we are totally back on.

Brady and I had such a good week last week. We are totally back on. On Tuesday, he texted me asking me if I wanted to get together for lunch. I said of course and he told me that he would swing by and pick me up. And since he was picking me up, I made him come all the way up to the office to meet everyone. I talk about Brady at work a lot, but none of my coworkers (except Luke) have met him. So I was excited for everyone to see him and that he’s a real person.

That night I slaved away in the kitchen making a healthy sweet potato and kale dish that even Lindsey could enjoy. So proud of myself! Speaking of which, Lindsey found an apartment! Hallelujah! She moves in next Friday and I’m so excited for her (and myself).

When we were done eating, Brady and I retreated to the living room and had a mature conversation about living together. I kind of confronted him about how he felt about living with me because Carly told me that Chris told her that Brady said I was getting on his nerves. I wasn’t going to hold it against him (I know I can get annoying), but I needed Brady to tell me it himself.

“So like, if I’m getting on your nerves, you can tell me. I’m not an easy person to live with and if we are ever going to get married, I need to change my bad habits,” I said.

Brady sighed like he was stressed. “Reese, it’s fine. Living with you is fine.”

“Well I know that isn’t true. You’re only making yourself miserable, you know,” I said.

He laughed.

“Don’t you feel like you’ve outgrown this place though? If we are going to stay in Chicago we need something bigger,” I said.

“There’s plenty of space and storage in the basement,” Brady pointed out.

I made a face. “But it’s so far. We don’t live down there.” I can go weeks without ever stepping foot in the basement. It’s like a party destination and I want nothing to do with it.

“I don’t think I’ve outgrown it here. It’s perfect.”

“Well, I think if we are going to live together in Chicago indefinitely then we need something bigger. Maybe not right now, but eventually. And we should keep our eyes open now for anything that might come up.”

Brady nodded. “Okay.” I felt like he wanted to say something else, but that was the end of that.

The next morning, Brady woke up at the ass crack of dawn like he normally does and for some reason I was ready to get up too. So we got ready together and Brady took me to Starbucks then to work. I was the first one to the office (obviously because it was 6:00 am) and during the hours I waited for everyone else to show up, I put together my cute little scrapbook for Brady with all our pictures and stuff. Shoutout to Pinterest for all the ideas.

Diana called me in her office later. She wanted to give me a list of things she wants me to be in charge of after she leaves. I asked her if there was anyone in mind to replace her and she said no and that Dave probably wouldn’t replace her for a while. That’s weird. That kind of makes me wonder if she voluntarily left or if something else happened. I feel like every company is downsizing these days and maybe we are one of them.

On Thursday night, Brady, Lindsey and I tried a new vegan restaurant for dinner. I’m from Texas and I effing love meat, but I thought I’d branch out and try something new. It wasn’t bad, but I would definitely prefer ribs or a cheeseburger.

I feel like I can talk to anyone about just about anything and I hardly feel like I don’t have anything to contribute to a conversation, but sometimes with Brady and Lindsey I feel like I don’t have anything intelligent to say. During dinner, they discussed the legalization of marijuana, the pros and cons of yearly flu shots, the Democratic debate and the housing market in Chicago versus Boston and the east coast. I definitely need to be more well rounded because none of those topics were interesting to me.

Brady and I are visiting his parents the first weekend in November. I suggested a vacation because we both deserve one, and Brady mentioned that he needed to go home for his dad’s party. I didn’t say anything so he was like, “Do you want to come or no?”

“Why are you even going? You can’t stand being around your parents,” I asked, sounding a lot more bitter than I intended.

Brady shrugged. “They are expecting me.”

So I told him I would go. One of his cousins is getting married the following weekend in New York so I told him I would go with him there too. Can’t wait to get out of Chicago! I told him that we need a real vacation soon though. Like a relaxing one without either of our crazy families. Any suggestions? Nothing really sounds that great to me right now.

On Saturday night some of Brady’s friends came over to watch sports and drink beer. I intended to hide out with my laptop and shop, but Lindsey insisted she didn’t want to be the only girl. So I grabbed my laptop, my faux fur throw, and my slippers and curled up in an armchair while everyone talked. Again, I didn’t contribute to the conversation at all.

It never really occurred to me before, but Brady is a completely different person when he is around his guy friends, especially when he’s drinking. I was submitting my Nordstrom order when I heard Brady say, “Oh God, she’s such a slut.”

That got my attention.

One of the guys said, “Total slutbag. Decent set of tits too.”

Ew. I decided not to confront Brady about the inappropriate conversation right then (can’t be the crazy girlfriend all the time!), but I forgot to talk to him about it later. Oh well.

Brady and I went grocery shopping together on Sunday and it was actually the most successful shopping trip we’ve ever had. He didn’t say no to me at all (sometimes he will tell me I can’t get Oreos because I’ll finish them in a day and stuff like that) plus we got everything we need for breakfast and dinner this week! Wifey victories!

Sorry this post is kind of short. Not much happened over the last week. And guys, thanks for sharing your unromantic and awful virginity with me on my last post. I don’t think y’all understand how traumatized I was by Jacob. It’s kind of ridiculous, but that was my first real heartbreak (besides Britney Spears stealing my boyfriend Justin Timberlake. Bitch). I went to therapy for that, but I wasn’t very receptive, kind of like how I was with Laura during my first session. I bet if I would’ve actually utilized all the therapy my mom put me in since I was a child, I wouldn’t be such a psycho now! Oh well! Have a great week y’all!


19 thoughts on “we are totally back on.

  1. C says:

    Hi! I loved this post. I also basically died with happiness when I realized you posted 2x in 2 days.

    Sounds like things are going a lot better. Keep pushing on Brady to have a real convo. Onwards and upwards!

  2. Hebbsxo says:

    yaaaasss!!! 🙌🏼 keep it up! let the moving thing slide for a few months, subtle hints are fine but, i dont want you to offend his pad to get what you want. i feel you though, boys have no concept of space! 😉 proud of your positive changes girl!

  3. Amanda says:

    Yay for more posts 🙂 and triple yay for things going well. I think for vacay that you need to go somewhere warm and private. Private cabana with a pool or jacuzzi…little clothing, lots of fun 😀 How about Antiqua or St. Lucia?

  4. lbermont says:

    A friend of mine just got back from Mallorca (Spain), and she LOVED it. It’s kind of tropical, but still has a really cultured feel, and it wasn’t outrageously expensive.

  5. e says:

    My ex also had a weird relationship with his mom. like, we lived 3h away from her, and he would go months without answering her calls, but for example if she called him to invite him to a family dinner the next day, we would have to drop everything and get on an early train there. (like to be at her house to babysit the kids while she fixed shit………)
    he hated her, the dinners were weird but I was still forced to go and he couldn’t really explain why, I think it was because of his half-siblings (is that a word?).
    maybe Brady feels forced to go because Hunter isn’t close to them anymore and he doesn’t wanna let them down?
    he obviously avoids conflict (with you and with his parents) so I’m guessing he would rather have an awkward polite relationship than rebel and stop visiting them

    did you guys go to therapy yet or only talked about it? don’t sweep it under the rug!
    but I’m so proud of you for being so calm and focused and really trying to discuss the issues! he is stupid for shrugging it off when you bring it up but he’s happy discussing it with Chris 😒
    they don’t live together anymore he should be talking to you, especially when you’re trying to be open and willing to change!

    BTW why don’t you guys go to xcaret or cabo?

    ps. their dinner topics seemed boring (to me) 😂

    • it’s so weird… i can tell he really cares what they think and don’t want to let them down but he always talks about how much he doesn’t like them. I don’t get it at all (or how someone can not like their parents). we still need to go back to therapy, we just haven’t found any time. Brady is a workaholic.

      • e says:

        he hated her because she resented her for abandoning him during the divorce, and allegedly she didn’t fight for custody because she told his dad something like “you need him more than me, then you aren’t gonna be alone” (and why the fuck his dad told him that part is beyond me)

        as for Brady there isn’t much to do, they’re his parents and you’re gonna have to put up w them/support him when he wants/has to go visit them and let him handle that relationship.
        he knows you don’t like them but you don’t need to bitch him about it because he will turtle up and avoid discussing them with you in the future (no matter how big or small the conversation).

  6. J says:

    Yay! Things are on the up again for you <3…Random thought but have you ever considered making this blog part fashion blog as well? I know you're super busy but I love your fashion sense and when you include links to your outfits. Maybe even just short posts about recent purchases or outfit of the day type stuff. Just an idea 🙂

  7. Oops…hit send before I was done.

    So you should feel super proud of yourself for trying to talk to Brady. What bothers me is that he won’t talk to you about the issues he has with you. Maybe it’s because he is worried you will freak out on him, which is a valid concern, but he still needs to voice his concerns. Him not communicating with you is a major problem. You guys will never grow as a couple if he won’t communicate!

    Brady really has no room to talk about anyone being a slut. And for that matter, who is he to judge a woman for whatever she chooses to do with her body? That would bother me a lot. It would also bother me that he seems like a different person around his friends while drinking. He sounds like a douche when he is with his friends.

    It’s really great to see you maturing and really trying to communicate more effectively. Good job, lady!

      • kelseyxsays says:

        I second all of this, and especially Turks and Caicos!! One of my favorite places!!!!!

        So proud you’ve started to really communicate so much better! Good for you!!! Now Brady needs to follow suit and it will be fine 🙂 hah! Definitely does anger me that he has the nerve to call another person/girl a slut when he seems to have a reputation of his own…. Just saying. Total turn off!

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