party animal.

I was only able to set up five interviews by Wednesday morning, but I lied and told Andrew that I had eight. I was still waiting to hear back from some people so I figured he wouldn’t find out. He said, “Great Reese! I can’t wait to hear how they go!”

He didn’t bother giving me an interview guide or any direction really so I guess I have to figure it out on my own. I haven’t talked to Kate because I don’t want to seem like a whiney baby and so far, what Andrew has asked me to do hasn’t interfered with my current job. And like y’all said, it’s good to hire my own people and I’m lucky that Andrew is giving me that opportunity. So I’ll take it.

At the end of our Friday staff meeting, Diana announced that I would be leaving. Everyone seemed surprised and after the meeting Whitney stopped by my office.

“I can’t believe you quit,” she said.

I smiled and nodded.

“What is your new job?”

I knew she just wanted to know so she could judge/talk shit so I was as vague as possible. “It’s with a fashion retailer. It’s a huge salary increase.”

“That’s cool. Does Diana have anyone in mind to replace you?”

I smiled, knowing she was hoping her name was in the running.

“Not yet. She strongly believes in promoting from within but she said there’s no one here she thinks would be cut out to do it,” I said. 


I guess that was kind of mean, but whatever. I bet Diana will promote her anyway so I don’t feel bad about leading her astray a bit.

After work, I planned on eating something disgustingly good for dinner then spending the evening in bed watching tv, but I got a text from Carly as I was leaving that said, “Are you doing anything tonight?”

And I was like, “Nope, no plans.” Then a few minutes later I added, “Why? Are you?”

She said, “Yeah, we are going to the bar later. Wanna come?”

And I was like, “Okay.”

So that’s how Carly persuaded me into going out on Friday night. I went home and got my things then headed to Brady’s. We ordered pizza, drank wine, then got ready to go out.

We were meeting some of Brady and Chris’s friends at the bar, but I made sure Paul or John wouldn’t be there. Am I hard to get along with? I shouldn’t have to be worried about a confrontation with his friends. But I can’t help that those guys are assholes!

When we got there everyone got beers so I decided against my tequila and Sprite since apparently it wasn’t that kind of night. But then after my beer, I needed some actual liquor. Jacob called me a party animal.

Nothing too crazy really happened at the first bar except when this girl one of Chris’s classmates was talking to just randomly dropped it like it’s hot in front of Brady. Then she turned and gave him what was supposed to be a sexy wink and Brady just looked around with the most hilarious expression on his face. It was like panicked/confused/mortified.

And the girl looked so desp that I couldn’t even be mad at her. I actually laughed out loud. I don’t think she knew Brady and I were together so maybe I wasn’t being all over him like I normally am. Or maybe I was and she just didn’t care? You know how girls can be these days.

A few minutes later, I went to the bathroom with Carly and when we came back out, the dancing girl was making out with Chris’s friend. So good for her.

By the time we made it to the next bar, Carly and I were tipsy and up to our usual shenanigans (running to the bathroom hand in hand, dancing, ordering shots, making new friends). We started talking to these two guys in the Air Force and one of them told us they were stationed in France. Carly actually studied abroad in France and the name of the base didn’t sound familiar to her so she called an emergency bathroom meeting. Then she Googled the base they told her about and found out that they were lying. We avoided them the rest of the night.

The real action happened when the bar closed and everyone was spilling out. Carly and I skipped out ready to take on the after hours bar (hey, we like to party) and the guys followed. I heard some belligerent voice say something like, “This is the douchebag I’ve been looking for.”

I turned and this random man I’ve never seen before in my life lunged at my boyfriend and grabbed him by his Northface! Chris and friends immediately stepped in to help push the maniac off and a big scuffle ensued. The bar bouncers and a cop patrolling the street had to pry the man off Brady and then handcuff him for being a psychopath. It happened so fast. It was all very dramatic.

“What just happened?” I asked.

“Mistaken identity, it seems,” Chris answered.

“Yeah, I’ve never seen that guy, but he said I tried to fight him in the bar,” Brady laughed. “So he tried to kick my ass out here.”

I turned and glared at the man, who was now sitting in the backseat of the police car. How dare he lay his filthy hands on my boyf? The cop wanted to speak with Brady and I was so stressed and shaken up by the drama that I made Carly find us cigs then we walked around the block to smoke them.

“I can’t believe that just happened. Brady would like, never get in a fight,” I said, taking a drag.

“I know!” Carly agreed. “He’s like, the nicest person ever!”

Just then, Brady and Chris rounded the corner and found us.

“That’s fucking disgusting,” Brady kind of yelled, snatching the cigarette out of my mouth and throwing it. Carly threw hers down and smiled innocently.


We stopped at the late night bar (only because their kitchen was still open and I needed cheese sticks) then headed home.

On Saturday, Brady and I finalized our birthday/Christmas plans. He had trouble getting days off, but was able to snag a few so we are flying to Houston on Tuesday (the 23rd) after he leaves work and coming back on Friday morning (the 26th) so he can still go in for a few hours. Workaholic. After we bought our plane tickets, I was inspired to keep traveling and I told Brady we should go to New York City or Vegas for New Years. He laughed.

“I wish. Even this time off is a bit of a stretch. Unfortunately, my job doesn’t stop for holidays.”

I pouted, but this made sense. And at least he gets those few days and he wants to spend it with me! I have to plan something really amazing for his birthday. Speaking of which, I have absolutely no idea what gift I should get him for his birthday and Christmas. Literally, I’m at a loss. Help? Any ideas?? I always got my ex things like watches, shoes, designer sunglasses, etc, but he was super flashy. Somehow, I don’t think Brady would care for any of that. I would reach out to Hunter and ask, but apparently he’s shunning us or dead (knock on wood). You guys always have amazing ideas though!

I predict this week will be pretty busy. I set up a ton of phone interviews and squeezed them into my lunch breaks, commutes to and from work, and random times throughout the day. I haven’t heard from Andrew since last week, but he’s supposed to call me this morning. And I’m kind of dreading it.


21 thoughts on “party animal.

  1. lgburton says:

    Hahaha picturing Brady’s face when that girl dropped it in front of him is hysterical.

    Uhmm.. gifts.. I bought a Brooks Brothers sweater for Boyfriend (he told me he wanted that, though, so I cheated) yesterday and was super excited because they’re having a sale right now. Although I also really want to get him a nice wallet (probably Mont Blanc) right now because his is falling apart and it’s kind of gross.

  2. Paula says:

    How about a laptop or an iPad? I got my hubby a nice pair of wireless earbuds. They’re great for runners if he doesn’t have those already!

  3. Y says:

    I thought the lingerie you bought was his gift. Hehe. I think a nice classic leather watch makes a great gift. I just got my brother a simple Movado and he loves it. It’s sweet and it’s not flashy.

    Or since he likes running, you could get him a fitbit.

  4. K says:

    I see no reason why you couldnt get him a nice watch or something that’s not flashy. I bought my ex a really nice black fossil watch. It looks really nice, it’s classy, goes with everything and he is the most laid back low maintenance person i know. It’s beautiful.

  5. If Brady is a sports fan, you can’t really go wrong with sports memorabilia or clothing (T-shirt, hoodie, or jersey) with his favorite player’s number or name on it. It seems most men appreciate a nice watch. My guy loves Invicta watches. If he’s a geek and like geeky or cool toys, I love the site I have bought some really neat gifts from that website. 🙂

  6. I have to say Etsy is my go-to for slightly more personalised stuff – my sister is a speech and language therapist so I got her some beautiful speech bubble silver earrings one year, and my brother gets a lot of Game of Thrones inspired stuff. Can be a bit hit and miss though depending on the popularity of the theme you look for!

  7. Katy B says:

    Ok…so I hate to even mention this…but that guy coming after Brady and a case of mistaken identity? What if when Brady had those nights when he went off the grid, he hooked up with this guys girl friend? For some reason, this was the first thing I thought of when I read it. Hopefully I’m totally off base…but Brady not contacting you those couple of nights were just kinda shady. Any who’s a hope I’m wrong! I’m excited to hear more about your new job!!

    Don’t kill me for thinking what I said above…it just popped into my head and was curious if you found it odd…??

  8. M says:

    My husband is dying for one of those Bose sound bars (he’s not getting one! Lol) Another thought, what about like signing him up for a cooking class for you guys to take together or a bar tending class? I’ve always wanted to take a sushi class or learn to make fancy drinks. Something fun and different. Instead I got my husband a speaker system for outside (we have several acres of property). Do they have outdoor space? Hmmm that’s all I can think of. Good luck!

    • Kristin says:

      Rue la la has blue ribbon kitchen courses for two today. Good gift and a good deal. I’d get it myself if I lived in a city that had one.

  9. Sara says:

    Present for Brady: baseball tickets for him and say 2 or 3 of his guy friends for opening day of whichever Chicago team he prefers. He won’t expect it because it is out of left field (pun intended), and it would be something he likely would not buy for himself (much like the trip to Houston he bought you) and it is a gift that is all about him and what he likes. You have mentioned baseball and Brady in the same context in numerous posts and I bet this would blow his mind. He sounds like someone who prefers experiences to material things. I know the season doesn’t start until April, but that just gives him several months to think about it, look those tickets and remember what an awesome, thoughtful GF you are.

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