don’t you plan on proposing to me?

Since Sunday was the Super Bowl, Brady and Chris (and me #thirdroommate) were going to have people over. There was a fucking blizzard out so everyone pretty much cancelled except Kendra because she doesn’t live that far from Brady. And she said she was dying to get out of her apartment. So I made a pizza and some baked buffalo wings I saw on Pinterest. They actually turned out really, really good. We also had wine and Brady made drinks so by the time Kendra got there I was drunk.

So I didn’t even notice that she showed up with John. Actually, I did notice, but I temporarily forgot that I’m supposed to be mad at him because I guess I’m so used to seeing them together.

“Hey you guys!” I squealed, greeting them at the door. I threw my arms around both of them and when John eagerly hugged me back, I realized that something felt off. Oh yeah. I hate him.

“Y’all have to try my buffalo wings, they’re so fucking good,” I said, pulling away and skipping to the kitchen.

I made Kendra a really strong drink and told John that there was beer in the fridge. He grabbed a beer and went to the basement to hang out with the guys.

“John’s here,” I said to Kendra in case she didn’t notice.

“Yeah, since he has a Jeep he picked me up so I didn’t have to drive in this,” she explained.

“So he came all the way from his sister’s house just to get you and come here?” I asked skeptically.


“Cool.” I didn’t want her to think I disapproved because honestly I was drunk and didn’t really care, plus I wanted her to feel like she could tell me the scoop with them.

We hung out in the kitchen and pigged out for a bit before taking the bottle of tequila to the basement where Brady, Chris and a friend who I’ve never met were watching the game. We played a drinking game during the game so we were all completely trashed. Especially me. I was being super loud and obnoxious and laughing way too hard at everything. I probably ruined the game for everyone. And don’t even get me started on halftime. I started off singing along to Katy then realized that she’s fucking weird and felt the need to let everyone know.

Kendra kicked me really hard in my thigh and told me to shut up because Missy Elliot was on stage.

“Ouch, you fucking dyke!” I screamed and lunged for her, but Brady grabbed me and made me sit down. It didn’t hurt that bad at the time, but now I have a pretty gnarly bruise on my thigh.

I managed to finish the game without distracting anyone too much and they all celebrated when the Patriots won (I celebrated with a shot). Kendra and John were canoodling on the other end of the couch and I ignored them.

“Baby, let’s go upstairs,” I whispered in Brady’s ear. He nodded and I grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs.

We got in bed and made out for a while, then he suddenly got up and realized he had some stuff to finish before going to work on Monday.

“Seriously?” I groaned as he pulled his MacBook in the bed with us. “Don’t even go to work tomorrow. It’s a shitshow out there.”

Brady ignored me and started working so I got on to look at things I shouldn’t buy. I found a bag I really wanted, but I didn’t want to pay for it so I decided to ask Brady if I could use his credit card to buy it.

“Babyyyy,” I cooed. “Can you buy me this bag I want?”

“What?” he asked distractedly.

“Can you buy me this?” I stuck my phone in his face so he could see the beautiful and totally necessary bag.

“No. You don’t need it,” Brady said barely glancing at it.

“Yes I do!” I exclaimed. “I need a bag to carry all my work stuff in.”

“Reese,” he sighed like I was being super annoying.

“Pleeeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee,” I whined.

Brady continued typing and didn’t say anything.

“Pleez-uh!” I added frustratedly. Surely he couldn’t seriously say no to me.

“Fine,” I heard Brady say and then he reached on the nightstand for his wallet. Victory!

He passed me his AmEx and I ordered the bag along with a smaller bag for going out and stuff. I felt kind of bad for splurging on just myself so I went to and ordered Brady a really nice watch. He never buys anything for himself so I thought he deserved it.

After my shopping spree, I logged on to Facebook and was immediately bombarded by engagement pictures from one of my high school friends. They were really boring and I hated her outfit (white lace halter dress, nude platform heels – so tacky). I asked Brady what ideas he had for our engagement photo shoot.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“Like this is so boring. Ours have to be so much better,” I said, showing Brady my phone.

“Yeah,” he said glancing at the picture.

“Do you even care?” I demanded.

“Of course I do.” Brady realized how rude he was being and sat the laptop down.

“Oh my gosh, we should do one in all this snow! Since we are having a winter wedding it will be fitting and it will be so pretty. Preston knows a really good photographer, I’m going to text him,” I babbled.

“But we aren’t even engaged.”

“We will be though right? Don’t you plan on proposing to me?!”


“Okay then. What’s the harm in getting started early? We won’t have a long engagement anyway. I need my ring ASAP though for the pictures.”

Brady laughed and I gave him a dirty look for not taking it seriously. I started looking at the rest of my friend’s pictures and Brady told me he would be right back. I didn’t know what he was doing, but he was gone forever. I took off all my clothes and got under the sheets to wait for him so we could have drunk sex. I texted him to hurry and come back, but then I heard his phone vibrate on the nightstand. Ugh.

When he finally came back in his room he sat a glass of water on the nightstand next to me. Was I really that drunk?

“I love you,” I said because the gesture was sweet.

“I love you more, Reese,” he said back and kissed me. Then I fell asleep.

On Monday morning, I woke up with a hangover from hell and Andrew calling.

“Hi,” I answered groggily.

“Hey Reese!” he chirped loudly. Why the fuck was he so happy? “My flight got cancelled yesterday so I’m still in Chicago. I was thinking we could meet at the store and go over the weekend business.”

“Mmkay,” I said. Since it was Monday I was planning on working from home. We hung up and I peeled myself out of bed and showered. Brady was already gone for the day so obviously he didn’t take my advice about staying home from work.

After I got ready I went outside and discovered that my car was buried in the snow. Ugh. That’s why I love having a parking garage at my apartment. Who has time to dig their car out of snow?

Apparently Chris does. I went back inside and found him in his room and asked if he could somehow help me. Since he’s such a nice guy he agreed and an hour later with the help of two neighbors we managed to push my car out. Love them for that!

When I finally got to the store, Andrew tapped his wrist like, “Where have you been?”

“It took me an hour to get my car out of the snow!” I said defensively. “Did you not notice the blizzard?”

He ignored me and we worked the entire morning. He wanted to treat me to lunch so we walked to a place a few doors down from the store. While we were eating and discussing work stuff, Andrew randomly said, “It was nice meeting your boyfriend the other day. He seems quiet though.”

“He isn’t,” I said and couldn’t help adding, “Are you always so nice to people when you first meet them?”

Andrew’s eyebrows shot up. “Really? Do you think I was rude?”

“Yes,” I said honestly. I didn’t plan on confronting Andrew about this, but I figured since he brought it up it was fair game.

“Wow, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was being rude. You should’ve said something. I’m sorry, Reese.” Andrew’s voice was gentle and I felt myself soften.

“I mean, it’s fine. I’ll let Brady know that you apologized.”

That was the end of that, but I’m actually really happy I said something. I feel like after that Andrew was going out of his way to be nice to me so maybe I need to call him out more often.

We ended up working literally all day because of the assistants couldn’t get her car out of the snow. Since we had things we could work on, Andrew and I decided to just stay. Plus he said I could take today off since I worked so much yesterday! Perf. I haven’t gotten out of bed at all.


20 thoughts on “don’t you plan on proposing to me?

  1. lgburton says:

    I LOVE the smaller bag that Brady bought you! Printed calf hair is so gorgeous.

    Also love your pending winter wedding/engagement shoot. Maybe Brady remembered that you wanted a proposal in a romantic setting and he’s waiting until y’all go on vacation.

    • i love it too! usually i hate leopard print but i fell in love with this one. i hope he has something planned. i was drunk but i was serious about pics in the snow lol

      • jess says:

        I have no manners? Respecting another females who would make feminists roll in their graves? No thanks. Reese, says things like “speaks like a poor person” when who mom mispronounced Cartier, she wants other people to pay for her spoild ways and she takes advantage when they agree to her nagging. She comes unprepared for work and is disrespectful to her boss, no matter what he says, he is her superior. So don’t tell me I have no manners, you are all defending a bratty 5 years old that’s stuck in a 24 year olds body.

      • how am i disrespectful to my boss lol? the other things i can kind of see where you’re coming from but i am not disrespectful to him.

  2. I am so glad you said something to Andrew about the Brady incident, you totally put him in his place and I hope it makes him back off you. Also re: the bags, you are so lucky and have the best boyf ever!! You deserve to have someone treat you, don’t let haters on here make you think differently.

  3. Lol! You’re so spoiled. It’s cute. Brady will get over it 🙂

    However, I don’t think you were being rude or disrespectful so, I mean…

    Anyway. Get engaged soon, please. And have an awesome wedding and cute little tiny people running around. That way you can give me one 😌😇


  4. Melissa says:

    It’s sad you forced brady to buy you the two bags. When will you learn that love isn’t about what someone can get you. Poor brady said yes and gave you a credit card because he had no choice. On top of it, instead of getting the one bag he okay’ed you got two. Similar to when you went grocery shopping with his money. What have you ever given Brady as a just because gift? Nothing!

    I don’t see why he’d be ready to propose when the two of you are so different and you control him.

    • brady could have said no. if he did not want to buy me anything, he should have stood his ground. i know what love is about and i know it has nothing to do with material things. brady rarely buys me material things… and if love isn’t about what someone can get you then why does it matter if i never got him a just because gift hmm?

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