i feel like i’m at a resort.

We left for Florida super early on Friday morning. I was busy at work all week and didn’t have time to pack so I stayed up late on Thursday night throwing bathing suits and heels in my carry on. When my alarm went off on Friday morning I seriously thought about skipping the trip and sleeping. Then I thought about the sun and beach and that got me out of bed.

We rented a car and drove about an hour from the airport to Brady’s grandparents’ house. It was freaking amazing. Apparently his grandparents were both doctors before they retired to Florida and bought this 8,000 square foot, 7 bedroom, 6 bathroom mega mansion with a pool that overlooked the beach. I’m not sure of the exact specs, but those are my estimates. We had to go through an elaborate gate and down a long drive way to get to the ridiculous Mediterranean style house. It reminded me of the fake decoy house they use on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“This is your grandparents’ house?” I asked, impressed.

“Mmhm,” Brady said and we grabbed our bags and went inside.

The inside was even more beautiful. It was all tile and marble and mahogany and spacious. When you first walk in there’s a wall of windows that overlooks the pool which has a lot of palm trees behind it but beyond the trees you can kind of see the ocean. There was a second floor wroght iron balcony, expensive looking lighting fixtures everywhere and Spanish style furniture and decor. I immediately wanted to know who the interior designer was and where everything came from.

“So yeah, this is it,” Brady said and at that exact moment a girl came walking out of the kitchen. She was wearing a traditional black and white maid outfit, but I don’t think she was any older than me. She was Hispanic and really, really pretty despite the awful getup.

“Is this a joke?” I turned to Brady and asked, but he was already greeting her.

Hola,” he said and she seemed surprised to see him.

Hola! Hi, Mr. Brady,” she said shyly and giggled like a little girl.

“Reese, this is Daniela,” Brady said and told Daniela my name as well. I stuck out my hand to shake hers and she kind of almost bowed to me.

Brady and Daniela had a conversation in Spanish while I stood there. She couldn’t stop smiling and blushing at him and it was actually kind of adorable. Then she turned and headed back toward the kitchen and Brady informed me that she was making us lunch.

“Your grandparents have a maid?” I asked as we picked up our stuff and headed up the stairs.

“Yeah, they have to have a housekeeper to take care of the property since they travel a lot,” Brady explained.

“But she’s like my age. And why do they make her wear that costume? I don’t like that,” I said.

Brady shrugged and led us into the room we would be staying in. “I usually stay here,” he told me.

The room had a bed on the back wall that was situated in between bay windows, there was a tray ceiling with two ceiling fans, a little TV mounted on one wall, mahogany wood built ins and a marble floor. It was ridiculous. There was an attached bathroom that was equally ridiculous so naturally I went in to take a shower and some selfies. By the time I got out, it was time to eat. Daniela had a mini feast set up for us at the little breakfast nook, but I could see a very formal dining room on the other side of glass doors.

Brady and Daniela had a conversation while she served us. She was all giggly and blushy and I could tell Brady was being overly nice to her. She sat a plate in front of me that consisted of a flatbread sandwich and a small salad.

“Gracias,” I said and she like curtsied and ran away. I felt really bad about her having to be our slave. I told Brady.

“It’s okay. She’s paid well and gets to live here for free. She doesn’t have much family anyway,” he explained.

“That’s sad. Where are they?” I asked.

He shrugged. “She’s fine. Don’t worry. Just be nice to her.”

“Well, of course I’ll be nice. Am I ever mean?” I said, offended.

“No, I’m just reminding you.”

After lunch, I wanted to hit the pool even though it was kind of cloudy. We changed into our bathing suits, had Daniela make us alcoholic beverages and went outside. We just hung out drinking and treading the water and talking. Besides faintly hearing people on the beach, it was really private and quiet and I didn’t want to ever leave. Well until my drink was gone and I was soggy from the water. We got out and lounged on the pool chairs enjoying the warm weather.

I was almost asleep when I felt Brady’s hand on my thigh. I glanced at him and his eyes were closed.

“Come here,” he said and I quickly obliged, straddling him in the chair.

“I love it here,” I told him.

“Me too,” Brady agreed with his eyes still closed.

I started kissing his neck and that made him wake up. Eventually, he got hard and said, “You’re sexy.”

I grinned. That was not a Brady thing to say at all, but I liked it. I pulled his dick out of his shorts and pushed my bikini bottom to the side so we could have sex in the pool chair. It was really quiet out there and neither of us said anything. We just had quiet, slow sex.

“Can Daniela see us?” I asked suddenly, realizing that there were huge windows behind us.

“Who cares?” Brady said and since he didn’t care, I didn’t either.

After that we went upstairs and napped then woke up and showered and got ready to go to the bar. I put on a little printed romper and Converse because we were on vacation and I needed to be comfy. I didn’t even bother putting on makeup.

We ended up getting pretty drunk though. Some things never change plus we were on vacation so might as well right? We took a cab back to the house (resort?) then proceeded to tear up the kitchen making nachos.

On Saturday morning, I woke up completely naked in the bed next to Brady. He was already up and sitting with his glasses on and looking at his phone. Baby looked so adorable.

“Hi,” I greeted him sleepily.

“Hey. Sleep well?” he asked.

“Mmhm,” I nodded. “I feel like I’m at a resort.”

“It does feel that way sometimes,” he agreed, putting his phone down. We small talked for a while until Brady insisted on going down on me. Obviously I let him because he’s so amazing at it. Since we were alone (besides Daniela I guess?) I didn’t feel like I needed to be quiet or anything. I was really, really close and practically on another planet when Brady suddenly got up.

I opened my eyes and looked at him, about to throw a tantrum for him leaving me hanging like that.

Then I heard a woman’s voice shout/sing, “Helloooooo? Who’s here?”

“Who is that? I thought your grandparents were traveling,” I said.

“They are. I think it’s my aunt,” Brady said. He swung the door open even though he was just in shorts and I was completely naked on the bed.

“Brady!” I heard the woman call from downstairs. “Come down here right now and give me a hug!”

Brady returned to the room. “Come on, get dressed and meet my aunt.”

I got up. “Can I like brush my teeth first? I look like shit.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Brady said, pulling a shirt over his head.

I found a pair of shorts and put them on with a hoodie and followed Brady out. A really tan woman with blonde hair and huge sunglasses on was waiting in the foyer. She was wearing a yellow sundress, wedges and a huge white Tory Burch bag. She reminded me of my mother which I found strange because she’s Brady’s mom’s sister (who is nothing like my mom). Brady and the lady hugged.

“This is my Aunt Katherine,” Brady told me.

“Kat,” she corrected him and shook my hand. “I’ve never met you before!”


“I’m Reese,” I said.

Daniela walked in to greet Aunt Kat, but Aunt Kat was so concerned with me that she ignored her.

“Brady, your mother didn’t tell me you were coming this weekend. We would have let you have a romantic weekend alone,” Kat said.

“It’s okay. We don’t mind,” he replied.

The front door opened and two blonde boys walked in. One was younger with a baseball cap on and the other was a teenager and was struggling to roll in the suitcases and carry all the luggage. Brady rushed over to help.

“These are my boys, Roper and Emerson,” Kat told me and affectionately watched the boys struggle with the luggage.

“Oh, cute,” I said. With those kinds of names, they have no choice but to grow up to be assholes.

“Boys, come meet your cousin’s girlfriend,” Kat called to them and I was kind of embarrassed.

Roper and Emerson ran over and Kat introduced me. In unison they said, “Hi, Miss Reese,” and she nodded proudly like she was trying to show off how well behaved her children are.

“Have you two eaten? Brady, go find the lady and tell her that the boys will have tuna salad sandwiches and I’ll have sliced cucumber with pepper and salt,” Kat said.

Brady nodded and walked off and she looked at me like, “See how well he listens?”

“Reese, have you met my sister and my brother-in-law?” Kat asked and it seemed kind of out of nowhere.

“I have,” I replied.

“Hmm. She hasn’t mentioned you so I wasn’t sure. Either way, so glad to meet you!”

Yikes. Way to make me feel small. I smiled and nodded. Kat sent the boys up to put the luggage in the room then she headed toward the kitchen so I followed her. Brady and Daniela were standing at the counter talking and Kat sat down at the nook, waiting to be served. I sat across from her.

“What do you do, Reese?” she asked me.

“I work in product development,” I said then proceeded to describe my job in detail when she just looked at me expectantly. When I was finished, Kat just stared at me like she had no idea what I said or didn’t care. So I said, “What about you?”

“My ex husband is a surgeon,” she said proudly as if that explained anything.

“Oh, nice.”

Kat just nodded and I felt like I needed to continue talking. “What kind of surgeries does he do?”

“Lap band and weight loss procedures. Not plastic or cosmetic surgery if that’s what you want to know,” she laughed softly.

Shade? I know I had just rolled out of bed, but did I look like I needed plastic surgery? Bitch.

Brady joined us at the table and we heard the two boys come barreling in.

“Boys, did you wash your hands?” Kat demanded.

“Yes, Mom,” they said in unison.

She smiled proudly. Daniela brought the food – what Kat requested and tacos for Brady and me.

We began eating in silence then Kat asked, “Will we be receiving a wedding invite from you two soon?”

“Aunt Kat,” Brady groaned like she was being ridiculous. I smiled happily.

“Just don’t run off and get married without telling anyone like your crazy brother. How is he anyway?”

“He’s fine.”

“Excuse me? Miss?” Kat called to Daniela, but Daniela didn’t hear her so Kat started snapping her fingers. Daniela rushed over. “Reese and I will have white wine and the boys will take apple juice. Brady?”

“Water, please,” Brady said.

I don’t know how Kat knows I’m an alcoholic, but I was grateful for the wine. She asked Brady about his parents and work and then she said, “Brady, what is that on your neck?”

Kat leaned across the table for a better look and I turned to look too. He had the smallest little hickey peeking out of the collar of his shirt. You could barely see it.

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Brady answered, rubbing his neck and turning red.

Kat grinned at me with wide eyes like this was the closest thing she’s gotten to action in years. I smiled back.

After we ate, Daniela cleared the table and Kat announced that they were going to the beach. She invited us to come and I could tell Brady was going to decline, but I was nodding. We hadn’t been to the beach yet and I wanted to go.

“Sure, we’ll go for a little bit,” he answered.

I went and changed into my most modest bikini because I didn’t want expose the little boys to T and A yet. We got down to the beach and set up towels and an umbrella for Kat (because clearly that tan was not authentic). I oiled up and laid back ready to get dark. Brady laid next to me for a little bit until the boys begged him to play with them. Brady told us he would be back then he actually went to go play with them. It was cute.

I was baking in the sun and almost fell asleep when Kat said, “How long have you been together?”

“Almost a year,” I realized out loud. We had a small little break, but I can’t believe it’s been that long already.

“And you’re just having fun?” she continued.

“What do you mean?”

“Brady seemed to clam up when I mentioned a wedding. Is that not a realistic expectation for you two?”

“I mean, not right now,” I said. I was starting to feel really put on the spot. “Eventually, I hope.”

“Was my sister nice to you?” Kat asked and for a moment I didn’t understand what she meant.

I nodded. Brady’s mom has never been overly nice to me, but she’s also not mean either.

“She’s very protective of her boys. I’m the same way. That’s why I asked.”

I didn’t know how to respond to this so there was silence. Then I asked, “Are you close?”

“We are ten years apart and honestly, we’re very different. But she was a great role model to have growing up. She’s quite inspiring. I wouldn’t say that we are extremely close, but I love having her to look up to,” Kat said. I think this was the most authentic thing she’d said all day.

“I don’t know if she likes me,” I said, suddenly feeling like I could be honest. “Any tips to get on her good side?”

Kat turned and looked at me through her (Prada) sunglasses (I had the same ones and my mom stole them). “Be yourself, Reese. She’s a wonderful judge of character so if you’re putting on a big fake show for her, she is going to know.”

I don’t feel like I’ve been fake with Brady’s mom. Maybe just a bit aloof which may have put her off even more. But I nodded and said okay. Kat and I continued talking and I found that she was really easy to talk to. She told me about her divorce and I told her about my parents and she was not judgmental about it at all. After a while, Brady came back and we decided that we were going to walk around. We got dressed and told Kat we would see them at the house later.

There was a strip of restaurants, bars and shops so naturally Brady and I went into a bar and got margaritas. We were being super sweet and affectionate to each other. I love when we get like that. After the bar, we walked down the strip and went into a few of the boutiques. I got another bathing suit because that’s exactly what I needed and a pair of sunglasses. Then we came upon a fine jewelry store. I insisted we go in.

The salesman asked what we were looking for and I told him to just let us look. Obviously I wanted to look at all the engagement rings and try some on. I slowly walked around the display cases until I found them. Aha! I stopped and peered at all the beautiful rings through the glass.

“You, engaged?” the middle eastern man asked, pointing back and forth between Brady and me. Brady said no before I could even open my mouth. I pouted. I thought it would be fun to pretend to be engaged, but whatever.

“Can I try this one on?” I asked, pointing to a pretty ring that wasn’t really my style.

“Sure,” my middle eastern friend told me. He opened the case and slid the ring on my finger and I was in love.

“You can customize it,” he told Brady. “Any diamond you want.”

“I want this diamond in a different setting,” I announced. “I want something dainty with a humongous diamond. What can you suggest?”

The sales guy’s face lit up. “I have one for you!” He scurried to the back storage room and I couldn’t help thinking about how easy it would have been to run off with the ring he let me try on. Is that bad? My friend came back two seconds later and said, “You will like it. Big diamond, small band. Perfect for your pretty little finger.”

“Show me!” I squealed. He opened a little black box and a huge diamond blinded me. The guy took it out of the box and replaced the old tiny ring with the new beautiful huge one. There was a ridiculously large cushion cut diamond with a halo, two smaller diamonds flanking it and a thin band of tiny diamonds. LOVE.

I turned and looked at Brady and he was standing far away looking super uncomfortable and ready to leave.

“Four carat center and sixty diamonds in total.”

“We’ll take it!” I announced.

“$45,000, okay? I will custom make it just for you, dear. Whatever you want.”

“Okay!” I nodded eagerly.

“Reese, no,” Brady finally cut in.

I scoffed at him. “Why not? You make that much in like a week.”

“I don’t want to do this right now,” he said.

I pouted and looked at the ring. I’m trying to be more mature and more considerate so that meant I probably shouldn’t push it. After one last look, I took the ring off and handed it back to the sales guy. “Nevermind!”

He looked like even he was surprised by how easily I gave up.

“$40,000 for you, dear. Engagement ring and wedding band.”

I didn’t dare look at Brady even though my friend was obviously cutting us a deal.

“No, it’s okay. Thanks so much though! I’ll send all my friends here!” I headed out the door and Brady followed me. There was an ice cream shop a few doors down and I wanted to go in a get a cone. We took our cones to a bench and ate them in silence. Usually I feel like I need to fill silences and start talking, but I was too busy thinking. Aunt Kat was right – Brady did get all weird whenever marriage was mentioned. Maybe he’s afraid of commitment.

“I’m glad the sun is out today,” he said suddenly, breaking the silence. Of course he wasn’t going to mention what just happened. But I was. I’m sick of always wondering what he’s thinking.

“Did that make you uncomfortable?” I asked.


“The jewelry store. The engagement rings…”

Brady shrugged. “No, we just haven’t discussed it so I was caught off guard.”

“We haven’t discussed it,” I repeated, trying not to sound irritated. We have discussed it and he said I could pick out any ring I want. We may have been drunk, but I know what he said.

“There’s a lot we need to figure out before we do that. I don’t want to rush into anything just because you see a pretty ring,” Brady explained like I am four years old.

I sat there and licked my cone feeling dumb. The top ice cream scoop fell off my cone and hit the ground, beginning to melt almost immediately. I felt Brady watching me and he was probably wondering when my tantrum would start.

“Do you want another one?” he asked finally.

I shook my head. “No, this is fine. I probably didn’t need that extra scoop anyway.”

After we ate our ice cream, we went back to the resort and showered then napped. We woke up and fooled around for a little bit before Brady suggested we go watch a movie because the house had a home theater, of course.

Just when we got set up in the theater room watching American Sniper, the older of the two boys, Roper, came barging in.

“What are you guys watching? Is this American Sniper? I want to watch,” he said, flopping on one of the empty couches.

“Yes, it’s American Sniper,” Brady answered.

“What are you guys doing under that blanket?” he asked, eyeing us suspiciously. I had my legs draped over Brady’s lap and we were under a blanket so maybe to an immature sixteen year old it looked like he was feeling me up or something. Which, even if he was, was none of Roper’s sixteen year old business.

“Roper, does your mommy know you’re up here?” I asked sweetly.

“Who cares? I do whatever the fuck I want,” he scoffed and it was a compete 180 from the polite kid I met that morning.

“I don’t think your mother would like you using that kind of language,” I pointed out.

“My mom isn’t my boss!” Roper snapped. “I’m not a little kid. Did you take a hater pill this morning?”

I laughed because that was seriously so stupid. I wanted to ask if he took an annoying pill, but decided against it.

“Ro, do you want to hang out after the movie?” Brady asked.

“No, I’ll just stay here and watch,” he answered and kicked his feet up and rested his hands behind his head.

We watched for about six minutes before Roper started talking and being annoying again. Every time we would point out that we were trying to watch a movie, he would say, “Okay, okay, sorry. But wait – blah, blah, blah…” I wanted to lock him in a cage. Have I mentioned how much I hate children and teenagers?

After the movie, we finally got rid of him and retired to our room for the evening. On Sunday morning I woke up looking to snuggle with my boo, but I couldn’t feel him in the bed. I opened my eyes and saw that he wasn’t there. The bathroom light wasn’t on so I knew he wasn’t in there either. I figured he’d be back soon, but after about ten minutes I decided to go find him and some food. I got dressed and went downstairs then followed soft voices I heard in the kitchen.

Brady was sitting on a stool in front of the kitchen counter and Daniela was on the other side cooking or something. He didn’t have a shirt on and it looked like he was drinking coffee or tea or something.

“Hola,” I said and they both turned to look at me. I walked and sat on the stool next to Brady.

“Good morning. What do you want for breakfast?” Brady asked me.

“You,” I said sweetly.

He laughed and I said, “What are you doing? Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“You were sleeping so peacefully.”

Daniela said something to Brady in Spanish and they began talking and laughing and I wished I’d paid more attention to Spanish in high school because I felt left out. She made us pancakes and fresh squeezed orange juice and I asked if there was any tequila. Brady informed me that it was too early for tequila, but I reminded him that we were on vacation. Daniela brought the tequila and I put some in both of our drinks.

Kat and the brats came down while we were eating.

“Good morning, you two!” she greeted us. She was wearing sunglasses, white shorts and a tank top that showed off her obvious fake tits.

“Hi Kat!” I said back.

“Where’s the woman? We are starving! Boys? What do you want for breakfast?” Kat asked. Daniela appeared and Kat ordered breakfast like she was at a restaurant. Daniela scurried off to make their food.

“What’s her name? Is she the one we’ve always had?” Kat asked.

“Daniela? Yeah, she’s been around for a while. We had her grandmother before she passed away, remember?” Brady said.

“Oh, right. Daniela? Hold the cheese on my omelet, do you understand?” Kat said then looked back at Brady. “Does she not know English? She’s putting cheese in my omelet and I told her not to!”

Brady called Daniela and explained the cheese misunderstanding and she said sorry over and over again and started blushing. Brady told us he was going to put clothes on.

“I swear having her is almost more difficult than just doing everything ourselves,” Kat mumbled and walked over to the breakfast nook. I didn’t like how ungrateful she was being and I knew if she actually had to cook and clean up after herself, she would probably have an aneurysm.

After breakfast, Kat and I went out to the pool to bake and drink mimosas. She decided to tell me more about her divorce and how men are always looking for the next youngest, hottest thing. And that I needed to maintain my appearance if I didn’t want Brady to stray. Seriously, she said that.

“I mean, you saw how he was acting around the girl. I assure you, if a man finds a woman who is pretty and can captivate his attention, he will pursue her. Brady is such a great boy, but he’s no different,” Kat said.

“I think Brady is just really nice,” I said defensively.

“And do you know who takes advantage of niceness? Women.”

I really didn’t want to continue talking about Brady potentially cheating on me with the housekeeper so I asked Kat to tell me how she raised such well behaved boys. She went into this long spiel about private school and discipline and I almost fell asleep. Eventually I decided to go find Brady so I went upstairs to our room. I heard him talking and even though I thought I was above eavesdropping, I tiptoed outside the door so I could hear who he was talking to.

“I told you, Aunt Katherine doesn’t mind. Yeah. It’s fine,” he was saying. “Bye.”

I walked in and saw him sitting on the bed with his phone.

“Heyyyy,” I said, jumping on the bed next to him. “Who was on the phone?”

“My mom. Thinks I should have told her we were coming because apparently we are disturbing Aunt Kat’s weekend,” he explained.

“This house is big enough for all of us to stay comfortably,” I said.

Brady agreed. Then we had sex and got ready to go to the airport. Aunt Kat gave us hugs and told me it was such a pleasure meeting me and hoped to see me again. I think she actually liked me!

Florida was fun. It makes me want to work really hard so I can retire and buy a multimillion dollar mansion and hire a housekeeper to live with me and do my dirty work. Hope everyone had a fun weekend!


58 thoughts on “i feel like i’m at a resort.

  1. Brittany says:

    Holy girl, you have got to cool it with this marriage talk or Brady is going to be out the door so fast your head will be spinning! Take it back 3 notches, you are scaring him off!

      • Really? So a girl can’t make her wishes known? And if that means he is out the door then so be it, but being together for almost a year certainly deserves a “where are we going” kind of discussion.

      • Brittany says:

        I’m not saying don’t make her wishes known, I’m just reading into it as Brady being super uncomfortable in the shop and some guys may take that as a cue to back off and cool down. My boyfriend brought up moving in together, then freaked out and didn’t want to talk about it for 6 months. Men are fickle creatures.

      • I don’t necessarily think we should have to pull back because guys get freaked out. if they don’t mean it they shouldn’t say it.

      • Brittany says:

        Fair enough, I just wouldn’t want something to keep being shoved in my face when I was clearly showing I was not ready for it.

      • because I went into a store and tried to get an engagement ring (that he promised me) in shoving it in his face? I don’t agree with that.

    • jessica says:

      For some reason your comment about the ring being promised to you irks me. It reminds me of the bags you charged on his credit card. Has it ever occurred to you doesn’t make a relationship? Have consideration for Brady and his finances. You sound so entitled saying he promised you the ring. things like that will only push Brady away. What happened with Carly? Have you taken the initiative to act like a grown up and apologize sincerely and ask her to talk or are you still acting like you two are cool and you don’t know why Carly is ignoring you? You lack awareness of how your actions impact others. Maybe if you tried to think about the other person you’d be more aware and have more fulfilling relationships.

      • I don’t care if it irks you. I do have consideration for his finances. he said I could pick out a ring so why is it bad that I wanted him to buy me a ring? and I didn’t throw a fit when he didn’t. so I don’t know why you’re mad.

      • Stacey says:

        Yes Brady “promised” you a ring but you know darn well that the proposal wasn’t real, you said so yourself. While you say you consider his finances you’re actions show otherwise. Picking out the most grand ring under the premise of a promise is very immature. Reese, have you ever done anything sweet for Brady. I mean besides sex. Have you ever bought his something substantial with your own money? You have this kick ass job and you mention all the things you buy for yourself and the things Brady gets you but I don’t think and I could be wrong that you’ve ever mentioned getting him something special. I think when someone makes an open ended offer you don’t try to break the bank. You be humble and thankful. Think of it this way, what if God forbid Brady loses his job tomorrow how would you feel if he bought you that dream ring and depleted some of his nest egg? Nothing is certain and given that you and Brady recently got back together, work of your issues and get to know each other better before thinking of a ring. That will come in time but you must establish a good foundation first.

      • I have done sweet things for him. I don’t buy him material things because he isn’t into that but I almost always buy our flights when we travel. if I didn’t know Brady could afford the ring, I would not have asked. I know how much he makes and how much he has saved. the price of the ring is not the problem.

      • anon says:

        It’s not your place to decide if he makes enough or has a nice savings account. Like Stacey said, you never know what could happen tomorrow, than that savings account shrinks quite fast.

      • Stacey says:

        That’s fair. I don’t think that any of us are in a position to say what Brady can afford yourself included. He might have a lot in savings but sometimes the unexpected happens and you have to be prepared. Not saying you and he aren’t. I can tell from your posts that Brady is an avid sports fan. How about doing something special for him like getting him MLB All Star Game tickets or even tickets to go see his favorite team play? Something that he would enjoy. When I asked if you even got him something special I didn’t mean material. Most men aren’t into that. Something special like maybe a couples spa day since he works at a high stress job? I think it would make him see how much you appreciate him and how thoughtful you are.

  2. Sorry says:

    This post left such a bad taste in my mouth… I know you didn’t do anything wrong but just me reading it made me feel so angry. I think you’re a good person, but everything that goes on in this blog regarding Hispanics has always made me uncomfortable. Especially when I think about what these people are going through at their home country, and how it is so bad that they would allow themselves to be treated like indentured servants.
    Perhaps I’m being sensitive considering that this is what I’m going to graduate school for and because my cousin was just shot in Honduras and it’s being considered just another death in a field of murders. Anyways I’m sorry, because I find so much joy in your blog because of who you are but I don’t want to grow to resent Republicans (because Brady’s family are republicans) or “non-Hispanic white” people.

    • it makes me uncomfortable too. I was shocked when I met Daniela and even more shocked when I saw how Brady’s aunt treated her. I don’t think you should resent republicans or white people in general because not everyone is racist or treat people like that.

    • K says:

      you have every right to feel how you feel. I think Reese though did a good job of explaining how she felt about it too, and it’s nice to see she didn’t treat Daniela the same way, and that Brady was a little nicer than the aunt to her. I’m the kind of person, I would have given them all a heart attack and gone and helped her. Seriously. Gave her a hand. I know she gets paid to be a housekeeper and probably gets paid a great deal. It’s one thing to have housekeepers or cooks or even a bulter, but I dont like the word maid, or servant. She’s a human being. Treating Daniela the way the aunt did was just.. sick. I agree with Reese that making her wear the ridiculous outfit is stupid, and treating her like she’s lower than pond scum simply for doing a job that the aunt wouldn’t lower herself to do is.. I have no words. But as far as I know, isn’t it like that in a lot of southern states still with very upper class? Please correct me if I’m wrong on that. A lot of movies and such still depict that that’s still a way of life in the South.

      • I really should have helped Daniela. I felt so bad for her. Brady assured me she was fine but he’s probably used to it. I’m from the south and I don’t know anyone who has a housekeeper. even my most wealthy friends had nannies but definitely not a housekeeper.

    • Don’t feel like you have to resent Republicans just because of something like this because I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of other upper class people (Democrats and those in other cultures) who treat those who work for them with just as much disdain as Aunt Kat treated Daniela.

      • Luita says:

        I agree with you Chris, that type of behavior is everywhere. In from Peru, we had maids growing up, we treated them like family because they took care of us (5 kids, while my parents worked). But it wasn’t like that at my grandma’s house (mom’s mom). It depends on how you are raised. My dad taught us to treat everyone with respect no matter what their job was.
        But I also agree with Brady there is nothing to feel sorry about, Daniela gets paid well and she lives in a nice house which is more than a lot of people get. At least her job is respectable.

  3. Literally said ‘awwwww’ because you dropped your ice cream. You’re just too cute sometimes.

    I don’t know how I feel about Aunt Kat, though. And I’m so glad you enjoyed your vacay!

    My kid better not ever pull shit like that. I’m Messican, I don’t play that shit.

  4. Christine says:

    just have to say that i LOVE your blog, and i love that we can see how much you’ve changed and matured over the year. i just don’t get why brady never brought the marriage thing up again and then pretended you had never discussed it? that would hurt my feelings, you handled it well!

  5. So then, sex on the pool deck with a chance that Daniela (who obviously has a crush on Brady) was watching = HOT!

    Aunt Kat and her boys… entitled, spoiled and awful. Brady may be oblivious sometimes, but it really sounds like he isn’t much like the rest of his family.

  6. Hebbsxo says:

    I wish your weekend would have been uninterrupted but, sounds like it was a beautiful, sun worshipping time!

    I can tell that you are really second guessing your first instinct reactions to things. Ie: the house keeper, the ring situation & spilt ice cream. Keep that up, you are growing! 🙂

  7. Sara says:

    Sounds like you had some much-deserved fun. Still, DAMN?! Referring to Daniela as “the woman”, as if it was too much trouble to remember her name??! All I can say is based on your descriptions of Brady’s family, he is the only normal one in the bunch. You could write a full-on sit-com about the rest of them The breezy and nice but ignorant aunt, the bratty, bipolar cousins, his ultra uptight parents, his rebel brother… wow.

    And I think it is entirely reasonable for you to discuss marriage before getting engaged. Brady even gave you your “in” for starting the conversation. I quote from above: “There’s a lot we need to figure out before we do that”. Fine. He said it, so now he needs to make good. How about he helps you make a list of what he thinks needs discussing and then actually opens up enough to discuss those items/issues. Things won’t get solved before they are talked about, which means he has actually be willing to talk. And don’t let Brady make you feel dumb, because you’re not. You sounded like you behaved quite rationally. There is no harm in doing a little ring shopping and you were being upfront about it.

  8. Y says:

    I just read through all these comments and I will say you have people who are really passionate about your life lol. Doll, I would say you handled the situation well (not throwing a tantrum) and I give you credit for that. You have a right to talk about marriage since he’s brought it up. However I agree with some commenters that you shouldn’t assume what he can afford. The decision on how much to pay for a ring for you in my opinion is his to make. If he wants you to pick a ring he’ll tell you and probably let you know how much he’s working with. I don’t think what you did should scare him away. You’re both adults and a relationship at this point should be going somehwere so if he’s scared that you’re looking at rings then o well. I think the whole proposal was a thing he said when he was high( like plenty things he’s said in the past high) so I wouldn’t consider it a real promise. It means it’s on his mind though. However let things play out naturally and he’ll propose when he’s ready. I believe he’s said before that there are things y’all need to work on. That’s fair. Don’t rush into anything considering you just got back together. Marriage is hard, it takes a lot of hard work and is way bigger than being on love. Take it slow. You’ll get there. He loves you. He’s not going anywhere.

    P.S- I’m curious. What’s holding you back from reaching out and apologizing to Carly? It’s been a while

  9. Luita says:

    I seriously don’t understand what people’s problem is. So Reese wanted a really expensive ring and Brady said no and they left the store. Reese didn’t throw a fit cause she didn’t get the ring and Brady didn’t seem offended. A relationship involves 2 people, so it really doesn’t matter what we think is ok or not. If Brady feels strongly about something, I’m sure he’ll let her know. We don’t have to worry about Brady’s finances, I’m sure when the time comes they’ll discuss it together.
    And I’ve never felt that we are told every aspect of Reese’s life so for people to assume that she never does anything for Brady is rude. I’m sure he wouldn’t be with her if he thought about her the same way some readers do.

  10. Kristin says:

    I know I’ve said this before, but Brady is sooooo much like my husband. We were together for seven years before he proposed. It was torture, I literally thought he was missing a gene or something it took so long. It was baby steps all the time and getting him to talk and open up was like pulling teeth. His family wasn’t rude to me, but I also don’t think they liked me. I wasn’t southern enough. Plus all of my married or engaged friends were like, “I don’t know how you haven’t given up on him yet.”

    I learned some very valuable things over those years. First is patience, and it was so hard. I figured out very quickly that pushing him was not going to have a good outcome for me. Second, I learned that the amount of time it takes you to get married doesn’t matter in the end because when they’re ready, it’s so worth it. There is so much comfort in knowing that it was entirely his decision, plus it was a surprise. I know you think you want to pick out your own ring, but there is nothing that compares to being surprised with a great ring. Once he chose me, his entire life mission is to make me happy.

    In retrospect, one year seems so small. I know it feels different to you now, but for guys like Brady, it make take several to have a solid foundation that can withstand everything that marriage will throw your way. Be patient with him, I have a good feeling he will be worth it.

  11. I think it’s so refreshing that Brady is so laid back compared to the rest of his family. They all appear so uptight, and he seems to be the exact opposite. You lucked out with that one girl!

  12. Carrie says:

    I have to agree with a commenter above that Brady hasn’t promised you anything. You’ve talked about marriage when you’re high/drunk, but that doesn’t mean anything. Especially considering he doesn’t really open up to you when he’s sober, much less propose marriage when he’s sober. I say a lot of things when I’m drunk that I wouldn’t when I’m sober. When you’ve got that buzz going on and everything feels good, it’s fun to fantasize but that doesn’t mean it’s true or it will happen. You two need to get to a place where you’re comfortable with each other and can talk openly all the time. Also, just a personal opinion – $45,000 on a ring is ridiculous and stupid. Why would you want to wear something that expensive on your hand, when it could get damaged, lost or stolen at any moment? It would be better to save that for a house.

      • Kristin says:

        Love is unconditional and shouldn’t be based on what someone has or can afford to buy you. You need to stop talking about what he has and can afford because it makes you sound that your more interested in what he can get you than who he is.

      • okay I didn’t realize I was talking about how much money he has. that’s not all I’m concerned about and I don’t want it to come off that way.

      • Stacey says:

        You do come off as focused on what you can get from Brady. Read how many times you say he can afford a $45k ring, because he makes a lot and has savings. Then he has a house and everything he needs so he can spend how much YOU want on a ring? Really girl? An engagement ring is a gift given with the promise of getting married. It isn’t about what you can afford. No offense but those who have to spend what’s equivalent to the average person’s salary in the United States on a ring and then hundreds of thousands on a weddings, usually have the weakest relatiionships. Those are the relationships that have no foundation and they feel that they have to prove to everyone how much in love they are by spending way too much. If Brady chooses to get you a ring, it should be up to him to pick a price. The biggest ring doesn’t indicate his love. You need to stop being materialistic and focus on the important things in life.

      • I think you guys are more focused on the price of the ring than I am. I didn’t want the ring because it was “expensive” or anything like that, I wanted it because I loved it. I could fall in love with a $1,000 ring and want it just as much. and Brady wasn’t even concerned about the price, his hesitation came from not wanting to make a commitment before we were ready. so I’m not trying to argue that I think i deserve a $40k ring, I’m arguing that that is the ring I picked out and Brady said I can pick out any ring I want.

    • KatyB says:

      A ring is an investment. They do not lose value so buying one worth 45k is not foolish. Plus, they can insure the ring under homeowners which is super easy. Just because you wouldn’t buy a 45k ring, doesn’t mean someone else can’t.

      • Haley says:

        I think a 45k ring is fine if you can afford it. So if Brady can, I think it’s fine that he gets it for Reese. Just because it’s not your preference, doesn’t mean it’s “stupid”.

    • Y says:

      I think a 45k ring or any amount he wants to spend is fine. I don’t think it’s ridiculous. A ring is an investment and if he can afford it why not? I however think it should be his call how much he is comfortable spending on a ring.

    • Kristin says:

      You and Brady don’t have a house. He has a house. You didn’t contribute to purchasing or the mortgage so it’s not we, it’s he. Brady needs to pick an amount for a ring not you. For an independent woman you’re too caught up in Brady’s finances. Wonder if you’d like him if he didn’t have money.

      • no I didn’t contribute anything but my point is if we got married we would have a place and not have to save for a house. and no, I wouldn’t like Brady if he was homeless.

  13. Kelly says:

    Here’s my take. I might be off or thinking of another blog. Didn’t Brady complain about his ex being too materialistic and that partially caused them to break up? Maybe Brady didn’t outright say that the ring was too expensive but he didn’t either. Wasn’t he upset that you rang up a huge bill on his credit card but then played it off and acted like nothing was wrong? He isn’t the type to tell you that something is too much. You can’t try to justify your wants by saying it was promised to you. Remember Brady “proposed” and made you all these promises while he was high. He never brought it up again and who’s to say he even remembers any of it. Whether you get a $2 or a $200k ring is your business. Yes Brady doesn’t think you’re ready to take the next step but that might not be his sole reason. What if he was put off by the price of the ring but didn’t want to hurt your feelings by saying something? Brady doesn’t open up much so you don’t really know what he was feeling. The only way for you and Brady to establish is a stronger relationship is to talk and open up to each other more.

  14. Smack says:

    The cost of the ring in this post isn’t the problem. It’s that Reese went to the counter and started to buy it without even consulting Brady. She just assumed he would buy it for her because she wanted it in that moment. I was glad to see that a tantrum didn’t ensue but it was super cringe-worthy to read about you trying to buy that ring like that. I mean isn’t a proposal supposed to be a wonderful moment between two people in love? Not someone at the counter demanding a ring be bought for her at that moment?

    I felt so bad for Brady’s family housekeeper. She seemed so sweet and his aunt was unbearable. I get the feeling she’s trouble. Good luck with that!

    And as for Carly, in my opinion, Reese has reached out and tried to make amends. If Carly doesn’t want to talk to her, she can’t do a thing about besides wait it out.

  15. Ashley says:

    A little off topic, but you said Chris and Carly were supposed to move at the end of the month… Did they already move? (I might be mixing up dates) or are they all packed now? Has Brady asked you to move in…or is he looking for a new roommate?

    So many questions, sorry!

  16. elena says:

    you have a right to make your intentions clear obviously (it sounds old timey) to make sure you’re on the same page and you’re not wasting your time..
    maybe hinting what type of ring you want so straight off at the store was a bit blunt, and you can show him pictures of what you want next time you talk about getting married (hopefully while you’re both sober).. otherwise hint him if you’d rather he propose and then you can pick the ring together.
    you have a right to bring up your future as a couple with Brady but maybe ease it into the conversation.
    maybe discuss what specifics you both need to work on more before getting engaged in more detail?
    maybe he would be fine getting engaged but wouldn’t wanna get married within the next year or whatever

    anywayyy I love your blog and next time the ring comes up don’t bring up a price tag (unless people ask) since it seems a few people got a bit touchy about it lol

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