good luck with that.

After sitting in the interview with the woman Diana had in mind for my replacement, I was feeling apprehensive about leaving. The woman was probably ten to fifteen years older than me, thought she was hilarious, and wore a maxi dress to the interview. I didn’t think she was a good fit at all and Diana asked for my opinion after the interview.

“I like that she has so much experience in PR,” I said. This was true at least. She sounded really amazing on paper. “But I don’t know. Something seems off about her.”

“Like what?” Diana wanted to know.

Well, for starters she doesn’t understand the term “business casual.” How does she even still have a maxi dress out this time of year?

“I just didn’t like her. I don’t think she’s in tune with fashion or trends,” I said.

“Okay,” Diana replied. “I appreciate your honesty.”

So between my potential replacement and the fact that my new boss is kind of a dick I am starting to second guess leaving.

For New Year’s Eve Kendra invited us to a party hosted by one of her coworkers at a swanky art gallery. We all got ready and met at my apartment to pregame. I made champagne Jell-O shots, margaritas, and pizza. 

I wanted to wear my new pumps so I had to change my entire outfit and decided on a flesh colored beaded dress with a plunging neckline to show off the girls. Carly actually told me a cute story behind Brady’s gift to me. I excitedly asked her if she wanted to see my new shoes and she said, “I already saw them.”

I gave her a confused look so she continued.

“Brady asked if I wanted to see your Christmas gift and I said yes so he showed me. He went to the store and picked them out all by himself. He was so proud! Apparently he walked around Neiman Marcus for a really long time trying to find a pair of shoes he thought you would like and wouldn’t let any of the sales people help him because he wanted to pick them out on his own. And when he finally picked out the shoes, they didn’t have your size so he had to order them from another store and there was all this drama. But he was determined because he knew you would like them!”

Presh. And I do really like them so he did well.  

As we were getting ready in my room Kendra said, “Let’s have a drama free night, k?” And she was just looking at me.

“Of course! Why are you looking at me?” I asked, offended.

Kendra narrowed her eyes at me. “You’re always the source of the drama and you know it.”

Which was really rude.

The party was indeed swanky – people were wearing floor length gowns and fur and bow ties, but there was also an open bar, VIP tables and everyone seemed to be around our age. We were all a little tipsy by the time we got there.

So our group consisted of me, Brady, Chris, Carly, Preston and Kendra. Imagine my reaction when John walked in with slicked back hair and ugly shoes. I was literally shocked speechless.

He greeted Brady and Chris and I leaned over to Kendra. 

“What the fuck?” I hissed.

“I don’t know. I didn’t invite him,” she said nonchalantly like it wasn’t a big deal. And then John came over and said hi and kissed Kendra on the cheek. She let him.

Once John sat down at the opposite end of the table, I looked around to see if anyone was appalled by what was taking place. No one seemed to care.

Since it was open bar we all spent the night drinking and occasionally getting up from our table to dance. We counted down at midnight then I drunkly kissed my boyfriend then Kendra because she didn’t have anyone to kiss plus she’s my bestie.

Shortly after midnight we were all just sitting at the table hanging out when I saw Brady’s phone on the table light up with a text message.

I couldn’t help looking down and saw that someone named “Maddie” texted him, “Happy New Year,” with three or four kissing emojis.

Wait. Maddie he worked with? The lame girl with the limp brown hair?

“What the fuck?” I blurted out, pointing to his phone.

Brady picked up his phone and read the message. “What?”

“Why did she send you that? Kissing emojis? Are you kidding me?”

“I can’t help what she says to me,” Brady began.

“Yes you can! Obviously she thinks it’s okay to send you that!” I seethed.

“I don’t know why. I didn’t say anything to her.” Brady was looking at me like I was crazy. 

I started to say something else when Kendra grabbed my chin and yanked it so I was looking at her.

“I told you no drama tonight, Reese,” she said through clenched teeth. “Cut it out now.”

I nodded. I promised Kendra I wouldn’t make a scene so I knew whatever I needed to say to Brady had to wait.

I grabbed my drink and started chugging it.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why she sent that,” I heard Brady say.

“It’s fine,” I said breezily. “If that’s who you want, you can have her.”

“I don’t want her.”

“Honestly, it’s cool. If you want someone who looks like that over someone who looks like this, then I certainly won’t stop you.”

“Reese,” he said like I was being completely ridiculous.

“What? I’m a great catch so if you want that then go for it. I’ll be fine.” I got up and motioned for Kendra to dance. Brady tried to grab my elbow as I walked away but I snatched it away. Totally not causing a scene.

After our fight I avoided Brady and spent the rest of the night dancing and drinking. Whenever he would try to approach me I would run away because I wasn’t supposed to create drama or whatever.

So naturally I got extremely drunk and called an Uber to pick me and Kendra up. Before we left she gave John a hug and on the ride home I told her how much I supported her forgiving him and wanting to make things work with him. Ugh.

On Thursday morning I woke up with a headache and sore throat that I thought was a hangover, but later in the day I realized it was probably from traipsing around the city with no coat in ten degree weather. Brady texted me really early and asked if I wanted to get breakfast. I replied no.

Honestly when I saw that text message from Maddie I just felt like I was so over Brady. I don’t know why, but I didn’t feel mad or sad or hurt like when I discovered the Jessica messages. I just felt like, “Ew, that’s my competition lol?” I may not like Jessica, but I’ll admit that she’s at least attractive and obviously takes pride in her appearance. Maddie is pretty in a “I don’t own makeup or heels higher than two and a half inches” kind of way.

Brady made a few more attempts to talk to me on Thursday, but I was short with him and refused to meet up.

Friday was supposed to be my last day of work but I still had so much to do that I changed it to Tuesday. I was in the office until almost nine o’clock on Friday night. I was still feeling like shit, apprehensive about leaving, and over Brady so I was just in a weird mood.

I finally agreed to see Brady on Saturday afternoon because I missed him. I told him I wanted pizza so he came over with a large cheese pizza, wine and a cupcake.

“I already have wine,” I told him when he walked in. I put two slices of pizza on a plate and sat on the couch.

“You’re still mad?” Brady asked, sitting down next to me.

“I’m not mad,” I said. “If you and Maddie want to go off and have a nice fulfilling life together then cool. Good luck with that.”

“I don’t want that.”

“Then why is she sending you kissing emojis?” I don’t even need anyone to tell me how ridiculous I sounded saying “emojis” in the middle of a discussion.

“I don’t know. I told her that it was inappropriate,” Brady said, pulling out his phone to show me. 

“What’s your obsession with your coworkers? You pretend to be all serious and professional, but you’re secretly trying to get in everyone’s pants.”


“And then I look like the psychopath for trying to keep them away from you. You’re the problem, Brady!”

I didn’t even want my pizza and cupcake anymore.

“I’m not, I swear. Maddie and I are just friends. I’m not interested in her whatsoever.”

“Right,” I rolled my eyes.

We were quiet for several minutes before Brady said, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s whatever. You’re free to do whatever you want,” I said.

“Why are you doing this?”

At this point I actually wanted to blow up with frustration.

“Why are you doing this? Do you not understand what is appropriate in a relationship? I don’t have random guys sending me pictures and emojis! I know where to draw the line. Did you tell Maddie we broke up? Why is she flirting with you? What’s your fucking problem?”

Brady was looking down and I suddenly felt terrible for yelling at him. He’s like a helpless puppy.

For the next half hour I sat at the end of the couch scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. Then Brady stood up and said he was leaving.

“Bye,” I said as I turned on the tv. I felt him staring at me but I refused to look up at him.

“Bye,” he finally said back and then he left.

I drank wine and watched the Lifetime Movie channel for a few hours until I was almost asleep. Just before midnight, I got a text from Brady that said, “I love you.”

I couldn’t help smiling. I replied, “I love you too,” and Brady said, “Get over here now.”

So I showered and hightailed my ass on over there. It was like nothing ever happened. We had sex, fell asleep, ate cereal in the morning and stayed in bed most of the day. 

Don’t even tell me I overreacted about Maddie because I didn’t. You can claim that you wouldn’t care if your boyfriend’s coworkers sent him kissing emojis, but I don’t believe that. I think any sane girlfriend would be upset by it. But seriously, what should I do? I’m so confused (and drugged up on medication, sorry).

Oh and happy new year.