we’re going to get engaged soon.

On Saturday, Brady and I stayed in bed literally all morning. We were talking and fooling around and I decided to ask about the George situation.

“So why were you so mad on Wednesday night?” I asked him.

“Are you kidding?” he asked, almost laughing.

I narrowed my eyes at him, preparing to explain to him that no, I was not kidding and his whole tantrum was unwarranted. But then his phone rang and he said, “Sorry. I’m going to take this.”

Brady got out of bed and answered his phone with, “Hola.”

And then he proceeded to have an entire five minute long conversation in Spanish. Even though I took two years of Spanish in high school not a single thing stuck with me so I sat there on the bed looking dumbstruck.

When Brady hung up the phone I said, “What the fuck?”

His eyebrows furrowed together. “Hmm?”

“You speak Spanish?” I asked. 

. I thought I was going to live in South America for a while. Didn’t we talk about this?”

“Uh, no.” If he can keep the fact that he is fluent in another language, what other secrets does he have? “So who were you talking to?”

“Just one of my buddies,” he answered.

“One of your ‘buddies?’ Are you a part of a drug cartel?” I was kind of joking, but mostly serious. It would explain quite a few things.

Brady laughed way too hard at my “joke.” It wasn’t that damn funny. When he saw that I wasn’t laughing with him, Brady said, “Of course not, Reese. That’s ridiculous. I was talking to my friend, Raul. He’s flying in today for the marathon. I’m picking him up from the airport later.”

Is it just me or does “Raul” sound like the name of a Mexican drug lord? I told him I wanted to meet Raul then changed the subject back to Wednesday night.

“So why were you embarrassed? Honestly, I think George is the one who should’ve been embarrassed,” I said.

“Reese, you were all over him. It’s one thing to be friendly, but you were practically sitting in his lap the entire night,” Brady explained, sounding really frustrated with me.

“Okay, well next time I will just be a rude bitch to your coworkers,” I said.

“I’m not telling you to do that. You just took it too far. You should’ve seen the disgusted look Deb had on her face.”

“Then why didn’t you say something?”

“I shouldn’t have to tell you how to be an adult,” Brady said. 

I blinked.

“And then you and your friends were acting like complete idiots. I thought you would have more [he used a word I’ve never heard before here]. I have a professional image to uphold.”

I really wanted to point out that he wasn’t concerned about his “professional image” when he was getting his dick sucked in a room in the hospital, but I knew that would just start a fight.

“Okay. Next time I’ll try to act less like myself and more like a professional adult,” I said, hoping he caught on to my sarcasm.

“That would be great. I apologize for kind of blowing up on you. I was extremely frustrated.”

“It’s fine. I almost got kidnapped by a homeless man on my way to the bus stop because I was crying and couldn’t see where I was going. But it’s fine!”

We got dressed and got Portillo’s then went to pick up Raul from the airport. I definitely thought Raul was going to be huge and bald with a teardrop tattoo on his face. He was the exact opposite. 

Brady introduced us in Spanish and I said, “Does he like, not know any English?” 

Brady turned and gave me a discreet “shut the fuck up” look so I said, “Mucho gusto,” in an American white girl accent.

I let Raul have the front seat when we rode back to Brady’s. They spoke Spanish the entire way so I guess Raul really doesn’t speak English. I wanted to test my theory by saying, “Brady, I want you to cum on my tits later,” but decided against it. Like I said, I’m trying to be more mature.

I hung out with them for approximately ten minutes at Brady’s house, but it was hard because of the language barrier. Since they were running the marathon in the morning, Brady didn’t want to go out or anything so Carly and I decided to go to a party in the suburbs.

She came over to get ready then I drove us to the party. Carly is really bad with directions and after we got lost about four times, we finally made it. It was at some hockey player named Nico’s house and apparently he has parties all the time. Carly introduced us and we hung out and drank with Nico and one of his friends.

I was tipsy and talking to Nico about hockey and life. Carly pulled me aside and said, “Reese, you’re flirting with him.”

“I am not!” I exclaimed. I would totally admit if I was flirting and out of line, but I legitimately was not. Nico was hot, but I wasn’t even attracted to him like that.

“How would you feel if Brady was acting like that with a girl? Did you even tell Nico that you have a boyfriend?” Carly asked.

Good point. I actually hadn’t told Nico about Brady, but then again it hadn’t come up. Is that something you’re supposed to tell someone of the opposite sex right away?

I turned back to Nico and he offered me a shot. After we took it, I told him that I have a boyfriend and we’re probably going to get engaged soon. Nico didn’t seem very interested in me after that, but it was okay because I had fun anyway.

We left at around one and I honestly should not have been driving. Carly insisted she knew her way back, but we ended up in some dark ass neighborhood in the middle of nowhere. I finally got out my phone to put my address into GPS since obviously Carly had no idea where we were.

While we were pulled over and I was pulling up directions, a fucking Buick or some ugly ass car came barreling down the street and side swiped the shit out of us. They physically moved my car and the impact knocked my phone out of my hand.

It took Carly and I a few moments to realize what happened, but by the time we did, the other car was long gone. Those assholes didn’t even stop.

“Reese, are you okay? Should we call 911?” Carly screamed.

I tried to jump out to assess the damage, but my drivers side door would barely open. After I used my body to push the door open, I saw that the entire drivers side of my car was dented and white from their paint.

“What the fuck!” I yelled. “My car is all fucked up. And I can’t even call the police because I’m fucking drunk!”

Carly got out and we mulled over our options then finally decided we should just get home.

This morning was the Chicago Marathon and Brady, Chris, and John were running in it so Carly, Kendra and I woke up super early, bundled up and got lattes to go watch them. This got really boring because there were so many people and we couldn’t even see anything so we got wine and walked back to my apartment.

Later in the day I went to Brady’s and showed him my car.

“Holy shit,” he said. “What happened?”

I explained the story, blaming Carly for the whole thing since it’s her fault we got lost and ended up in that sketch neighborhood.

Brady told me that I could file a police report and then file a claim with my insurance to fix the damages. Ugh. I don’t want to have to file a claim – my insurance is already high enough. Why do I have such bad luck with cars? Maybe I just shouldn’t have one.


32 thoughts on “we’re going to get engaged soon.

  1. Olivia says:

    You have a brand new BMW but it doesn’t have a navigation system? Seems pointless to pay so much for fancy expensive car and not spring for a navigation system? I hope you got the xdrive version for those snowy, icy Chicago days. I’m sorry that your car got side swiped and the other driver took off. That sucks. In the future i hope you’d think twice before driving drunk. That’s part of being a responsible adult.

      • K says:

        she means you two take a break. figure out if you want to be with him. He does seem to sometimes act like he’s better than you are, however, you’ve admitted you act like douche when you’re drunk (so do I. it’s why I stopped drinking)

        as well, since it’s a hit and run, you can now call the police. If you two can cooberate that you were trying to find your way to wherever you were going, and that there was no alcohol, you were in a hit and run, strange neighbourhood and too scared to call police so you went home and cried, they may take pity on you. but your friend would have to cooberate your story.

  2. Kristin says:

    I find it strange that Brady never mentioned being fluent in Spanish. In some ways you guys have done big things like meeting family, but it seems like you guys skipped some getting know you stuff.

    As far as your car goes, that really sucks. I believe if you make a claim and there’s evidence that it was a hit and run (the paint from the other car), you only have to pay the deductible and it goes on your history as a no fault. However, that probably varies by state, but worth checking out.

  3. From the sound of it, the other person’s car will also have damage. If you file a police report, they’ll hopefully find the other car and be able to have their insurance pay for it! Otherwise, I’d file a claim with insurance. You may have to pay a deductible, but if you have really bad luck, it’s probably better to just pay the deductible now because you may have future claims.

    As always, love reading about you and Brady!


  4. Courtney says:

    I won’t bother with the “no offense”- this entire blog wreaks of entitled immature bitch. I’m done. Saw you on “pizzasexlove”(can you say shameless self plug?)If you can figure out how to create your own blog , you should have basic life skills down. Grow the fuck up, appreciate a
    Good man when graces you with his good dick and manners! Sweet Jesus…….. I’m sure this will be deleted upon author receiving it, BUT just take my advice and

    • KatyB says:

      Wow – you must be a spiteful bitch if you take the time to put down someone who clearly is doing this for her own personal growth. If you don’t believe that, then you haven’t read her comment responses nor her entire blog to see that she understands she’s a work in progress…just like the rest of us. Back off and get off your box – and off this site!

  5. Just a grown up bitch says:

    So amusing that the only comments left for public consumption are the positive……again, grow up…….surely Brady will be sick of your antics by the next post 😉

  6. megg says:

    I’m not thrilled about how the whole “George” conversation went for you. Brady seems a bit condescending. You seem to be acting out of your comfort zone in more instances than not lately…especially where Brady is concerned. Have you thought about taking some timeout from the relationship for yourself. It’s always a good way to really think about how it is (or isn’t) working for you. It seems like something is off and you’re nervous about that possibly being true…

      • megg says:

        I just think you should allow yourself some space…take a break, no communication or face time for a couple days. Reevaluate where you are with things. Decide for yourself whether or not you want to be dating Brady. It just seems like he’s kind of consumed your world and that maybe you’re losing yourself a bit. Then again you know your heart, not me. Remember though, that you deserve the best even with your shortcomings.

  7. jessa says:

    I don’t find this post believable. Doesn’t every car even the cheapest ones come with gps systems nowadays. My corolla had a built in navi. Your comments about Raul ate rude and insensitive. Just because he’s Hispanic doesn’t make him a drug lord. You need to check the stereotypes. This is the second time you’ve made rude comments like this. If you’re so until Brady why spend the night talking to another man. Can you stay home one night and not get drunk? I’m saddened that you would drive drunk. It’s irresponsible and you couldn’t killed sometime or yourself. Knowing that you got lost fout times when you were looking for the house wouldn’t it make sense to look up the directions in your phone first or ask Carly to do that on her phone? When you make had decisions you have to deal with the consequences. What are you going to tell the cops? That you were driving drunk and another car hit you? First thing they’ll ask is why you didn’t contact them immediately. Imo you’re not responsible enough to have a car.

    • my car does have navigation, but I prefer apple maps and my phone is connected to my car so Siri reads me the directions through my speakers. Carly didn’t know the exact address which is why we got lost several times and couldn’t gps it. I agree that I’m not responsible enough to have a car, but I have one so. and i don’t think my drug lord comment was rude, I was obviously kidding. sorry if i offended you.

      • jessa says:

        In that case why would you physically need to input your address in the phone. Isn’t there a button on your steering wheel that allows you to do voice commands? Regarding your Raul joke, reinforcing a stereotype isn’t a funny. It’s in poor taste. Until you learn responsibity you have no business driving on the road. A real friend would’ve stopped you from driving drunk. Even Brady with all his standards had nothing to say about that but flips out about the George situation. All of you need to grow up. Maybe you should ease up on the drinking. It’s not cute when a grown woman is getting drunk every time she goes out. College is over.

      • This is so “on point”. I haven’t forgotten the first rude comment about Mexicans being “f_cking everywhere”. I think Reese does need to grow up and stop drinking so much and stop having unprotected sex (pills or no pills). All of it is so immature.

      • Mistakes happen every now and then. She acts like she’s 21 regularly. Eventually this behavior will bite her in the ass. Brady will leave her or, worse, she’ll lose her job. Keep up this behavior and you’ll lose everything you’ve (kind of) worked for.

    • K says:

      nope. mine’s a 2011 pontiac. no navigation system. because it’s not a standard. it’s an upgrade. Couldn’t afford it. I dont even have power locks or windows

  8. I just wanted to throw out that all bmws do not come with gps. Everything is a la carte with a bmw. They focus on the “ultimate driving machine” factor and everything else is extra, literally. So everyone who is saying that is not believable does not have any clue what they are talking about. With that being said, driving drunk is irresponsible and hopefully Reese had learned her lesson. At the same time, if Reese didn’t do things like this, and only acted like a “mature adult” no one would be reading her blog, as it would be incredibly boring. I think some commenters on here are incredibly self righteous, and I have my doubts that they are all model citizens in real life and have never made any mistakes, especially at 25 or younger.

    • Kelly says:

      If this was a fictional blog I’d agree completely. Reese shouldn’t act immature because if she’s responsible no one will read. That’s ridiculous. This is her real life we’re reading about. She owes it to herself to try to be more mature. The party girl antics are getting old. I don’t think anyone said gps is a standard feature. My take is Reese had no issue splurging so why not upgrade your car with something like that? I think readers are coddling and condoning Reese’s behavior because they want something fun to read. I actually think Reese can learn a lot from those who are calling her out. She probably won’t even care or try to change because so many blindly cheer on her crazy behavior.

      • I understand it’s her real life and she obviously needs to make some changes to her lifestyle but I doubt a bunch of comments from Internet strangers are going to make her change who she is. Also not that it matters, but someone did comment about the navigation saying it wasn’t believable because even their Corolla came with it.

      • actually (and this is for Kelly too) I started this blog because I wanted to learn more about myself from unbiased readers. and even with the people who hate me and say they won’t read, I’ve learned a lot. I never considered myself racist or thought some of my comments could be perceived as racist so it helps that people tell me that. now I know that I’m insensitive in that area and must make changes. I went into this knowing people were not going to like what I did so I expected the hate and criticism.

  9. vsh says:

    Considering Reese’s age I am fine with her having fun and acting like an idiot (flirting with brady’s boss etc…), I did the same in my twenties (my husband and I were reminising about those kinds of times yesterday!) and I have no regrets, but driving drunk is a completely different thing. There are absolutely no excuses. Not only can you kill someone but you can ruin your own life. Not cool. I don’t understand why someone would take those kinds of risks, take a cab!!!

  10. vsh says:

    Also, I can’t believe there was more debate about whether her car has GPS or not than the fact that she was drunk driving! What is the deal people?

  11. I really enjoy reading about you & Bradyy’s antics. I personally just thought your comment about Brady’s Mexican friend was funny. I’m not racist – I have some very close Mexican friends, living here on work visas. I think everyone is too sensitive. Was the comment politically correct? No. Was it funny? Yes.

    I don’t think you guys need a timeout either. Didn’t you just have one last week after your argument?

    I have been looking every day for your next post! This is by far my favorite blog.

  12. elinabelk says:

    Was just catching up with your blog, as I had a bit of time. So many negative comments. As you said you created this blog to learn about yourself then yes you need to be more mature, Brady seems a bit weird to me lately. Let’s see what happens.


  13. sammy says:

    Brady told you to grow up a bit and I totally understand that, but compared to how most of these commenter’s are behaving, you are seeming more mature by the second. Props given for not firing back nasty comments. I think being in a relationship means you need to think about how your actions no longer reflect on you, but how Brady is affected by the things you do. I am also impressed you didn’t bring up the bj incident. I have been following this blog since the beginning and I think you have really grown as a person, especially since meeting Brady. If you never drink and drive again, I will be crossing my fingers that everything works out for you concerning your car.

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