that bj must have changed his life.

I didn’t hear from Eric until Sunday afternoon which was fine because work was insane. On Saturday morning, Kendra and I went to a friends and family sale at Preston’s boutique, spent a ton of money and regretted nothing. Afterwards, we got lunch then Kendra abandoned me because John made plans.

I went home and took a bubble bath, watched Frozen (overrated), then went out for drinks with Carly. I met this hot guy from Boston (that accent – my loins) and spent the majority of the night talking to him. He worked as a project manager and was in Chicago on business. He was hilarious. Carly was busy making out with his friend/coworker in the corner of the bar which I didn’t really approve of, but who am I to judge? Afterwards the four of us went to a pizza place and sat around talking for an hour. Boston tried to get me to go back to his hotel with him but I politely declined. We did exchange numbers in case he is ever back in Chicago. And honestly it was nice to have a distraction so I didn’t tipsy-text Eric and have a repeat of Wednesday night.

I was doing squats with whitening strips in on Sunday when Eric called. He said he was ordering Thai for dinner and wanted me to join him. I said yes, but needed two hours to get ready. I showered, packed an overnight bag and put on something comfortable (high waist leather shorts, loose tank, Bombshell bra).

“Hey there, pretty lady,” Eric said when I got in the passenger seat. Then he grabbed me and kissed me and it was really affectionate so either he really missed me or that blow job changed his life.

He stopped and picked up our food then we sat at his new chrome bistro table and ate our noodles and vegetables.

After we ate, I retreated to the couch while Eric cleared our mess, and he joined me when he finished. We spent twenty minutes trying to find something to watch on Netflix and finally settled on Side Effects.

“Did you have a good week, Reese?” he asked as the movie started rolling.

“I did,” I replied. “It was busy, but I didn’t mind. Big things are happening in my company and it’s amazing to be a part of it.”

“That’s awesome. I’m sure it’s all because of you,” he said.

I giggled modestly even though he was absolutely right. “It is all of us. We have a great team.”

“And you’re still down to earth,” Eric smiled.

“Thank you. How was your week?”

“Fine. Busy. I’m happy we’re getting to hang out now.”

At some point, he’d grabbed my feet into his lap and was massaging them and it felt amazing. I don’t know why Eric was being so sweet to me, but I obviously wasn’t complaining.

We talked about his condo decor and him possibly adopting a dog and then finally he pulled into his lap and kissed me. He pulled off my tank top then my bra and squeezed my boobs in his hands. Eric is like the sweetest giant I know, but he’s so rough sexually. I love it. He doesn’t actually hurt me like Christian Grey (eye roll), but it’s just enough to keep me on my toes.

His shirt came off and then my shorts. I could feel his hard penis between my legs and I really just wanted to fuck his brains out. He wrapped his arm around my waist and lifted me so he could pull his shorts down and then brought me back down right onto his dick. Bliss.

I bounced up and down while he alternated between kissing my lips, kissing my boobs, and groaning my name. Then I spun so that my feet were on the ground and my back was to Eric. Basically I was riding him while sitting on his lap. Girls, if you haven’t tried this yet do so immediately. It’s a game changer. He pulled my hair off my neck and kissed me until I came. I was exhausted.

Eric, however, apparently wasn’t and bent me over the side of the sectional and fucked me from behind until we both came. Then we both collapsed and fell asleep on the sectional.


20 thoughts on “that bj must have changed his life.

  1. Melissa says:

    I don’t like how raunchy and explicit your posts are. The words you use make it feel like I’m reading porn instead of a story. There isn’t any romance just sex.

  2. Melissa says:

    That’s just my opinion. I appreciate you responding but I found your response a little snotty. Sometime how we speak isn’t the best way to write if you want to attract a large audience. Iwant to enjoy your blog and I apologize if my comment offended you.

  3. I’d like to respectively disagree. Although she talks about her sexual life, and the posts can be more explicit at times, I don’t read it as being raunchy. I subscribed to this blog because the posts are funny and exciting but they also come across as authentic. Someone mentioned on another post about the name brand dropping but I just viewed it as someone who likes fashion and likes to mention who and what she’s wearing. Same thing applies with the sex; I just see it as a real account of what happened and how she feels about it. Not to compare this to anything else, but it reminds me of Sex and The City. I like this because it reads like a book I would read or show I would watch.

    That’s just my opinion as another reader ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thank you! I definitely don’t want to try to be something I’m not on this blog and I’m not going to apologize for my personality. I’m not surprised that it may turn some people off, but I’m glad you enjoy it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jen says:

    Oh man ! Thought it was gonna be so much worse from the above comment ! Was good! I love Christian Grey & all that good stuff ! Funny Boston accent guy ! I’m from Boston and love my accent! This blog is so much different then the other blogs I read , I love it ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Zoe says:

    Hahaha so glad I found this blog it’s so much fun! I love the way you write, it makes it more real and less fictionalโ€ฆ but maybe that’s just because I talk the way you talk ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not to mention you make amazing fashion choices soโ€ฆ go you, you’re killing it!

  6. I’m loving your blog:) Like so many have said, it is completely different from the others and even mine!! I don’t find it raunchy or porn like at all. I think you are off to a wonderful start and can’t to read more!

    Quick question, I know you post multiple times per week (which is awesome) but do you have a set posting schedule? If you don’t that’s fine too:)

  7. I am absolutely loving your blog and love your writing style. I don’t find it to be raunchy at all. I think your blog is completely different from the rest, mine included!!! I love how the story is progressing and can’t wait to read more:)

    Quick question for you. I know you post multiple times a week but do you have a posting schedule? If you don’t that’s fine:)

  8. brit says:

    I just discovered your blog and I I can’t wait for the next post! I love your writing style and how real it feels! Brings me back to my single days! Can’t wait until the next post!!

  9. Meg says:

    I LOVE this… This is my fav new blog and that prude who thinks you’re raunchy is right and I’m not even mad about it! Can’t wait to read more!

  10. I haven’t read every serial story blog that’s out there, though I have a group that I like, but I will say that this one is quite refreshing since you don’t live in or want to go back to NYC, already have a good job, don’t have an ex you are still mooning over and while you may want to be in a relationship with Eric, aren’t afraid to get together with him just for a night of good, solid shagging!

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