As expected, I was hungover and miserable all day on Monday and hid out in my office for the majority of the day. I sent BJ out to get me a cheeseburger and a salad. He brought back the goods and stood in my office watching me eat. He totally called me out on being hungover and pretended to be upset that I didn’t invite him out for our shenanigans. As if I would ever. 

I decided to clock out early and on my way out, I had to walk past the interns’ cubicles. I was going to stop by and say goodbye to BJ and remind him that I wanted a green tea frappucino in the morning instead of the usual chai, but the social media intern, Amanda, was hovering over his desk. I could tell by the way she was twirling her blonde hair and her foot was cocked that BJ was sweet talking her right out of her panties. And it irritated me. And then I was annoyed at myself for being irritated. 

The next morning, BJ and Amanda showed up to work together with matching Starbucks cups. I sensed something going on here and couldn’t wait to question him about it. He came into my office and handed me the drink. 

“Morning, boss lady,” he said. 

“I wanted a frappucino,” I said, taking a sip from my hot chai. 

BJ’s curved into a grin. “Shit. I forgot.”

I sipped my latte and wiggled my eyebrows. “So what’s with you and Amanda?”

He shrugged with his hands in his pockets. “What? I’m just having fun.”

By the way he said this I could tell that “having fun” meant they are totally hooking up. And it really pissed me of because that meant I am not the only one he’s been flirting relentlessly with. So I made him run back to Starbucks and get me the frappuncino I wanted and then spend the rest of the day stapling things and doing bitch work around the office.

After work I went home and poured a huge glass of vino and sat in front of the tv. I was almost asleep when I got a picture message from Preston. It was a screenshot of an Instagram post – from that girl Brooke’s Instagram. The picture was of her and Eric from Sunday night at the club and her caption was: “Had so much fun with my favorite boy last night :)” 

In the picture, she was sitting on Eric’s lap with her arms wrapped around his neck. She was a lot prettier than I remembered but still resembled an alien. 

Immediately, I typed her name into Instagram and found her wide open profile. Buried in the numerous pictures of her and her friends out partying and her bulldog, there were several of her and Eric, looking all photogenic and lovey. They all had captions like “out with my boy” and “so glad I got to see my babe today.” The photos dated back to five weeks ago. Wait. Wait. Was Brooke Eric’s girlfriend? He told me they were friends! 

I calmly finished my glass of wine while trying to decide what to do. Eric had given me no indication that he had a girlfriend or was even dating anyone else. Well aside from the whole incident on Sunday night. We hadn’t agreed to be exclusive nor had a relationship talk at all, but I still felt a little bit betrayed. 

Finally, I decided to call Eric. I would politely and calmly probe to find out what I could about his potential girlfriend situation. 

“Hey, Reese,” he said when he picked up. 

“I thought you and Brooke were just friends. Why is she posting all these pictures on Instagram?” I blurted out. 

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t even have Instagram,” he replied.

“‘Out with my boy.’ ‘So glad I got to see my babe today.'” I quoted from her pictures. “So you lied.” 

Eric sighed. “I didn’t know she was posting that stuff. We aren’t dating.”

“Oh sure. I don’t even believe you.”

“Reese, I don’t want a girlfriend right now so I’m not with either of you. I’m sorry if I didn’t make that clear.”

“Fine,” was all I said. It kind of hurt to hear that Eric had no intention of actually being in a relationship with me. Not that I wanted to. I don’t think.

“Sorry. I don’t want to stop hanging out with you, but I’m not in any position to get into a relationship right now. Okay?”

“Okay,” I said and told him that I had to go. After we hung up, I sat there thinking about what a long day of betrayal I’d had. First, BJ and Amanda and now this. I poured another cup of wine and nursed my wounds. 


11 thoughts on “betrayal.

  1. Anon says:

    That’s the worst!!! When it’s not like 100% directly stabbing you in the back yet it feels sooooo shitty 😦

  2. Anastasia says:

    How did BJ betray you? He’s your intern that you had zero intention of hooking up with. Does every man have to only be interested in you and not look at any other woman, otherwise it’s seen add betrayal. As for Eric, he wasn’t your boyfriend, you hadn’t heard from him in two weeks and before that it was just drunken hookups or you drunk calling him to hang out that he hesitantly agreed to because you were crying and emotional. Reese should’ve seen the writing on the wall but she let’s alcohol cloud her judgement. Sober Reese is a mean, self absorbed woman. The World doesn’t revolve around you and you need to stop talking bad about looks and clothes.

    • thanks for this. you really put my life in perspective and I am definitely going to make the necessary changes to become a better person. ❤

    • Meg says:

      Wow, judge much? Part of the reason I love this blog is because it’s brutally honest. Our feelings aren’t always pretty but it takes a strong woman to own them anyway. She knew Eric wasn’t her boyfriend, but he’s definitely playing with her head and it’s ok that it hurt her feelings. Also, we’ve all had guys we flirt with and enjoy their attention and have no intention of ever hooking up with (BJ). Knowing it’s going nowhere is part of the fun, but I’ve definitely had that annoyed feeling in the pit of my stomach when you realize they’re doing that same flirting thing with someone else. That’s the truth of life. I like that Reese is who she is and makes no apologies.

      • thanks so much. you definitely get me. I’m definitely not perfect (though sometimes I pretend to be lol). I’m working on controlling my emotions and handling situations like a grown up. it is actually helpful having this blog and people pointing out things about myself that I may not notice.

  3. Heather says:

    Totally agree. I hate how guys have time for all the things boyfriends do but don’t want to be serious or act like they owe you a damn thing. Silly boys…games are for children!

  4. Aw, it sucks to find out on Instagram that Eric is seeing someone new. I know you feel hurt and betrayed and that’s totally understandable. Don’t dwell on the negative too much. You and Eric didn’t have a committed relationship and technically he did nothing wrong. Also, you two have been drifting apart. Maybe all of this is for the best, so you can find a awesome, hot man that will treat you the way you deserve:)

    Regarding BJ, he’s doing what 20 year old boys do. Don’t get annoyed at him for hooking up with another intern. There was no way you’d jeopardize your career for him anyway!! Instead I’d be flattered that he’s infatuated with you.

    I’m sorry, I’m super positive and it drives people nuts sometimes.

    • glad to have some positivity. and you’re totally right – I would never hook up with him! I’m just having fun too. thanks for the comment.

  5. Danielle says:

    Just found your blog I am caught up now and I love it.. I couldn’t believe how Reese acted while drunk lol but she is so funny.. I really like this Eric guy I hope he comes around a bit better but we will see what happens I can’t wait to read more!!

  6. brittany says:

    Good for Reese in confronting Eric. Nothing wrong in having fun but I think the man should be up front and tell a woman that he has no plans in a relationshop especially when sex becomes involved.
    I can’t wait to hear more of your shenanigans! I’m past my shananigan stage as I am married with 2 kids. So reading this brings me back to my single days!

  7. “Reese, I don’t want a girlfriend right now so I’m not with either of you. I’m sorry if I didn’t make that clear.”– noooooo! 😩Even I feel betrayed. & I love that BJ flirts with you, so I understand. He def. better not start dating Amanda, lol.

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