i told everyone he was gay.

I wish I would have known Brady’s sister in law didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving before we went all the way to San Francisco to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. And Black Friday for that matter. They actually live about an hour away from the airport in the middle of the woods. Kind of like Brady’s parents’ house. Hunter came and picked us up (in a late 90s Range Rover, of course) and informed us that we needed to stop at the “market” to get food, but apparently that meant liquor to get us through the week. We went into the liquor store and all picked out a handle of what we wanted. Guess what I picked!

When we got to the home/cabin/solar powered castle, Hunter’s wife, Dom greeted us at the door. I met Dom last year at Brady’s dad’s party and she was a total bitch to me. So I wasn’t looking forward to seeing her again. She had the baby strapped to her torso and didn’t speak to me or Brady as we walked in.

“Did you get the asparagus?” she demanded. She glared at me and Brady like it was somehow our fault that Hunter forgot the asparagus. Guess we really should have gone to the market.

Hunter took us upstairs to the guest bedroom we would be staying in. Right across from their bedroom.

“You guys get settled in. Me and the wifey are going to make dinner,” he told us.

As soon as Hunter walked out, I said, “I can’t believe he’s still with her. She’s so awful.”

Of course Brady defended Dom and said, “He loves her.”

“She’s mean and I’m not speaking to her this whole trip,” I said.

Brady looked at me like I was being ridiculous so I rolled my eyes and said just kidding. Even though I wasn’t.

I took off my pants and took a nap in the little bed because I was exhausted from traveling. It was literally a dorm room sized bed. Super inconvenient. I’m used to our king sized bed. Brady woke me up a little while later because dinner was ready. I changed into a Free People tunic and fringe Minnetonka ankle boots. Reese-ahontas.

When we got back downstairs Dom was sitting at the table breastfeeding the baby.

“Dinner is served!” Hunter shouted and I couldn’t help thinking he meant Dom’s tits were dinner.

Luckily though, Hunter grilled steaks and potatoes for us. When we sat down to eat, Dom immediately scolded us for still living in a city as corrupt as Chicago. This was the day the cop was arrested for shooting the 17 year old boy.

“Believe me, if I didn’t have this guy, I would be marching with them. Law enforcement is so corrupt. The justice system is so corrupt,” she snarled.

I looked at Brady and Hunter and they didn’t even bother looking up at her. I guess I felt bad that they were ignoring her so is said, “Yeah, it’s really sad.”

“I’m just sick of this shit,” she kept going. “And I’m sick of people talking about how sad and unfortunate it is, but not doing anything about it.” Dom looked pointedly at me.

No wonder Hunter and Brady decided not to say anything at all. After dinner, we sat around playing with the baby, who is so fucking cute by the way. He has Dom’s darker, olive skin with huge blue eyes and light brown hair. I want my kid to look exactly like that.

The next night, the night before Thanksgiving, we all went out. Hunter and Dom have a part time nanny who helps out (even though Dom doesn’t even work) and she just happens to be blonde and super hot. She’s probably only like 19, but still. With all the marriages breaking up because of nannies recently, I wanted to warn Dom to watch her husband. But since she’s a bitch to me, I didn’t say anything.

We ended up at a gay bar downtown. It was totally my scene and naturally I wanted to get super duper drunk so I kept ordering more shots for me and Brady. I started discreetly telling people he was my gay bestie because I thought it was funny. All the guys started introducing themselves to him and asking me if he was available. Brady was super weirded out and uncomfortable, but he had no idea that I told people that. It was entertaining. I grinded my ass on him all night until he got a boner and grabbed my wrists.

“Are you almost ready?” he whispered in my ear.

I nodded my head while sipping my vodka tonic. Brady went to get Hunter and Dom while I closed our tab. On our way out the door, an older guy who was short and bald, grabbed Brady’s ass.

“Dude! I’m not gay!” Brady told him and I practically fell over laughing all the way outside. When I finally pulled myself together and wiped my tears away, I told him the truth.

“I told everyone you were gay,” I explained.

“What? Why would you do that?” Brady exclaimed.

I began laughing. “Because it was funny. All the gays love you!”

Brady grabbed my shoulders and shook me playfully. “I can’t believe you did that. Do I need to prove to you that I’m not gay?”

I nodded happily. When we got back to the house, Hunter and Brady wanted to continue taking shots. Even I was ready to call it a night. I sat there petting Brady until he was ready to go upstairs.

The next morning, we laid in bed with the iPad looking at cookware sets. New pots and pans weren’t a part of our renovation (or budget), but if I’m going to be a cooking wifey then I need new ones. I picked out copper/rose gold ones then got matching dinnerware.

While we were laying there, Brady said, “I know I don’t say it enough, but I really appreciate you.”

I glanced up at him and said, “Aw, thanks. Even though I told everyone you were gay?”

Brady laughed. “Never a dull moment with you.”

I feel like he must have seen how happy Hunter and Dom are and realized that we could be like that if we try. Neither of us share our feelings with each other often enough.

The rest of the day we were really lovey dovey and all over each other. Dom even rolled her eyes and said, “Stop being so extra.”

That night was weird. We all sat around drinking beer and someone suggested we smoke. So we left Dom and the baby inside and went outside to get high. Hunter prepared the joint/cigarette (blunt? I don’t know anything about this stuff) and we passed it around. After my first turn (and choking and coughing up my lung) I could tell something was different. I just figured San Francisco had different weed.

We finished it off and the next thing I remember is spinning around in circles in the backyard. I felt like I was going really, really fast like a dreidel, but then I would see Brady and it was like he was still and not moving, but everything else was still spinning. It was so fucking weird.

Eventually, I collapsed on the ground and started laughing uncontrollably. Brady appeared above me, grabbing my shoulders so I didn’t crack my skull on the concrete. He was saying something, but he sounded really far away and I couldn’t understand him. He tried to lift me up and I made my body limp so he couldn’t lift my deadweight.

“Dude, is she okay?” Hunter shouted from really far away.

Brady grunted in response. After letting him struggle for a little while longer, I started laughing again and got up myself. We ended up in a patio chair with me on Brady’s lap. We started kissing and I thought it would be funny and cute to bite his bottom lip. Apparently I did it too hard.

“Ow! Fuck!” Brady exclaimed. He touched his fingers to his lip and I saw that there was blood. I started sobbing.

“I’m such an awful person. I don’t blame you for hating me!” I cried.

Brady didn’t respond because he was trying to stop his lip from bleeding.

“I’m calling 911,” I declared getting up.

“Reese, don’t,” he said, following me.

Luckily my phone was nowhere to be found. We went inside and I started baking a chocolate cake I found in one of the cabinets. I popped it in the oven and chugged a bottle of water. I finished it in under ten seconds. Brady and I went upstairs and as soon as I sat on the bed I fell asleep.

The next day we had plans of going to a winery so I woke up excited for that. I had kind of forgotten about the night before until Brady told me that Dom was annoyed with me and I should probably apologize when I got a chance. I had no idea why she would possibly be mad at me so I asked.

“Well, you left a cake baking in the oven for two and a half hours and could have burned the house down,” he explained.

“Oh,” I said. “Do they not have any smoke detectors?”

Brady just looked at me. I finished getting ready, putting on my warmest, most boho, hippie outfit ever. I’m going through a boho phase right now.

I avoided Dom the entire day. I could tell she was still annoyed and ignoring me too, but would sometimes make snarky comments. I was sipping on a particular red wine and I complained that it was too bitter.

Dom said, “People like you can never be satisfied.” And she just kept making remarks like that the whole trip.

When we got back home, Dom got inside and snatched the baby from the nanny and immediately opened her shirt to start nursing. She went upstairs and the nanny, Caitlin, stayed and hung out with us for a little while. I wanted to ask her how she stands working for such an evil witch like Dom, but I decided not to. As she was leaving, she told Hunter she would be going on a trip and he said, “Text me and remind me.” Obviously it was totally innocent, but I secretly hoped that they had an affair going on. Then I got mad at myself for thinking something so mean.

We left San Francisco early on Saturday morning. I had fun, but I was beyond ready to get home. Especially because I had like four packages waiting for me.

On Saturday night, even though I was exhausted, I went out with Lexi and some of her friends. I didn’t know it at the time, but she and Kyle fizzled out and now she’s talking to a new guy who we met up with that night. He brought a friend and the friend started making passes at me immediately. And I missed my boyfriend so I ended up going home early.

Brady and I spent all of Sunday decorating the house for Christmas. We spent about $460 on decorations that morning (including a tree) because the place just didn’t feel festive enough.

Decorating is exhausting. I was so tired by the end of it that I ordered a pizza for dinner and fell asleep before it even arrived. I feel like I’m turning into a housewife.

Speaking of, Dale is micromanaging everyone and making us all hate our jobs. Luke is even talking to a recruiter about finding a new one. I’ve always loved my job now and now that I’m not having the same experience, I seriously want to quit. I know I shouldn’t give up that easily (and I won’t), but going to work everyday when you don’t like your job is really hard. I hope Brady proposes soon so we can get married and I can stay home and have a baby. Just kidding.


20 thoughts on “i told everyone he was gay.

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m really jealous of how you can so easily drop cash on stuff you want. I’m seriously curious about how much you (and Brady) make. I know that’s rude to ask but my fiance and I do pretty well, and I still can’t bring myself to spend like you. (I mean that in the best way.)

    So was the weed laced? Or just really good? 🙂

    I feel extra domesticated lately too. Then, I end up rebelling and getting drunk on a Tuesday night.

    • haha. getting drunk on a Tuesday night is so me. it’s like I’m ready to grow up, but actually not really. I’ve heard that I have a really bad relationship with money, if that answers any questions. Brady tries to be really conservative with his, but you know. I came along.

  2. kelseyxsays says:

    Dom is a piece of work. Although, I also would’ve been really pissed if someone got high and left a cake baking in my oven, too. Hahah I can’t blame her for being mad about that.

    I can relate to this Christmas decoration shopping! I just dropped an insane amount – even more than you – on new Christmas decorations. Not expected, but totally worth it. 😍😏🎄 no regrets.

  3. So despite being totally wretched, Dom and Hunter seem happy? Were they sweet with each other? I’m super curious what the dynamic between them is, because she hates everyone else so much.

  4. Amber says:

    Wow Dom is too much! Sounds like she is related to my in laws, haha. Glad that Brady was nice to you! Was so happy to see this post – I was re-reading posts in your archives all day yesterday – loved the Vegas post from TBT and all of the stories about Eric!

  5. Sara says:

    Does Dom have any friends?? Can’t imagine she does. Must be nice not working and having a nanny. Yet she’s still such a downer.

    Lol at the cake. Look how many calories you avoided by falling asleep, between the cake and pizza

    • she’s the most negative person I’ve ever met, I can’t believe someone married her. and yay for saving calories. I didn’t even think about that.

    • Ashley says:

      I know you’re just trolling, trying to get a reaction out of people, but your comment is uncalled for. Yeah, Reese forgot about a cake in the oven because she was stoned and passed out. That doesn’t make her psychotic. I assume, since you’re judging Reese so harshly, that you yourself are a perfect Saint? That you do no wrong and never act like a crazy Bitch? But wait a minute…you’re acting like a little Bitch right now! I suggest you get down off your high horse and take a look in the mirror. If you think Reese is psychotic, selfish, and superficial, why are you reading her blog? Just so you can come make demeaning comments to her? If that’s the case, I suggest you find a hobby and get a life.

  6. Jenny says:

    So you leave the cake baking and go upstairs without any care in the world and Dom has an issue? Your first thought is don’t they have smoke alarms? You have no respect for anyone’s property. You should have done the grown up thing and apologized to her but no you avoid her.

    Regarding your job, you got away with so much when Diane is in charge. You “worked” from home on a regular, you hardly worked at work by your own admission, took long lunches with Luke; you had a free ride. Now a new manager comes in and you’re complaining he’s micromanaging? Your work ethic leaves a lot to be desired and instead of bitching about dale how about stepping it up at work?

    • I wish you actually knew about my work ethic. anyone would tell you that I work very efficiently at work and come up with a lot of really great ideas for my company. I may not slave away every single day, but I contribute A TON. I’m also very independent and don’t need a lot of direction so being micromanaged is an issue for me.

    • Alli says:

      You do understand that Reese only publishes a fraction of what happens in her life on this blog, right? It’s not like she includes every detail of her day. The focus of this blog is more on her personal relationships because frankly, that’s what’s interesting. (No offense, Reese, your job is cool and I like hearing about it.) No one wants to read a laundry list of what she does at work, and it is ludicrous to think we have any concept of her productivity or work ethic. I just don’t understand how you could make such a sweeping claim about someone when you only see a small window into her life. Give your head a shake.

  7. Bella says:

    Haha I always have a laugh when I read your posts – especially this one because I couldn’t get home fast enough today to open up my parcel!!!
    The cake thing could have been a serious problem for sure, so Dom had a right to be pissed at that. However, everyone was smoking… including her husband so it wasn’t just you. I know you are supposed to be making your own decisions/ shouldn’t do something so careless, but it sounds to me like the Brady and Hunter were more coherent than you, so could have maybe stopped you from baking or just removed the cake and turned the oven off. Before anyone tells me off, I’m not saying that Reese needs to be babied or anything, just that the other two could have assisted maybe. Anyway, as for Dom, she seems like a bitter, angry bitch. I mean… how bored must she be not having a job and having a nanny. No wonder she is always negative.
    Something I’ve noticed in life … just in general, is that other people seem to be able to make the first comment or to say something rude etc, but the person who says something back will be seen as the bad guy! I know you don’t want to start Dom and hopefully you don’t have to deal with her often at all, but you could ask her “what do you mean by that comment”? when she makes generalized comments aimed at you. I mean, yeah you fucked up with the cake thing. However she is supposed to be your host while you’re staying there. Nothing worse than staying somewhere that is totally uncomfortable.
    This was an awesome post 🙂 Keep it up! You’re continuously growing and seem to be reflecting more on what you do.

  8. Luita says:

    Hahaha you are so funny, I love that you told everyone Brady was gay!
    Why doesn’t Dom celebrate thanksgiving? It’s a holiday to give thanks, what’s so wrong about that? I feel like she’s so self righteous. I bet Hunter’s money (or his parents’ money) didn’t bother her when she was able to buy that big house and live comfortably enough that she doesn’t have to work. Now I’m judging her, just cause I don’t like her 😜.
    I wonder how many people that question your work ethics actually work 100% of the time they are at work. Do people ever go on smoke breaks, talk to a co-worker about their weekends or make lunch plans, read blogs, or text? I don’t smoke, but I’ve done the other things at work, when I’m not busy. There’s times I can’t even go to the restroom cause I’m so busy I forget. Do people realize how many times you haven’t been able to blog because you’ve been super busy? we are not part of your real life so we dont really know what all you do at work, I’m just sure you wouldn’t have been asked to come back if you weren’t a good worker, even if your mom was friends with Diana, she would’ve just been happy she got rid of you.
    I hate micromanaging, but give it sometime maybe this guy is trying to prove something, just show him that you are a hard worker and maybe he’ll lay off.

  9. Smack says:

    I can’t believe you left a cake in the oven! Haha I can understand Dom being pissed over that but in general she seems like a raging (insert nasty word here)…..

    Being micromanaged is the WORST! I see how people here are making comments because you DO tell us a lot about you’re more unstructured work times but we also aren’t there to see the WHOLE story.

    I hate to say this but I wish you and Brady would just come to an end. It just seems like such a messy and toxic relationship. You guys communicate with sex and that’s just not ok. I mean make up sex is cool but you guys never “make up”. You have sex and never address the issues. This is going to come back to bite you both in the ass big time.

    And I used to love Brady but these last few posts make him seem super shady!

    Get some help or end it. But something’s gotta give.

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