i really, really dislike her.


The past few weeks have been the absolute worst. Between having to watch videos of unarmed black people getting killed on the street, having to even explain why this is an issue to grown, adult Americans, having people refuse to exercise precautions during a deadly global pandemic, a fussy 6 month old, and a workaholic baby daddy. I need an 8 week Caribbean vacation.

I’m happy to at least have Kendra and Carly who are going through the same thing with their husbands and daughters. Except Kendra has it even worse because John’s mom has been quarantining with them. Can you imagine? I wouldn’t even want my mom quarantining with us so I can’t imagine having someone else’s mother here with us.

Speaking of which, my mom has been so great and supportive during all this and we’ve been talking on the phone several times daily. She’s walking me through every step of Winnie’s development and giving me Southern mom hacks.

“Oh, she’s got a rash? Grab these four household ingredients…”

“She won’t stop crying? Here’s how to soothe her…”

“I have the perfect trick to getting her hair to grow. Drive to CVS and buy…”

Brady’s mom on the other hand is such a villain. Like I feel like she’s doing it on purpose to annoy me. The other day she called and Brady put her speaker. She proceeded to bitch and complain about wearing a mask, useless precautions, the economy, etc. Brady and I rolled our eyes at first, but then I just had to say something.

“Wearing a mask in a store for an hour or less isn’t that hard, is it? Brady has to wear one literally all day and you know he works twelve hour shifts,” I said.

“Yes, well Brady chose this path. He wanted to work in a hospital.”

“Are you absolutely kidding—”

Brady cut in, knowing I was about to go off. “Okay, we’d better go, baby is waking up.”

And you should have heard her during the protests.

“These people are tearing down their own neighborhoods and will expect us to rebuild it for them. Well, that certainly isn’t going to happen!”

I got that twitch in my eye I get before completely losing it. I really, really dislike her. And I’m thisclose to cutting her off completely because I will not have her talking to my innocent daughter about such negativity.

And I don’t say this very often, not even to him, but I am really loving Brady lately. He’s so sweet and supportive and most importantly, he doesn’t agree with his parents trash ideologies. When I say, “I’m actually starting to think your parents are stupid,” he says, “Yeah, I think so.”

He still hasn’t had the balls to stand up to them and tell them how wrong they are, but shit talking behind their back is a start.

When I’ve had a day with Winnie, where she won’t let me work or clean or do anything at all and I need a break, Brady will take her off my hands when he gets home.

Winnie can be a villain sometimes too. She will scream all day and nothing I do will calm her down, but as soon as Brady gets home she’s fine and giggly and looks at me like: “See. I just don’t want to be stuck in the house with you all day.” Which is fine because the feelings mutual, sweetie.

Although I am a little bit peeved because Brady told me he sent a playful mask selfie to one of his (female) colleagues. I got another twitch in my eye. Why are you sending selfies to colleagues? Isn’t she there? I bet it’s the same one he’s always gossiping with on the phone.

I made a new friend. Mel, she’s a SAHM who lives right next door to us. Her baby is a few months older than Winnie and her husband works in a hospital and she loves wine so we have a lot in common. I know we shouldn’t be doing this, but she comes over during the day and we let the kids play and it’s helping maintain my sanity. We complain about everything including the fact that our men work a shit ton of hours. And she’s super cute with a very chic blonde bob and a hot body from working out on a Peloton everyday. Now I want a Peloton.

The other day, Mel said, “I don’t mean to pry, but why haven’t you and Brady gotten married?”

And the question kind of caught my off guard because no one has asked me that, at least in a while.

“We just haven’t had a chance. With the baby and everything, we’d never have time to plan a whole wedding. And at this point, we wouldn’t even be allowed to have one…”

“Why don’t you just get married at the courthouse?”

Mel!” I said, scandalized.

“What? Why not? Big weddings are a thing of the past. Something small between the two of you could be so chic.”

And maybe she’s right, but why have an intimate ceremony when we can have a fabulous party with all of our friends and my family?

Let’s see, what else.

Work has been extremely slow, but we’ve started back up on most of our projects so that’s at least giving me something to do. Mike has gone back to work in the office and invited anyone who wants to come back to do and it’s like dude, I don’t think anyone is interested in sitting in an office and festering in all of our germs all day. No thanks!

Anyway, I’m having a hard time focusing on anything other than the state of the world right now so I’m gonna go. Don’t get me started on the vile duo that is Kanye and Kim. Complete and utter trash, those two.

Maybe I’ll try to update later this week about what else is going on. And please remember: Black lives matter. Wear a mask.



7 thoughts on “i really, really dislike her.

  1. Shelby says:

    Go Reese! Spot on. Glad you made a new friend too. If you’re loving and appreciating Brady lately, you should tell him!! Why not take a chance to make your partner feel good (and positive reinforcement is always good lol)

  2. Delilah says:

    Glad you have a mom friend that close by! Helps keep the sanity 🙂 listening to others debate about wearing a mask is infuriating. What’s the big deal of having one on when I public. I’m in Canada and our numbers are low compared to the US…but we are still using masks. It’s not hard.

  3. Sara says:

    Glad to hear you have a support system, and coping strategies. People like Brady’s mom are starting to push me over the edge. The unreasonable, and frankly unforgivable levels of stupidity from people who are educated, and therefore should know better floors me. They sound like toxic people, and I think cutting them off is a viable option to protect Winnie.

    It’s not bad you hang with your neighbor as long as you two keep your bubble village small. Lots of people are doing this. I only don’t because I work in a hospital with patients, and view myself as a risk to others.

    • well, that’s what I’m worried about. both of our men work in hospitals and i’m worried about them bringing home something to us or passing something between us. and yes, I’m getting pushed over the edge. Brady’s mom WAS IN CHARGE OF A HOSPITAL.

  4. Ash says:

    Hope all is well! Give us an update when you have a spare minute, which I know is basically impossible with a little one. But we miss you!!!

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