calm down.

On Saturday evening, we all went on some sort of mega quintuple-date. There was of course Brady and me, then Carly and Chris, Kendra and John, Preston and Dillon and Brady and Chris’s friend Jacob and his girlfriend, Stacey. We went to this tavern and got dinner and drinks. Carly, Preston and I pretty much dominated the conversation mainly because we were the only ones who took advantage of the three dollar shots. I was drunk and hadn’t even spent $20 on drinks so I was pretty happy about that.

I was telling the group about my recent brush with death (crossing the street when a police car ran a red light – no lights or sirens on) and everyone was laughing and clearly enjoying my story. But Brady put an arm around me and whispered, “Calm down,” into my ear. 

Is there anything worse than when you’re drunk and someone tells you to calm down and you are already calm? 

I glared at him. “I am calm.”

“Okay,” he said and patted my shoulder. Ugh.

After dinner we walked next door to a lowkey club/lounge. The boys hung out at the bar while the girls plus Preston and Dillon took our drinks to the dance floor.

Naturally we danced nonstop and kept flagging down those skanky cocktail waitresses for more drinks. I discovered that I absolutely love Dillon because he’s exactly like me. Every time a new song came on, we screamed because it was our “jam.” So fun. We were fucking shwasted so Carly, Preston, Dillon and I were probably causing a bit of a scene. 

I excused myself and went to find Brady. He was with Kendra, John, Chris and Jacob near the bar. I didn’t even notice that Kendra left our group.

“Gawd, can you leave your boyfriend’s side for five fucking minutes?” I asked. 

Kendra narrowed her eyes at me. “You guys were embarrassing me.”

Ugh. She’s so insecure. Who cares if we were acting a fool on the dance floor? We were having fun.

The bartender girl appeared and said, “Brady, do you want another Bud Light?”

My head jerked back toward her. Excuse me? Why was she calling my boyfriend by his first name? And why did she look like Blake Lively?

“Do you guys know each other?” I asked Brady. 

“What? She’s the bartender,” Brady answered giving me a weird look.

“Yeah, right. How does she know your name?” Drunk Reese glared.

“Probably because I opened a tab with my credit card…which has my name on it.”

“You’ve been waiting to use that excuse all night. How do you know her?”

The bartender was watching the encounter and said, “Ma’am, settle down. I don’t know your boyfriend. I’m just serving drinks.”

I spun around to face her. “Did I ask you?”

She put her hands up like she was going to stay out of it then walked away.

“That was extremely rude,” Brady said.

“I know! I’m going to ask to speak with her manager and get her fired,” I replied.

Brady touched my waist. “No, I mean you. You owe her an apology.”

“Are you taking her side?”

Brady actually rolled his eyes at me and sighed deeply like I was the problem. “Reese, stop.”

I pulled myself away and Brady tried to grab my hand.

“Well, I hope you and Blake enjoy your night. Toodles!”

I stormed off and grabbed Carly, Preston and Dillon and we went outside and found a transient/hipster to give us cigarettes. I have to be really, really drunk and upset to smoke a cig and clearly I was at that point.

I started complaining about Shady Brady and the incident at the bar. Dillon was totally on my side and said that I should definitely look into getting Blake terminated.

“I’m just so over it,” I said taking a long drag of my cigarette. “I can’t even trust him at the bar alone.”

“There’s Brady right there!” Carly exclaimed and Brady and Chris came walking out of the club.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Brady asked as they approached us and then he snatched the cigarette out of my mouth.

Rude!” I shouted as he threw it on the ground.

Chris mentioned that Uber was coming so Carly and I started saying goodbye to Preston and Dillon.

“Sext me, Dill. Love you guys,” I said hugging both of them.

We got to the duplex (after I demanded we make a pit stop at Taco Bell) and Brady and I went to his room. I started reapplying my lipstick and taking selfies in the bathroom.

“Let’s go to bed, Reese,” Brady said gently. He was already undressed and under the covers. 

“Sure, so you can go have sex with Blake while I’m sleeping?” I said.

“Who is Blake?” he asked.

“That bartender ho you’re cheating on me with.” 

“Reese, stop that right now,” Brady said, now stern. “We are going to sleep.”

Drunk Reese ignored him and started playing Candy Crush. Brady waited about ten minutes then said, “Are you getting in bed?”

“Fine!” I mumbled and then took off everything except my thong. I climbed into bed and Brady draped an arm around my waist.

“Why are you mad at the bartender?” he asked me.

“She was flirting with you,” I answered.

“No she wasn’t. She was being friendly.”

“She wants to suck your dick.”

“Stop, Reese. I don’t like you like this. You’re being crazy.”

Crazy. Isn’t that what Eric or whatever his name was called me? I didn’t say anything.

“You don’t have anything to worry about. You’re the only one I want,” Brady said.


But that was enough to get me to relax and make out with him until I fell asleep.

On Sunday morning I woke up violently hungover and spent three hours on Brady’s bathroom floor. Way too many cheap shots. Brady begged to help nurse me back to health, but I was too grossed out to even let him see me.

I finally showered and emerged from the bathroom and let Brady take me to dunch (dinner/lunch). After a double cheeseburger, fries and a hot dog I felt as good as new.

Brady told me that his older brother is visiting next weekend so I’ll get to meet him. Yippee. I bet he’s such a nerd. Can’t wait to help him get laid!


42 thoughts on “calm down.

  1. K says:

    I’m probably going to be lynched for this, But I think you need to hear it straight. You were an embarrassment. And I applaud Brady for handling that as well as he did, cause I would have left your dumb ass at the bar for treating me like that.. You need to check yourself a bit when you are drinking. You created drama that didn’t need to be there. You need to do something about that because you seem to become the insecure one when you’re loaded. And you blame others instead of owning your shit. Drunk Reese definitely needs to be put in her place. Seriously girl, you can’t do that shit. Inappropriately need to work on that. Before you get mad at me, think. What if he’d done that to you!? You would have flipped your shit. Don’t be a double standard sweetie. You’re so much better than that. You need to start thinking more of how your actions affect him and not just yourself love.

      • K says:

        I’ve just seen on here how people do tend to attack you and be nasty. I didn’t want to come off that way. I’ve never met you, but I do admire and like your spunk. You’re a very spirited girl, and I was also in my 20s not too long ago and did some stupid shit and needed to grow up a lot as well. You’re learning, and mistakes are part of that. But I think you need to step up, own your shit and apologize to Brady for it. It will go a long way. 🙂

  2. Y says:

    I say this with all the love possible but you should try to get your drinking under control. The whole point of drinking when you go out is to have fun. And if it turns sour everytime it’s gone overboard. College is over and it’s not cool to drink that much anymore. You need to grow up a little and be conscious of the fact that youre an adult now. Drinking is fun but set your limit when you go out. Brady is a hell of a boyfriend and he’s been underatanding. He’s clearly crazy about you but you shouldnt take advantage of that. I think you should apologoze for the way you acted on saturday but obviously that’s up to you. Just remember that drinking is to have fun, don’t keep letting it ruin your night and make you act insecure and immature.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Honestly, I’m a little surprised that Brady brushed the entire incident under the rug the next day and was sweet and nice. Most men wouldn’t put up with that behavior. Creating a scene about the bartender and then threatening to get her fired? Completely unacceptable. This might not be the popular opinion but if i were Brady I’d leave you at the club to act the fool and then throw a tantrum like a two year old. You’re behavior is out of control. The comes a point in our lives when we have to stop being selfish and start thinking about how your actions effect others. No one should have to put up with what Brady did. I how you watch your liquor and don’t cause another scene when his brief visits.

  4. Ehh we all do embarrassing stuff from time to time. As long as you apologized and he understands that you were hammered then oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/ but in all honesty, you don’t have anything to worry about with Brady. Do you completely trust him?

    • Also, drunk comments = sober thoughts… Maybe try to figure out what is preventing you (if anything, it could have just been the alc) from completely trusting him and if there is anything you want to tell him

    • Cynthia says:

      A quick question, Lulu. Are you saying the Reese’s behavior is not a big deal because we all do embarrassing things from time to time and she was drunk? This isn’t a one time indiscretion. When she was with the baseball player she regularly got drunk, called him acting irrational and say nothing wrong with her behavior. Just because Brady didn’t make a big deal doesn’t mean that Reese’s actions are acceptable. When Reese is drunk she doesn’t care about anyone else and crosses the line. I feel horrible for that poor waitress. Someone is trying to make a living and Reese is accusing her of being with Brady and then wants to get her fired? How you treat people that are in a lower position financially or career wise says a lot about a person’s true character. My thoughts are that sober/not high Brady won’t tolerate Reese’s actions. Stoned Brady might think it’s cute. I think Reese has a lot of growing up to do. She needs to learn limits and not get so drunk that she can’t control her behavior. When you’re in college it’s okay but when a grown ass woman with a successful career does it she looks like classless.

      • lulu didn’t say it wasn’t a big deal, but I think she was hinting that we shouldn’t dwell on it. what does the bartender’s financial status have to do with anything? for all we know, she and I could make the same salary. and yes, I have a lot of growing to to do. I think we’ve made that clear.

      • Cynthia says:

        I specifically said that they way someone treats people who are in lower position careerwise or financially. Didn’t say that she was dirt poor! You have a tendency to lash out at those who aren’t on the same level with you. Case in point the girl at the club with the baseball player and her Forever21 clothing or disrespecting the waitress and wanting to get her fired. When I was in college I waitressed part time and you have no idea the time of people you come across. You earn minimum wage and you depend on tips to make up for that. Waitresses work damn hard and don’t need to deal with childish drama. In life you have to be kinder and more understanding. As much as we would like to think the world revolves around us, it doesn’t.

      • I don’t know when this became a post about my bashing all waitresses and bartenders. it’s not. you have no idea where I came from or how hard I’ve worked. I think you need to be more understanding too.

      • I wasn’t saying that it isn’t a big deal at all. Even though I’m in college, I barely even drink/party anyways fyi…

        What I was trying to do is give Reese some support. Negativity only contributes to and attracts more darkness. I’ve been reading this book by Susan Pearl called, “Instructions for Happiness and Success,” and she makes it a point that your emotions will attract the same energy. I recommend it to everyone, but especially people who feel like they need more positivity in their lives. Even though I don’t agree with Reese’s actions, does not mean that I should or will put her down. If anything, giving her my support and positive thoughts will only contribute good to her situation.

        There is a good and a bad way to give someone advice.

    • Megan says:

      I agree with this! We’ve all been there where we do something stupid and embarrassing… Just because Reese has the guts to write it in a post doesn’t just give everyone the authority to jump all over her and tell her how stupid and immature she is. calm down people.

      • K says:

        I agree, but.. she chooses to write about it. Therefore it gives everyone who reads a right to voice their opinions. Or she wouldn’t have a comments section. However I do feel that there is a way to deliver the “you’re stupid and immature” speech that can come across less negative. (just because she did something stupid doesn’t mean she’s stupid and immature. We’ve all been there. Glass houses and all that) What she did was dumb yes, and she admits it. She’s also a person with feelings and people should show a little more.. Tact I guess when delivering their thoughts. Everyone deserves respect. Even when making a mistake.

  5. Kristin says:

    I think you should do something nice for Brady this week. Just show him you appreciate him putting up with you when you get crazy. It will go a long way.

    When you say you won’t drink when his brother comes to visit, does that include not chugging two glasses of wine before you leave to “calm your nerves” 😉

    • Kristin says:

      I don’t think he’s pissed at you at all. I just thing he deserves something for being a good guy that’s clearly into you. Do something he likes to do that may not be your favorite, or surprise him with some sexy lingerie and hot sex, whatever would make him happy.

  6. M says:

    So I’m sure when you posted this you knew you were going to get lots of negativity, so first off, way just be honest and own your behavior this weekend, even if you weren’t proud of it. You definitely got a little crazy, but like someone above said, don’t dwell on it, it happens. Just realize it and learn. 🙂

  7. Hope says:

    Wow i wish i was perfect and never did embarrassing things like other commenters
    Reese you might hate to admit it but maybe you were acting so crazy cause you actually like Brady

  8. bianca says:

    Now I understand we all do embarrassing things, which i agree and I have done. But Reese if no one stopped you, you would have tried to get her fired. That is beyond wrong. Someone not having a job over your drunken antics is low….

    How you treat Kendra because she chooses to be mature is wrong. These people love you, but you have a with me or against me spirit esp when drunk. Brady loves you, he only wants you but you accuse him of cheating more than normal. At some point for him it will be an issue, I say that bc Reese we KNOW all the things done to you do drunk or otherwise is an issue. Brady laughed at a joke high it was a issue. lol

    I think alcohol is an issue for you. Not AA style but you have little to no self-control once you begin.

    I dont think the comments are judging and i think they like you and want to help.

      • K says:

        I think you and Kendra both need to treat each other with a bit more maturity and respect. Maybe have a heart to heart, and air it out. She reacts to what she feels is your immaturity the way she does, and you react to what you feel is her superior attitude towards you the way you do. It’s both of you (from the outside looking in) and you both need to figure out a better way to deal with each other. She gets a bit uppity because you “act like a douche” in her eyes and she feels the need to toss that in your face, and you get defensive because she “treats you like you’re a child and she’s better than you” in your eyes and you need to bring her down a peg or two. It’s all about perspective. I’m only telling you this, because I’ve been there. I have this friend. We’ve now been friends for 20 some years, since we were 12, and we had to take a 10 year break because I just could not handle her shit anymore. Years later I can admit, I probably could have changed the way I reacted to her a bit better. Maybe that will help. Just food for thought 🙂

      • thanks. I think you are completely right. I will be the first to admit that I don’t handle situations as maturely as I should, esp with Kendra because she knows how to get under my skin.

      • bianca says:

        i think you both just react. She isnt the softest tissue in the box and you take it horribly. But if you both care about eachother then you need to talk about it or not be friends, bc friends shouldnt try to hurt eachother. I think we all have had friends who grew in different directions.

        Second I wasnt there but the way the bar scene was written sounded as if Brady was stopping you from going over to find her manager. But if you say no one stopped you then I am glad it was an empty threat.

      • yeah, but I think that’s just how my relationship is with Kendra. I will def try to work on it and be more aware/mature. she’s the best friend I have.

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