i’ve been getting in trouble.

Oh, hey you guys.

I’ve been busy getting in trouble. Ever since my parents visited and I got a pep talk from my mom, I’ve been out of control. The pep talk came after I told my mom about a meeting I had with Brady’s mother. She finally reached out to me and asked to take me to lunch. Her exact words were, “Hi Reese. I’m sure you’ve heard that we are not happy about your announcement. Although I think the reasoning for my disappointment is obvious, I’m quite happy to explain myself.”

So I agreed to have lunch with her. I didn’t tell Brady, but I’m not exactly sure why. I thought wearing something that displayed my belly was kind of rude, so for the lunch I wore a black belted sweater dress (slimming), a trench coat and booties. I made the Uber driver turn the AC on full blast on the way there because I was dying in the backseat because I was so hot.

Brady’s mom was sitting down at the table already waiting for me and didn’t get up to greet me.

“Hi, nice to see you, Reese. Please sit,” she said.

I sat.

“Thank you for meeting with me. I thought we should speak about what is going on.”

I nodded.

“My husband and I have always been clear about our concerns and you understood. You had no right to force someone into something they don’t want – especially something as serious as parenthood.”

Excuse me?

“I’m not forcing anyone into anything. Brady is just as culpable as I am,” I began, but Brady’s mom put her hand up to stop me.

“Well, Brady knows better. Brady fell into temptation and that’s unfortunate. He’s going to have to deal with the consequences of that, isn’t he? But I’ve already spoken to Brady. And he knows how disappointing this all is.”

“I actually don’t think it’s that disappointing and I think it’s a bit rude for you to say that,” I said, very politely.

“It’s not rude, Reese. Brady was not ready to marry you any time soon and you know that. You were careless and manipulative.”

“I think that’s unfair. I may have been careless, but so was Brady.” I, for some reason, was still being super polite to this lady.

She shook her head. “I would like to discuss a few things with you and decide how to proceed from here. Obviously it’s too late to do anything to change the situation and we need to prepare for the inevitable.”

I didn’t say anything.

“I don’t want you to think you can profit from this. Brady cares about you and will be doing his part in taking care of your child together. However, you will not take advantage of his generosity. You’ve chosen to have a baby despite not being married and you, too, must deal with whatever consequences ensue.”

I felt my eye twitch.

“I’m confident Brady would like to marry you…eventually. I think we can all agree that at this time, we must focus on making sure you have a healthy baby. I’d like you to see our family physician in Massachusetts. I understand you’ve seen a doctor, but a second opinion would not hurt as this is a potentially risky pregnancy.”

“Okay,” I said, knowing I would not be going all the way to Massachusetts when Dr. Sabrina is wonderful. And how in the world in my pregnancy at all risky? Dr. Sabrina let me know that everything is progressing perfectly.

“I think carrying on some sort of texting and picture exchange relationship with Hunter is quite unbecoming. That will end. Brady and Dominique are both aware of it and I trust I won’t hear anything about it again.”

“I-” Wait, what? I was so stunned that she went there that I didn’t know what to say. “Okay.”

“I’m also happy to sit down with you to go over your finances. Brady mentioned that you still have a lengthy list of supplies you need and while we are willing to help in some ways, this is your responsibility and I expect that you will contribute.”

I actually felt like I might cry. It was like she’d pushed me down and then kicked me continuously. After her lecture, she touched my arm with her cold, bony hand and wanted to know how I’m doing and feeling. It’s like I was just fine until I met her for lunch.

When I told my mom what happened, she was furious.

“Don’t you ever let someone speak to you like that. That woman is out of her mind. I don’t know why she thinks you come from poverty, but they aren’t the only ones who have money. Don’t you dare accept anything from her. The only thing you need to worry about is yourself and that baby,” she said.

And that last sentence was all I really needed to hear. My mom wanted to meet with Brady’s mom while she was here, but she was so fired up that I told her it wasn’t a good idea. They’ve been emailing though. Brady’s mom reached out to me a few times since our lunch.

“Would you like to join us for church this Sunday in the city?” she texted me one day.

I replied, “No.”

And another time she said, “I’m checking to see if you are available this Saturday to come to Massachusetts to see our doctor. After the appointment, we can drive into the city to browse some of the shops and pick up some of the things you need.”

I replied, “I’m not available.”

One day at work, I made a minor mistake on a spreadsheet (and the fix involved copy and pasting a formula) and Mike was annoyed.

“Where is your head?” he said, rolling his eyes at me. I’m super organized at work and hardly make mistakes so I’m sure that’s why Mike was so annoyed. He knows he can trust me, but I was letting him down.

“Well, I’m sorry I didn’t catch one small error. I’m just growing another human inside me so forgive me if my head isn’t on quite straight,” I said.

Mike glared at me and I smiled sweetly before running away.

Another time, I was talking to Kristina after getting back from an hour long lunch with Brendan. We hadn’t been talking for even one minute before Mike walked past.

“I trust that you have everything ready for our 2:00,” he said.

“If not, I guess we’re both screwed,” I couldn’t help saying.

Mike turned back like he wanted to say something else, but ended up just walking away. Kristina gasped and then burst into laughter.

Later on, Paige messaged me.

“You might want to be careful with the way you speak to Mike,” she warned.

And I’ve known Mike a lot longer than she has so this annoyed me. I can handle him. I replied, “Thx.”

But obviously I was a little concerned because the next day at lunch, I asked Brendan if Mike had mentioned anything about me.

He looked guilty for a moment then quickly recovered. “Now why would you want to know if he’s talking about you? It doesn’t matter,” he said playfully.

“Because Paige sent me this cryptic message so I need to know if I’m getting fired,” I said.

“Well, he knows we are friends so he doesn’t talk to me about you,” Brendan said.

I’m definitely getting fired.

Brendan really wants to work things out with his wife, but she is enjoying playing games with him. It’s pretty sad. Once, he let me read through their recent messages.

“Hi,” she texted after several weeks of only speaking through her parents.

“Hi,” he replied within a minute. And then she didn’t say anything back. Eight hours later, Brendan sent a single “?” and she still didn’t reply. Almost all of their interactions go like that. She calls him sometimes, he said, asking for stuff that she knows the answer to, like whose name the Nordstrom credit card is under. And when he tries to talk about anything other than what she needs, she will talk over him or quickly try to revert the conversation back. I guess her parents are still very mad at him (he still hasn’t told me why) and she pretends talking to him will her get in trouble or something.

“I shouldn’t be messaging you, but I can’t find my hot pink bikini and I’m going to Vegas tonight. Can you check to see if you can find it?” she will say. And then he will reply saying he has it and will never hear back from her.

Then she will post cute pictures of them on her Instagram story with a kissing or broken heart emoji as a caption.

One day, she texted Brendan while we were at lunch.

“Hi, I need a HUGE favor from you ❤️,” she said.

Brendan got excited, thinking the heart meant something. He loved that she needed a favor.

“Will you get the package that is being delivered to the house today? My dad will come and pick it up later in the week,” was all she wanted.

I could tell this is not what Brendan wanted to hear and the whole emoji thing was just an act to continue to play with him. And he’s my friend and I felt like I needed to stand up for him since he wasn’t going to do it himself.

“Can I text her back for you?” I asked.

Brendan shrugged and gestured that I could.

“Are you interested in working on our marriage or do you just want me to do things for you? I’m happy to help, but if you just want to play games then you should continue sending messages through your dad like you were before,” I typed.

“I think it’s a little soon for you to be asking to work on things, Brendan,” she said back.

He definitely cheated on her.

“Stop texting me then,” I replied.

Obviously she didn’t reply and I handed Brendan his phone back. Of course, a few days later, Brendan admitted that he told her I was the one who was messaging her and that got her even more mad. She’s since stopped texting him, but continues posting pictures of them on Instagram. I guess I didn’t help, but someone needed to say it.

Sydney came over the other day. She’s so annoying. She wanted Brady’s help with something work related (they don’t even work together anymore). She wouldn’t stop staring at me. Whenever I walked across the room I felt her beady little eyes following me. Have you never seen a pregnant bitch before? Eventually I retreated to the bedroom to watch TV in peace. After three episodes of Real Housewives, I went to check on them and could immediately tell that they were stoned. Sydney was sitting cross legged on the couch giggling while Brady sat back next to her with his eyes closed.

“Okay, I think it’s time for you to go home, Sydney,” I said, politely.

“I know, right?” she giggled, not moving.


She stood up quickly and packed her stuff before leaving. See how quickly I’m getting the hang of this parenting thing?

“That was a bit rude, don’t you think?” Brady said once she was gone.

So this started a fight. Obviously Brady has been getting the brunt of my wrath. Some of my phrases have been:

“I’m not eating a frozen pizza for dinner like a peasant. I want steak.”

“If you aren’t home in 20 minutes, Tucker and I will be staying at the W for the night.”

“If your mother wants to fight, we can fight.”

“No, I can’t turn the music down. The baby loves gangster rap.”

“I mean, even I’m smarter than Hunter.”

He’s certainly been coming home on time though. And slowly bringing home things from our list. Oh, and we looked at another place in Connecticut. This one was more convincing. It’s a new build with an all white kitchen (my dream), a massive living room with a fireplace, and the chicest modern light fixtures. I wouldn’t need to upgrade anything except all of our furniture. The master is also huge with a walk-in closet, but the other three bedrooms are pretty small. That doesn’t really bother me – there’s already a nursery next to the master. Plus all of the houses in the neighborhood have curb appeal and it’s within walking distance to the train that goes to NYC. I actually really, really liked it. The only issue is the place is significantly more expensive than the last place we looked at. For the price, we may as well get a 2 bedroom, 1,100 square foot apartment in the Upper East Side.

“Do you want to put in an offer on the house we looked at?” Brady asked me the next day.

And since I told him I wasn’t sure (I’m nervous!), he hasn’t brought it up again. I’ve been secretly checking it everyday though and it’s still available.


50 thoughts on “i’ve been getting in trouble.

  1. Manda says:

    Yeah so if I was in your shoes, I would be having my baby in prison because I would have punched his mother by now (and punch is the bare minimum). How dare anyone speak to someone like that?
    It’s not my relationship but if it were me, my partner would be ending this. It’s completely disgusting he lets her speak to you in this way. It’s his life, not yours.
    Yikes, hahah I’m a bit too over zealous over your relationship.

    • I think the most grating thing about Brady’s mom is how condescending she is, and the fact that she talks to you and Brady as if you’re children. And what makes her think that you two are just going to do whatever she wants you to do, like see a doctor of her choosing? What a bizarre woman she is. I don’t know how you were able to be so calm after the way she spoke to you. It’s no wonder Brady took his time telling her. He definitely knew she was going to react that way! That being said, she seems to have a completely different picture of what’s going on, which makes me wonder exactly how the conversation between Brady and his mother went. Also, am I missing something? I don’t remember you talking about exchanging pictures through text with Hunter.

      • i agree – it sounds like when he told her about it he blamed me and made it seem like my fault. which is exactly the way he acted when I first told him

  2. Ash says:

    Wow….Brady’s mom…I’m a little speechless. How dare she act as though you trapped Brady…it’s just as much his fault for not using a condom. And besides that, it’s a moot point; what’s done is done. You’re having her grandchild! Bitch needs to remember that when she’s talking down to you because you can make it so she doesn’t ever get to see her granddaughter. It really pisses me off that she basically thinks you’re just a gold digger. My smart ass self would send her copies of my check stub with the salary circled to show her that you’re perfectly capable of supporting yourself and you’re with Brady because you love him.
    As for her bringing up the Hunter thing…as far as I can remember the only thing that happened was that one FaceTime message where Dom answered…was there something else that happened? If I were you I would send her an email explaining what actually happened because obviously Hunter has no problem letting his family believe you’re being inappropriate with him. So tell the family he was fucking your friend and SHE FaceTimed him that night and you just happened to be there. And then I would Bcc both Dom and Brady.

    Do you think that some of this “wrath” towards Brady is a subconscious punishment for not sticking up for you with his parents? Have you told him about your lunch with his mom? If so, what did he say? If not, I think you really need to. You don’t need the added stress from his mother right now.

    I would just straight up ask her why she doesn’t like you. From day one, she’s judged you and hasn’t given you a fair chance. And when she tried to say you’re a bad influence on Brady, point out that he’s a grown man that makes his own choices, but if she truly believes that you like corrupted Brady, remind her that she’s the one that raised him and that maybe if she had done a better job and been around more then she could be more confident in his decision-making skills.

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with that bullshit. But I’d probably be careful with the smart ass quips you’ve been making towards Mike. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t give you the right to talk to your boss like that when he questions your work.

    • sending her my pay stubs is such a good idea! she thinks I am literally poor and I don’t know why. nothing else happened with Hunter. obviously! we’ve texted but nothing at all inappropriate. we may have sent pics but not inappropriate. ew!

      • Ash says:

        Omg! I wasn’t insinuating that anything inappropriate happened. I had a head injury several years ago and my memory isn’t that great so I couldn’t remember if you’ve mentioned innocently texting with him or not.

        I would send the pay stubs to her so she can see you’re not poor. And I would ask her what her problem with you is. I don’t feel like she’s ever given you a chance. I had a boyfriends parents that didn’t like me and it sucked. Luckily you guys don’t have to see them very often.

      • no, I know what you meant! just clarifying that I didn’t leave anything out. there’s nothing to say about me and Hunter’s relationship.

  3. Caroline says:

    Brady’s mom is such a garbage person. Have your personal beliefs – fine. Do not speak down to someone as if you’re better in any way. I’m glad your mom is in contact with her.

  4. Luita says:

    Brady’s mom is nuts! She really does think they are the Kennedy’s and you are trash.
    Not your fault you know how to “rock his world” and that’s why Brady could not stay away…. her husband probably had many affairs in his time cause she sounds like frigid woman!
    If you haven’t already, you should talk to Brady about the whole conversation. It would drive me nuts to know that someone thinks I’m having an affair or being inappropriate with my boyfriend’s brother! You need to be honest with Brady, it’s not like he doesn’t know that Hunter has affairs…. So just tell him what happened and why it looks like you are the one calling him but it was Lexi. I get that the only opinion that really matters is Brady’s but the poor guy has to hear his family talking about you and can’t defend you because he’s blindsided.
    Brendan is an idiot, he let you answer her, he should’ve never told her it was you that sent the texts…. specially when that his how he feels but doesn’t have the balls to say it.

    • she truly thinks they are Kennedy’s. the thing I want to know is if Brady thinks something is going on with Hunter then why wouldn’t he have talked to me about it already? I almost don’t believe that he has heard that rumor but I still should bring it up. omg Brendan is not an idiot! poor guy. he’s just walking on eggshells because he really wants to work things out with his wife

  5. Stephanie Zeiser says:

    I realize you were probably in shock when Brady’s mom said all this stuff but I would voice what you said here and tell her that you don’t understand what her problem is with you. Ask why she thinks you’re a Golddigger and don’t have your own money. Bless her heart,the woman is delusional.

  6. P says:

    Wow! Brady’s mom is something! First- you’ve always had a good working relationship with Mike. I would apologize for the comments and make sure you’re professional going forward. Regarding Brady’s mom, I think you need to set clear boundaries with her. I know you were shocked, but I agree you should follow up and remind her that you have a career, you love her son, and have never had an inappropriate relationship with hunter (I’m sure there were more offensive comments she made that I’m forgetting). Finally, I would talk to Brady about your lunch with his mom.

  7. Sara says:

    I think Brady’s mom is a lost cause, and not worth any effort. You have too much other stuff on your plate for you to expend any time or energy trying to deal with her. She us obviously never going to treat you with respect. The way she talks to you shows that she has no idea who you really even are. If she tries this kind of shit again, cut her off, and tell her to lay off, and take a long look at how toxic her behavior towards you is if she wants any relationship with her grandchild. If she thinks she can get away with her bullying, rudeness and self righteous behavior with you, she will try to do the same with your child. The time for this attitude of hers to stop is YESTERDAY. I really think she went too far. (Your mom scored serious points with her response, BTW. Definitely Tiger Mom territory.)

    I also think this Hunter crap needs to stop, too. How has everyone gotten this idea that there is anything going on? You need to clear the air about this with Brady. It’s obvious in this blog that you don’t even respect Hunter. What Brady’s mom thinks is irrelevant, but this is all turning into weird rumors, and I honestly think you should talk about it and see what Brady really thinks and that he knows what a moon-issue this is. My two cents anyway.

  8. Anna says:

    Oh my god. I would have sat across from her, let her have her say, politely stood up and folded my napkin while thanking her for the invitation to lunch. Then I would have said “We will get word to you once our daughter arrives. Until then, please do not contact me again for any reason.” Do NOT send her copies of your pay stubs (tacky and it will only add fuel to the fire of how she apparently already sees you). Show the class she doesn’t realize she doesn’t possess. But also, don’t be a doormat. That’s not you. As for Brady…. time for little boy to do some growing up.

  9. Jessi says:

    Why is Sydney still hanging around? If she and Brady no longer work together, they have no reason to associate with one another. I’m all for guys having female friends, but Sydney is a vulture and clearly in love with Brady. She is no friend, and she definitely cannot be trusted.

    Do not engage with Brandy’s mother. Tell him about lunch and let him handle it. By all means, continue refusing her offers for baby items and medical care, and only talk to her when absolutely necessary. You may want to clarify your interactions with Hunter so there is no question of inappropriate behavior.

    I’m so sorry you are dealing with this. Please consider laying serious boundaries with Sydney and Brandy’s mother, as in, no contact (Brady shouldn’t be in contact with Sydney, she’sbad news). Good luck, you are doing a great job!

  10. sylvia woodring says:

    WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK BRADY!!! I am sorry, but there are SOOOO many fucking boundaries cross in this post that have been crossed by his family and friends, I would seriously have a hard fucking time respecting that “man”…and if there is no respect, there is no relationship. He needs to step the fuck up or step the fuck out. His mother…NO. His Brother…No, Sydney…fuck No. You are going to have to take a hard look at your relationship and decide once and for all if this ass twat is worth all this. Sure he will be in your life forever, but do you want your child watching his father disrespecting you over and over again…and by allowing his family and friends to treat you this way, he is disrespecting you on the deepest levels.

    As for Mike, sit down with him. He has kids. He should know the deal with pregnancy hormones. Apologize and try to keep your head on straight at work as much as you can, You will need that job to support you and that wonderful baby when you kick Brady’s ass to the curb…jk…sort of.

    I think you will be a wonderful mother. You just need kick Brady’s ass into gear or the fuck out.

    PS…I probably shouldn’t have read this after two bloody mary’s. Now I feel as if you are my family and I need to deal with some shit on your behalf…lol

  11. T says:

    Hi Reese! How are you feeling mama?? Workin that waddle or what?? 😛 haha …as for his moms behavior -its down right wrong however, beings as you two are having a baby, for the sake of the lil one and for your and Bradys relationship – it would be best not to piss this woman off too much. She said what she said, now I would just ghost her. You dont need her and if she wants you to make it easy on her when the baby arrives and allow her to be apart of the babys life, she better respect that you are that babys mom!! PERIOD! And wtf on the whole Hunter thing?..she stated that his wife is aware of it as well- whaaaaat?? Sounds messy. A part of me says just brush that shit off but the other part of me says you should maybe address this with all them sitting down so there is no more confusion. Good luck babe! XO

    • not waddling just get, but definitely getting more and more uncomfortable. the hunter thing is sooo messy. that’s why I never wanted Lexi to even get involved with him. I can’t believe this is coming back on me

      • Luita says:

        How is the Hunter thing so messy? You didn’t do anything wrong. He is the one that hooked up with your friend. It is not like you hooked them up… Truth is less complicated and you need to learn to speak your truth. Like I said the only one that really matters is Brady and you need to talk to him and make sure he doesn’t have any crazy ideas.

  12. T says:

    I actually like Brady. I mean, I dont know him personally, but from what Reese writes, yeah, he has some growing up to do but dont all men?? 😛

  13. Lindsey Lanoue says:

    I don’t even know if you want advice on all this.

    First- Brady. Decide if that is what you want for your future. He wants you, but the red flags may continue to grow.

    Once that decision is made- you can decide how to respond to her. It is completely acceptable to say, “Now that I have had time to process (or think about) our conversation, I want you to know that you have no right discussing any of these matters with me. You are disrespectful to everyone in your path and you will not treat your grandbaby ghat way. The most important part is that you tell her- “I do not owe you anything. Your little speech at lunch does not deserve a response. Clearly your opinions are based on assumptions and beliefs we do not share, so you have made yourself clear.”


    If you dignify her with a response. It will only get worse.

  14. Lee says:

    I would not under any circumstances refer to YOUR Child as “HER” grandchild, unless you want to breed more entitlement. Cut her off of your and the baby’s life until she gets her shit together for real. Brady can have whatever relationship he wants with her but you and your daughter are off the table 100% and you don’t want her name mentioned in the house. And tell Brady it’s partly because she’s a hag but also in part because he has refused to stand in the gap and stick up for you and lay the law and some boundaries with his mother. If he had of done that and shielded you instead of using you as a shield for everything there might have been a glimmer of hope for a cordial relationship with her but he nuked it and her stunt was the icing on the cake. Tell Brady about the convo.
    & You owe her nothing, no pay stubs, no follow up, no baby related texts, no birth notification nothing at all, in fact block her from contacting you. Since she has no relationship with you and therefore none with your child her only point of contact in your household should be Brady and we all know he actually has no interest in talking to her anyway.

    Also lose hunters number. He’s a cheater and since his family knows that and sweeps it under the rug they definitely assume you’re a cheater too, but you’re cast as the villain not him of course. The occasional text with him is not worth the potential drama with Brady.

  15. Ash says:

    So I just reread this post because, well, I miss your updates. But a thought occurred to me after I read the part about her wanting you to see their family physician…what if she wanted you to see their doctor because she secretly wanted to do a paternity test to confirm the baby is Brady’s? And then also do one to see if it’s Hunters, because she obviously believes you have an inappropriate relationship with him…and his family has to know he’s a cheater so maybe they think you guys had an affair. All the doctor would need is blood from you, which is common during pregnancy so you wouldn’t even think twice about it…I dunno, maybe I’m just creating this conspiracy out of nothing, but I feel like his mom is crazy enough to do it.

    Hope you’re feeling well!!

  16. Rue G says:

    Hey guys! If you’re looking for something to read in the meantime! Check out this novella that is currently free on Amazon! It’s a short and interesting read!

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