do i have a boyfriend?

I spent the night with Brady on Friday night (literally nothing happened) and he insisted we go for that run on Saturday morning. This is exactly what I meant by I don’t know how long I can fake it. I’m not a runner. I don’t like running and definitely not at 8:00 AM when I just want to snuggle in bed.

Brady took me home after that because I looked and felt disgusting. He told me he would come pick me up at 6:30 PM for the charity event.

I got lunch with Preston then we got pedicures and he waited while I got a trim. He said that he and Mr. Murphy went and looked at cars last week and he has his eyes on a Jeep. I wonder when Brady and I can go look at cars. I’m definitely ready for a new one. 

I did a light smokey eye for the event with a matte red lip and I was surprisingly 100% ready by the time Brady came to get me. I got out of the elevator and walked through my sprawling apartment lobby. 

“Looking good, Reese! Hot date?” Frank, my doorman, called. 

I smiled. “I suppose.”

Brady was parked illegally in the alley next to my building and was waiting outside his car for me.

When he saw me, he broke into a warm smile. “Wow.”

Brady looked really, really good in a tailored charcoal suit and black bow tie. We didn’t even plan it, but we were totally matching. Soulmates, I tell ya.

He kissed me on the cheek – probably because my red lips scared him – and opened the passenger door for me. The gala was held at a hotel not far from my apartment, in the ballroom on the 80th floor. There was a stage in the back of the room then a ton of circular tables with black tablecloths on them and rose centerpieces. Everyone was walking around the back half of the ballroom mingling and there were waiters running around with what looked like trays of champagne. I immediately snagged one from a passing waiter.

“Well, this is nice,” I said, sipping my champs. 

“Yeah, the hospital does it every year. It’s proven to be quite successful, I believe last year we were able to bring in almost $100,000 for the hospital,” Brady said.

“That’s amazing.” My champagne flute was now empty. Luckily there was a waiter nearby and I grabbed another one.

“How is it physically possible to not get lipstick all over the glass?” Brady asked.

I smiled and started to say, “Magic,” but a blonde girl was rapidly approaching us.

“Hi, Brady!” she sang loudly and threw her arms around him.

When they pulled apart, Brady said, “Reese, this is-”

And before he could finish his sentence, Blondie said, “Jessica,” and stuck out her hand for me to shake. I shook her hand like a professional adult and she gave me one of those limp princess handshakes.

I gave Jessica the once over. She stood at about Brady’s height so she was a few inches taller than me. She wore a cobalt blue midi dress that hugged her curves perfectly without being too Kim Kardash and dainty nude colored heels. I didn’t see her stop smiling once, but it was almost a condescending smile. I couldn’t put my finger on it. She looked like your stereotypical contestant on The Bachelor. I automatically hated her. 

“Jessica is one of the nurses at the hospital,” Brady explained.

“We do our rounds together sometimes,” Jessica continued.

“That’s fascinating,” I murmured.

“Wow Brady, I had no idea you had a girlfriend,” Jessica said with her smile still plastered on her face.

I quickly brought the champagne flute to my lips.

“Ummm…” Brady started and paused for an unnaturally long time. I couldn’t wait to see how he was going to handle this. I felt a smile tugging at the corner of my mouth. 

“Yeah,” Brady finally uttered. 

“Nice meeting you,” Jessica said to me then grabbed Brady’s forearm. “Come find me later.”

“She was nice,” I said once she walked away. I sensed something between Brady and Jessica and I wanted the deets.

Brady didn’t give anything away. He just said, “She is. It is nice to have someone to talk to at work.”

I met Brady’s immediate boss, his boss’s boss and other important people from the hospital. It seemed like the champagne was never ending and it got to the point where the servers were handing me full glasses. Lol thanks. 

There was dinner and some speakers which was boring. I kept rubbing Brady’s leg with my foot and he would glance over smiling, but looking confused. Ugh, hasn’t he ever heard of playing footsie? After dinner, a live band starting playing so people could dance. I was drunk but not drunk enough to dance. I did however want to get out of there to hook up with Brady. I was horny and he looked so damn hot in that suit.

I waited while he stood talking to some coworkers and discreetly took some pictures for SnapChat. Finally, Brady turned to me and said he was getting tired.

“Me too,” I said with a smirk, hoping he caught my drift.

He said goodbye to everyone (including Jessica who insisted they hug again).

“So nice meeting you!” she smiled big at me, but I couldn’t help being annoyed with her.

Out in the hallway leading to the lobby, Brady stopped to use the restroom. I waited outside the door and texted Kendra that I planned on hooking up with Brady tonight. And then I got a brilliant idea.

As soon as I heard the bathroom door open, I pushed Brady back in and locked the door behind me.

“Wha-” he started, but I started kissing him. I wanted to hook up with him – now – in the bathroom. It would be so scandalous and risky. It was the perfect setting for our first time.

He tried to say something again, but I kissed him harder and pushed his suit jacket off so it was hanging off his arms. Brady was rigid, but he was returning my kiss so I thought he was into it. I made my way down to his belt and started undoing it. He started trying to push me away, but he was being way too gentle for Drunk Reese. 

“Reese,” Brady said, pulling away. He was pinned against the sink so he couldn’t go anywhere.

“Let’s have sex,” I said with a sneaky smile.

“Reese, no,” Brady said, pushing my hands away from his pants. I took this opportunity to try to get his suit jacket the rest of the way off.

“Live a little,” I continued on.

Every time I would try to take off a piece of his clothing he would say stop very nicely which obviously doesn’t mean anything to Drunk Reese. Finally, he grabbed both of my wrists and roughly yanked them down in front of me. 

“Reese, stop!” he said in a loud stern voice. The usual Drunk Reese wouldn’t have liked being almost-yelled at, but I was actually turned on by his assertiveness. I broke into a sly smile. Okay. We could wait until we got to his house. 

We filed out of the bathroom and rode in silence to his place. He was obviously annoyed with me, but at least he didn’t immediately take me home, I reasoned with myself. 

We got to his room and he went into the attached bathroom while I took off my dress and bra and changed into one of his t-shirts. I really need to start packing clothes in my purse (although I’m not sure they would’ve fit in my clutch last night).

I sat at the foot of the bed waiting for him to come out from the bathroom. I was thinking he would probably want to go to sleep right away since he seemed to be irritated with me.

Brady finally came out of the bathroom – he had taken off everything except his undershirt and slacks. I couldn’t read the look on his face. We made eye contact and he watched me while he crossed the bedroom and slowly made a beeline for me. It was an intense moment, almost creepy, and I thought he was going to kill me or something. I gave him my most innocent smile hoping he would spare my life. 

He stopped in front of me and kneeled down. I was confused and scared because I don’t know what Brady is capable of. And then he slid off my thong and put one of my legs over his shoulder. I had no choice but lean back on the bed and before I knew it, he was eating my vagina so good that I couldn’t see straight. I mean, this man knew exactly what he was doing. It wasn’t like he was just licking and sucking aimlessly, he had perfected the art of eating pussy. I’ve heard that when you enjoy performing oral your partner can tell, and I could definitely tell he was enjoying making me squirm like that.

I came in under ten minutes which I don’t think has ever happened before. I don’t know what I did to deserve that but I wasn’t complaining. Brady stood up and looked at me. I thought for sure this was it. We were finally going to have sex and I couldn’t fucking wait. If he could do that with his mouth, imagine what else he could do. 

He walked away and started getting undressed and I mentally prepared myself for what was about to happen. I watched Brady take off his shirt and change into a pair of shorts. Then he walked back to the bed and started pulling the comforter and sheets back.

“Come on, let’s go to bed,” he said. It was the first time either of us had said anything for at least half an hour.

So we weren’t hooking up? I nodded and crawled under the blankets. Brady climbed in after me and we laid there looking at each other. I kissed him lightly. 

“Hey,” Brady said, putting a hand on my hip. “Was what Jessica said weird?”

At first I didn’t know what he was referring to and almost told him that Jessica is weird all around. And then I remembered her “girlfriend” comment.

“No,” I said. “Not at all.”


Brady pulled me closer and that was it. Was that our DTR? Do I have a boyfriend? 

We woke up and had cereal then watched tv for a little while. I couldn’t stop thinking about the night before and how much I had underestimated him. How could Anna ever let him go? I want to marry him and we still haven’t even had intercourse yet.


37 thoughts on “do i have a boyfriend?

  1. Lins says:

    I don’t understand why you need to always have a drink in your hand constantly when you leave the house. Do you have no dignity? sex in the bathroom is tacky enough, but at his work event, with all of his bosses and co-workers there? Brady sounds amazing and you’re a classless brat who really does not deserve him.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hmm I kinda agree with the person above that I think he didn’t want anything to go down with the slight chance that someone like his boss could have seen/heard. I think if it was just a nice restaurant he would be been game. Didn’t expect him to have serious skills in the bedroom, there has to be something he isn’t perfect at!

  3. Zoe says:

    Reese this is so exciting!!! I think you and Brady are seriously like yinging and yanging… Unfortunately not all the way just yet (hopefully soon 😉 ). But you seem to be good for each other 👌

  4. M says:

    Brady likes youuuuuuu! So exciting! I think now that you have (semi) DTRed, the time is right to let him put it in you. Oh man, I can’t wait to hear how he is!

  5. Girl don’t let others bring you down, so not worth it. Brady is definitely into you but I’d watch out for Jessica. I can’t help but wonder why he’s so hesitant to have sex, maybe now that you’ve kind of had the talk he will be? No, he better be!!

  6. Y says:

    You and Brady need to have a conversation. Now you’ve made it clear you’re game, I can’t help but wonder what is holding him back. Maybe because you were drunk this time? 1st time commenter. I really am hooked on your blog.

      • Ashley says:

        Awkward! But yeah, I would be starting to feel weird about it. Being a gentleman and waiting is great, but now it is time dangit!

      • Honestly, try to simply think of things from his perspective. Imagine if HE were blogging ;). I don’t think it has anything to do with not wanting to.

        He meets a really awesome girl that he wants to get to know. You two slowly integrate kissing and whatnot, but it’s still all innocent enough. Then, one night his male instinct kicks in and he makes a move, but you stop him. I think stopping him was fine, but now he knows that you’re also taking this serious. Then, you get a little drunk and tell him you also want to have sex. Maybe he feels like if he had slept with you that night, you’d wake up and resent him? I think you need to make it clear that you’re interested in taking that step but don’t put him in the position where you’re just ripping his clothes off :-p. Maybe he also wants to be the one to make the initiative?

        Please excuse me, I’m a psych professor. I tend to always overassess the possible roots of someone’s actions!

      • you’re right, getting drunk on sat. did not help the situation at all. that’s most likely why he didn’t try anything because he was completely sober. I feel weird flat out saying that I want to have sex though

      • Kelly says:

        Don’t feel bad. I understand wanting to take things slow but Brady’s behavior is odd. Which man who’s been dating a woman turns down sex? He said he wanted Reese the last time but then did nothing, now she’s making it known he wants him and nothing. I would be so frustrated. I think there’s more to his work friend Jessica.

      • Caroline says:

        You don’t have to tell him flat out! Especially after the cunnlingus, I think you just have to say it with your body language. He might just not want to feel like a creep if he thinks you’re only okay with it when you’re drunk.

      • AAHHHH!!!! That would be crazy if he were a virgin. Here’s my suggestion – invite him over one evening, light candles all over, play some romantic music, open a bottle of wine, ask him to dance and take it from there. Both of you will be sober and he should get the hint. If not, you can take matters into your own hands!

      • omg that’s just so not me. lol I was thinking I just need to jump on top of him. surely that would help him get the hint right? :o)

    • Kelly says:

      You totally did flat out tell him what you wanted and have been using your body language to give him a clue. Why none of this is working is mind boggling. I’m frustrated for you. I don’t know what else you can do. Maybe ask Carly to find out from his roommate if he always moves this slow? What if, and this is a big if, what if he’s a virgin? I’m confused why he hasn’t brought up sex the day after you’ve stopped him or vice versa. Usually relationships are sexually charged in the beginning, yes there’s mutual attraction but why doesn’t he want more.

  7. Kristin says:

    I think he just doesn’t want your first time with him to be when your drunk. He’s been clear when he’s drunk, you’ve been clear when you’re drunk. Now spend one Friday or Saturday night (since he gets up at the crack of dawn and no one can do morning sex when it’s still dark out) not drunk together and I think it will all come together literally.

  8. lol at the comment above!! man, i swear i love this blog. Brady lost me this time though– cunnilingus and then goodnight? ummm, okay? lol. i do believe you were confirmed as the gf though & im down with that 😀

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