what an amateur mistake.

Brady and I texted all day on Friday. Well as much as we could with him being busy with work. We decided that we would do the beach Saturday afternoon so after work I got a wax and a new suit (obviously).

We met at Brady and Chris’s place at 1:00 PM. We were supposed to just meet them there then immediately go the beach near their house, but Chris and Carly disappeared to his room. Those two have turned into horny teenagers lately, hooking up whenever they get an opportunity (and making opportunities when necessary). 

While we waited for them to be ready, Brady asked if I was hungry. I was actually starving because I had fasted all morning and the evening before (who wants to look like a beached whale in front of their future husband?). I told him I was fine so we sat at the dining room table talking. It was really sweet because he asked about things I told him on Friday. He actually listened and cares and I’m not used to that. Then I started to feel bad that we were just talking about me so I asked him to tell me more about his job since I’m not even sure exactly what he does.

Finally, Chris and Carly emerged so we walked down to the beach. It was obviously packed, but we managed to find a spot to set up camp. Carly and I immediately took our caftans off and oiled up. The sun wasn’t really out, but it was hot so we took advantage.

“Seriously? That’s what you guys came here to do?” Chris asked. 

“What?” Carly said. “What else are we supposed to do?”

Chris picked Carly up and threw her over his shoulder. “This!”

Carly and Chris played in the water while Brady and I sat back on the towels. He kept his shirt on which I found really annoying and childish. 

“Aren’t you going to get in the water?” Brady asked me.

“Yeah, maybe later,” I said even though I knew it wasn’t true. I love going to the beach and pool, but I actually hate getting wet. I can’t be the only one, right? 

We sat there and people watched and talked until Chris and Carly got back. The four of us hung out and lounged and it was really laidback. I did notice that I never caught Brady checking out my body or chest which I found weird because my boobs looked really good. I even caught Chris looking at my chest. 

Eventually we got hot and tired of the tourists so we decided to get food. We walked to a bar and grill not far from their place. We started with a round of shots then ordered food. Everyone ordered cheeseburgers and fries and heavy stuff, but since I was still in my bathing suit (with a coverup over it but still) so I got two avocado and prosciutto crostinis. Oh and a Long Island. Brady asked if I was sure that’s all I was going to eat and his concern was really cute.

We had another round of shots and I noticed that I was getting more talkative and touchy. I kept grabbing Brady’s hand and rubbing his thigh. He didn’t seem to mind and started grabbing my hand back and putting his arm around my shoulders. 

Carly needed to go to the restroom and obviously I went with her. As soon as I stood up, I realized I was drunk. I hadn’t eaten in almost twenty hours so of course. What an amateur mistake.

When we got to the bathroom, I explained to Carly the situation. 

“You’ll be fine. Just keep eating and you should be able to drink whatever you want,” she assured me.

I got back out there and ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries, but I was drunk and grossed out by the thought of eating anything. Chris kept ordering us shots and the day started to get fuzzy.

I recall walking to the duplex from the bar (and venting to Brady about something work related), causing a scene in their kitchen with Carly, and making out with Brady on his bed (!!!???). I passed out at some point after that.

I woke up freezing under a mound of white blankets. At first, I had no idea where I was. Then I realized that I was in Brady’s bed and started remembering the day, being intoxicated and making out with Brady. God. So much for keeping Drunk Reese underwraps. Brady probably thinks I’m psychotic.

I laid there for a moment, checking my phone. It was 10:30 PM and I only had one new text message from my mom who said she was going to a party and wanted my opinion on what to wear. 

“LBD and lace up pumps,” I told her without even asking what kind of party, who would be there, etc. 

I sent a text to Kendra next. “Got drunk and made out with Brady. What do I do?”

I pushed back the thick comforter and saw that I had ditched my coverup and was laying there in just my bikini. Ugh. I found it abandoned on the side of the bed, threw it on and headed out the door. Brady was walking into his room as I was walking out. He had changed into a pair of lightweight sweatpants, a t-shirt and sleek black glasses. I had no idea he even wore glasses, but he looked so, so sexy.

“Hi,” I said, shyly.

“Hey! You’re up,” he said smiling. “Are you feeling okay?”

“I’m fine. Just fucking starving. Is Carly still here?” 

Brady laughed. “Yeah. We’re all hanging out downstairs. There’s pizza.”

“How did you know that’s exactly what I wanted?” 

“Telepathy, I suppose.”

I just smiled back.

“So we’ve got pepperoni and peppers and plain cheese. I’m sensing you’re a cheese girl.”

“Are you calling me boring?”

“Not at all. I think you’re too sophisticated for pepperoni.”

“Thanks. There are few things I’m too sophisticated for though,” I said.

Brady crossed his arms and leaned against the door frame. “I find that hard to believe.”

“It’s true. Just petty drama at work, bottom shelf vodka, and polyester. I really am quite simple and easy to please.”

He smiled at me, amused. “Good to know.”

We talked for a while longer then headed to the basement. I wolfed down two slices of pizza (one of each topping) then I was ready to leave. Carly planned on spending the night so Brady offered to take me home. On the way to my apartment he mentioned that he had fun and wanted to hang out again, but we made no plans. When we got to my place, he hugged me and we kissed briefly. 

So there’s that.


29 thoughts on “what an amateur mistake.

  1. Zoe says:

    I thought the mistake was going to be worse I was so worried! I think the mistake worked in your favour though, maybe he just needed to see you not so put together so he could see that you were someone he didn’t have to be intimidated by. The only other time you were drunk in front of him, your future husband was drunk too haha. Oh and he wears glasses… So damn cute

  2. cheeky says:

    You really need to stop being so superficial, you don’t get a belly from eating breakfast before hitting the beach and then stupidly taking shots

  3. cheeky says:

    You really need to stop being so superficial, no one gets a belly from eating breakfast, and then of course like a teen ager you can’t say no to alcohol… So stupid. Now Brady knows your a sloppy drunk well done.

  4. megg says:

    Awww. Not superficial at all! Just real. We all feel that little belly come on after eating and then suiting up. Loved this post. Just keep being you, from what I’ve gathered you’re pretty amazing!

  5. Rachel says:

    I think you’re only interested in Brady cuz he’s not throwing himself at you. He’s a challenge. Brady or any man for that matter doesn’t need a woman they have to babysit. Drunk Reese is fun but which man wants a committed relationship with someone like that. It becomes too much after a while. He thinks you’re sophisticated because you’re very materialistic. Hypothetically if Brady were a blue collar with a middle class salary, living in a studio, you wouldn’t be interested. I like that you’re writing about your life. I wish you were less shallow and more real. I’m all for having fun but getting drunk and passing out? Instead of drunk Reese let people know the real you.

    • Zoe says:

      I think she hadn’t eaten in almost a whole day, it would have been very easy to get drunk on very little when you are of normal body weight. Brady didn’t seem to mind too much. I agree with you though, it’s great that Reese is brave enough to write about her own life! I think though that it’s hard to say that she is shallow just from reading this blog, this isn’t written as a diary where she shares her innermost thoughts and hurts, she is simply sharing the ‘highlights’ of her week… Which I personally think are quite relatable, fun and full of outfit ideas 😉

    • when did Brady babysit me? and you’re right, if he were working a blue collar job I would be less interested. I’m intrigued because he’s really smart and unlike any other guy I’ve been interested in. call me shallow if you wish. #dontcare

      • Rachel says:

        When you got drunk and passed out Brady had to babysit you. You’re totally attracted to his brain. That’s why you’ve been confused why he is moving so slow? Some blue collar men are intelligent and have a lot to offer. Maybe you should widen your horizon. In my opinion is shallow because when you were with Eric you were constantly mentioning his Bentley and fancy apartment, same here with Brady. He’s so young but can afford his own place. Also when you confronted the girl at the club and made fun of her clothes because they weren’t high end like yours. You need to learn some humility. Money comes and goes. Being a good loving person is more important, It’s time to look past material things and get to know someone for who they are not what they have.

      • I agree with you and I would argue that I am humble and loving. all I said is that I am impressed by their material possessions. that isn’t shallow. I made fun of the girl’s clothes and I owned up to that.

      • D says:

        Part of the great thing about this blog is that Reese admits her shortcomings, and I don’t think that necessarily shallow, so much as real. She’s just more upfront about it than you are. I too would be impressed with Brady’s accomplishments, and I don’t think it’s wrong for Reese to be looking for someone who is also financially stable like herself.

    • Raycheese says:

      Not really sure why people are suddenly feeling the need to critize. Everyone thinks materialistic thoughts, Reese is just putting them out for the public. We read this blog because we enjoy her story and writing. No one is being forced to read.

      • thank you! people act like they’re just so humble and perfect and wouldn’t be impressed by a 26 year old with a $400k+ home.

  6. M says:

    Ugh I wondered when all the bitches would come out and start trying to tear you down. Just remember, real women build eachother up instead of tearing eachother down.
    Anyway… Brady obviously wasn’t too scared of drunk Reese if he was so sweet after all that. The same thing has happened to me before, don’t eat enough, get drunk way faster than normal. I’m impressed you were able to sleep it off so fast!!! Once I’m down, I’m out.

    • Rachel says:

      Being honest isn’t tearing anyone down. Honestly, how can someone improve if everyone agrees and says you’re great all the time? Reese isn’t perfect none of us are but at the same time if you’re putting your life out there you’re opening yourself up fit criticism at times. Now if Reese only wants to hear positive things then so be it. I won’t comment. I’m trying to make her see that material things aren’t that important. Good for Brady he had an awesome place he bought on his own. That’s admirable. I find that Reese judges others by what they have, how they dress and how they look. All I’m saying is don’t let superficial things cloud your judgement.

  7. M says:

    Here’s a quote from your original comment…
    “He thinks you’re sophisticated because you’re very materialistic.”
    “Hypothetically if Brady were a blue collar with a middle class salary, living in a studio, you wouldn’t be interested.”
    That is straight mean girl and judgy. If you were honestly trying to be constructive, you have said something like, “Some of the things you say come across as materialistic.” You framed your entire comment in terms of judging Reese, not being constructive. So what if she’s impressed by his income? Wouldn’t you be? I would! She’s made it abundantly clear that she actually likes him and thinks his shyness is endearing. If she’d been dating this guy for six months and said she couldn’t stand to hear him breathe but loves his money too much to end it, then that’s a problem. She’s met the guy a handful of times, so she’s not out of line. I agree that if she’s putting this stuff out there, she’s open to criticism but there’s a difference between trying to help her figure things out and being hateful. Besides, this blog isn’t going to give you a full view of her life.

    • thanks for the comments. 🙂 honestly, I do appreciate any criticism, it shows some things about myself I don’t even notice so it helps. this isn’t the first time I’ve been called materialist or shallow or stupid or slutty etc and I have a thick skin so keep em coming.

  8. Danielle says:

    Is this blog a fictional blog like others I read??? I like it but it’s so confusing to me, I saw somewhere someone said it was real but some/most of it sounds like Many other blogs I read which is fine if it was fictional I just wanted to know for sure!!

    Nice post I like Brady can’t wait to see what happens with him!!

  9. Katy B says:

    First off – love your blog life! 🙂

    Second…I dated a man who did this, would come off interested some times but then others, would come off almost indifferent to the ‘vibe’ I felt we had. I liked him enough to pursue it but I didn’t pursue him. So I sat back and let him initiate most of the contact, and I never explicitly asked him out but accepted his suggestions and date proposals. If he is genuinely interested and in a position and mindset to date, he will make it happen. Don’t play too many games but be yourself and true. If its meant to be, it will be. No matter what amateur mistakes you make. 😉

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