Now, what suddenly makes you want to get married?” Brady’s mom asked. She looked at me. “Is it true that you want to get married?”

I nodded. 

Brady glanced at me and said, “Reese and I have discussed it for a while now so it isn’t a sudden decision, Mom.”

Hahaha at “discussed it for a while.”

“Well this is the first I’ve heard of it. I even asked you if that was something you saw in your future.”

“We’ve thought it through, don’t worry. We don’t need to be lectured or anything at this point. We even saw a counselor. Like a therapist or whatever,” Brady said. I realized, to my horror, that he was kind of slurring.

“Yeah, we saw a couples therapist. She’s great. And we’ve been going to church with our married friends too because they said their relationship with God has helped their relationship with each other,” I put in. I was pretty proud of myself for that statement.

Brady’s mom just looked at me.

“How do your parents feel?” Brady’s dad asked me. 

“Fine. They love Brady so they’re excited, obvi. Ously.” I realized Brady’s parents probably wouldn’t understand or appreciate “obvi” so I caught myself.

“That’s wonderful. We’d love to be able to spend more time with them. If our children are going to be joined together forever, then we’d better get used to each other,” Brady’s dad laughed.

I smiled at him for being so open to the idea. 

Brady suddenly announced that he was going to the bathroom and got up. He walked away slowly and I could tell he was drunk and trying hard not to be obvious about it. 

Brady’s mom took a sip of her wine. “I think it’s great that you and my son are wanting to settle down with each other.” I noted the way she said “my son” possessively. “You will have marriage counseling with our family pastor before you even think of expecting a ring from him. There are things going on in Chicago that we will just not tolerate in this family.”

What the fuck was she even talking about? Us living together? After we are married, it won’t even be an issue anymore.

“Totally. We’d love to meet with your pastor. I bet he’s great.” I took a sip of my wine.

“I want your mother’s telephone number to discuss this, as well,” Brady’s mom demanded.

“Sure,” I said coolly. “Do you want me to text it to you?”

She looked confused. “Okay.”

When Brady got back, his mom kept talking about what we needed to do and figure out before we were allowed to even think of getting engaged. Have we talked about where we will live? Our career goals? Was I okay with moving for his career? Did we plan on joining a church? Our drunk asses answered her like pros.

After lunch and way too much wine, Brady and I wanted to go nap, but his mom decided to take us to a Barnes and Noble because she wanted to buy some books for us. What the fuck.

We got in the car and Brady and shared the rest of the tequila in the backseat. Precisely what we needed. When we got to Barnes and Noble, I picked up a bunch of recipe books from the bargain aisle and put them in my basket.

“For when I’m a stay at home wifey,” I announced when Brady and I went back and joined his parents. His mom just looked at me.

“I think this one will be good for the two of you to read together. Perhaps take on one chapter a night and discuss it. I’ll see if there are any worksheets online you can printout,” Brady’s mom said, holding up a big hardback book with flowers on the front.

She got one for both me and Brady and then got a book specifically for me. Something about being a Christian wife. It was kind of insulting.

“What did your parents make you do before y’all got married?” I asked Brady’s mom after we left the store.

“My husband’s family and my family had spent a great deal of time together before we decided to get married. You know, a marriage isn’t just between two people. It’s between two families. And God,” Brady’s mom said.

“Cute,” I replied.

Later on in the evening, Brady’s parents finally dropped us back off at our hotel. We were leaving early Sunday morning though so Brady’s dad suggested they treat us to dinner at the restaurant in our lobby. I couldn’t even hide my eye roll.

Brady and I were sobering up and exhausted by this point and didn’t contribute much to the dinner conversation. I got some sort of poached egg and asparagus dish, but honestly I needed something heavier since I hadn’t eaten much throughout the day.

“I really hope you two enjoy the book and take something from it. Marriage is a lifetime commitment so you have to put the work in before and during,” Brady’s mom said.

Brady and I both grunted in response.

After I finished the last bite of my food, I immediately started getting nauseous.

“I’m literally going to vomit,” I announced because everyone needed to know.

“Literally?” I heard Brady say next to me, but I didn’t have time for teasing.

I jumped up and saw the server arriving and Brady’s mom asked her to direct me to a restroom.

“What is wrong with her?” I heard her ask as I dashed away.

So I threw up my entire life and cried because I was embarrassed. I texted Brady, “What did your mom say?” 

And he replied, “Tell her you’re allergic to something in the food.”

I pulled myself to go back out there and Brady’s mom glared at me as I sat back down.

“I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to something I just ate,” I said, following Brady’s instructions.

“Oh, really?” his mom said, crossing her arms.

Later on, Brady told me that after I left, she said, “Is she pregnant? Is that why you’re suddenly in a hurry to marry her?” And started yelling at him about premarital sex. So glad I got to miss that.

As we walked out of the restaurant though, she flat out asked me, “Are you pregnant?” but she asked so Brady and his dad couldn’t hear.

“No. I’m on the pill,” I told her. 

And her mouth just dropped open, but she didn’t say anything. Maybe TMI?

After Brady’s parents left, we got in bed and slept like babies until the morning. I’m still trying to figure out if this weekend was good or bad. I mean, overall it sounds like Brady’s parents are okay with the idea of us getting married and his mom seems to want to help which is nice. Even if she is going to be a little bit overbearing, at least she wants us to work out. It’s not like she’s trying to stop it. You know what I’m nervous about? Brady’s mom and my mom talking. I didn’t tell Brady’s mom that my parents are separated, but I’m afraid my mom will. She has no filter.

I’m super busy with work this week, but I’ll try to update again before the weekend. I have much more drama to tell y’all about! 


it seems premature.

Hey y’all. Today was so fun. Brady and I got brunch with Kendra and John. For Father’s Day, I got Brady and Tucker matching outfits from Brooks Brothers (this harness for Tucker and this shirt for Brady) and I insisted they both wear them to brunch. Brady protested a lot, but I finally won and took a ton of pictures to frame and also to display at our wedding and in our new house. It was just so adorable that I couldn’t help myself.

We ended up going to this vegan place up north near the lake. We had to change our original location because I insisted we find a place that allowed dogs because I needed everyone to see Brady and Tucker in their outfits. Brady was so embarrassed and I just don’t understand why.

“Oh, hi Tucker,” Kendra greeted us. She picked Tucker up and he sat in her lap for the entire meal.

“You know, dogs love pregnant women. They can just sense it,” I said.

Kendra smiled widely. “We were actually thinking of rescuing a dog. Probably something big. Maybe a lab mix.”

“But your place isn’t very big. The poor thing will want room to move around. And with a baby on the way…” I said.

“Yeah, but you know, the larger the dog, the lazier it is,” John said.

I suddenly got an idea. I turned to Brady. “In a few years, we should get another dog. After we’ve moved into our bigger place. We will have Tuck and a like, a husky or something.”

Before Brady could even say anything John said, “I can’t wait to see you dressed up with two dogs, man,” and started laughing.

I glared at him.

“Yeah, maybe,” Brady said. “I don’t want to take on too much.”

“It’ll be fine. That or we can have a baby right away,” I said. I glanced affectionately at Brady before smiling at Kendra and John.

Kendra let out a little laugh. “Reese, I have a hard time imagining you having a baby.”

I gave her a dirty look. “Well, that’s rude.”

“No, I mean it changes your life. Everything isn’t about you anymore, it’s about your baby. And as an only child, I don’t think you fully understand that. It isn’t just about dressing it up in cute clothes.”

Kendra hasn’t even had her baby (she hasn’t even had her first doctor’s appointment yet) and she’s already acting like she’s better than me. It’s so annoying. I know that life changes after having a baby which is why I have been on birth control for years. Duh!

Anyway, the other night Brady and I met up after work to have appetizers and drinks. Sometimes you just want to drink. We sat at the bar and ordered a pitcher of beer, mozzarella sticks and fries. We sat there talking about our days and laughing and having fun.

There was a guy sitting next to me at the bar who was also participating in a game of pool and he kept getting up and screaming at all the people he was playing with.

Finally I said, “Wow, are those your friends? I bet if I talked to my friends like that I’d get my way more often.”

He was an older man named Rich and not long into our conversation he informed me that he’s a Donald Trump supporter.

Immediately I got excited and elbowed Brady. “My boyfriend is a Trump supporter too!”

Brady glared at me before reaching out to shake Rich’s hand. Brady actually isn’t a Trump supporter and doesn’t want to identify as a Republican or Democrat, but I still give him shit about Donald Trump because technically, he’s registered as a Republican.

I’m not sure how or why, but we hung out with Rich for the rest of the evening and he ended up picking up our $145 bar tab. So pretending to be a Trump supporter pays off I guess.

Speaking of Trump, apparently Brady told his mom that he wanted to propose to me. I don’t know why he thought it was a good idea to tell her, but obviously she didn’t like it at all. He told her over the phone and she said, “Excuse me? You are not. We know nothing about her or her family.”

And then she said, “You will not do anything until both of you meet with our pastor.”

Brady relayed the story to me and tried to really vague, but I can just imagine what she said and the tone she used. She kept asking him a ton of questions (When does he want to propose? When do we want to get married? Do we plan to stay in Chicago? Am I pregnant?) and basically just freaked out. So now we are going to New York to see his parents next weekend. I don’t understand why Brady told his mom. It seems so premature. Like obviously, we’re going to get married, but I wanted to have a lot of it figured out before telling his parents. My parents will totally understand (especially because they adore Brady), but Brady’s just aren’t the same. I feel like his mom is going to do everything in her power to make sure it doesn’t happen. I feel like Brady’s mom wishes he was still with Anna. She’s smart and demure, polite and her parents are missionaries. Who wouldn’t want their son to marry that?

Oh! I have gossip. I think Scott is having an affair. He’s married, but he hardly ever talks about his wife. Sometimes I forget that she even exists. I had to beg him to see a picture a few weeks ago. He’s really open about checking out other girls, but I thought nothing of it (because men are pigs). Monica told me about the affair and at first I didn’t believe her because she gossips a lot (and honestly, I’m not trying to get involved in that even though it’s so addictive). But she pointed out the warning signs to me: he used to be the last person to leave the office every night, but lately he leaves at 4:30 or 5. Scott is a control freak so it’s really weird that he would leave that early. And a couple of times when he left, his wedding ring was off. And Scott is still married because his wife stopped by like last week. Plus he’s just been super happy. He’s generally a pleasant person, but lately he’s been even more pleasant than normal. Like walking around smiling, wanting to stop and talk all the time, kind of almost slacking off to socialize with us. And he’s on his phone  lot. I would assume it’s work related like checking his email, but he’s on it while he’s sitting in the front of the computer too. It’s bizarre. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just thinking the worst, but I totally think he’s cheating.

Let’s see, what else? Carly and Chris are coming for the July 4th holiday weekend which I’m so excited about. Carly and I haven’t talked much recently, but I really do miss her. And I think we need some bonding time. I’ve already made one full day of plans for us. I can’t wait.