should i download tinder?

In addition to everything else, I’ve been swamped with work. Mike suddenly wants me in charge of everything, constantly emailing me to check the progress of projects I’m not even a part of or know about. And since he seemed to think I knew about everything gong on in the office, I didn’t want to let him down and took it upon myself to get involved in everything. And the more work I took on, the more frustrated Scott got. I don’t know why, probably just because he’s Scott, but he started being kind of standoffish. This girl, Jamie, recently got promoted and Scott would send out emails like, “Only Jamie and I are allowed to handle this account. I want to keep it under control so I can’t have anyone else involved.”

Like, okay Scott. Go fuck yourself. So we avoided each other for a week until I got annoyed with walking on eggshells at work and finally confronted him.

“Hey,” I said, walking into his office. “Anything you want help with?”

Scott didn’t look up at me, but shook his head. “No, I can handle it over here.”

I was so frustrated that I just walked out without saying anything. But then later that night after work, I texted him, “Hey, is everything okay? You seem distant lately.”

Really, both of us were avoiding each other, but I was acting like it was completely one sided.

Scott replied, “I have a lot going on, but things are fine. Thank you for asking.”

I read the message and didn’t respond, but Scott continued texting me.

“Any plans this evening? I have friends in town and we are headed to a wine tasting. You’re always welcome.”

No, thank you. I hung out with Scott outside of work a few weeks ago with some other coworkers. He spent the evening telling everyone how talented I am and how I shouldn’t be single because I’m so good looking and amazing. It was really awkward and I just felt like everyone would assume that Scott and I had an inappropriate relationship going on by the things he was saying. So I was avoiding him at work and outside of work.

But now I’m working more closely with Mike and it’s nice because I feel kind of important. I love that he comes to me with questions (instead of Scott) and then tells Scott my ideas and how he wants to implement them. So it kind of feels like Mike and I vs. Scott and Jamie most of the times.

I haven’t really spoken to Zach much. I know that he knows I’m mad at him, but instead of asking me what’s going on, he sends me internet memes. And he sends old memes that I’ve already seen because he’s a little bit older and doesn’t have Instagram. But I usually just leave him on read. He did invite me to dinner one night.

“I want you. Dinner and then back to your place?” Zach texted me.

So I guess his wife wasn’t putting out that night.

I replied, “No, thank you,” and he said, “Okay.”

And then the next morning he continued sending me internet memes. Like what a loser.

I was so distracted by Zach that I didn’t really ever think about Brady (or Tucker even). But he called me last week. When I saw his name pop up, I immediately got really hot and felt like I was going to vomit because I was so nervous. After the whole Christmas party thing, Brady texted me a couple times, but I didn’t care to respond because I was so preoccupied with Zach.

“Hi,” I answered, like I wasn’t shocked and surprised that he was calling.

“Hey, Reese. How are you?” Brady said.

And he sounded so formal and polite and nice that I just about melted.

“I’m fine. What’s up?”

“Leaving work,” he told me. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:40 PM. Early for Brady. “I’m sorry this is so last minute, but I’ll be gone for the next three days and I wanted to see if you’d like to keep Tucker during that time? And you could even keep him through the weekend if you want.”

I literally squealed. “Of course I will! I miss my little Tuck and I know he misses me too.”

Brady laughed. “Yeah, he does. We both do.”

I didn’t catch that last piece at the time and continued making arrangements for Brady to drop off Tucker at my apartment the next afternoon (Valentine’s Day).

I was still wearing my clothes from work when I opened the door for Brady, but he had changed into jeans. He looked really good. Tucker was on a leash and patiently sitting, waiting to be let in.

“Oh my God, hiiiii!” I screamed and bent down to give Tucker some loving. He immediately rolled over on his back and sucked it all up.

“Hello,” Brady said.

I looked up at him. “Look at how much Tucker has missed me. How cruel and evil of you to keep us away from each other.”

Brady laughed and then to my surprise, he pulled a single red rose from behind his back. I raised my eyebrows and he said, “It’s from Tucker.”

I stood up and took it from him. “Thanks.” I turned and walked back inside. They followed.

Brady seemed to take a look around at my apartment and then said, “No plans this evening?”

“Not yet,” I told him, wondering if he would take the bait.

He said, “Ah.” He had brought a little drawstring bag full of Tucker’s goodies and sat it on the kitchen counter.

“Where are you going this week?” I had to ask.

“Work stuff,” Brady said, not making eye contact and I automatically knew he was lying. I assumed he was taking a girl on a Valentine’s Day trip.

So I spent the week trying to figure out where Brady was and that proved difficult because he doesn’t use social media. I even asked Preston for help since he basically doubles as a private investigator. He couldn’t find anything either.

But Brady is coming by tomorrow after work to pick up Tucker and I’m super sad and thinking about blocking his number so I can keep the dog. Is that bad? I don’t care.

You know what else has been keeping my mind occupied? Kendra had a fucking baby! A real life, breathing mini human. It’s so weird and creepy. And since she’s not working and the baby sleeps literally all day, she’s bored and texts me a lot. It’s kind of cute, she’s just now catching up on everything that’s been happening in the world that she missed while busy and pregnant. It’s a little girl and she’s actually stunning, like the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. I was kind of afraid she would get some of John’s tragic genes, but she’s beautiful just like Kendra. It kind of makes me want one.

Anyway, I’m thinking about downloading some dating apps. Which ones would y’all recommend? I’m not looking for a new boyfriend or anything, I’m just super bored now and want someone to talk to. I miss y’all! What’s new?! 


15 thoughts on “should i download tinder?

  1. Mandy says:

    Stay away from all of it! Hahah honestly – you have a great personality and like to go out. Meet people there rather than someone online who is just going to string you along. So happy to see another post – we missed you too. As much as I wanted it to work with Brady I dont like the crap hes pulling. Its not fair to you and if its who he truly is you are better off without him. You may have done some questionable things but at least you never set out to purposely hurt him.

  2. cynthiadaliza says:

    I’m really proud of you Reese. Breakups are hard but seems like you are doing better and staying strong in regards to the Zach situation. I personally don’t like tinder and would stay far away from it BUT if you decide to sign up don’t take it too serious. From what I can gather you are a beautiful girl and have a great personality. Go out with your friends and enjoy being alone and you will meet someone along the way. The best thing I ever did for myself was embracing being single. You can have fun and go on dates but really take this time to do what YOU want to do.

  3. Sara says:

    Forget the dating sites. Join a club, church, gym, take a class, get a new hobby. You will meet like minded people that way. The old saying that you meet your mate when you don’t expect it is usually true. You can try something new, do something for yourself, and of you meet someone, so much the better. Bonus that the club/class/etc. will be in the context of something you have in common.

    I am glad you blew Zach off. He’s not worth any more of your time. He did distract you from Brady, but then it got too intense, so time to find someone single. He’s a cheater with no remorse, and it’s not even worth telling him off.

    I like the idea of you getting a dog of your own. I know you love Tucker, but he comes with strings attached, meaning Brady.

    Watch out for Brady. He is going to try and come back to you, I can just feel it. He is using Tucker as an in. He acted the same way when he came back before. I know you loved him, but he was such a jerkweed about the Christmas party, his actions showed a real lack of respect for you. He is an awful communicator, makes you feel unsure of yourself, insecure, and berates you for behaviors that he, himself, does. Classic deflection and passive aggressive controlling behavior. I rooted for your relationship because it was obvious how much you loved him, but after how he behaved when you split, and even in the last part of your relationship, I say no more toxic Brady. You are worth so much more than him. I may be wrong, but I really think you should be on your guard with him. Also, it’s no shame to be proudly single. You don’t need a Valentine’s date to flaunt to him. If he does ask, tell him you are enjoying being single and leave it at that. (implication being that you do not need him. 😇) I really think it’s time for some 2017 changes.

    Glad to hear you are doing OK. I was worried there when you went so quiet.

  4. LM says:

    I used tinder once. I went on one tinder date and we’ve been living together since that first date lol.

    Keep Tucker! He belongs with his mom and havinh him around will be good for you

  5. LM says:

    We went on our first date and trally clicked, it was just really comfortable. He stayed over that night and every night since then (it’s been two years now lol). We didn’t make a conscious decision to move in, one day it was just like ” I guess we live together now”. Not exactly a love story for the ages, but it’s working

  6. Carrie says:

    I think you should tell Brady that you want to keep Tucker a couple more weeks. He’s had him all this time, why can’t you have him an extended period of time? And then after a cple weeks, just wait and see if Brady txts you about him. If he doesnt, then Tucker is yours! Haha

    One more thing – and a lot of people have already said this – don’t be so preoccupied with finding another man. You need to do you for a while. And I mean that literally. Date youself. Find out what you like and don’t like about yourself, then fix what you don’t like. You need to love yourself. That way when you do find someone, you can be with them bc you want to, not bc you need to.

  7. Laurel says:

    To be a contrary opinion, I think you should totally download tinder! You enjoy flirting and chatting with guys. You’re not searching for a man, as other commenters seem to think, you’re just looking for a little validation that some flirting can provide, and if something else comes out of it then so be it. I’m all for it! Glad to see this blog post, too!

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