every wedding should have alcohol.

Andrew was in Chicago on Friday and I was so excited/nervous to tell him that I (kind of) accepted another job offer. I hadn’t talked about the details with Diana, but I knew I wanted to go back and the new position sounds really, really awesome.

“Heya, Reese!” Andrew greeted me. He seemed to be in a really good mood which made me more nervous. If he was being an asshole I would have no problem being like, “You know what? I fucking quit!”

I avoided him for the majority of the day and then around three I finally cornered him in the office.

“Hiiiiii. Can we talk?” I asked.

“Of course! What’s going on?” Andrew still seemed to be in a good mood.

I shut the door and stood at the edge of the desk he was sitting at. “So, I know you’re going to hate me, but I’ve been offered a really amazing position with the company I was with previously.”

I paused so Andrew could say something, but he didn’t and just looked at me expectantly.

“So I’m going to take it.”

After a moment, Andrew said, “Wow… Okay. I’m very surprised. I wish you would’ve talked to me about this sooner.”

“It happened pretty fast,” I said. “But I’m willing to stay as long as needed for you guys to find a replacement for me.”

“Who knows how long that’s going to be? Do you know how long I had to do my job and your job before we found you?”

“I’m sorry. I feel really bad about leaving since I just started, but I don’t want to pass this opportunity up.”

“Okay. We’ll talk about this more later. Please don’t tell anyone else right now.”

Uh, okay? I nodded.

Andrew looked back down at his laptop and didn’t say anything else. So I went and did my own work for a few hours until he announced to us that he was heading out.

I left soon after he did and bought a new pair of shoes to cheer myself up and to celebrate my new job. I talked to my mom while I was out. I told her about Diana’s job offer and she seemed excited and wanted to know how much they were offering me. Good question. I probably should’ve figured that out before I quit since I got such a big pay raise when I accepted Andrew’s offer. I’ll have to look into that.

I made sure to let her know about me and Brady’s wedding date so she’ll know/think we are still together.

Brady came over late Friday night after work. I was like disgustingly excited to see him. We didn’t see each other at all on Thursday and I was surprised and pleased to see that he’d gotten his hipster locks chopped off. He looked so freaking cute.

We sat on the couch for an hour telling each other about our days. I made him go first, but he just said his day was fine and long. I told him all about what happened with Andrew and Brady said, “I think he’s going to make your last couple of weeks there awful. You should prepare yourself.”

Ew. I hope Andrew doesn’t, but he does seem like a spiteful prick so Brady is probably right. We got in bed and Brady fell asleep right away, but I stayed up going insane on Sephora.com. To be fair, I needed all of it.

On Saturday morning, we woke up and talked for a little while then got brunch. The menu looked so good that we got three entrées to share between us because we couldn’t choose. After a ton of bacon, waffles, French toast, eggs, fruit, and hash browns we were stuffed.

There was a Forever 21 near the restaurant and they had all these fun festival outfits in the window so I insisted we go in. I guess I was inspired by all the Coachella posts from Instagram. I haven’t been in a Forever 21 in like ten years but I was pleasantly surprised with all the really inexpensive pieces they had so I ended up leaving with three shopping bags full. I know I can only wear everything once, but whatever.

We needed to go get ready for the wedding after that. I decided against the romper since the wedding was at a church and it was a traditional catholic wedding. So I wore a sleeveless hot pink pleated mini dress and my Alice + Olivia heels I haven’t gotten a chance to wear yet. Brady wore a dark blue suit and we honestly looked really hot together. The church was really big and packed. I hope that many people want to see me get married.

Afterwards, we all went to the reception which was down the road a bit at a large reception hall. The lights and decorations and cake and stuff were so amazing that I had to document it all for SnapChat. Totally fangirling over their wedding decorations. The bride and groom made a grand entrance and she had changed into this amazing white strapless ruffly midi dress that I’m pretty sure was Marchesa. At the ceremony she was wearing this lace number with sleeves that I wasn’t a fan of, but her reception dress was bomb. I wanted to take a picture with her and her dress.

We had food then everyone started dancing. Well, we didn’t. Not drunk enough for that and they weren’t even serving alcohol. Which in my opinion is a mistake. Every wedding should have alcohol. There was a photo booth (great idea, stealing) and after Brady and I got our pictures back he said, “I have the best looking date here.”

I made the super big smiling emoji face. “No I do,” I said all affectionately. Maybe all the love from the wedding rubbed off on us, but we kept holding hands and kissing and complimenting each other all night.

Oh and then the bride and groom were making their way around saying hello to everyone and they stopped to talk to us.

Without hesitation, Brady said, “This is my girlfriend, Reese.”

I honestly think it just slipped out out of habit, but I looked at him and smiled before shaking the bride and groom’s hand. The groom was nice, but the bride gave my hand a sideways glance before giving me a really limp handshake. Not sure what I did to her, but I’m glad I didn’t wear the romper – she would really hate me then.

We were so tired after the wedding that we went back to Brady’s and crashed. I missed his huge clean bed. Not that my bed is dirty or anything, but the clean white bedding just does it for me. It’s like he puts a brand new set on each time.

On Sunday morning we laid in bed talking and looking at each other. We decided that we were going to make breakfast and before we got up, Brady leaned over to kiss me. As he pulled away, something caught my eye. A strand of hair on the pillow. A long blonde strand of hair.

“Ew, whose is this?” I asked, picking it up between two fingers.

Brady looked at it all confused for a moment before saying, “It’s yours,” like I was being ridiculous.

So my hair is naturally a light brown caramelly color and sometimes I have sun kissed/golden highlights, but they’ve mostly all grown out or faded now. I guess technically one of my highlighted strands could have fallen out, but this hair looked longer than mine and I think mine is more coarse. Do you who has long blonde hair? Blow Job Queen (I can’t remember which commenter made up that nickname, but I’m keeping it, thanks).

I looked back up at Brady and he said, “I’ll get started on the bacon and eggs and you can do the pancakes,” and then he got up.

I followed him and we didn’t mention the hair again. I know I have no right to be mad if rebounded with someone since I hooked up with Kyle and everything, but he could have at least put new bedding on. I couldn’t help wanting to know what whore he had over though.

Andrew called me on Monday morning wanting to talk about me leaving. He seemed frustrated and wasn’t being very nice about it. Before I even told him when my last day will be he said, “The courteous thing would be to give us a two week notice.”

Like duh. I’ve had jobs before. Plus I told him I’d stay as long as they needed me, but since he was being a dick I let him know that my last day will be April 24th. You’re welcome, Andy.

You know what I think is a bit weird? Brady and I haven’t had sex since the night he came over drunk after the Cubs game. I don’t know if he’s apprehensive because I teased him for six hours the other night, but he hasn’t even tried anything. I haven’t either though, but still. Hope he tries something soon.


18 thoughts on “every wedding should have alcohol.

  1. Sara says:

    The no-sex-yet part sounds remarkably like your early relationship. You had to pounce on him then, too, to get things started. After the six hour tease fest, I suspect Brady is waiting for you to give him the green light since you said no before much like things were when you two first started dating. My suggestion is you want him then make the first move and I bet it will all take off from there. I also think he really does think it’s game on and you are his girlfriend again. For him to just blithely say it given how hesitant he is to talk about personal stuff, I think you just had your re-DTR moment. As to the hair–a highlighted hair can seem finer than normal because it’s been chemically treated. It’s yours. Let it go at that.
    Give Andrew your notice in writing, BTW. Glad to hear that things are looking up for you!

  2. I agree that you should give Andrew your notice in writing. You should always do everything that way. It’s the one thing I’ve learned that hasn’t failed me yet. Email, Paper, whatever…as long as it’s verifiable.

  3. Luita says:

    There’s a saying in Spanish “if the eyes don’t see it then the heart doesn’t feel it” so even if the hair isn’t yours I would let it go and pretend it is. Do you really want to know if he hooked up with blow job queen, or anyone else while you were broken up?
    And I think he’s waiting for you to give him the green light just like before in your relationship. Yeah he thinks you guys are back together or else he wouldn’t have introduced you as his gf. It’s so funny how he’s repeating everything from the beginning (telling a co-worker you are his gf before discussing it with you).

  4. Kristin says:

    My now husband and I took “a break” after two years together and spent about 5 months apart. He got back together with his ex girlfriend, who documented everything on facebook, whereas I went out and had my fun and kept it quiet. When we got back together, I asked him if he wanted to know anything about my time while we were apart. If I had to have pictures of him and his ex burned into my memory, I thought it was only fair. He said he didnt want to know anything about it and to this day he still doesn’t. However, since I knew about what he had done, it was harder to let go. I just sort of had to make the decision to let it go and be happy with the fact that even after all of that, he still wanted me and not her. So even if he did hook up with the blow job queen (I give you full permission to keep that nickname), take some comfort in the fact that he still chose you and she’s still giving blow jobs trying to get a man that wants to keep her.
    As far as work goes, get something in writing from Diana about the position, salary, etc and if you’re satisfied, give Andrew something in writing as well.

    • I feel like I would not have been able to get over the fact that she was posting pictures and stuff. I hold grudges, I’m really bad about that

  5. D says:

    I genuinely think that based off how much you had to seduce Brady the first time, and even this time, that he probabbllyyy didn’t have sex with anyone else during your break. Even if he did, yeah it really sucks, but like Kristin said, he’s with you now. Pretty much anyone you’re ever gonna be with is going to have a history anyway.
    Also congrats on getting away from creepy Andrew! lol

  6. Kelly says:

    Honestly I don’t know why we’re hating of Jessica. Whatever she did or did not do with Brady prior to him getting together with Reese is irrelevant. Comments like she’s giving blow jobs to get a man to keep her totally rude and unnecessary. Whatever happened between her and Brady is between them.

    What Brady did while you were broken up isn’t really your business? Unless you plan on confessing about almost hooking up with Andrew and then having sex with Carly’s brother give it a rest. You can’t have this double standard where it’s okay for you to do you and then hold Brady accountable. Did it occur to you that when you were posting pics of you and Carly’s brother you might have pushed Brady to go out with someone else? I think you need to forget about this and move on with your relationship.

    • valid points. I don’t need to know what he did and doesn’t need to know what I did but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about it on here. I’m not going to confront him about it.

    • I think the hate of Jessica still stems from all the times that she repeatedly crossed the line with Brady when she knew he had a girlfriend — and she knew that it bothered Reese.

  7. Jacalyn says:

    Ohhhhhh! I’m so glad you guys are back! Yay yay yay!
    I think you definitely don’t want to know if he was with someone else. It’s irrelavant. It seems like he needed to figure out where things were going between you two and taking that break really helped you realize how much you missed him and really genuinely wanted to be with him. I am pretty sure it was the same for him. Relationships are a huge commitment, we are all pretty young and we tend to take huge steps quickly. (Especially marriage). It took a whole for him to open up and be with you fully and I think your relationship is a very new experience for Brady. Think of this instead of what happened in the time you were apart.

    But man, I’m so happy you guys are back together. I was super sad not reading your Brady stories. ❤️ Also, it’s okay that you have to seduce him again, use it to your advantage. Show him what he’s been missing, put on a show,girl!

  8. I think it’s a good idea that you two haven’t had sex since the first night. Sometimes having sex a lot right when you get back together with someone complicates things and ends up overriding the important stuff — such as talking things out, or simply just spending time together and getting reacquainted again. As far as the stray hair… who knows. I know it’s difficult to do, but try to put it out of your mind. It’s not worth getting upset over if it does belong to someone else, because that was in the past, and you’re in the now.

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