i need to get a rabies shot.

Wednesday was Lindsey’s birthday so after work we met up at a bar for food and drinks. It was mostly Brady and Lindsey’s mutual guy friends, but Lindsey had also invited a guy from work, Cody. Lindsey isn’t a super gossipy girly girl like me so she hasn’t mentioned crushing on a guy from work. But when I saw the way Lindsey looked when Cody arrived, I realized. And suddenly I was so excited for her!

There was also a baseball game on so everyone was really excited for that. Brady was basically ignoring me so I had to entertain myself by drinking and talking to one of Brady’s coworkers. He has a wife and kids at home which is cute, but I began to get bored so I started telling him about me and Brady’s future plans.

He listened for a little while then he laughed and said, “Does Brady know about all of this?”

And I’m like, “Obviously yes. We planned it all together.” He made it sound like I’m some sort of crazy person.

After the game, we all just kind of sat there until I finally said, “Do y’all wanna go somewhere else?”

Everyone looked at each other then agreed. So we walked a few blocks to a brand new bar that just opened. We got a table and ordered Moscow mules. No one was really talking so I asked, “Who won the game?” just to make conversation. Literally everyone glared at me.

Brady put his arm around me and leaned close. “It wasn’t a good game. They aren’t happy about it.”

I shrugged and sipped my drink. What a bunch of babies. Since everyone was being antisocial, Brady and I sat there talking and being cutesy. I got bored and wanted to go somewhere else, but only Lindsey and Cody decided to go with us. Everyone else needed to go cry about the baseball game.

Even though I’d eaten at the first bar, the next bar had steak nachos on the menu and obviously I had to order them. They were phenomenal, obviously. I decided to get to know Cody and make sure I approved of Lindsey seeing him. They work together as business analysts or managers or something I didn’t really catch. So I started chatting him up and asking him questions about life.

I know I’m naturally kind of a flirty person, but I didn’t think I was flirting with Cody. I must have seemed like I was though because Brady nudged me hard. I turned to him, shocked and ready to fight, and he mouthed, “Stop.”

So I stopped talking and made love to my nachos. It started to get really late and we were tired so we called an Uber to take us home. When we got inside, Brady and I got in bed and he said, “Love you, Reese,” and kissed me goodnight.

I started bawling. I have no idea why.

“What’s wrong?” Brady asked.

“Do you actually love me or are you just saying that?” I sobbed.

“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it,” he replied.

“Are you sure?” I sniffled.

“Yes, I’m sure. Stop crying and go to sleep,” Brady said. I could tell he was getting annoyed with me so I hugged him and went to sleep.

So Thursday was a bit of a struggle because I was so hungover. I felt like shit and hid out until it was time for lunch. Then Luke and I walked to Chipotle and after I ate an entire burrito bowl plus chips and guac I was fine.

On Thursday night, I got drinks with Preston. He’s dating a new guy, Joe, so I haven’t seen much of him lately. And the whole time he only wanted to talk about Joe. I don’t think I am, but I really hope I’m not like that with Brady. And usually when Preston and I go out, we check out the hot guys and discuss, but even Preston didn’t want to do that. He bounced after only like an hour.

“Love you, doll, let’s do something soon,” he said, hugging me and then breezing out.

I felt like I had gotten ditched so I texted Preston letting him know. I probably could have found a nicer way to say it, but I said, “Preston, I know you’re really excited about your new boyfriend and I’m excited for you, but I felt like you kind of chose him over me tonight. You didn’t ask how my life is going and you only hung out with me for like an hour. We hardly ever spend any real time together anymore.”

He replied, “You’re being so dramatic. We see each other all the time. And I’m sorry that for once, everything wasn’t all about you, Reese. I know it’s hard to believe, but there is a world outside of your life.”

Whoa. I didn’t know what to say back so I didn’t say anything. Then Preston added, “Kendra says hi by the way. Says she hasn’t seen you since the wedding.”

The nerve! I’ve been giving Kendra space to enjoy married life, but I still talk to her almost everyday. I even told her that! I told her that I didn’t want to be needy so for her to let me know when she’s free. And so far she hasn’t been! I was so irritated.

Diana’s official last day was on Friday. Naturally, I cried the entire day. She called me into her office to talk after her going away party. I pulled myself together and walked in there.

“Since there isn’t a replacement for me quite yet, you are going to have a pick up a little more work. Dave thinks he can handle it by himself, but he can’t and I want you to step in and show him hard working and effective you can be,” she said.

“I will,” I assured her. “I planned on it anyway.”

“Of course. Dave wants to give you more responsibility and put you in a higher position, but he’s afraid you aren’t emotionally mature enough yet.”

Wait, what? I know I’m not the most mature person in the world, but I definitely thought I hid it well at work. So maybe Brady is right, maybe I need to take work more seriously. Especially since Diana is leaving and I may be getting a new boss soon.

On Saturday morning, I got up and made breakfast for everyone (avocado toast, turkey bacon, and fresh fruit). Lindsey walked in the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water while I was making the food. It looked like she was about to go for a run because she was in her workout clothes and shoes.

“Hey! I made breakfast whenever you get back,” I told her.

“I’m not hungry. Thanks though!” she said quickly and practically bolted out.

I didn’t think anything of it and went to get Brady. After we ate, Brady’s friend, Dan, brought his dog over so we could babysit for the day. I love when we dog sit. Especially because we don’t actually have to take care of him and can give him back after a day.

So I played with the little terrier (Charlie) for several hours. I took him for a long walk, took about sixteen videos for Snapchat, and fed him Cheezits. Charlie seemed to get tired of me and went and hid behind an armchair. We legit couldn’t find him for like two hours.

Brady and I got dressed up and went to dinner that night. I told him about the Preston situation and how upset I was about it. I hadn’t talked to Preston since and wasn’t sure if I wanted to.

“Maybe how you’re feeling is how your friends feel all the time,” Brady suggested.

I gasped. “There’s no way! I would never choose a guy over my friends. Not even you!”

Brady laughed. “Sure you wouldn’t, but maybe they don’t feel that. You have to think not only about what you’re doing and saying, but also how it’s perceived.”

I just stared at him.

“Speaking of which, Lindsey is kind of upset with you about how you were acting with that guy she works with.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.

“Well, because you were flirting with him-”

“I was not!” I interjected.

“Okay. You were being friendly – Reese style. A little too friendly. Lindsey isn’t used to it and feels like it was inappropriate,” Brady explained. “Maybe you could apologize when you see her.”

“Apologize? I didn’t do anything wrong! If she feels like that then how come she won’t come talk to me about it?” I said.

“She’s afraid to. I explained your personality to her and she’s still really unhappy about it.”

So I felt really bad. I honestly wasn’t trying to flirt with Cody, I didn’t even find him attractive at all. But I still decided I was going to apologize to Lindsey and explain myself.

After dinner we stayed and had several drinks. We talked about going out afterwards, but ultimately figured we were too tired and just wanted to sleep. I called an Uber and we went outside to wait for him to pick us up. It was freezing and I watched him get lost on the Uber map several times. I finally called him and demanded to know what he was doing.

“Hi, is this Reese?” he answered.

“Yes, this is Reese. Where are you?” I asked.

He explained that he had taken a wrong turn and would be there in five minutes. The entire time we waited I complained about how dumb he was for getting lost and how cold I was until Brady finally said, “Okay, okay. I think he’s here.”

Sure enough the dark colored Kia stopped at the curb to pick us up.

“Where have you been?” I yelled as soon as I opened the door.

My driver apologized and explained his wrong turn again.

“Me and my boyfriend have frostbite now so thanks for that!” I continued.

“Reese,” Brady said, nudging me.

“What? I can hardly hear you because my ears are frozen off!” I yelled.

Neither of them said anything for a little while and I leaned on Brady’s shoulder, dozing off. When we arrived home, the driver apologized again and I said, “It’s fine, but don’t let it happen again! Bye!”

When we got inside Charlie was waiting for us by the door.

“Hi little guy! I missed you, did you miss me?” I said in my doggy/baby voice. I scooped him up in my arms and started kissing his head and to my shock and horror, he growled and bit me. Not hard enough to break skin, but still. I screamed and put him down.

“Reese, was that really necessary?” Brady asked.

“No! I didn’t even do anything, why would this animal bite me?” I screamed.

“No, I meant the way you treated our Uber driver. That was rude and incredibly embarrassing.”

“Oh my gosh, who cares? I need to get a rabies shot!”

Brady rolled his eyes and walked past me. I cried for approximately one minute then I realized that Charlie wanted to play. So I played with him for a little while until Lindsey walked in. She saw me and said hi then shuffled to her room without making eye contact.

“Lindsey hates me,” I announced, walking into the bedroom.

“Did you talk to her?” Brady asked.

“No, she’s literally avoiding me,” I said.

“Just corner her and apologize.” Brady said this like it was the most obvious solution in the world.

I didn’t respond because my phone vibrated. Andrew.

“I’m in Chicago this week and I need to see you,” he said.

“Why?” I replied, figuring it was something important or business related because it sounded so urgent.

“I miss you. I miss your smile and your humor. You were one of my best directors.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“Maybe we could get dinner, my treat. And we no longer work together so you don’t have to be afraid to come to my hotel room.”

And a few seconds later, he added, “I think about you all the time. And how wet you were for me.”

I gasped just as Brady asked, “Who are you texting?” I hadn’t realized it, but he had been talking to me the whole time, but I wasn’t responding.

Instinctively, I pulled my phone to my chest so Brady couldn’t see the screen. “No one.”

Brady gave me a weird look. I thought about coming clean and showing him, but it would only prove to him that guys just want sex with me.

So obviously I didn’t text Andrew back. I put my phone on do not disturb and then Brady and I fooled around and hooked up.

On Sunday, Brady and I went to church and then to brunch with Kendra and John. After what Preston said I felt guilty about it so I kind of invited ourselves along.

At brunch Kendra was like, “So how is it living together?”

Brady and I looked at each other.

“It’s weird right?” she went on.

“It’s definitely an adjustment,” Brady said.

“I lived with Reese for five months and it was like living with four toddlers and three pets,” Kendra said and everyone laughed. I glared at her.

After brunch, Brady and I walked home hand in hand being all cutesy.

“Babe, are we still getting married this winter?” I asked, out of nowhere.

He looked at me like he had no idea what I was talking about at all.

“Remember we decided to get engaged over the summer and married in the winter? You didn’t propose, but we could still do it,” I explained.

Brady looked straight ahead and waited a few moments before saying, “Are you sure you want to marry me? You won’t be able to flirt with random guys or text inappropriately with your former boss.”

I turned and looked at him, stunned that he knew about Andrew. How did he find out? My phone is super password protected. I was super weirded out.

I didn’t see Lindsey again until Sunday night. She was in the kitchen making tea and I figured it was the perfect time to apologize.

“Hey girl,” I said.

She glanced at me over her shoulder and said, “Hey.”

“I owe you an apology. I was seriously not trying to flirt with Cody the other night and I feel terrible that you think I was. I’m not that kinda girl. I was just trying to help you out,” I said.

“Oh,” Lindsey said, sounding relieved almost. “It’s okay. I’m not mad.”

“K, good. I was worried you hated me.”

She turned around and faced me, but didn’t make eye contact. “Did you apologize to Brady too?”

I scrunched my nose up, confused. “No. Why?”

“Because acting like that with another man in front of your boyfriend is disrespectful…”

I stared at her.

“This isn’t just about me. Brady deserves an apology too.”

It hadn’t occurred to me that I needed to apologize to Brady too, but duh. He was even giving me little passive aggressive clues.

So I went and found Brady downstairs, watching football or something and working on his laptop. I pushed his laptop closed and got on his lap.

“Bae, be honest. Will you not get serious with me because I flirt with guys?” I asked.

“You’re living with me. How much more serious do you want to get right now, Reese?” he said.

“You know. I want to get a house and a dog and I want you to propose and plan our wedding. Then get married and have a kid in two to three years,” I said.

Brady leaned his head back on the couch. “That has nothing to do with you being flirty. I know how you are.”

“So what is it? Are you afraid of commitment?” I pressed on.

And to my surprise, Brady said, “Yes.”

I didn’t expect him to admit that. I mean obviously he’s afraid of commitment, but I can’t remember a time he’s flat out admitted it to me.

“Oh. Well I’m sorry for flirting with Cody and I’m sorry for wanting to be with you forever.”

“Reese,” he sighed. “Why do you always have to rock the boat? Can’t we just be happy with where we are?”

I started crying. I’m such a fucking pussy lately. Brady let me cry for a moment and then he wiped my tears.

“Do you want me to move out?” I asked.


“Do you even like me?”


“Why are you afraid of commitment? Are you afraid there’s someone better out there? Are you just having fun with me until your real soulmate comes along?”

“Reese, I don’t know!” Brady exclaimed. “I’ve never been in this situation. I don’t know what I’m doing and frankly, neither do you. I don’t want to fuck up.”

I hugged him. Even though he kind of yelled at me, he was obviously being truthful. Finally. And at least he didn’t want to fuck up our relationship. That means something, right?

He hugged me back and whispered, “Let’s not rush, okay? When it’s time, we’ll know.”

So I scheduled an appointment for us with Laura. I feel like we have a lot to talk to her about and I can’t wait until she tells us why Brady is afraid of commitment. It must be something to do with his parents. It has to be.


40 thoughts on “i need to get a rabies shot.

  1. Cynthia says:

    I feel that you are going to get a lot of hate for this post….with reason. I have always been really supportive and tried to see the good in you but you are not nice Reese. The way you treated the Uber driver was inconsiderate and blew Brady off when he called you out on it. You keep saying that you want Brady to open up to you and improve communication BUT blow him off when he does. Im not saying you do it all the time, but I feel that is one of the main reasons your communication is lacking. The last thing you need to be bringing up at this point in your relationship is marriage. I honestly don’t think you guys will be together much longer. Im only saying that for your sake. You need to do some serious self reflection. I do think you mean well, but too self absorbed to care. Also, pissing Lindsey off is not exactly in your best interest. Seems like Brady genuinely cares for her and her opinion.

    • I am nice! Brady lecturing me about the uber driver isn’t exactly going to help with our communication struggles. I know we are not ready to get married. I get that! and I didn’t intend to make Lindsey mad and I genuinely apologized when I got the chance. I didn’t do it on purpose and even Brady knows that.

  2. Amanda says:

    I really dislike Lindsay. First – Cody isn’t her boyfriend. If she likes him then she should let him know rather than playing teenage games.2) She doesn’t seem to have an issue intruding on you and Brady’s first time living together. Her telling you that you need to apologize? WTH! Over the line in my opinion. I am a flirt and my husband knows it. I don’t do it in secret and it goes no where.It’s just who I am. It doesn’t make me a bad person, a cheater or cruel.
    On another note…as much as I like Brady, I’m starting not too. He’s being really passive aggressive, he obviously has major trust issues with you and you seem excluded from so much of his life. Although to be fair you need to delete Andrew and the likes from your contacts and block them.

    • I think Brady and I both have trust issues so I can’t even get mad at him for it. he knows how I am too and he even told me that he doesn’t have a problem with it. Lindsey definitely made me feel guilty though.

  3. Melpod says:

    I feel like you definitely hit the nail on the head when you asked if he was waiting for his real soulmate to come along. I know you flirt with guys that aren’t your boyfriend, but I feel like you do it because you’re really in love with Brady. That might not make sense but it’s like you’re so scared of how badly he could hurt you. Love makes people crazy that’s a fact and when you said that about finding your real soulmate, my heart broke for you.
    I seriously hope I’m wrong, good luck with the therapist.

  4. Jessica says:

    A few things that bothered me about this post. You’re treatment of the Uber driver was totally uncalled for. Yes he was late and he apologized for getting lost. That does not give you the right to berate him and speak down to him like that. How people treat others in the service industry says a lot about them. People make mistakes and don’t deserve the rudeness and disrespect. Next you flirting with other men. If you respect your man and are secure in your relationship you wouldn’t feel the need to get attention from other men. Why are you even texting with Andrew after all this time? You know he’s up to no good yet you seem to be drawn to the attention. Then Cody. Yes that isn’t Lindsay’s man. I get that but if you know your friend is interested in a guy and you’re there with your boyfriend you don’t flirt with the said guy. You have to stop trying to always be the center of attention and making everything about you. Third by bringing up talks about marriage and children when you and Brady clearly are not on the same page is only going to create a wedge between the two of you. Why not work on making your relationship stronger, respecting each other and enjoying this time together? It seems like your trying to force the issue about getting a new place together and getting married when you still have all these underlying issues. Fourth Preston. I kind of see his point. If he wants to spend time with his significant other that doesn’t mean you need to throw a fit and act like he’s ignoring you. People have lives. Live and let live. So what if the conversation wasn’t all about it? How many times have you hung out with Preston and spent the entire convo talking about your issues without him sharing anything about himself? Last your job. I think what DIana said is on point. You need to prove yourself and your work ethic. Working from home, coming and going as your please, hanging out on Pinterest all day and taking these extended lunches doesn’t show how valuable you are. Also as a manager you should keep a professional relationship with your employees. You go out drinking and confide your life to your employees.. You need to get it together and be more focused.

  5. e says:

    i totally get you wanna get married but remember that you guys got a lot of work to do before getting there. a wedding isn’t gonna magically solve all your problems! but at least you’re being honest about what you want from the relationship in the long run and Brady was honest with you about how he feels about you and life.
    but that whole winter wedding was super out of place considering this past month you kinda broke up and haven’t really solved anything since then.

    reeese keep in mind being nice doesn’t mean you’re nice just when you’re in a good mood, being nice is a choice you have even when people/life is being shit.

    wtf are you doing still texting that guy? and how did Brady know??? but really he was extremely subtle about bringing it up and you didn’t even say anything – you had a chance to explain! imagine if you found texts from Jessica on his phone, you’d lose your shit! you really need to think about how you’d feel if Brady did the same things you do sometimes, like you see some things as super harmless but if he was doing the same thing you’d go nuts.

    anyway, best of luck with the therapist!

    • I still don’t know how Brady knows I was texting Andrew but I’m super freaked about it. and I didn’t explain because I wasn’t sure how much he knew and I didn’t want to seem guilty.

      • e says:

        btw I know there are many who disagree with apologizing to Lindsay but it led you to a good talk with Brady about the future and his whole commitmentphobia so it was good in the end!
        I mean she really doesn’t know you that well and it clears up any misunderstandings + shows you’re not crazy and can talk to you + shows you meant well talking to that guy because she liked him. (but things like the uber incident make you seem crazy/scary and that’s why she wasn’t talking to you at first😩)

  6. Cynthia says:

    I wasn’t there so I could be wrong but I dont think Brady was trying to “lecture” you….he said it was “rude and incredibly embarrassing”. He’s communicating to you that he felt embarrassed Reese. You blew it off and said “Oh my gosh, who cares? I need to get a rabies shot!”. How do you expect him to communicate with you about big things when you blow off everything else? I understand the whole flirty personality, because I am the same way but now that you are conscious of it you can try to control it.

  7. Amber says:

    I am also wondering how Brady knew about Andrew?? Did he see you type in your password and then look at your phone when you weren’t around? How else could he have known?? I agree with a PP that I have been team Brady but not so much anymore. I am getting annoyed with his passive aggressiveness and he needs to get on board with the wedding planning! (Just kidding about the last part but I don’t like that he doesn’t want to commit to long term stuff).

  8. soooo, i don’t think you should have apologized to Lindsay. and it was definitely not her place to tell you to apologize to Brady. if she had tried to get to know you better, maybe she’s realize you just have a very outgoing personality. i don’t think she’s really made the effort.

    as for brady’s passive aggressive comments, you guys def need to communicate better! it’s so weird that he knew you were texting Andrew but i do think you need to block his number if he’s texting you those kinds of things. it obviously bothers Brady. you’d probably flip if someone was texting brady like that. i’m trying to lecture. just giving my opinion as an innocent bystander.

    and stop yelling at uber drivers, girl! lol that was mean 😦 still luv u tho.

    • I did feel bad if she thought I was flirting if i wasn’t and I definitely don’t want her to be afraid to talk to me about something. I’m not like scary.

  9. Danielle says:

    I think Lindsay definitely over reacted to the whole Cody thing, and anybody saying its disrespectful clearly is too. When people drink they usually get friendlier and you already have a flirtatious personality. I’m more concerned about how Brady new about Andrew. Does he by any chance know your iCloud password? If not then he has probably seen you put in your passcode on your phone, you can’t really say much though because you’ve gone through his phone before😕
    I hate that Brady is pulling the whole “be patient” “live in the moment” bull with you, as much as I hate to say it you do need to have a time frame in mind for how long you will accept his unwillingness to commit. You don’t necessarily have to tell him because that usually comes off like an ultimatum but still you don’t want to be in the same place 5-10 years from now.
    Hopefully your next appointment with Laura goes well. When is Lindsay supposed to move out again?

    • K I kinda thought she was overreacting too especially since I didn’t even know I did anything wrong. but I didn’t mind apologizing and don’t want her to think I was intentionally trying to move in on her man. Brady doesn’t have any of my passwords as far as I know and I’m really freaked out that he knew about Andrew (although I’m not exactly sure how much he knows).

  10. Luita says:

    I like the conversation you had with Brady because he really opened up to you. But I don’t like that you listened to Lindsey, you need to stop letting others in your relationship. Why do people confuse being nice & friendly with being flirty? I guess I just think flirting is pushing your boobs, making eye contact and being touchy, so unless you were doing those things you were fine. Just cause Lindsey is insecure doesn’t mean that Brady is, he knows you, he even explained how you are to her.
    What did you say when Brady called you out on the texts from your old boss? Andrew is crazy, you really need to tell him that you got back together with Brady and to stop contacting you and if he doesn’t stop block him. You don’t need him in your life anymore anyway, right?

    • Luita says:

      Posted before I was done.
      I agree with Brady, I feel like you are too focused on the finish line and are not enjoying the ride. It’s good to know that you want to marry him, but does it have to be right now? Why can’t you just enjoy this new stage you guys are in? Enjoy living with him, even in his too-small-condo. Just get to know him better, you should take a class together maybe cooking, art or dancing just to have an interest in common. Enjoy being with him right now, and if it’s meant to be it will be. Let him make the choice to propose and when to do it, let him surprise you.

      • Alli says:

        I get having that “you’re the one, let’s get married” feeling, but you need to slow down. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and you two have been so up and down since you got back together. I think that’s pretty normal… It takes time to navigate your relationship and figure out how to handle the changes that come your way. I just don’t understand how you could consider marriage seriously before you’ve gone a full year without a breakup or even a threat of one. Make sure that you’re really steady before you make that commitment.

        Not to mention that you really don’t want to be the girl who twisted her guy’s arm into proposing. If you do, you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering whether he really wanted to do it or just caved to your pressure.

      • I know, I know. I’m going to ease up on the marriage and buying a place talk. I just love him and want to do everything with him!

  11. Mere says:

    Ok, so let me retell this the way it came across.

    Lindsey likes a guy she works with, and invited him to her birthday so they could presumably get to know each other in a more social setting.

    Lindsey’s friend Brady’s girlfriend who is very outgoing monopolizes him instead, and she’s upset but she doesn’t anything to Brady because he’s letting her live with him and his gf out of courtesy.

    Lindsey avoided you when she was mad rather than cause a scene because she’s a guest.

    After a few days, you noticed she might be a little mad at you, and told Brady. Brady suggested you apologize. She ONLY suggested you apologize to Brady after you confronted her to apologize for something you didn’t even think you did wrong in the first place.

    Reese. You are the most self-centered person. You never even THOUGHT of the idea that you’d upset someone else. Ditto with telling Brady off after he told you that you’d embarrassed him. If he embarrassed you and then blew you off when you told him seriously, you’d cry and make a scene.

    • I never told Brady off. I was just freaking out because I had just gotten bit by a dog! I didn’t realize that I was flirting or making anyone uncomfortable so of course I had no idea that I’d pissed anyone off. if I did I would have apolgized sooner!

  12. Sometimes I think you’re not particularly aware of your surroundings and the feelings of others, I probably only recognize it in you because it’s something I get called out for. While it seems like you’re getting off the hook when you explain yourself like, “this is my personality, deal,” it’s actually pretty inconsiderate because you’re not taking the way anyone else feels into account.

    I’m not trying to be overly critical, but you should really think about things from the POV of others sometimes. It might lead to more empathy.

  13. Jessi says:

    As a part time Uber driver, I would like to inform you that Uber drivers rate passengers much in the same way passengers rate Uber drivers. While I have been fortunate enough to have never gotten lost when picking up a passenger, I have had the unfortunate experience of picking up drunk assholes who felt the need to talk down to me and were extremely rude. I have 2 points for your consideration:

    1. Asshole passengers get banned. You don’t believe me? Continue being an asshole to your Uber driver and you will experience this first hand.

    2. The way you treat people in the service industry is a reflection of your character. You have no idea what circumstances have led people to choose the jobs they have, and your friendly Uber driver may be extremely successful, choosing to drive people around for a little bit of extra cash. Personally, I make six figures and became a weekend Uber driver to do my part to prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel after experiencing a devastating loss at the hand of a drunk driver.

    Some of my more “colorful” passengers talk down to me, as if they are better than me because I’m “only” a driver who relies on their business for my survival (ha!). There are some drivers who do rely on their Uber income to support their families, or pay student loans, or just earn money for the hell of it. It is NOT your place to be a gigantic bitch to someone because they got lost and you had to stand outside for an extra 5 minutes in the cold. There is this brilliant thing called a weather app that is easily accessible on every smart phone. You should use it next time you plan on going out so you can dress accordingly.

    You actually seemed to be on the upswing regarding your self awareness and your attempt at becoming a better person, but this post just made it all come crashing down. I really don’t think you will ever change and hope you don’t lose your friends as quickly as you just lost a reader. Good luck with life, Reese, and please, at a minimum, treat your Uber driver with some fucking respect.

      • Michelle says:

        I agree how you treat service workers is a reflection of the type of person you are. I feel so bad for the uber driver that had to deal with your tantrum. I’m disappointed by your attitude. If you feel bad too bad. How do you think the uber driver felt? It sucks that you are trying to gain sympathy by saying how the poster made you feel like shit. You wouldn’t feel that way if you treated others with respect. How would you like if you were late to a meeting at work and had to deal with someone treating you like you did the uber driver. Karma is a bitch.

  14. Bella says:

    Okay, so what I just read didn’t really seem like a step forward.
    I don’t want to seem too critical, I’m just going to tell you how it all comes across…to me anyway.

    One thing that I had constantly noticed in previous posts, was your attitude towards Lindsey. You were doing really well: I think months ago you would have been pissed off that another female was coming to live with you. You have matured in that respect.

    On the topic of the Uber driver, what everyone has said so far is pretty accurate.
    Reese, have you ever worked in the service industry? Any type of job, whether it’s at the local supermarket, some store etc? If not, try to imagine how you would feel after somebody spoke to you the way you spoke to your Uber driver.
    Last weekend (I am a children’s entertainer), I had a parent blast the shit out of me because, to be honest, she was being way too precious. I instantly thought of this when reading your post. It made me feel nervous, inadequate, embarrassed and overall shit for the rest of the day. Please, when you feel the need to tell somebody off, just try to step back and rethink. Am I really justified in saying these things? Is this really fair?
    This leads me to the good old saying of treat others how you wish to be treated.
    I think you need to really start the reflective thinking again.

    Another thing that MUST happen, is to rid yourself of Andrew. I don’t know why you texted him back, because you don’t work with him. Delete him. If you love Brady, you don’t need to have somebody like this in your life.

    I really am backing you and Brady, so open up with communication and make good use of your therapy session!!!!

    • ah! thank you for this! I feel terrible. no, I’ve never worked in the service industry… which I’m sure is obvious. thanks for not being harsh, but still opening my eyes.

      • Bella says:

        It’s okay! I don’t see the point in lecturing really, it can make you feel bad without helping. Plus, I’m guilty of a lot of bad decision and behaviour so it’s not like I’m above you 😉

  15. Kale says:

    Wow, you have been doing so well with a lot of stuff lately but this post honestly feels like it should be from a year ago. Why are you throwing these little tantrums and questioning whether Brady loves you, or even likes you?! Are you seriously questioning these things, or do you just need that reassurance/attention from Brady? Either way I think you need to reflect on why you keep doing it. You are really bold and assertive in a lot of aspects of your life (and yes, this often comes across as selfish which you should also work on, just try and listen to other people more, make an effort to always ask at least two questions about someone else every time you hang out or something like that), but you lack a lot of real confidence and maturity still (the Uber stuff?! Come on, you’re so much better than that). I’m not saying (or expecting) that you can all of a sudden fix these things, but you need to make a conscious effort to work on them. Relationships are hard and I think both you and Brady have a lot of work to do. By no means should you be ‘throwing in the towel’ anytime soon but you definitely need to chill out with the marriage stuff… You just moved in together, you need to adjust to that and wait until you are comfortable and secure in your relationship before you guys move forward. I’m really happy you guys are going to therapy but don’t expect it to be a quick fix for all of your problems, it will only help you if you are really willing to do the work and make some changes.

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