i think everyone’s the enemy.

I’m sorry for continuously complaining about Stacey, but she’s so terrible. I’ve honestly never met someone with such an awful personality. She’s the worst!

On Monday, we had a staff meeting and Luke and I were planning out what we needed to present at the meeting. Stacey was sitting in the room with us sucking on an iced coffee because she had nothing better to do (obviously she has nothing important to present). Luke and I were throwing ideas back and forth and Stacey would cut in and give her terrible suggestions.

“Instead of saying that, you should just start showing the samples,” she interrupted.

And I said, “No Stacey, we need to start with the story behind the collection because I think that’s important.”

She said, “I think that’s dumb.”

As if I cared what she thought. That went on all morning until the meeting. On Tuesday we got into an actual argument. It was so dumb. We were all standing in the break room eating cake (it was someone’s birthday) and talking about an incident that happened the previous day. There’s a guy in our office who claims to be straight, but he flirts hardcore with Luke all the time. The previous day I saw the same guy flirting with another gay in the office so I decided to tell Luke so we could discuss.

“They were not flirting,” Stacey said, rolling her eyes.

“You weren’t even there!” I shot back.

“Yes, I was. I saw the whole thing and they were definitely not flirting,” she said.

I couldn’t remember if Stacey actually was there when the incident happened, but I couldn’t stand her arguing with me.

“I wasn’t even talking to you. You are so annoying,” I said.

Stacey started laughing.

Luke said, “Wait, so were they flirting or not? Tell me exactly what happened!”

“I don’t even want to talk about it anymore,” I said.

“Why, because it never happened?” Stacey taunted.

“Why are you even here? Do you not have any work to do? I never see you doing work!” I said.

“I never see you doing any work either. No one does!” Stacey laughed.

“You guys, stop fighting!” Luke exclaimed.

Stacey walked out and continued laughing.

“I seriously hate her,” I said after she was gone.

Luckily though, after our little fight we avoided each other for the rest of the week. We would pass each other in the hallway and break room and not say a word to each other which I didn’t mind at all. Luke tried to get me to talk her once but I had such a bad reaction that he didn’t try it again.

Brady left for Massachusetts on Friday after work and I decided that I would spend the weekend cleaning and catching up on laundry. Kendra invited me over for dinner on Friday night. Preston came too, but he brought Joe and they finished an entire bottle of wine by themselves. So they were being really obnoxious. Preston has flaked on me and ditched me a ton the past few months to hang out with Joe so I haven’t seen much of him. Apparently Joe is really insecure and doesn’t like to let Preston out of his sight. I don’t like him.

Lexi came over on Saturday night and the plan was to drink wine and eat chocolate, but it was one of her coworkers’ birthday so we headed to the bar to help celebrate. The birthday girl was actually super rude and demanded a gift from both me and Lexi. Bitch, my presence is your gift. I’d never even met her. But still, I bought her a tequila shot because I’m a great person. I had a ton of fun, but I hadn’t heard from Brady much during the day so I was really sad about that. I called him on my Uber ride home and he didn’t pick up so naturally I sobbed myself to sleep. It was ridiculous how much I missed him.

He came home on Sunday morning before I’d even gotten up for the day.

“I got you something,” he told me.

That got me out of bed. It was a fucking FitBit. I didn’t ask for that. But we are supposed to be training for some race (lol) so I guess that was nice of him to help me get started. So now I’m looking for one of those cute bracelets to put it in because it’s not my style at all. Any suggestions?

Later on in the day, as he was getting undressed, Brady told me he got a new tattoo.

I’m like, “Oh, okay. Wait, what?” because he made no mention of a fucking tattoo at all.

He shrugged and held his arm out so I could see it. It was on the inside of his bicep – a super hipstery tattoo location.

“What the fuck is that?” I asked.

Brady explained that it was the symbol for pharmacy and called it some weird name. But it was a snake wrapped around a cup. It was hideous.

“Why did you get it?” I asked, trying not to sound super judgmental even though I was absolutely judging.

“Honestly, I had too much to drink. I shouldn’t have done it,” Brady said.

“Wait,” I smiled. “You got drunk and did something you shouldn’t have?”

He smiled back sheepishly.

“You can always get it covered up with a picture of me,” I suggested and Brady laughed.

I’ve been looking at Brady’s messages again. I felt bad about it and decided not to do it for a while, but while he was gone I just couldn’t help it. He’s been texting this girl named Hailey. She seems super flirty and told him to have a great trip home and kept asking him how things were going and sending him pictures of her drinks and food. Obviously I looked this broad up on Facebook and she graduated from high school in 2013 and she’s still in college! What the fuck is Brady doing talking to a college student? She can’t be older than 21. She’s cute – blonde hair/blue eyes and definitely fits the description of Brady’s mistress. Brady isn’t necessarily flirting with her back, but he’s being way nicer than I’d like him to be. How can I ask who she is without admitting that I’ve been reading his messages? He will be pissed plus I don’t want to lose access to read them! It’s addicting!

Do y’all remember that girl Maddi that Brady works with? She was nice enough, but she sent Brady some kissing emojis about a year ago and I haven’t heard much from her since. She followed me on Instagram yesterday. My page is wide open so I just think it’s weird that she followed me. I feel like she’s just being nosy, but also wants me to know she’s being nosy. Or maybe she’s genuinely interested in my life. I think everyone’s the enemy.

I don’t think I have anything else to say. Except that I got three or four inches cut off my hair and I love it. I feel like I look a million times better. Is that dramatic? A good haircut can change your life. I also spent an ungodly amount of money on makeup and beauty products last week and Sephora is probably as sick of me as I am sick of them. How was y’all’s weekend?


24 thoughts on “i think everyone’s the enemy.

  1. Amber says:

    Stacey is SUUUUUCH a biatch. I try not to be judgmental but the way you describe her, ugh, it’s like nails on a chalkboard. I would say I hope things get better, but we both know that’s not happening. Maybe you could use some of your contacts to help her get a job elsewhere? Is Andrew hiring, lol.

    This is the bracelet I use for my Fitbit – http://www.toryburch.com/tory-burch-for-fitbit-metal-hinged-bracelet/22145974.html?cgid=accessories-fitbit&start=9&dwvar_22145974_color=650&dwvar_22145974_size=OS ; it’s kind of heavy but you get used to it after awhile.

    I understand the need to snoop, especially because I think Brady is being so ridiculous right now. I’ve been reading for awhile and I really feel like he’s been leading you on! I have to ask, are you looking for a reason to break up with him?

    I think your need to snoop comes from that lack of connection. I know you’ve said it before that you don’t really talk; maybe if you were more open with each other you’d feel less like you needed to snoop for information. Not critical of you – I think it comes from both sides.

    Good luck girl!

    • I’m sure Andrew would love to have Stacey. they could be annoying together. I saw the Tory burch bracelet, it’s like the first thing that comes up. I like it I just don’t really like that it’s her logo. not a big logo person. I agree that Brady is acting ridiculous! he’s been super nice, so maybe i am looking for something to cause some drama. idk.

  2. Ugh! Why is Stacey still there? Wasn’t she supposed to be looking for another job?

    As for the girl Brady has been texting, do you know where he met her?

    I understand the urge to be nosy and check messages. It doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t trust your partner, it’s just natural human curiosity. But you’ve been reading his messages for a while and you haven’t found anything suspicious. Maybe it’s time to stop? If he finds out, you already know he is going to be pissed.


    • I have no idea where Brady met this hailey girl, I think that’s what’s making it so weird to me. she’s a child. I know I should stop, it’s so addicting though. I find out everything he won’t bother telling me.

  3. What the fuck, does Stacey have brain damage? Her whole laughing-hysterically-instead-of-giving-a-comeback schtick is both insidious and extremely annoying. Just reading this made me want to slap her!

    Also, lol, the whole ‘going home for the weekend and coming back with a tattoo’ thing seems like a transparent example of Brady trying to prove his independence/masculinity/whatever guys feel like they have to prove to themselves. I don’t understand men.

  4. kelseyxsays says:

    I hate Stacey. Literally. What DOES she do? Wasn’t she supposed to be trying to find a new job. She’s like an annoying little bug that’s constantly in your ear, that never goes away. Ugh.

    Anyway, this whole “I’ve been reading bae’s texts secretly and now I want to ask him about who he’s been texting, but in a discreet way” is exactly why I do NOT snoop. It just opens to door to insecurity and scrutiny. Not worth it, and I suggest you let it go unless he gives you a real reason to question him.

    I cut 17 inches off my hair this past fall and it was the most FREEING feeling ever. I totally understand what you’re saying. It just feels so much better. Yay!

      • kelseyxsays says:

        Yep, inches. Lol I went from hair down to my ass basically to a cute little lob (long bob). I have always had super pretty, long, thick, blonde hair. But it was time for a change. Best thing I’ve ever done! Lol πŸ˜πŸ’‡πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ»

  5. Kelly says:

    Honestly, if I was dating someone there is no way I wouldn’t give in to the temptation of looking at their messages, especially since it seems like it’s so accessible to you. I don’t know how anyone would be able to not look, even if the trust is there. So, I can’t fault you for it. Plus, guys are always shady as hell! But as long as he’s not reciprocating her flirtation I think there’s no reason to be mad.

    • I’m not mad, I just think it’s beyond weird. I don’t have enough self control not to look! I wish I was better, but I can’t even stop myself.

  6. Sarah says:

    You have to stop with the messages!! Like you said, you can’t bring any of it up because then he will know you’re reading them, and brady doesn’t really tell you anything to begin with so you can’t play it off like ‘oh you mentioned it earlier’. All of that info just has to nag at you because you can’t get any clarification. Maybe that girl is going to DM you some gossip from when she worked with brady?

  7. Jessi says:

    Oh man, Stacey is bad news. I know how important you work is to you and know you have a strong work ethic. Don’t ruin that by arguing with that hot ghetto mess at work. Remain as professional as possible around her because you do not want to be lumped in her dipshit category.

    So……it appears as though both you and Brady have “friends” with whom you may have a questionable friendship. I think you should discuss this and put all your cards on the table, about both Marcos and Brady’s friend. You may find that you are both getting certain things missing from your relationship out of your friendships. Honestly, people in relationships have no business befriending single people of the opposite sex. I know, it’s an antiquated notion, but that shit only leads to trouble.

    I like you and Brady together. You compliment each other. You bring fun and excitement into his life, he brings a bit of stability into yours. You just lack communication. Don’t be afraid to be honest and open with him. If you can’t, that says a lot about your relationship. Good luck!

    • Bella says:

      While I agree with having a more open conversation between Brady and Reese, but people shouldn’t having single friends of the the opposite sex is ridiculous.

      If you can’t keep it in your pants you shouldn’t be in a monogamous relationship. Aside from Marco giving an outrageous Christmas gift, Reese said Marco knows about Brady, and Brady knows about Marco.

      • I agree, I don’t have a ton of male friends but I don’t think it’s fair to say I can’t have any, especially if I’m not leading them on or talking about inappropriate things with them.

    • I haven’t really talked to Marco much lately and brady knows who he is. I would even allow him to read our messages if he asked. he hasn’t mentioned Hailey to me AT ALL so I actually think it’s kind of different. and I would love to discuss our friendships and everything with him. but i still don’t know how I could bring it up without admitting to reading his messages.

  8. Bella says:

    While I agree with having a more open conversation between Brady and Reese, but people shouldn’t having single friends of the the opposite sex is ridiculous.

    If you can’t keep it in your pants you shouldn’t be in a monogamous relationship. Aside from Marco giving an outrageous Christmas gift, Reese said Marco knows about Brady, and Brady knows about Marco.

  9. Jessi says:

    Gah. Sorry, that came out wrong. Of course you can have straight friends of the opposite sex, I just don’t trust Marcos and the whole Hailey thing is a bit strange. Maybe you can ask Brady how he feels about your friendship with Marcos and ask him if he has any similar friendships. Hopefully he will tell you about Hailey. If he doesn’t…..I don’t know. I don’t want to give the impression that he’s being shady, but he should be able to talk to you about that stuff. Or, at least introduce her to you, which would be ideal.

  10. megg says:

    When does the sublease on your apartment expire?! I just want you to break up with Brady and find someone who makes you unquestionably happy!

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