what an impression.

I spent the night with Brady on Sunday night and brought over my things I needed to get ready to meet his parents. I decided to go for a Blair Waldorf inspired look so I wore a structured black baby doll dress, Michael Kors Mary Jane pumps and a delicate gold watch.

We were supposed to meet his parents at 2:30 north of the city and I started getting really nervous while I waited for Brady to get ready. I went to the kitchen and broke into the wine cellar to help ease my nerves. I really hoped they didn’t want to talk too much.

I was three glasses in when Brady was finally ready to go. I grabbed a bottle of water and we were off.

“So what are your parents like?” I finally asked on the car ride there.

“Well, they are both very much invested in what they do. They are really into politics and current global events. It’s funny, they make time to watch the news together everyday, usually as soon as it comes on at 5:00 AM.”

Okay, I obviously know nothing about any global events so I hoped that wouldn’t come up.

We pulled up to a small restaurant right off the lake and I hoped that the bottle of water and almost hour drive had made most of the wine wear off. I wanted to take the edge off, but not be a hot mess. I felt fine when we got out of the car and gave myself a pep talk as we crossed the parking lot. This wasn’t a job interview. This was Brady’s parents who were probably just as cool and chill as he is.

We were almost to the door when a couple walked out of the restaurant. I recognized them from Google as Brady’s lovely parents.

His dad looked like he was straight out of a St. John’s Bay ad with an olive green polo, plaid shorts and boat shoes. He had a head full of salt and pepper hair, the same baby blue eyes as Brady and a pair of sunglasses hanging from a string around his neck. Brady’s mom was significantly shorter and had a powerful looking strawberry blonde bob. She wore a pair of knee length khaki shorts, a wrappy blouse and leather flip flops. Overall they looked pretty modest, but I know they have to have money. 

“Hi son!” his mom exclaimed and I watched their affectionate reunion awkwardly.

When they were finished they all turned to me.

“This is Reese,” Brady said.

His mom smiled and stuck her hand out for me to shake. Suddenly I got really intimidated and I rarely get intimidated. Could she tell that I was sitting on her son’s face just hours before? “Nice to meet you, Reese!”

“Nice to meet you as well,” I said, shaking her hand back. 

“How are ya?” his father asked shaking my hand. We made eye contact and he winked at me and suddenly I really liked him. He wasn’t intimidating at all.

“Our table should be ready now. Shall we go sit?” Brady’s mom asked.

We got inside and sat down and Brady’s dad ordered a bottle of expensive white wine. His parents ordered lobster tail (clearly not modest) and Brady and I got grilled tiger prawns and vegetables.

“So Reese, where are you from?” Brady’s dad asked while we waited for our food to arrive.

I had already taken a big gulp of my wine so I hurried to swallow. “I’m originally from suburban Texas.”

“Where did you go to college?” his mom asked.

“I graduated from ASU.”

“Is that…Arizona State?” she clarified, looking confused.

I nodded. So what if it isn’t Yale or Harvard? She didn’t have to judge.

“Brady tells us you work in marketing,” dad said.

“Yes. I’m the director of branding for a home decor company here in the city. I oversee all of the advertising efforts and any brand collaborations,” I explained.

“Is it a company we would know?” mom asked.

“We are found in a lot of retailers around the nation, but we only have our one showroom. We’re in select Nordstrom stores, if you shop there.”

“So are you a startup?” she asked, looking confused.

I shook my head. “No. We’ve been around for several years.”

“Hmmm,” she murmured as if she still wasn’t quite sure what I meant.

“So, being from Texas and living in Arizona for a number of years, how do you feel about what’s going on at the border?” dad asked me.

So it was starting. What border? The US/Mexico border? I took a drink of wine so I could stall and come up with a politically correct answer.

“I just really hope the conflict at the border ends soon and everyone is happy,” I said.

“Well, who did you vote for in the last presidential election?” he asked.

Maybe we weren’t friends after all. I didn’t even fucking vote because I thought both candidates sucked. I wished I would’ve paid attention when Googling his parents to whether his dad was a Democrat or Republican. I thought because they’re obviously rich and seemed conservative that they might be Republicans, but I remembered learning in my political science class in college that most or all of New England are Democratic states. But I failed that class and had to retake it so I don’t know. I looked at Brady for a clue, but he was looking back at me expectantly like he was wondering too.

“I voted for Obama,” I said finally.

Brady’s mom scrunched her face up, bewildered. “Why?”

Wrong answer.

“I really appreciated the passion he had for this country and wanted to give him the opportunity to tie up any loose ends during his second term,” I said, impressing even myself with the bullshit.

“Do you think he did a good job his first term?” Brady’s dad asked.

“I don’t think he did any worse than either of the Bushes,” I said and downed the rest of my wine.

Brady’s parents looked at each other.

“What do your parents do?” Brady’s mom asked.

“My father works in finance for an energy company and my mother owns a business,” I answered proudly.

“Your mother owns a business and you voted for Obama?” the mom gasped. The look on her face was almost comical.

I looked at Brady and gave him an SOS signal with my eyes. It took him a moment to figure out what it meant, but when he did figure it out, he acted quickly.

“Mom, would you like another glass of wine?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied, sounding relieved. 

Our food came so luckily that conversation ended. They asked how we met and Brady and told them the story. Brady spent the rest of the meal talking about his job and the hospital and I was glad the attention was off me.

After Brady’s dad paid for everything, we walked outside to go to the party. His parents were walking a few feet ahead of us and Brady and I fell into step together.

“Hey, you okay?” he asked.

“Besides being grilled by your parents, I’m fine,” I said.

“Yeah, they’re pretty big Republicans. I probably should’ve metioned that.”

“That would have helped.”

“It’s okay though. Even if you don’t share the same view as them, they like that you have your own opinion and that you actually voted.”

I laughed and realized I was tipsy. “I actually didn’t really vote.”

Brady laughed too. “Dammit Reese.”

We boarded the yacht and immediately got complementary glasses of champagne. Since I was already feeling tipsy, I decided that I would have one glass and no more. I don’t know who was hosting the party, but there were a lot of older people on the yacht, dancing and talking and mingling. We grabbed a spot to sit on a striped couch.

“So, I hear you just had a birthday. What did you guys end up doing to celebrate?” Brady’s mom asked.

I suddenly remembered all the nasty hickeys I left on Brady’s neck and body and noticed that he’d worn a shirt buttoned all the way up to the collar to hide it. I smirked. 

“We had dinner with Reese’s friends,” he answered.

They continued asking random questions as the yacht took off into the lake. I was enjoying being on the water and even took a few pictures for Instagram (no drunk selfies though). About thirty minutes into the ride I started to feel weird. I figured it was from all the wine and champagne so I pushed my glass away and took a few deep breaths.

That didn’t help. I could feel every move the boat made and it was making me nauseas and dizzy. I tugged at Brady’s sleeve.

“I don’t feel well,” I whispered.

He was busy talking to his dad and ignored me. My entire body felt hot and my mouth was salivating like I was going to vomit. I swallowed a few times but the feeling didn’t go away.

“Brady,” I said, whacking his arm. He quickly spun around toward me. “I need to go to the bathroom, I’m sick.”

I stood up as Brady asked if I was okay. I held my hand up to signal that I was fine then scurried down to the cabin of the boat. Luckily, I found a bathroom just in time and slammed the door just before puking in the toilet. I started sweating as I kneeled in front of the porcelain throne. I started dry heaving and I heard a knock on the door.

“Reese?” Brady’s mom called. “Are you okay?”

Jeez, couldn’t I barf my brains out in private? I began throwing up again so I couldn’t answer.

“Reese?” she called again.

“I’m fine!” I gasped finally, hoping she would go away.

I vomited twice more and hugged the toilet for a few more minutes. I started to feel better so I heaved myself up and checked the mirror. I still felt a little bit icky, but it seemed like I was done throwing up. I quickly fixed my hair and dabbed my makeup in the mirror. Even though Brady’s mom had intruded on my barf sesh, I didn’t need everyone to know that I was seasick.

I opened the door to the bathroom and Brady’s mom was standing there waiting with a concerned look on her face. I was caught off guard that she was still waiting.

“I’m fine, thanks,” I said quickly.

“Reese, you aren’t…pregnant, are you?” she asked, sounding disgusted at the word.

I smiled. Pregnant? Yeah right. Brady and I have only been having sex for two weeks. “Of course not. I think I just have motion sickness.”

She looked at me skeptically. “Are you positive?”

“Yes. I probably had too much wine. There is no way I could be pregnant.”


Suddenly, I was really irritated with her. Like it was my fault that the yacht was doing whatever the fuck it wanted to and made me sick.

“How long until this thing turns around and goes back to dry land?” I asked, walking past her.

“Probably another hour or so. I’m sure we can find someone with Dramamine, although if you’re hungover then that won’t help matters.”


“I’m not hungover.”

I walked back up the stairs in front of her and found Brady and his dad on the couch where we left them. Brady stood up.

“Reese, are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine,” I said, waving him away. I sat back down and started digging through my bag to find gum.

“Brady, go find her something to calm her stomach,” mom said.

“I don’t need anything,” I insisted but Brady was already on his way. So I was alone with the crazy Republicans.

“No one else has motion sickness,” Brady’s mom said, looking around the boat. “And the lake is fairly calm. So I think it is odd that you got sick.”

“You’re feeling better now, Reese?” Brady’s dad asked and he actually sounded genuinely concerned.

Brady appeared just as I said yes.

“Hey. I found a generic dimenhydrinate. Low dosage since you seem to be feeling better,” he explained and handed me a pill. 

“What did you say this was? I don’t want to be taking random drugs.”

Brady and I made eye contact and he smirked at me, like we were sharing an inside joke. I took the pill dry and we all sat back down and everything settled down.

“Why did you move to Illinois, Reese?” Brady’s dad asked.

“I love Chicago,” I said as if that was explanation enough.

“Texas is such a great place to live. The government is great, the taxes and cost of living are well below average… Illinois is just so corrupt,” dad said.

Brady’s mom nodded in agreement. “And it isn’t getting any better. That’s why we want Brady to come on home. Massachusetts is a wonderful state.”

I looked at Brady for a reaction. I remember he mentioned that he was considering moving home, but only once and he never spoke about it again. He kind of shrugged and took a drink from his bottle of water.

By the time the yacht finally got back to the dock, I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. I hadn’t said anything for the last forty five minutes which has to be some sort of record.

“Well, it was very nice meeting you,” Brady’s mom said as we were preparing to say our goodbyes in the parking lot. And then to my surprise, she actually hugged me. It felt very strained and cold, but I at least appreciated her attempt to be more welcoming to me. I mean, since I’m going to be the mother of her grandchild apparently.

On the ride back, Brady apologized about his parents interrogating me but despite how they may have came off, he believes they like me.

I already know, I should have never mentioned Obama.


53 thoughts on “what an impression.

  1. D says:

    The fact that you’re able to find his parents on google already makes them intimidating.
    Not impressed by his mother, but she kind of seemed the type that no matter what, no one would be good enough for her son. Good for you for holding your own though. 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    I love how real you are Reese. However I think that you rely on alcohol way too much. Consuming the three glasses of wine before meeting the parents is a lot. One I would understand but after two/three glasses I’m buzzed. Also you really should pay attention to what’s going on in the world. You don’t have to watch CNN 24/7, but knowing about Isis, what’s going on with Russia/Ukraine, immigration crisis and so forth will make you a better rounded person. Further when speaking of politics don’t wing it especially if you don’t know the facts. Brady’s parents seem nice enough. His mom probably would’ve been more accepting had you not been drinking So much. Asking if you were pregnant was a bit much. However you and Brady did have unprotected sex and the pill isn’t 100% effective so you never know. As for wanting Brady to tell you about his parents political leanings. You goggled them. Did you just look at their pic? I have a feeling Brady will go back to Massachusetts.

      • J says:

        Oh .. don’t be so sure. As a person who is currently 9 months pregnant. I thought it was flu for a week and a half until I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks.

        And I agree with above. Never wing politics. Ever. Lol

      • Kelly says:

        I wasn’t implying you were pregnant at all, just saying is possible. I’m sorry if it came off that way. It was probably the combo of seasickness and being tipsy. One thing I will add, talking about politics, religion and sex in public will always lead to freaking drama. Being that his family was from Massachusetts, I would’ve concluded they voted for Romney and not Obama. I’m from NJ and voted for him too!

      • AV says:

        “what was I supposed to do?”

        Be honest. Can’t go wrong if you tell the truth. Fuck em if they don’t like what they hear. I can’t believe you lied about voting for Obama. Ugh.

  3. Stacy says:

    When I was pregnant with my son, I had morning sickness from conception it seemed til I gave birth. Though the symptoms did lessen. It is possible to get symptoms immediately. You mentioned that Brady’s parents dressed modestly but you knew they have money. It makes me curious if you would be cool with them if they were average middle classers. With the Bush family being from Texas, I thought you’d be a bigger fan but then again you don’t follow the news.

    • why wouldn’t I be okay with them being avg middle classers? their money has nothing to do with me – my parents make plenty of money as do I. being a fan of the bush’s because I’m from Texas is really no different than being a fan of Obama because I live in Chicago right? thanks for the pregnancy tip

      • Stacy says:

        You comment about their clothing and then pointing out that ordering lobster wasn’t modest. I love that you’re killing it in your career and making a ton of money. I just get the vibe that you’re too concerned with material things. In fact, it seems like none of your friends or even the men you’ve dated are average middle class men. When you ran into Eric? at the club you ridiculed that girls outfit because it wasn’t high end or couture. Makes you seem like a self absorbed snob. I’ve found that those who come from money don’t flaunt it, are humble, appreciative and don’t talk about what they have or how much they spend. That’s what “new money” does.

        I could care less about Bush or Obama but you grew up in Texas where the Bush family are quite prominent. You’re a Chicago transplant so the argument of you being a fan is null because he wasn’t a Chicago Senator when you moved/lived there. Those people from Chicago who love him, followed his political career tand saw him rise from a newbie to an up and coming politician – Senator – to president. You moving there two/three years ago didn’t experience that growth process.

      • what do my friends have to do with anything? one of my friends is a nanny and one of them works at a boutique. I didn’t claim to be from money or anything like that, but me and my family is financially secure so I don’t need Brady or his parents money. call me snobby all you want, I’m not going to apologize for what I think or say. I really don’t care about bush or Obama, honestly. hence why I don’t vote.

      • Stacy says:

        My point is constantly talking about Louboutins, fancy luxury cars, high end clothing, how huge your bonus is, how much you spent at Neiman or wherever comes off as materialistic and kinda like you’re flaunting what you have. Material things and $1000 shoes don’t make the person. What’s inside is what counts. It seems like you’re equating your self worth with what you have or can buy. You do well for yourself and should be proud of your success. Instead of buying a pair of shoes this week, why not give to a charity of your choice or get involved in something important and worthwhile? I have a feeling that you won’t approve of what I’m saying and probably most others won’t too but in order to be a complete, well versed person you need to stop caring about the material and focus of what’s important.

      • you’re honestly right. I’ve touched on the subject before, that I want to be more well rounded and a better person. so I’m working on it.

      • I actually agree with Stacy. And what the hell is up with that comment about Mexicans being everywhere??!!! I’m really deeply offended by that snotty remark. So racist. smh.

  4. At least Brady recognized his parents were a bit much. Maybe this is a southern thing, but isn’t it really rude to ask someone their political views? Religion and politics are just not dinner conversations. Especially someone you just met. And add asking someone if they’re pregnant is a big no no too!

    I don’t feel like you had anything to be embrassed about. For all they knew you were seasick. And the current event I know about from this weekend is which celebrity phone got hacked 🙂

      • vsh says:

        It is totally rude to ask who you vote for when you first meet someone, and asking if you are pregnant, that’s crazy rude! I think the commenters are being awfully hard on you.

      • vsh says:

        Also, your instinct to guess that they voted Obama was the right one, Massachusetts is always a blue state, so you had more of a chance that you would be right, too bad they ended up being republicans!

      • beth says:

        Isn’t Brady’s dad a politician? I remember reading that. It wouldn’t be out of character for them to delve into that type of character. Reese googled them and should have known more about them than she did.

        vsh, they’re from Massachusetts. Romney was their beloved governor. Why would they vote for Obama? Just because it’s a blue state doesn’t mean everyone is a democrat.

      • vsh says:

        You are correct Reese, Romney didn’t even come close to beating Obama in Massachusets in the last election, previous governor or not, Obama had a huge majority in Mass.

  5. Jenna says:

    Wow that was insane. Go you because I would’ve been a thousand times worse at making a good impression with his parents!…I have to agree with someone else’s comment about what Brady got you for your birthday. My curiosity is killing me lol

  6. Danielle says:

    What did he give you for a gift!!! I thought you were pregnant too can’t wait to see how that turns out! I would like to see how Brady and his parents take that news!

  7. Okay first I would like to tell you that I graduated from college in Phx GCU…and that I am also from Texas…but the best part of your blog was the part when you met his mother and then you knew that she knew that you had been just sitting on her son’
    s face…;cracked me up…keep up the fun great blog

  8. Marian says:

    oh my god. I don’t even have anything to say. But I’m glad you survived it! Their questioning definitely seemed a little bit inappropriate for a first meeting but idk how parents work. lol

  9. megg says:

    Holy shit. I find it less than classy that politics would be their chosen topic for conversation. And his mom had no right asking you if you’re pregnant. That needs to be nipped in the bud. You handled yourself fine, but I also think you’re completely validated to let them know that you don’t hold politics in the same “esteem” they do. And honestly if you’re involving yourself in causes that have meaning for you…that you’re passionate about, then that’s all that matters. Also, in reference to an earlier comment about you being materialistic… I am not materialistic at all (maybe almost to a degree of self-righteousness-we all have our faults, right?), BUT the things you write about and talk about and the fact that fashion and designer labels are fascinating to you is great!! You work hard and you should be able to share that you got a kick ass bonus! You shouldn’t feel shamed for liking those things or having them be a part of who you are. I think it’s apparent that you have a good heart and that you’re always looking for ways to better yourself. I love your blog and how real you are, it helps me to be more accepting of the human things I do. Thanks for sharing!

    • M says:

      I’d just like to say… Ditto. Megg, this is exactly how I feel about it! You like what you like and there’s no shame in that. Some people spend tens of thousands on huge vacations, some people spend on clothes, some people spend on technology… it’s all what you’re in to! UK u make your own money, spend it how you want.
      BUT, if I were you I’d browse Huffington Post every couple days while drinking your starbucks. A little info never hurt anyone, even if you just read the headlines (like me!)

  10. Susy says:

    Boy am I glad I am not you! That mom would not have liked me because of my political affiliation and my views about the border issue alone. Hope things with Brady continue to go well 😀

  11. That is bad form! Never bring up religion or politics on a first meeting!! It was almost like they wanted to put you on the spot and see you sweat! You handled it well. I myself do not follow politics either, sometimes I don’t even know what’s going on in the world.
    And to top it all off, she asks if you’re preganant. She’s lucky it wasn’t me, because I would’ve said “Yes I am, Brady and I will make such cute babies!” or something more snarky. LOL.


  12. Totally rude. No wonder Brady wanted to put multiple states’ distance between himself and them. His parents seem kind of controlling.

    I honestly think that their behaviour was just totally classless. If you’re going to ask someone about their politics the first time you meet (huge faux pas), do it in a simply interested way and definitely don’t badger them to defend their views afterwards! That was incredibly tacky behaviour.

    Also, for all of the people ripping on Reese about the money comments, cut her some slack. The way I interpreting it was that she was trying to get a feel for his parents and whether they are the type that are impressed by earning power or humility. Regardless, realize that this blog is an opportunity to read about someone’s life but not to hack away at her as if she’s beneath you. She has been gracious about accepting criticism, be gracious about offering it or keep it to yourself. There are enough rude people on the internet already.

  13. Janet says:

    While they were way out of line maybe they were seeing how far they could push you and how you would handle it. And Brady should have definitely given you a heads up on his parents. If you do meet other family members in the future insist he clues you in.

  14. Cristina says:

    Lol, I’ve totally been hungover on a boat before and it’s the worst! His mom seems…nice. And utterly clueless about social niceties. If that had been me, I’m pretty sure I would have had a WTF look on my face the entire time, so kudos to you for being so pleasant.

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