i’m pregnant.

On Monday, I was actually busy at work. Dave and Diana are going on a business trip next Monday through Wednesday and someone is going to have to run the office. So Diana forwarded me the how-to manual on the office operations and I took some time to read through it. After a few hours I started feeling like my eyes were crossing from reading so much. I pulled out my phone to check Pinterest, SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Mark had texted me a listing for a condo he thought I would love and asked if I wanted to see it soon. It was a gorgeous updated high rise, but it was a studio and I have way too much shit for a studio. I told him to keep looking.

I logged onto Facebook and the first thing that came up on my newsfeed was a location check-in from Jessica.

“Lunch with my favorite people,” she said and tagged three people including Brady. I almost dropped my phone.

It was from five minutes prior so I knew they were probably still eating. I couldn’t believe it. Brady assured me that he was no longer speaking to her. Why were they going on lunch dates together? Clearly, he lied and they probably never stopped talking or hanging out. Before I could stop myself, I dialed Brady’s number on my office phone. I had to get to the bottom of this ASAP. 

He didn’t answer and I assumed it was because he didn’t recognize the number. I called him again from my cell phone and it went to voicemail after only two rings. RUDE. He obviously ignored my phone call on purpose. What if it was an emergency? I could be dying! I felt my body shaking with anger. 

I texted him, “I’m pregnant.” and sat my phone down to continue working. I giggled when he called back three minutes later (which is actually a long time to wait to check in on your unborn child’s mother). 

I obviously didn’t answer and instead texted, “Can’t talk, I’m super busy right now.”

“You’re pregnant?” Brady asked immediately.

“Yes,” was all I said back. I felt kind of evil for lying to him, but I would tell him the truth after I got some answers about Jessica. He needed to be punished. 

“Can you please step out or something so we can talk?” Brady asked.

Before I could tell him no, my office phone rang and Diana asked me to meet her in Dave’s office so we could go over some things. They spent an hour going over the troubleshooting guide just in case anything crazy happens while they are gone. I mean I get it, they want to be prepared, but I’ve run the office plenty of times while they both were out. Things will be fine.

After that, Dave wanted to take us out for drinks and obviously we didn’t object. I was so thirsty for free drinks that I completely forgot about my phone and telling Brady I was pregnant. By the time we got back to the office it was 4:30. I had two missed calls and several text messages.

“Answer the phone please.”


“Seriously. I’m freaking out here.”

I felt terrible and decided I would come clean and give him an amazing blow job later.

“Let’s talk later,” I texted back and wrapped up for the day.

Brady called at around six when he got off and asked to come over. I said sure. When he got there, I buzzed him in and opened the door when he knocked.

“You’re off early today,” I said, hugging him.

“Yeah,” was all he said.

We pulled away and I gave Brady my most innocent smile. I hoped he wouldn’t be pissed.

“Are you really pregnant?” he asked me.

I waited a few seconds before saying, “No.”

Brady let out a deep breath. “Then why did you say you were?” He sounded frustrated – almost whiney – but not particularly mad. 

“So you went to lunch with Jessica? You said you haven’t talked to her. Sounds like you guys are great friends to me,” I said in an accusatory voice. 

“A lot of people went, not just the two of us. I didn’t talk to her.”

“Okay.” I wanted to press the issue, but I didn’t want to come off as an insecure brat like Saturday night.

“Why did you lie, Reese? I told my brother and I’m sure he’s already told my mom.”


“Sorry,” I said meekly. I actually really did feel bad. His mother would probably disown him.

“It’s okay,” Brady sighed, but I knew it wasn’t.

“Don’t you think it’s weird that Jessica tagged you on Facebook and you guys haven’t talked in three weeks?” I asked.

“Kind of, yes.”

“You haven’t talked to her in three weeks, right?”

“Reese, it’s hard. We work primarily on the same floors and she’s very persistent. I do my best to avoid her.”


“So you guys never stopped talking?” I clarified.

“I told her that you would prefer if she and I didn’t talk anymore and at first, she respected that. The only time she would talk to me was about work related matters. Then she started back asking how my weekend was and stuff like that. I can’t be rude.”

I nodded. So is that why Jessica added me on Facebook – so she could tag Brady in statuses and brag that they are still friends? Cool. 

“Do you want to get dinner?” Brady asked and I nodded. I slipped on my Prada flats, grabbed a jacket and followed Brady out the door.

We went to a bar and grill near my apartment and got beer and appetizers to share. By the time I finished my first beer, Brady was on his third. I hope I’m not driving him into a drinking problem. I know I’m a handful.

When we got back to my apartment I put a movie in and we snuggled.

“Reese, I don’t want Jessica to continue to cause conflict between us,” Brady said out of nowhere. “I’m not interested in her romantically or sexually at all.”

“…Okay,” I started.

“I love everything about you. I only want you right now,” he continued.

Right now? What did that mean?

“I wish you would trust my word on that. I think you’re still punishing me for not being upfront about her. Everyday you have a new issue with me and it seems like there’s nothing I can about it.”

When he said that I really felt bad. Brady completely trusts me and doesn’t seem to be guarding his emotions. At any moment I could rip his heart right out of his chest and stomp it to pieces. Isn’t he afraid of that? I am. That’s why I’m so guarded. But if he’s making himself vulnerable and I’m not, that isn’t fair.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to stop being a psychopath and let myself love him. I mean, I’m going to try. I think he deserves that much.


37 thoughts on “i’m pregnant.

  1. I’m glad that the two of you finally had this conversation! It will be challenging to let your guard down, but to really be happy in your relationship, it is totally necessary. 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Damn Reese. Texting Brady that you’re pregnant because he was having lunch with Jessica and others was very immature. Then on top of it you had him thinking that it was true most of the day! I understand you have trust issues because of your past experiences but you have to stop overanalyzing and playing games. I’m glad the two of you talked it over but there might still be repercussions since he told his brother and he might have told their mom. Next time be straightforward and honest and don’t make up stories.

      • K says:

        I do applaud that you had the brass to own up to it and post about it. When you’re embarrassed yourself about what you’ve done, it’s usually not something you want to air out. I’m glad you did..

        I agree with you.. You are being a bit of a psycho. I’m going to suggest this.. Have you always been like that or is it just recently you’ve decided to take a swan dive off the deep end of crazy lake like this?! I only ask, because the friend I mentioned in another post, went to her dr. about not being able to hide her crazy as easily as she used to. she went right off the deep end.. Turns out it was a hormonal issue with her birth control. She was on the shots.. you only get your period like, once or twice a year.. totally screwed her up.. If it’s more of a recent thing, maybe the bc you’re on has had time to start screwing with you.. just throwing that out there…she was on the shot for a few years before it started showing any effects in her.

      • thanks for the info. I’ve never been a walk in the park. in every relationship I’ve had, I’ve been pretty crazy, territorial, etc. probably not from bc, probably just my personality 😎

  3. Amber says:

    First time to comment but have been reading for a while. Just had to say that I absolutely love your blog!! It is the best and I always look forward to new posts! I think you are hilarious and while I know you will probably get negative comments about the pregnancy claim, I can see how it happened (probably bc I get a little crazy jealous too lol)! Anyway keep up the good work! Love you and Brady together!!

  4. Kristin says:

    Am I alone in thinking that it was a cop out that Brady told Jessica that Reese would prefer that they not speak? How about saying, I think we need to keep our relationship strictly professional or I regret that I let our relationship get as far as it did and we need to take a step back. He basically blamed it on Reese and I would think a girl like Jessica would take that as a challenge. He should be far more concerned about Reese’s feelings and her comfort than being rude to Jessica.

    I am glad that he is taking steps to reassure her that Jessica means nothing and that Reese is going to love the shit out of him.

    • D says:

      I actually kind of agree with you on this.. Especially with a girl like Jessica. There would have been more finality if he didn’t use Reese as the excuse and made it seem like it was him who wanted to stop speaking.

    • I wish he wouldn’t have told Jessica I didn’t want them to talk. I’m sure she loves thinking that she’s a threat to me. I already know that’s why she added me on Facebook.

      • Well not to mention that it makes it sound as if he would still like to talk to her, and that Reese is the only reason for him to pull back. I like Brady but he mishandled that one.

        Good for you for owning up to your behaviour Reese. Yes, you went batshit but at least you copped to it and are trying to change.

  5. D says:

    Omg. had a slight heart attack at the title here.. I get why you told him you were pregnant, but like others said, not the most mature response and I’m sure you’re gonna get a ton of negative response from the other posters. However, I love that you’re able to own up to your shit all the time, and for all of us to see. It’s a lot braver than I could ever be.
    I’m glad you’re deciding to let your guard down with Brady. I kind of think that’s why you’re lashing out like you are with the things you’ve been doing – youre afraid to get hurt. Brady seems like a sweet guy with genuine intentions. Unfortunately Jessica is unavoidable, but I guess you just need to trust that Brady isn’t interested in her at all. Like I’ve said before their relationship is completely one sided.

  6. Been reading your blog for awhile now but haven’t posted a comment until now. You’ve got to calm down else you’re going to lose him because of your own actions and not because of his or another girl.

  7. Oh Reese. You had me stressed girlfriend. I’m so happy that you’re not really pregnant. I hope you and Brady are able to communicate better now. I hope Jessica gets fired or something so she isn’t in Brady’s face everyday. I feel for you girl!! Lotsa love! Keep up the great writing!

  8. Amber says:

    Reese I love your spunk but I get so sad reading these posts when you act like this. I want you to act in a way that will be best for you (and the people around you). Please try to be more considerate for your own sake!

  9. Kel says:

    Hi there, I just came across your blog and I’d love to read it from the beginning but I’d hav to go through everyone til I get to the start. Is there any easier way?! 🙂

  10. Mel says:

    This may be harsh but you need to hear it. I’m starting to feel like you are unknowingly testing Brady. You respond in ridiculous ways to adversity and act immaturely…. Most guys would have run by now. It’s like you want to see how far you can push the limit to see if Brady really loves you or if he is just going to give up and leave. If he passes, you’ll open up and be vulnerable but until then he’s on a roller coaster ride. You’re playing a dangerous game and I have a feeling he’s going to give up if you don’t get your act together soon. Stop punishing him for actions others did to you and give him a fair shot.

  11. Jackie says:

    alright.. i’m done reading. I liked this blog a lot at first but you just remind me of the catty, drama-inducing, crazy girls who only look out for themselves. It’s no shock that you don’t even have any good friends. All you talk about with Preston is clothes, with Carly is your mutual boyfriends and Kendra clearly loathes you. I’d love to even see who you are in real life because you say you’re the director at a company but if you were i doubt you’d have all this free time.

      • Jackie says:

        Do you think that you’re like.. charming and adorable? I know girls like you and every other girl can’t stand them..

      • girls like me? you don’t even know me. all you know is the stuff I write on here, which is probably only 25% of my life. how does getting online and telling me how annoying and self centered I am make you a mature and good person? I didn’t ask you to read my blog, nor did I ask anyone to agree with what I do. I never claimed to be perfect and I’ve stated MULTIPLE times that I have a lot of things about myself that I need to work on. don’t read my blog if you can’t stand me.

  12. Idk I’ve been rooting for Brady, but why does this stuff keep happening? Like that other reader said, he should have stepped up w/ Jessica and been like, “I’m in a relationship. You need to respect that” and not put the blame on you.

  13. Reese, I think you’re awesome. It takes a very strong woman to put her life out there like you do. We’ve all had our moments of craziness and shouldn’t be so quick to judge Reese. We’re just reading about a snippet of her life. We don’t know her relationship history or every aspect of her life and are in no position to judge. I think instead of criticizing or calling her names, we should offer her constructive criticism. She already feels terrible and knows she made a mistake. One thing I’ve noticed is the Reese is trying to grow and be more mature. For example, she went from being a woman that was hesitant about talking about how she felt to having heart to heart convos with Brady. She realizes she’s flawed like all of us are and has some a little work to do. We’ve all done things we aren’t proud about but how many of us would share that with the world? Reese, I love how real you are and that you know your weaknesses. Everyone makes mistakes but the key is to learn from them and become better which I think you’re doing:)

  14. I read this because it entertains me to no end.
    You make me laugh out loud and I look so forward to your new posts! People who try to counsel you are wasting their time and yours haha.
    I was scared this blog would disappear once you got in to a relationship but nope- still hilarious as ever. I honestly think you should compile all these posts and create one hysterical book.

  15. jenny says:

    There’s no point to repeat the previous comments, but i want you to remember, it’s his job, she’s a co worker. I get it my SO is doing his residency now and I know the little nurses are kissing his ass and the older ones show him pictures of their daughter. But what can I do? As shitty as it can turn out, I completely trust him and if something bothers me I tell him I didn’t like his actions, I don’t blame him for skanky girls actions (who would love my Dr. Mcdreamy). So honestly I completely understand what you’re going through but there will always be Jessica’s and Amy’s and Amanda’s (random names). As much as you’ve been hurt you need to wear your heart on your sleeve, just for him, he’s clearly something special.

      • jenny says:

        My boyfriend is oddly mysterious, which 6 years ago when we met really bothered me, he doesn’t share a lot of information so as far as I know a lot of people don’t even know he has a girlfriend (which also bothered me). But like Brady he would go to lunches with the whole team, there isn’t much I can do to be honest. It took me awhile to really trust him, and not because he gave me a reason not to, it was just difficult for me personally. And for my bf he really gets mad if I don’t trust him, and I keep telling him “I trust you, not the others girl” hahah we defd had blowout fights over this issue, but now we are honestly better than ever (I also do snoop here and there…shh)

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