it was so beautiful i thought i would cry.

Diana called me into her office on Wednesday afternoon. She wanted to talk about some of the projects I’ve been working on and discuss the bonuses I would be receiving.

“I’m really happy with the way you handled things with Martin and his team. I would like to reward you with an initial bonus, not including the additional bonus you’ll get from sales,” Diana said.

“Okay,” I replied, hoping my eyes hadn’t turned into dollar signs.

She told me what I would be receiving from the flash sale website deal and the sales from the batik bohemian line and I couldn’t even stop myself from grinning. The total of the two was almost half my yearly salary. I could buy an entire new designer fall wardrobe. I could get a Birkin bag. 

But then I started thinking rationally. I could get a nice, new modest little car. That’s what I decided I would do. It was definitely overdue. Plus I’m sick of relying on friends and the CTA to get places. My decision was validated when I left the office to go meet Kendra for happy hour and got hit on four times while walking to and from the L stop. Can’t a girl walk in peace?

“So you finally did it,” Kendra said as soon as I sat down. She didn’t even say hi or ask how I was.

“Yes. I think I’ve waited long enough,” I replied, scanning the menu. I didn’t make eye contact so I couldn’t see what disapproving face she was giving me.

“Well at least he’s your boyfriend now,” she said.

I almost choked and looked up at her. And then I remembered what Brady said on Saturday. I completely forgot about that. Suddenly I didn’t want to talk about myself anymore (can you even believe that?!).

“How’s John?” I asked. 

“He’s well. He’s taking me to Lake Geneva next weekend for a little getaway.”

“What if he proposes?” I asked. That’s immediately what I thought of when she said getaway.

She waved that idea away. “He’s not. That won’t happen for another year or two.”

We finished our drinks and I went home and started researching cars. I called my dad for help and he told me that the Nissan Altima is a wonderful car and started emailing me pictures and links comparing it to Hondas and Toyotas. I decided the coupe would be most suitable for my lifestyle and I would get the classic pearl white with charcoal leather interior.

I texted Kendra and Preston telling them to clear their schedules Saturday morning so they could go with me to look at cars. I am so excited!

Brady swung by and got me on his way home from work. When we got to his place we went directly to his room because it was already close to 10:00. Everything felt very normal between us – Brady was using words I didn’t understand and speaking in complete sentences – so I’m glad sex hasn’t changed anything. Yet. Brady went to shower and I changed and waited in bed.

Derrick texted me saying, “Dinner tomorrow?”

We’d been texting the past few days, but this was his first attempt at hanging out again. I can’t remember if Derrick was super flirty in college, but he sure is now. And since I think I kind of have a boyfriend, I knew I needed to draw the line.

“Sorry, busy,” I replied.

“Damn. Friday then?” 

I didn’t get a chance to respond because Brady came out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist. He walked to his dresser to get clothes to put on and I couldn’t help watching and drooling the entire time. Clearly he was doing it on purpose. He went back in the bathroom and changed then came back out, turned off the light and joined me in the bed.

We started kissing and Brady took off my shirt. He’s normally so proper and tightly wound, but now when we’re intimate he’s so smooth. He’s obviously comfortable with me now. If he wasn’t Brady, I would think he was some sort of suave player who’s been with a ton of girls. But I know that can’t be true.

I decided that Brady deserved a life changing blow job. I climbed on top of him, kissed his neck, then started working my way down his body. I reached his black shorts and stuck my fingers in the waistband and pulled them down. Before, I didn’t get a chance to fully see his penis because my eyes were closed. But as soon as I pulled his shorts down, his boner sprung out at me. With the light coming in his large window, I could see the whole thing – it was statuesque and so much larger than I expected from Brady. It was so beautiful and perfect I thought I was going to cry. Even his pubes were tame and shaped. 

I took the whole thing in my mouth and started sucking and Brady let out the most adorable little moan. I love having the power to do that to guys. I continued until I felt his body tense up and I could tell he was about to come. I abruptly got up and finished taking my clothes off.

I looked at Brady and he was looking up at me, pained. I climbed back on top of him and when he realized what I was doing he hastily reached into his nightstand and found a condom. He barely had a chance to put it on before I jumped on and started riding him. Brady grabbed my hips and held on.

His eyes were half shut, but I at least appreciated that he was attempting to keep them open and maintain eye contact with me. Not just my body.

“Reese…” he said, breathlessly, and my name lingered on his lips like he was going to say something else.

I didn’t say anything back and kept going until I was on the brink of orgasm. I started crying out and Brady started forcefully bouncing me up and down on him harder. It’s the most aggressive I’ve seen him ever. And it was so hot. I came and he kept bouncing me until he was done.

I was exhausted. I climbed off and Brady immediately pulled me close, snuggling me.