i think we should break up.

On Monday the Chicago Blackhawks won some sort of trophy so everyone went crazy. I ended up staying at work really late with Luke and when we finally left, everyone was out celebrating so we decided to participate in the festivities. By then everyone was drunk and belligerent so we only lasted about half an hour before we downed our drinks and decided to just get food instead.

On Tuesday after work I stopped and got food then I went home (Brady’s house but whatever). When I got there, Chris was hanging out in the living room.

“Hi Chris,” I greeted him. “Do you want sushi? I got extra.” (Extra = I got one serving for Brady and two servings for me.)

“No I’m okay, Reese. I appreciate the offer though,” he said.

“More for me,” I said to myself and walked into the kitchen. I decided to take my food into the living room so I could talk to Chris while I ate. Chris and I don’t talk one on one often, but I figured I could pick his brain one last time before he moves.

I sat on the armchair with my plate of sushi in my lap and said, “So! Are you excited for your big move?”

“I am. I can’t believe we’re doing it.” He proceeded to tell me about he job he has lined up, something about managing direct sales. He sounded really excited about it. Then he talked about things (he thought) I should’ve already known like that Carly is going to be working as a receptionist. And I had to pretend like I already knew these things because apparently Carly didn’t tell Chris that she isn’t speaking to me. Which I appreciate.

“So, this is a big step,” I said. “Do you think you’ll get married and stuff?”

“Not anytime soon,” Chris replied without looking uncomfortable or awkward. “Neither of us are in any rush. We’re okay with the way things are.”

I nodded. “Well, make sure you hang on to her. She’s such a good catch.”

When Brady got home I told him to grab his food and join our party in the living room. Since I had both of them there I asked Brady if he was sad he was losing his roommate/bestie.

“Yeah, how are you ever going to find a better replacement?” Chris asked.

Brady shrugged and said he wasn’t sure. Chris mentioned that Brady was considering rooming with some girl and when Brady saw my face he quickly said, “She has a boyfriend.”

And Chris said, “She does, but they are swingers.”

I was so confused.

“Who is this swinger girl?” I asked.

“This girl we know,” Chris answered. “She’s a lawyer.”

“Oh the lawyer girl from Memorial Day?” I realized. “She’s a swinger? Ew!”

“We just mentioned that it’s a possibility. Nothing’s confirmed,” Brady said.

I think Brady living with anyone except Chris will be weird. Especially a girl swinger lawyer. Is it rude that I don’t want her to move in? I don’t care.

I got dinner and drinks with Kendra and John on Wednesday night. They are getting married in three months which is so bizarre to me. She’s not stressed or anything and seems to have everything figured out already. I guess that’s what happens when you date someone for seven years.

Some of Brady’s friends from college were visiting Chicago for the weekend so we hung out with them on Friday night. He told me they were kind of nerdy and I knew that if Brady called them nerdy then they had to be pretty nerdy. Figuring I had no one to impress, I wore a plain dress, flat sandals and my hair in a bun.

We got to the restaurant and Brady introduced me to Tim – very tall and lanky, glasses; Tim’s girlfriend, Amy – very short and skinny, dressed like a hipster, glasses; Collin – works as a chemist, beard, kind of hot in a grungy way; and finally Jenny – a tall, chubby Asian girl wearing a maxi dress, booties and glasses. They weren’t what I was expecting from Brady’s friends, but it seemed to make sense.

Someone (not me or Brady) suggested a round of shots to commence dinner. My kind of people. They all reminisced about college, talking about all the Adderall and coke they had to snort to handle their intense workload. Sounds like my college experience minus the school work! They asked about how Brady and I met so we told them. I told them a brief but funny version of the night we met story and then about our first date when he used all those big words.

Collin said, “Yeah, Brady’s idea of romance definitely involves an English and possibly science lesson.”

We all laughed. Amy told us that Tim is the same way and that their dirty talking sounds like a physics lecture. I didn’t want to imagine those two in bed, but I feel like they’re into super kinky shit. We had drinks and talked and joked around and I was pretty impressed with how well I was fitting in with the nerds. They definitely talk about different things than my friends and me (less clothes, hair and drama, more world crises, presidential elections and GMOs), and it was interesting.

Collin and Brady told us that they were going to get a beer tower for us and they would be back. As they walked away Tim said, “We’re going to tell Reese all your embarrassing stories while you’re gone,” and we all laughed.

I looked down at my phone, still giggling. I heard Jenny say, “I don’t like you.” I looked up, wanting to see the drama and was surprised to see her looking at and pointing at me. I glanced behind me to make sure she wasn’t talking to someone behind me, but she wasn’t.

“Me?!” I gaped at her.

“Yes, you,” she said back. “I don’t fucking like you.”

“Why? You don’t even know me,” I almost laughed.

“I don’t like the way you treat Brady. He deserves better.”

I started to defend myself but she ignored me. “Brady tells me everything. He’s the nicest guy ever and you take advantage of it. You’re clingy and controlling and walk all over him. You treat him like shit.”

“I completely disagree,” I said.

“Brady is one of my closest friends. He tells me everything. Shows me your text messages. He asks me how to handle you and do you know what I tell him? Fucking. Dump. The. Bitch. You don’t deserve him.”

Tim and Amy were looking around uncomfortably. Even though I know it was probably the alcohol talking, it hurt. She was right. If Brady was calling her to complain about me, I must be pretty bad. I felt a lump forming in my throat and when Jenny started to say something else, I burst into tears.

“Oh my God, I cannot believe you’re crying,” she said. “You’re a complete cunt to my friend and when I call you out, you cry? Are you kidding me?”

I stood up quickly and started to say, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about,” but I couldn’t even get any words out. I walked toward the bathroom to clean myself up and passed Brady and Collin with the beer tower.

“Hey,” Brady called to me and I turned my head and waved so he couldn’t see me crying.

If this happened a few months ago I would have gotten combative and shouted across the table back at Jenny. I would have told her that her makeup was terrible and that her outfit looked cheap. I probably would have lunged across the table and strangled her. It would have gotten ugly. But that behavior is why she was yelling at me in the first place.

I got in the bathroom and locked myself in a stall. After about thirty seconds of being alone with myself I stopped crying. What a hot mess. I can’t believe I just started crying like that in front of Brady’s friends. But something about what Jenny said really struck a nerve. The fact that Brady was talking shit to her, a girl who didn’t even know me, so badly that she hated me was really hurtful. I didn’t like that she knew the ins and outs of our relationships and read our text messages. I don’t even let my friends read our text messages.

I pulled my compact out and touched up my makeup then texted Kendra, “One of Brady’s girl friends just yelled at me because I’m a terrible girlfriend so I cried like a baby.” Then I texted Preston, “Let’s please drink tonight.”

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen when I got back to the table, but I got the courage to go back out there. No one said anything when I sat back down including Brady because he was busy talking to Tim.

“Do you drink beer, Reese?” Collin asked. I nodded and he filled a glass with beer for me. I started sipping it and Brady finally turned to look at me.

“Are you okay?” he asked, looking concerned.

“Mmhm, fine. I think I’m gonna go,” I replied.

“Really? Why?”

“Preston wants to meet up and I haven’t seen him in a while.”

“Okay… Do you want a ride?”

“No, stay here. Enjoy your night with your friends,” I said. I informed him that I had an Uber coming and convinced him that I wasn’t upset about anything even though I could tell he didn’t believe me. Before I left everyone (except Jenny) told me how nice it was to meet me. I felt a little bit bad about leaving like that, but I also needed to process everything without Brady watching me.

I met Preston, Nicole and Lexi up north and as soon as I sat down at their table I started crying again. I don’t even know why. I explained the story and Preston, “What a fucking bitch. I’m sure she just wants Brady to herself.”

“No, she’s right,” I cried. “Brady is such a sweet guy. He deserves a nice girl.”

“Babe, Brady loves you. Don’t let that skank make you believe otherwise. If Brady was unhappy he wouldn’t stay with you,” Preston said gently.

“Yes he would. He’s probably too scared to tell me how he really feels.” No one said anything so I continued. “I can’t believe he showed her our texts. That’s so fucking personal.”

“Reesie Piecie,” Preston sighed like he was getting frustrated. “You’re reading too much into this. Brady sometimes needs girl advice and goes to her. The chick was drunk and got carried away tonight. Let’s drink and forget about it, k?”

Preston ordered me a Long Island while I rested my head on the table. We finished a round of drinks then walked down the street to another bar. Brady texted me saying that his friends were going to a bar, but he was going home and did I want him to pick me up? As I read it I thought about him screenshotting our conversations and showing them to Jenny and felt weird. I didn’t say anything back.

I was in a tipsy antisocial mood so I stood in a corner of the bar with my arms crossed, not talking to anyone. Then I called an Uber and went home. When I woke up on Saturday morning, I felt happy and excited and immediately wanted to call Brady to go to brunch. Then I thought about what Jenny said and what happened the night before. It was like a black cloud following me everywhere I went. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’m also weirded out that he supposedly confides so much in this girl who I’ve never met and he rarely, rarely talks about. I don’t know anything about her except that they went to the same college and had some classes together, but she knows everything about me apparently.

I didn’t see Brady again for the rest of the weekend. I told him that I wanted to give him space to see his friends even though he told me that it wasn’t necessary and they left last night. I know I need to talk to him and ask him about what she said, but I feel betrayed. Maybe I don’t have a right to feel like that but I do. And not only that, but I feel like Jenny is completely right. Brady does deserve better. He deserves a girl who a. he doesn’t have to complain about to his friends and b. won’t be selfish enough to be mad that he’s complaining. I think we should break up.


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  1. Katy says:

    This makes me so sad!! I love you and Brady so much! I think a lot of the recent comments have been too harsh on you definitely, but weirdly I’ve had a feeling the last few weeks something like this would happen and it would be over 😦

  2. Kristin says:

    We don’t know the ins and outs of your relationship. From what you’ve shared it does seem like your relationship is one sided and maybe Brady doesn’t feel appreciated. Sometimes we have to put our significant other first. Many times you do do what you want without regard for what Brady wants. I think you give Brady a hard time and put him in awkward situations. You do try to control what female he speaks to but do what you want. Maybe he’s intimidated by you or afraid you’ll throw a tantrum so he vents to his friend. It isn’t any different than you confiding in Kendra or Preston. Relationships are built on trust. If you have trust then you won’t get upset if your significant other speaks to a person of a different sex. Do I think you and Brady will break up? No.

    • i’ve been trying really hard to be considerate of his feelings lately. and i hope we don’t break up, i think i was being kind of dramatic and i was hurt when i wrote this. i plan on talking to him later so i will see what happens and let everyone know.

  3. Sara says:

    I think you need to tell Brady straight up and word for word what happened here. Calmly if you can. Jenny is NOT Brady’s friend if she acts like this and I truly believe he would be HORRIFIED to know what she said to you. It is a deep betrayal of his confidence. She is trying to put a wedge between the two of you for her own selfish reasons and has created some major malicious drama I think Preston is right and that Brady is with you because he wants to be–remember that he did break up with you, regretted it completely and convinced you to come back to him. He WANTS TO BE WITH YOU and wooing you back proves it. Relationships are often REALLY hard and a lot of work and I talk to my close friends all the time about my husband–sometimes some really not-so-pretty shit because I need the clarity, but I do so knowing that they like him anyway (at least for my sake) and that they would NEVER tell him what I said. Narcing on me to him about what I say would be a deal breaker and I would cut them off. You are having a moment of insecurity (which is normal), but don’t let it send you into a tailspin. You held yourself well when Jenny was unbelievably rude to you and you should be proud of yourself for that (as in she is the total “see you aunty” here, not you. Believe that Sister.) I have a LOT of self control and yet if I were you place that bitch would be a pile of disintegrated dust (as in I would have waited until Brady returned and immediately repeated what she said in front of him right then and there. And then kicked her ass, and I kick damned hard.)

    Can you tell I am at her for you? If I was there I would punch her for you. Let me instead validate you–you should be offended. she is ridiculous. Now go tell your boyfriend what she said You will feel better for it.

    • KatyB says:

      This. Exactly Reese. Tell him, calmly what happened. Tell him you are beyond hurt and are questioning your relationship together. Ask him why he would do something like that?

      Ugh. So sorry hun. Hugs from me to you!!!!

    • This!!!

      I’m really proud of you for not freaking out and getting into it with her, that seems like kind of a Herculean effort at this point (not calling you prone to drama, but I wouldn’t have been able to restrain myself if someone was acting like that with me.)

      Tell Brady what happened. For all you know, he could have been doing this months and months ago and not recently. It’ll be better to clear things up.

    • aww, thank you for this comment. i completely agree. i guess we all vent to our close friends about our significant other but we would NEVER confront the significant other unless it was super important/life or death. seriously can’t believe her.

      • Sara says:

        You’re not weak for not answering her back. It would have been a pointless playground pissing match which leads to nothing good. You took the high road and made a dignified exit to collect yourself and process (which actually likely made you look far more mature in the eyes of Brady’s other friends because you didn’t engage Jenny in her drunken spleen state). As my dad is fond of saying “never get into a pissing contest with a skunk” You walked away and that was the right thing to do. Now tell Brady about it. Brady needs to know that Jenny is a nasty mean spirited name caller who can’t keep her mouth shut. Brady can’t trust her and he needs to think carefully about who he talks to and how, especially about you. I suspect if he knew what happened he would be livid at Jenny and he needs to look out for you better. I know he didn’t mean for this to happen, but this situation is partly his fault.

  4. C says:

    This summed up how I feel. If she was truly his friend, she wouldn’t have said anything. You need to tell Brady word for word.

    I’m so sorry, Reese. I’m coming to Chicago this weekend! We will drink and forget it!

  5. Luita says:

    I agree with Sara, you need to talk to Brady, a really open conversation.
    It makes me mad that he would confide in someone else. Specially cause it’s like pulling teeth when you try to get him to open up.
    You handled yourself very well, specially after she called you the C word. I wouldve punched her in the face. I don’t care what she thinks she knows about you no one deserves to be treated like that.
    I’m sad to say this because I love your blog, but maybe it’s time for you to take a break from the negativity. There’s so many people only focusing on your short comings and that offer nothing but criticism. That’s gotta get to you, I don’t know how you do it, but I would probably cry all day even though I know what they say is not true.
    You might not be perfect, but you are trying and you do care about other people, or else you wouldn’t care what they say.
    I hope you get to talk to Brady and get him to open up to you. Keep your chin up Reese, you are a great person! No guy is ever just too nice to stay in relationship if he’s miserable.

    • I completely agree. the negativity is finally beginning to take a toll on me. and what happened over the weekend didn’t help any. I dreaded posting this and still wonder if I should delete it.

      • Ashley says:

        Don’t! These are your steps to growing up. Like you said last yeah you would’ve gone apeshit on her. Although some were harsh with their comment, maybe some of it truly hit home with you. This post humanizes you.

      • Sara says:

        You poor thing! What hurts me for you is you taking Jenny’s churlish behavior as a sign that you are a bad person. You aren’t. She is so wrong on so many levels. She embarrassed you needlessly and unforgivably and excused her bad behavior as “calling you out”. What she did was just plain mean/rude and uncalled for. I bet she would never have done that if Brady had been standing there which also makes her a rank coward. It does seem like your self esteem is taking a beating of late and that makes me sad because it is so obvious to me that you really are working on being more mindful and mature. For that I think you should feel proud, not beaten down.

        I do think Brady needs to know that his confiding in his so-called close friends is putting you in a rough spot and that this is a sign that he really should be talking to you directly about some of these issues. Jenny full-on said she doesn’t like you–a person she had never met before–and it is because Brady vented to her about you. He needs to know this because he is (likely unknowingly) damaging your relationship by doing so. If you are in so much pain that you feel like you ought to break up it means you are in a bad place–probably not unlike the one Brady was in last February.

        Reese, you really have grown up and softened up (in a good way) since the breakup and makeup. Please, please don’t let her evil words make you feel small. You’re not. You have taken a lot of hits recently from multiple places (Carly, Kendra, this blog) and it seems to be eroding your confidence. Hang in there!!!

  6. Ashley says:

    I wouldn’t dwell on the part that he found someone to confine with, I’m sure my boyfriend complains about me to someone (male or female friends). Just like you vent to Preston, he apparently vents to devil. I do however would HATE the idea of him sharing private conversations (screenshots or whatever).

    When you do decide to open up to him about this, I think you should politely let him know you don’t live the idea with him rommie-ing with another female. I know I wouldnt be pretty upset about that… Unless you are of course there 24/7. Good luck and cheer up buttercup!

    • ew, i know. the thought of her (or anyone really) reading our conversation freaks me out. now i am going to be really cautious of what i say. honestly, i really don’t mind him rooming with a girl. well, this girl anyway. if i found out that freaking gigi hadid or someone was moving in, then i would have an issue lol.

  7. Hebbsxo says:

    oh babe. 😦

    i agree with other readers, talk to B. talk about the comments and why it hurts you then, get down to the nitty gritty bullshit of things each of you need to work on to make this relationship work. open up, both of you, raw and vulnerable.

    i think its crazy she would act cuntish towards you, breaking his trust to confide in her. not to mention in front of other people; so mean.

  8. Raycheese says:

    Stop being so dramatic, this is no reason to end your relationship. You are SO BALLSY all the time! Grab those balls right now and tell your boyfriend what she said. It was fucked up. And he is your boyfriend, you should be able to talk to him about anything.

  9. Jess says:

    Reese, this broke not just my heart, but my entire soul. I cried and was angry for you! Jenny was outrageous and out of line. If B trusted her as much as she claimed, then she should know that he is a private person and wouldn’t want her to break his confidence when he turns to her for advise.

    I agree with every comment above that you need to be open and completely honest about your mental state of mind with your relationship. When I first started your blog, you were wild. Crazy even. But now your edges are so sharp. You’re growing and maturing. You’re putting effort into being a better person. You’re human. And hormonal. Everyone has their crazy days. In my eyes, the strides you are making to be better, makes Jenny look like shit. Not you. Chin up and don’t let her heartlessness get to your beautiful soul. Hugs sweetie!

  10. Jilly says:

    This literally left a knot in my stomach, I honestly have no idea how someone could flat out say that, it’s ridiculous. I agree with everyone that you need to tell Brady and ask him about it, you’re just going to make yourself miserable waiting it out and he is also probably wondering why his girlfriend has been AWOL. I know you feel bad, your posts recently have really recognized when you don’t always treat Brady the way you think he should be. Of course I don’t agree that y’all should break up, but you thinking that just shows how far you’ve come in wanting to treat Brady the way he deserves. You have come so far and Brady is really lucky to have you, if he wasn’t he wouldn’t still be with you, it’s as simple as that! Good luck, don’t let that girl tear you down. You’re comparing your insides to their outsides, when in reality you know that nobody is perfect and you’re doing fabulous, good luck girly!

  11. elena says:

    omg Reese you remember when you yelled at Jessica and Brady got pissed? imagine how he’d react if he knew his friend was bitching you like that!
    but really you need to talk to him and tell him what happened and ask him what he’s been bitching to her about (in nicer words and try to be calm when you do this!) and ask him why he hasn’t talked to you about it if it’s something that is bothering him!
    very proud of you that you took the high road and left! I would’ve slapped her or something 😦 you are the bigger person!
    you’ve changed a lot Reese!
    be proud of that and focus on that instead of all the shit people has been giving you lately!

  12. Meg says:

    Talk to Brady and explain what his friend said. Who knows she could have twisted the words to make it sound extra awful…you and Brady are meant to be.

  13. She called you the C word for God’s sake! She is a vile human being. I agree totally she probably has a huge crush on Brady. You need to tell him to stop texting her but I bet she made mountains out of molehills. Ask to see their texts and I bet there innocent enough on his side of things.

    My biggest issue is the girl roomate. Like really??? You live in a big enough city I’m sure he could scout out a male. Say you were considering moving in with a straight male you met and see how he takes it

  14. Danielle says:

    Girl, you are absolutely NOT in the wrong here. Jenny is a coward for not calling you out in front of Brady if she was going to do it at all, which means she knows what she did was wrong. Is she right? No. Do you have some things that you need to work on in your relationship? Absolutely, but so do all of us. No one is perfect, but you also have been so conscientious of Brady’s feelings recently, you’re really making steps towards being better and I think you will only continue that.
    Like other commenters said above, I really think you need to have an open talk with Brady about how you’re feeling in your relationship right now, and tell him why you’re feeling this way (AKA his bitch of a friend calling you out). Personally, I wouldn’t focus on the fact that he’s confiding in someone, (I know it sucks, but I think we all do it) rather on the fact that you were completely unaware that he felt certain ways and didn’t make you aware. You both need to take steps to better your relationship more. Tell Brady if he feels certain ways about how you’re treating him sometimes, he needs to tell YOU. Otherwise how are you to know that you’re upsetting/hurting him?
    Don’t let the haters stop you from doin yo thang girl. Hang in there ❀

    • i think it also sucks that he feels like he can’t tell me he’s feeling this way. obviously i’m not someone he feels like he can talk to and i should be.

  15. Brandi says:

    I’ve never commented before but your blog is by far my favorite. With all the negative comments you’ve been getting lately I thought you should hear all the great qualities I’ve noticed about you.
    1. You’re hilarious. I love your sarcasm
    2. You’re incredibly brave. I could never post my personal life on here like you do.
    3. You started this blog for a great reason, to grow as a person and you have come so far.
    4. You seem to have a great head on your shoulders. You’re kicking ass at your job and you’re completely independent.
    5. You recognize that Brady is a great guy and you have been doing your best to treat him how he deserves.

    Don’t let the negativity get to you. If you notice they are nowhere around when you do anything to show what a great person you are. They only comment when you do something they don’t agree with which means they are incredibly insecure and only want to tear others down to make themselves feel better. Which is pathetic.

    Tell Brady what Jenny said. He deserves to know that she isn’t a true friend which is why she waited until he wasn’t around to say anything to you. It wasn’t her place at all and she was the cunt she accused you of being.

    I understand if you want to stop blogging because of the haters but I really hope you don’t. I always look forward to your posts πŸ™‚

  16. Lee says:

    1-Tell Brady what she said, all
    2-tell him you’re not comfortable with him rooming with another woman
    3- if this is the case you need to tell him you’re uncomfortable with hi confiding so many intimate details of your relationship with another woman. That’s how emotional affairs start.

  17. Lee says:

    1-Tell Brady what she said, all of it & you’re reaction & where your head has been since.
    2-tell him you’re not comfortable with him rooming with another woman and ask how he’d feel if you were going to get a male roommate.
    3- if this is the case you need to tell him you’re uncomfortable with him confiding so many intimate details of your relationship with another woman. That’s how emotional affairs start.

  18. okay I typically don’t comment but you have to make a choice. either you want to be in a long term relationship possibly leading to marriage and eal with all the ugly sides of it too such as bad days, and bad decisions, and having to forgive and compromise and sacrifice. or…

    you don’t. in which case yes you do need to break up because real life relationships aren’t always peachy.

    if you are thinking about getting married one day and breaking up the next you definitely are not ready for the ring. once you have decided, then sit down with brady and let him know and have him decide also. ONLY if you both agree on what you want to do will this ever work.

    confront him about that whole scenario because that is not right, and don’t just go away when you are feeling threatened or angry or insecure. face it.

    • i shouldn’t have run away and avoided him, you’re right. also, i didn’t want to break up with him because of what happened, i just had a freak out moment where i felt like he deserved someone better than me. i was probably being a little dramatic. but i can be a better girlfriend to him and i will.

  19. K says:

    Sweetheart.. you need to tell him. Tell him you’re sorry for sort of avoiding him, but something happened with Jenny (and if he wants to, he can ask the others because she did it in front of them.) you were humiliated, and embarassed by what she did, and devastated by what she said. That you feel there is some truth to it if he’s telling people that. Tell him how hurt you feel that he’s showing your private texts to other people, and opening up about “how to handle you” when he won’t even be open with you. That you didn’t know what to do, so you left and needed some time to figure out how to handle the situation. Brady loves you. He will listen to you. but don’t blame. Dont do the “you, you you” phrase it in a way that it’s about you, not him. People are more receptive of things when you can say “I really feel hurt that it wasn’t something you felt you could come to me about” instead of “how could you go to her and say that instead of coming to me!?” try to phrase it in calmer ways that keep him from going on the defensive.

    hugs lovely.

  20. kelseyxsays says:

    Wooooooooow. Jenny is a complete bitch. I would have punched her in the throat. Seriously. You are way too strong to succomb to something as catty as what Jenny said. Who cares if she doesn’t like you!?! She only knows ONE SIDE of the relationship; and I am obviously going to bet that Brady only tells her the less-than-favorable sides of your relationship. I think how Brady handles hearing about what happened will say a lot about how he feels about your relationship.

    And this is exactly why I keep a lot of my relationship/marriage private. NOBODY is a perfect peach all the time. Nobody. We all have flaws and make mistakes and are bitchy. I don’t want to create unnecessary black clouds of judgement in other people’s minds about my relationship because when the dust settles and everything is “great” again, that little speck of black dust is still there, tarnishing their view of that person. It sucks and it’s a harsh reality, but i have found it to be really true. This being said, I do agree with those above who said Jenny is not a true friend to Brady. Jenny knows all these little dark parts of your relationship with Brady, and that is what it is. The difference is that she had the audacity to corner you, without Brady present, and tell you her unwarranted and very one-sided opinion on something that is not even her business. She did not and should not have done that. Period. This is a prime example of why I have a hard time talking to about 99% of people about my own relationship. lol

    Anywho, sorry for the novel. Wish you all the best on this…. hang in there!

    • Wow that bitch was completely out of line. She had no right to speak to you that way. You absolutely need to tell Bradey everything she said. Fucking bitch…..

      I also think you need to tell Bradey you are uncomfortable with the idea of him living with a woman. I know I would be if my long term (ish) boyfriend was going to live with some woman I know nothing about. Unless he was living with her before you entered the picture this is just not ok.
      Hope it gets better soon.

  21. What that woman said, if you even want to call her that, is unacceptable. How rude it is for her to say awful things and call you the c-word when Brady is a grown effing man and if he didn’t love you slash want to be with you, he would have ended it himself. Do you have things you need to work on? Absolutely. Is that a reason for Jenny to even REMOTELY act the way she did? No fucking way. You need to tell him what she said, and how she embarrassingly did it in front of his other friends. If he has a problem with you, then let him say it and act on it. That post bothered me so much. F that girl, and if she had any proverbial balls whatsoever, maybe she should’ve spoken her mind in front of Brady. Let him make up his own mind and act on it accordingly; he has to know that his friend spoke to you like that and that you know he’s been talking to her about your relationship.

  22. Ellie says:

    I am shocked she called you out like that, but proud you realize she was telling the truth. A few posts back I commented to you that you and Brady need to have conversations about he feels about you and not just the lovely pretty picture things but the bad and the hurt and disrespect because I knew that he had to have other feels towards you and your actions other than just love sometimes. Many of the conversations you and Brady have had include you telling him how he has messed up and you being upfront and honest but Brady has never done that.

    Although I read your blog and see your side and reasoning I can only imagine how it looks on the other side of things. You love Kendra and you would call out John in a moment… the C-word calling girl was drunk and I have been reading your blog long enough to know that this girl could have been you.

    She cares about Brady and as great as your relationship is something is broken. The relationship lacks communication and evenness. You can talk to, vent to, sleep with, flirt with whomever and literal tears and tantrums when Brady states how he feels or is stern with you. You both have to have the same freedoms and receive the same love. I don’t think Brady feels as comfortable as he should.. and that’s something you both need to sit down and figure out why and how to fix it.

    At the end of the day at this point ..I think we all realize you cant just go back to how things were… something needs to give. Its not about this crazy chick going nuts at dinner but rather the truths in her statements and bringing to light things you didn’t know.

    Good Luck love I hope you find a way to work through it how ever you both see fit.

  23. Amber says:

    Oh my gosh Reese! I literally feel sick to my stomach after reading this. That girl Jenny is absolutely vile. You held up well that night and I am so sorry that happened. I don’t think it is bad that Brady confides in someone else (my husband tell his best friend about all of our fights to get another perspective) but it does feel like a breach of your trust to show text messages to someone else! Glad you are going to talk to him! Stay strong and don’t let anyone beat you down – you are awesome!! Also I am jealous by nature and there is no way I would be ok with my boyfriend living with a girl!! I know you said it is ok but really how hard would it be for Brady to find a male roommate or even live alone – he can afford it right?!

  24. I’ve had guys with girlfriends I didn’t like and I would NEVER speak to them that way. There is no excuse for that. Obviously you and Brady are going to talk this through, and a lot of people had good advice about handling it. I just want you to know that no matter if you saw truth in her words or not, you did not deserve to be spoken to that way and by doing that she’s proving that she is not the friend Brady thinks she is.

  25. What a fucking bitch!! I seriously can’t believe her! She’s horrid. And you’re fabulous. I can’t even. Def talk to your boo and let him know. I don’t see why it would be an argument. She was way out of line. I would never let anyone disrespect my significant other like that. Keep your head up, Hun. You’re stronger than most people I know πŸ’‹πŸ’–
    Pouch and Pebbles send hugs and kisses 🐢

  26. Jacalyn says:

    Who the hell does this girl think she is? Any person would of reacted the way you did, or punch her in her stupid face. It doesn’t matter if Brady tells her anything about you guys, it’s none of her business to say anything to you. Can you tell me her info and I’ll punch her for you?!?!?

    Brady is a big boy. Call him out on it. Make sure he knows she said it in front of the entire table. GUH. What a batch !

  27. Luita says:

    I subscribe to comments, and the more I read about this, the angrier I get. Hahaha
    I can’t believe that girl called you the C word. She’s a nasty girl!
    But I’m also kind of mad at Brady. I like him, I think he’s a great guy. But he has his issues too! You are not perfect it’s been noted many times. But Brady doesn’t open up to you, instead he goes to another girl to get advice on how to “handle you”. Even if he just went to her once that is one too many times for me. Why do you need to be handled anyway? He just needs to love you & respect you and discuss things with you when you piss him off. Not just shut down and tell you “it’s ok, don’t worry about it” to avoid a confrontation, that is so weak.
    I understand you are feeling down because of all the negativity around you right now, but don’t let him make you think that you are the problem because you are not, it takes two to tango. You might “control” him, but he’s allowing that. And at least you are trying to change, you’ve have several eye opening experiences lately, maybe this will be his. I sure hope so, because I really do think you guys love each other, he just needs to open up to you more. Stop hiding things or feelings from you.
    I hope your talk with him goes well.
    Sorry for my rant…. I hope you understand I don’t hate Brady.

  28. Maybe Jenny is being overprotective, but everything she knows is only Brady’s side of things, and those things were probably said during the times he was annoyed or frustrated with you. We all need to vent sometimes, and I guess that’s what he was doing.

    That being said, maybe she doesn’t like you or his relationship with you, but 1)it’s really none of her damned business, and 2)she shouldn’t judge you, especially when she doesn’t even know you. It wasn’t her place to say anything like that to you, even if she felt that way. Obviously Brady is a big boy, and if he really didn’t want to be with you, he’d break up with you. He knows what he wants. The two of you have really taken the time to work on your relationship and all the positive steps you’ve made are the things that his friend Jenny either doesn’t get to hear about or doesn’t know about. You not fighting with her shows how far you’ve come. If it were me in your shoes, I’m not sure I could have restrained myself. lol. I hate it when people judge me without knowing me. You did good, though. If you had gotten upset and started acting all psycho crazy on Jenny, it would have just been proving her point on what a bad person she thinks you are. So good for you for not losing it.

    I agree with the other commenters that you need to talk to Brady.

  29. Haley says:

    I’m pretty brutally honest in general and that extends to you, so believe me when I say, none of this was your fault. Every relationship has it’s ups and downs and I think it’s safe to say that if you ask a friend for advice in a tough situation, they should consider that private. Jenny was 100% out of line for saying anything to you, particularly judging you for a one-sided story from Brady and ESPECIALLY for calling you a cunt. Who does this bitch think she is? You do have selfish moments, but so does everyone-personally I think you’ve grown a ton since this blog was started. There is always more room to grow and, in a relationship, you’re constantly learning how to be a better significant other. Honestly, Jenny sounds like a little girl who’s upset because Brady likes you and she might have some kind of crush on him. Forget her. Brady is obsessed with you, just emotionally stunted. Like everyone else said, talk to him. Explain that you’re hurt by what Jenny said and you want him to feel like he can come to you. Brady doesn’t need to “handle” you, you two need to work together to have a successful relationship.

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