some updates.

Hi guys. I really haven’t meant to be away this long, but work has been insane among other things. Here are a few quick updates.

1. I totally underestimated the extra workload. I thought, I’m doing this job anyway, it shouldn’t be much harder, but shit keeps happening. Every time I’m almost catching up, like I’m finally able to breathe again, another pile of work lands on my desk. And I have to deal with things I never thought I’d have to deal with. One day, one of my designers called me after I’d left the office for the day. I was sitting at the bar next to Ava and I picked up, thinking I was going to give some guidance over the phone and then invite this particular designer to join us for happy hour.

“Reese!” she exclaimed into the phone. “Michael’s [another one of my designers who is outwardly gay] client is claiming he exposed himself to her son while he was in their home doing a consultation. What should I do? They are threatening to sue!”

What the fuck? Like how do you even handle something like that?

But that’s what I’ve been dealing with. Scott has been a huge help. Now that he’s single, he spends 14 hours in the office every single day, probably trying to take his mind off everything. He adopted an adorable mutt from a shelter and brings the thing to the office everyday. And now that our office is pet friendly, I bring Tucker to work every so often. He gets freaked out by all the people and pees everywhere so I don’t do it very much.

2. Brady is in Peru. I hate him. The weekend before he left, we had people over for a little Cinco de Drinko send off. He got really drunk and told everyone he wasn’t actually going to Peru and was actually going to Brazil to “penetrate the entire country.” He claimed to be kidding, but I made him show me proof of his flight and arrangements anyway. Like don’t be an asshole in front of everyone. And then on his third day there, he called me and said that they’d asked him to stay longer. Already? I was furious. And he hasn’t bothered to call me since. I get a couple of emails or WhatsApp messages letting me know that he’s alive, but that’s it. I even called Alex one night after polishing off a bottle of wine with Luke to ask if he’s heard from Brady.

“Reese, relax. He’s fine. He’s in a third world country. He’s worried about surviving, not checking in with you. I’m sorry,” he told me. That didn’t make me feel better.

3. Carly had a baby! She had little Sloane at the end of March. She didn’t even tell me she was in labor or anything, her mom just sent me a picture of a crusty baby with a head full of black hair one day. I immediately called Carly, who didn’t pick up, and left a message. I actually didn’t hear from Carly until a week later. I was getting updates from Kendra, because she and Carly were speaking hourly, which was offensive.

“Reese, I’ve been there. She just wants advice. Don’t take it personally,” Kendra told me.

Obviously I took it personally and confronted Carly about it when she finally returned my call. She promised to keep me informed and sent pictures of darling Sloane daily. Sloane was so cute that I booked a ticket to go see them for Memorial Day. Without my boyfriend, there wasn’t much I wanted to do in the city and I was not about to blackout in Miami with my college friends. So I suggested to Carly that I come.

“Oh my God, please!” she exclaimed. “Chris went back to work so it would nice to have some adult company.”

So I spent that the weekend holding the baby and drinking a lot with Chris. Remember Chris? He’s like the sweetest guy. On Friday evening, he rushed home from work because he missed Carly and Sloane and didn’t leave their side all weekend. That’s what I need (not someone who will leave me to go to Peru for 2+ months. Sorry, still bitter).

4. I have a new British friend named Emma and she has gotten me addicted to SoulCycle. I always thought it was overrated and silly, but she talked me into joining her for a class one day and after the burn of that first class, I was hooked. I try to go four times a week now. I totally understand the hype. Usually after we cycle, we will go to a pub (in our sweaty compressions and sports bras) and eat like complete pigs. It’s fine though because SoulCycle is whipping my ass into the best shape of my life.

5. My parents just bought a 5,000 square foot Texas McMansion in the town I grew up in. They are so ridiculous. I hadn’t talked to my mom in a while and then one day she texted me asking me to help her decorate the new house.

I’m like, “What new house?”

She said, “The one your dad and I just closed on. Didn’t he tell you?”

Like, are you kidding me? Why do they even need that much space? And why would they make such a large purchase when they barely even get along? Literally the next week she called me crying because he was being mean to her.

Anyway, I think that’s all I have for now. I am exhausted because I moved out of my apartment this weekend and into Brady’s. I didn’t want to sign a new lease and I figured since I’m staying there with Tucker anyway, I may as well save some money and find an apartment I really love. What have I missed in y’alls world?