cheers to another year.

My birthday was on Sunday and I celebrated all weekend. Obviously. On Friday, Preston met me at the office and we (Preston, Luke and me) went out for drinks. We started off with birthday cake shots and then just sat there talking and drinking. I still didn’t have any plans for my actual birthday, but we reserved a table at a nightclub for
Saturday night. We never go out to clubs anymore, but I figured since it was my birthday, I may as well do it.

On Saturday, Brady and I spent the majority of the day rearranging his house and making it more suitable for me. I wanted to spice the place up and make room for some of my items. I ordered a ton of stuff from work to decorate like a pompom trimmed throw blanket, a faceted full length mirror, monogrammed pillows with our initials and a fucking whale bookend. I love it all. I decided to take over the spare room so we can at least have a little privacy from each other if we ever need it.

That night I invited everyone over to pregame. I wore Alice + Olivia leather leggings and an off white lacy crop top with my Louboutin booties and dramatic red lips. Kendra brought over white chocolate and strawberry cupcakes and by the time she got there, I was drunk and cried because I thought the gesture was so nice. I mean, it was really nice of her especially since she’s so swamped with wedding stuff. Love her. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me then we scarfed down cupcakes before making our way to the club.

So the night started off really nicely. Bottle service, tons of photos and dancing on the table and dancing with bae. How a birthday should be. I was mostly hanging all over Luke and we were talking to the guys at the table next to us who were so drunk they didn’t even know their names.

Suddenly one of their friends (who was wearing a fucking soccer jersey to the club, ew) came running over to their booth, barreling into me and knocking my vodka cranberry out of my hand and onto my legs and shoes. I screamed.

Luke yelled, “Dude, what the fuck is your problem?” but the guy was already on the other side of the booth.

I ran to the bathroom to clean myself up a bit then ran back out there because I didn’t want to miss any of the party. I came back and found Brady sitting down and I hopped in his lap and kissed his cheek.

“Baaaabe, are you even having fun?” I asked.

“Mmhm,” he replied.

There was a huge lipstick print on his cheek and I was so obsessed and told him to never wipe it off. Then I took a picture of it and uploaded it to Instagram.

Later on, Preston’s friend, Lexi, and I made a bathroom run. On the way back, I passed the table with all the drunk guys and saw the guy who had run into me and spilled my drink earlier. I was suddenly really annoyed again and flipped him the bird. He leaned forward and shook his head in my face, trying to taunt me. It was way too close for comfort so I shoved him. He was so drunk that he went down immediately, but not before grabbing onto my top to try to save himself.

This infuriated me so a scuffle ensued. I leaned over him and started screaming at him for assaulting me and ruining my outfit. All his friends started crowding around which I feel like only pissed me off more. The next thing I remember is being picked up and taken away from the scene. I feel like that happens to me way more than normal. Luke picked me up and brought me back to our table and everyone was asking if I was okay and telling me to calm down.

I told them that it wasn’t even my fault then I cried for one minute.

“Where’s Brady?” I asked after realizing that he was nowhere to be found.

Kendra informed me that he and John had gone to the bar and would be back soon. My first instinct was to go find them because I didn’t want my boyfriend hanging out with cheater John. Is that mean? I don’t care. So I walked to the bar and found Brady and John standing there waiting for drinks. I started crying immediately upon seeing my boyfriend.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. I threw my arms around him and he hugged me back.

“I just got in a fight,” I sobbed.

“With who?” he wanted to know.

“This ugly guy! He ruined my shirt, look!” I realized that my shirt was fine which for some reason made me cry harder.

“What guy? Where is he?” Brady asked.

“Security escorted him out,” I sniffled.

I wasn’t even talking to John and he said to me, “Why does this kind of stuff always happen to you?”

As if it was my fault! I glared at him and Brady asked if I was okay. I nodded and we went back to our booth. After my fight with that guy, I was no longer in the mood to party so I stood there with my arms crossed until Brady asked if I was ready to go. I said yes.

When we got home I immediately started asking Brady what he got me for my birthday. He told me to go to sleep and I’d see in the morning. I argued that it was the morning. Then he got in bed and stopped responding to me. So mean.

I slept in on Sunday morning and Brady woke me up. I was feeling a little sick and cranky, but Brady told me he had a surprise for me so I got up. He led me to the dining room where he had a breakfast feast set up complete with waffles, bacon, eggs, fruit and juice. And then sitting on a placemat where a plate should be was a small gray Chloé bag with gold hardware. The whole setup was so freaking cute and perfect for Instagram. But I was so excited that I forgot to even take a picture. I don’t know who he’s been talking to, but the bag is perfect and so me. How does he know me so well? I love it.

On Sunday evening, Brady and I got dressed up to go out for a nice dinner. It was like my birthday dinner plus our anniversary dinner which we never celebrated (I don’t even know when our actual anniversary is). I wore a Haute Hippie dress and my hair down with a middle part. We went to a super romantic Italian place and had a lot of wine and a four course meal. It was pretty good even though I’m not a huge fan of real Italian food (just every kind of pizza that ever existed, obv).

After dinner, I was feeling all happy from the wine and I wanted to keep celebrating. We walked a few blocks to a bar to have drinks. We were way overdressed, but it was fine. We talked a lot about Kendra and John’s wedding. I was complaining about not really liking John (his comment on Saturday night rubbed me the wrong way) and Brady said, “If she loves him and he makes her happy, do your personal feelings really matter?”

He was right so I stopped complaining and started talking to him about couples counseling because obviously this was the perfect time and place.

I said, “Since we’ve been arguing so much lately, my friends and I got a great idea: me and you should do couples therapy! If we are going to get married we have to do it!”

Brady’s eyebrows furrowed. “We haven’t been arguing that much.”

“Uhh, are you kidding? We’ve done nothing but fight for the last month. I didn’t even think we would last until my birthday!” I said.

“I think you’re completely exaggerating,” he said.

My jaw dropped. I think Brady saw that I was getting upset so he quickly added, “But if you think it’ll be beneficial, we can go. I don’t mind.”


When we got home after the bar, I sat on the counter and polished off Kendra’s cupcakes. Brady got a text while we were out and found out that his brother and his wife had their baby. On my birthday! Is it bratty that I wished the baby would’ve waited an extra day to hatch? I don’t want it stealing my thunder! Brady decided that he’s going to go to California to visit them in two weeks and he didn’t invite me. Not that I want to go or anything, but still. I feel left out.

I took Monday off so I could recover and spent most of the morning in bed. Brady came home on his lunch break and I was sitting on the couch paying some credit card bills on my laptop. Brady came and sat next to me and I excitedly informed him of the responsible adultly task I was doing. I showed him my computer and Brady’s eyes got big.

“Wow, is that how much you owe?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I shrugged. “This card doesn’t have a limit. At least not that I’ve ever reached.”

“What do you use it for?” he wanted to know.

“Just shopping.”

Brady proceeded to lecture me about credit cards versus charge cards and told me that I shouldn’t be buying things if I can’t pay them off at the end of the month. I rolled my eyes and told him to stop lecturing me. He said that he wasn’t trying to lecture me, but the way I spend money is “childish.”

“Did you come all the way home from work to fight with me?” I asked.

Brady didn’t answer me and got up to go to the kitchen.

I started researching couples counseling right then and there. That was exactly why we need it. I wrote down some numbers and called around after Brady went back to work. I ended up talking to a lady for an hour and we really connected and she said she can see us on Saturday morning! I texted Brady letting him know the news and all he said was, “Ok.” I guess he’s not too enthused about it.

That’s about it. I had a drama filled birthday weekend, but that’s expected. Plus it wasn’t even as bad as usual. Cheers to another year! Bye!


46 thoughts on “cheers to another year.

  1. Brooke says:

    Wow congrats on turning 5 years old. You are honestly the brattiest, most spoiled and highly manipulative human being.

    I, sure as hell hope you were joking about Brady’s new nephew… Because a thought like shouldn’t even cross your mind.

    You chose to go to a club for your birthday, and you act surprised that there are drunk people around you? Maybe instead of the 40k diamond ring you wanted Brady to buy for you, you should ask him to buy you a club.

    You are honestly a child in and adults body.

    • Brooke says:

      Your crocdile tears are a way of manipulation.
      So someone bumped into you, so what? It’s a club, its crowded what can you do.
      You can’t cry and pout your way through this relationship. He clearly doesn’t know how to handle the tears and gives in quickly.

      As for Nicole its a birthDAY, Reese is not 15 anymore you dont get to be a bitch for a whole weekend.

      • Brady doesn’t always give in and I can think of several times when he told me to stop crying and grow up. so no manipulation here. and I wasn’t a bitch at all over the weekend so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  2. Nicole says:

    ^ew go away. Who are you to be so judgmental and rude? We all haven sefish thoughts sometimes, I know I want it to be all about me when it’s my birthday so I can relate (and mine is on New Years, or as I like to say, New Years is on my birthday). Great job on bringing up the couples counseling, I’m glad you two are going to give it a chance. I really think it can benefit both of you. Anyway, happy belated birthday Reese!

  3. Rachel says:

    $800 on a pair of pants and $700 on dress? You can’t be serious. And you’re wondering why Brady is the way he is. I hope you change before he wakes up.

  4. Danielle says:

    Happy birthday Reese!! ❤️ glad to hear you had a great (and slightly less dramatic) birthday 🙂

    I think eventually you and Brady will have to come to a compromise about your spending. Stuff like that can really drive a wedge in a relationship if both of you refuse to compromise especially since you guys will be living together now. But then again, that’s why you want to go to couples counselling.
    About the baby – slightly selfish, but I can’t deny that I wouldn’t feel the same way as you 😛

  5. Abby says:

    Brady is completely wrong about his comment how her personal feelings about John shouldn’t matter. When friends don’t like your significant other should be taken as a red flag. I’m pretty sure in “abusive” relationships people think they are “happy”. I’m not saying John and Kendra are in an abusive relationship, just using that as an analogy. But once a cheater, always a cheater. Kendra is an idiot

    • Kelly says:

      So in that case Brady should take his friends words about Reese as a red flag, right? It doesn’t matter if he’s happy since he could be in anabusuve relationship but not saying he is? If Kendra is an idiot so is Brady.

      I actually agree with John. Reese puts herself in these ridiculous situations and acts like a victim. And that comment about the baby, get over yourself! Think about someone else other than yourself for once. Also maybe you should curb your spending and be more responsible. Apart from taking over Brady’s place and making it up to your standards have you offered to help him with any expenses?

      • nope, I don’t think it should be a red flag and I would never tell Kendra that I hate John and they should break up…unlike Brady’s friend. are you kidding? how do I put myself in ridiculous situations? I was just dancing at the club like anyone else. of course I’ve offered to help Brady with expenses. I’m not just going to freeload.

      • kelly says:

        You were dancing in the club when you instigated a situation with the drunk guy because instead of moving on you allowed your anger to take over? Then on top of it you tried to manipulate the situation by crying and acting like the guy assaulted you when you pushed him. Aren’t you too old for that immaturity?

        You’ve made your opinion known to Kendra in the past. It’s funny how the same rules don’t apply to you when Brady’s friends see all types of red flags with you. I feel that you pestering Brady for your present and then being so happy because it was an expensive bag shows how shallow you are. If he had gotten you just a card would you have complained? You need to look at the Bigger picture and not focus on material things. A baby is a joyous moment not a time to lament about its arrival because it’s on your birthday. The baby’s going steal my thunder.

        You need to take a good hard look at yourself and realize that the fancy clothes, jewelry and money don’t mean nothing. What’s inside is what matters? You’re always judging everyone’s clothes and appearance. Maybe they’re happy in their own skin and don’t need expensive things to prove their worth. Do you think Brady would want to be with someone who has negative thoughts when hearing about the birth of his nephew? Who wants to deal with someone who is only concerned with being the center of attention. Maybe therapy will help you grow as a person.

      • if a drunk guy gets in your face, you wouldn’t push him away? if Brady would have gotten me a card, I would have loved it. I love it anytime he shares his feelings with me. hopefully therapy will help!

    • ugh I don’t even know. if Kendra is genuinely happy who am I to say something? but for the record, I don’t like John, but I’ll be nice to him for her sake.

  6. kelseyxsays says:

    You and Brady need a serious come-to-Jesus meeting; I am hoping couples counseling gives you both that! I also hope Brady gives it a fair shot and it ends up being beneficial to both of you in your relationship.

    I think you both need to discuss finances with each other (in counseling because I feel like you guys will need a mediator lol). If you guys seriously see a potential marriage in your future, you need to discuss it. Plus, you are living together. Finances are tough and it can cause serious friction in a relationship/marriage if y’all are not on the same page.

    Happy belated birthday!! What happened at the club is exactly why I DON’T go to clubs anymore. LOL. I’m only 24 and I still find nightclubs so unappealing…. haha. Been there, done that.

    • i hope counseling goes well and really helps us! I think we could benefit a lot. omg, I hate going to the club now especially since I have a boyfriend. like I would really rather stay home with him on a Saturday night.

  7. Hahahahaha I’m sorry, I laughed when I read the thing about the drink in the club. I couldn’t stop thinking about Clueless!!

    The birthday setup that Brady put on the table for you was so sweet and thoughtful. I hope that counseling goes well!

  8. Lesley says:

    I think Brady is at his wits end with you. I honestly don’t think you’ll make it much longer. When you move in together he’s going to see the way you really are and realize that he doesn’t want to deal with your immaturity and drama. Good luck.

  9. The chemistry is there… the love is there… the communication and respect not so much. Neither of you realize what compromise means. You are live for today but talk about marriage and babies but you have no real plan past what Brady has. Brady lives for tomorrow and the future and worries about your spending because he doesn’t want to make the money and you spend the money. As much as you talk about your mom … financially that is who you are emulating. Your mom didn’t start out the way she was but as time goes on and money is intertwined it becomes that way. You made big plans for NY, you would have depended on Brady in a lot of ways.

    Just think about it.

    • I agree with everything, but I do think Brady and I respect each other. and I think I may have gotten my spending habits from my mom. I don’t know how to change it and I don’t know how to be good with money.

      • Jen says:

        You respect Brady? You go through his things, threaten to break up when your upset, cry and bitch to get your way, have zero regard for his finances, tells him what to do and treat him worse than gum on the bottom of your shoe most times. All you care about is what Brady can do for you. While you do nothing for him to make him happy. It’s always I want, he promised me, I need, Brady has to do. What do you really do other than leech off of him and bitch. I’m not saying you’re a gold digger just that your actions make you look like one.

  10. Kristin says:

    How about shutting up all the nay sayers and get Brady some tickets to a cubs game? He went to the season opener so he’s obviously a fan, and they’re actually doing really well and should have a wild card spot (I only know because my husband is a fan and I’m forced to watch most of the games). Think of it as a thanks for letting me stay with you for the next few months gift.

    On a separate note, how you spend your money is your business, but it will be his business if your relationship moves forward. My husband and I have some merged accounts and some separate, do what works best for you and keep it between the two of you. I will give you my accountant Mother’s rules of thumb. House debt is okay. Car debt is okay. Student loan debt is okay. Credit Card debt is not okay. Pay your cards off every month.

      • Jen says:

        See that’s exactly the problem. You won’t do anything special for Brady but expect a lot. Kristin’s idea was a good one and a way to show that you give as much as you take bit of course you have an excuse. Doing something special for Brady isn’t too much to ask.

        The comment that said they would have reacted the same as Reese. You do realize that her reaction wasn’t at the time of the incident but much later. She saw him, got into his face and pushed him. Premeditated one might say.

      • how is that an excuse? I could buy him a ticket and then what? send him to the game alone? buy an extra ticket for him to take a friend? I can find something nice to do for him if that’s what you’re concerned about. when I saw the drunk guy later, I didn’t get in his face HE got in MY face and then I pushed him away. not premeditated. you’re trying to make me sound way worse than I am.

      • Kristin says:

        Go with him, the games are so much fun! Wrigley is amazing to begin with, throw in afternoon drinking and I promise you will have fun. Plus if WGN is showing the game that day, their cameramen are known for looking for hot girls in tank tops in the crowds between innings.

  11. Um you guys aren’t married so how you both choose to work out the finances is up to the both of you and no one else! It’s none of anyone’s business how you choose to handle your finances! What is with all the negativity on your blog ugh such a bummer I totally enjoy reading your posts and then all this drama happens in the comments. People take this way to far, there is always more to the story and to be so judgy on what you choose to write about and decide to share with us is rude!
    Yes, Reese put this stuff out there on the internet but to rip her apart because she did something different than you is ridiculous. I hate sharing my birthday but I don’t make a stink of it and guess what Reese didn’t either!! You’re acting like she’s genuinely pissed about a baby being born on her birthday. it’s ok to have a feeling like that, she didn’t say she hates babies just the fact that it was born on her birthday. And uh if a drunk guy spilled his drink on me and didn’t give two fucks to even drunkly apologize I would have done the same thing and flipped him the bird, he made the choice to get in her face if he did that to me I would have pushed him too! Fuck that guy.
    Reese I think you and Brady living together is going to be great! Who knows it might become permanent!!!! I love living with my boyfriend life is so much easier. Fuck the haters Reese if they don’t like it they don’t have to read it!

  12. Bella says:

    Some commenters keep returning to offer criticism, which is totally different to constructive criticism, which is meant to assist/ guide the person.
    Obvious Reese shouldn’t have started with the guy, but come on. It didn’t get too bad. What I would say Reese, is that I’ve done the same a couple times. I’ve been out, become irritated with someone or something and then not let it go. I’ve seen some situations like this go very bad and it almost happened to me. I think you are a strong woman, and I think you have it in you to just say “OK, is it really worth it? What if he is a psycho crazy guy and smacks me in the face?” Just think of it this way, you have the upper hand by acting all calm and cool in irritating situations. If he was rude or something, remember that there’s always someone that is his match, but don’t let it be you because we know you are better than that 😀

    Also, with the money, that is SO HARD. For people who don’t get it, it’s hard to relate. I try to pretend that it doesn’t actually exist therefore I can’t spend it. Maybe try to think of a way to convince yourself that you actually don’t have any money to do that.

    Everyone who is hounding you needs to chill.

    • Anon says:

      Just to piggyback off this (because instead of doing nursing homework I have been thinking of ways to help you with money lol) why not go to the bank and set up a savings account, then have a decent sized percentage put into the account so that you don’t even ‘see’ that money. I know my bank also sets up an account that you can put a certain amount in every paycheck and you have a ‘cash date’ so you can’t touch the money until that date. It helps you save and you can do with it what you will.

      Just a thought!

  13. Seannea says:

    If you are both financially independent why not keep it that way. When you guys move in just have a joint account for bills. My husband and I have done this for 10 years now and it works for us. He gets annoyed with me as I spend far more then he does but he recognizes it’s my money. I don’t really care how he spends his and we both pay into our savings through work.

    I said last week you were being manipulative with Brady and that was rude of me. I apologize, the only person who has a right to say anything is Brady and he isn’t.

    He clearly loves you and only wants you to be happy. He seems to be a pretty laid back guy and when you do push him too far he will let you know.

    I think one of the things he loves about you is your “crazy”. It’s the complete opposite of him and he probably loves that you are so outgoing and confident. You speak your mind and get what you want. Brady needs that fire in his life! I’m sure you appreciate his calm and laid back ways.

    You guys have such different ways of thinking which causes a lot of your communication issues. I hope couples counselling helps you through them.

  14. Sarah says:

    This post reminded me of Stassi from Vanderpump Rules during her birthday weekends hahaha. As for the counseling, YAY! I don’t think guys are ever too excited about it, but I think it will be great for you both!

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