pretty people eat too. 

I was in Texas on Tuesday and Wednesday for work and Andrew flew in to visit on Wednesday morning. I wasn’t particularly excited to see him, but I did have a lot of questions to ask him. When he walked into the store, he went straight to the office and greeted me with an unenthusiastic, “Hi Reese.”

I gave him a few minutes to settle in before I bombarded him with my questions. When I did go back to the office, he was on a conference call so I signaled to him that I would be back later. I worked for a few hours by myself until the manager of the store came up to me and said, “What’s wrong with Andrew? He’s being so weird today.”

“Really?” I noticed that Andrew seemed to be avoiding me (but that’s how it’s been the past few weeks), but I thought nothing of it.

I decided to go investigate and found him working on paperwork in the office.

“Hey Andrew,” I said cheerfully.

“Hello Reese,” he said back, not looking up from his paperwork.

“Is everything okay?” I asked.

Andrew sighed. “I do have some things on my mind…”

I really wanted to know what he was thinking about, but didn’t think it was my place to ask. So I just said, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

He finally looked up at me and seemed to consider it for a moment before saying, “I’m okay. Thank you.”

He only worked for about an hour more then he grabbed his stuff and said he was heading out. Andrew was being so weird. I know I always talk about how much I can’t stand him nagging me, but I think I like that more than silent, moody Andrew. It made me so uneasy.

I took Thursday and Friday off so I could move into my new apartment and my mom flew in on Thursday afternoon to help. I picked her up from the airport and the first thing she said was, “Let’s find a happy hour!”

I was like, “Mom! None of my apartment is even packed, we have so much to do!”

But I still drove to my favorite place for margaritas anyway. We ordered a pitcher and chips and queso. I was shoving chips in my mouth when my mom asked, “Is Brady coming?”

Caught off guard, I started choking. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention to my parents that Brady and I broke up.

“He’s at work,” I replied quickly, which was probably the truth.

My mom accepted that answer and asked me how he’s doing and stuff. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that he dumped me. She loves him!

After margs, we went to my apartment and opened a bottle of wine. My mom apparently just got SnapChat (ew) so she wanted to take Snaps of everything. I told her I deleted mine because I already know she would have annoyed me with her Story.

We finally started packing up my things and had to stay up all night so we would have everything ready for the movers on Friday morning. The movers arrived bright and early so my mom and I sat around while they did all the work. It literally took all day for them to finish and we were so exhausted from ordering them around that we showered and then napped on my old bedroom floor.

When we woke up, we decided to go to dinner and I suggested pizza (since we had such a long day). We got a large pizza with a ton of gross toppings and while we waited for it, my mom said, “Where’s Brady? Invite him to dinner!”

“Mom,” I groaned, annoyed with hearing his name. “He’s really busy.”

“Too busy to have pizza with his mother-in-law?” she beamed at this.


Her smile faded. “Is everything okay with you two? You’re still together, aren’t you?”

“We’re fine.”

“Are you sure?”

I knew this was my opportunity to come clean about everything that happened. I would have to tell her eventually, right?

But I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to have to tell her the whole story and her to tell me that I needed to call him or she would do it for me. So I sighed loudly and said yes and luckily my mom changed the subject and started talking about my dad. I feel bad about not telling my mom the truth, but I didn’t want to disappoint her this trip. Maybe I’ll think of a good way to tell her for next time.

My mom left on Saturday morning and even though I still had a ton of unpacking to do, I decided to get ready and meet Kendra and Carly for brunch. We ordered bottomless mimosas and I got french toast and fresh fruit. The mimosas came out first and I don’t know what the fuck they put in those mimosas, but after two, I was over on Kendra’s side of the booth, consoling her.

She was crying because she was happy. She was happy that even after everything that she and John have been through, that God still wants them to spend their lives together. Kendra is really religious sometimes. I can’t remember our food coming or eating (but I know I did because I uploaded a picture of me taking a bite of french toast to Instagram with the caption, “Pretty people eat too.” No wonder everyone hates me).

The next thing I remember is puking outside the restaurant. Right in the middle of my barf sesh, Kendra and Carly came out of the restaurant and announced that they wanted to go get manicures at a nail salon next door. I somehow made it to the nail salon and into the manicure chair and I told my lady that I wanted a no-chip in whatever color she thought would look good with my skin. She started taking off my old polish and I felt sick again.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” I told her.

She ignored me and continued taking off my nail polish so I literally jumped up and bolted to the back of the salon. After a couple of accidental stops to the waxing rooms, I made it to the bathroom but not quite the toilet. I cleaned up my mess with toilet paper then passed out on the bathroom floor for who knows how long. When I finally peeled myself off the floor and went back out there, Kendra and Carly were sitting under the nail dryer.

“Are you okay, babe?” Carly asked, looking concerned.

I imagine I looked like death at this point. I sure felt like it. I told them I was calling an Uber and went outside to wait for it. Then I proceeded to puke even more out on the sidewalk.

I can’t remember getting home, but I woke up in my bed around 9:00 PM to throw up some more. I’m pretty sure I was poisoned. I literally could not get out of my bed until Sunday afternoon. And when I did finally get up and shower, I was starving, but the thought of eating anything made me want to vom.

So yeah. Still recovering from that. I’m working from home today and wishing I had a man to come take care of me. Maybe I shouldn’t have cut Kyle off. He would come in handy right now.

By the way, I love my new apartment. With all my furniture in it, it’s still really spacious (my old apartment was teeny tiny) and I’m so excited to finish unpacking and decorate! Hope everyone had a better weekend than me!


13 thoughts on “pretty people eat too. 

  1. D says:

    I’m happy you like your new place.. It sounded amazing.
    Also, lol’d at your snap caption, must have been one hell of a mimosa. haha.

  2. Bethany says:

    Hey Reese,

    hope you feel better and hope you get to finish up everything this week… Yea I would say the same thing to my mum about snapchat too if she asked me lol…

  3. Alli says:

    Maybe this is evil of me, but I am really hoping you have some kind of run in with brady soon that forces you two to deal with your breakup properly. Even if you don’t get back together, I wish you’d see him and the two of you would be forced to talk and figure it out. I need closure haha! (Def too invested in your life, Reese…)

    Also your mom is hilarious. Reminds me of my mom… I added her on insta and had to have a talk with her about commenting on EVERY SINGLE POST. Not to mention writing lol after every comment. Parents + social media = 😳💥🔫

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