i don’t believe in that kind of coincidence.

On Monday morning, Mark sent me a listing for an apartment I was actually really excited about. 700+ square feet, granite, stainless steel, balcony, one parking spot included. And best of all, it was within the budget Allison and I talked about. I immediately emailed him back and told him that I wanted to see it after work.

It turned out to be even better than the pictures and I wanted to move in immediately. Obviously I couldn’t and I would have to put an offer in and the seller would have to accept and then jump through a ton of other hoops before I would actually be able to move in. Buying a home is annoying.

After meeting with Mark, I went to the car dealership to get a quote on my car. I didn’t like the price they told me so I went to an actual BMW dealer on Tuesday and they gave me an even higher quote. Dumb.

On Wednesday, Brady texted me in the morning and told me that he was feeling under the weather and stayed home from work. My first thought was: Ebola. I know that sounds ignorant, but you just never know. Especially after those nurses had contracted it. I mean, he does work in a hospital. He said he thought it was just a cold and he wanted a day to let it run it’s course. Great. That meant he would be fine and I wouldn’t have to risk getting sick (contracting Ebola) by going to see him.

But then right after lunch, Jessica updated her status, “Can’t afford to be sick right now!” And then after reading the comments, I saw that she stayed home from work too. I don’t believe in that kind of coincidence. How close of contact did they have to both get sick? Brady and I spend the night together every single night and I was fine. Granted, I have a bomb ass immune system, but still. Then I started thinking, maybe they weren’t really sick and they both took the day off so they could spend it together.

So after I got off at 4:30, I stopped and got soup, Oreos and ice cream and headed over to Brady’s place. Brady answered the door looking perfectly fine wearing sweats.

“You don’t look sick,” I said accusingly and pushed passed him inside. Since he wasn’t expecting me, Jessica would not have had time to hide. I dropped my bag of goodies on a table and scurried to his bedroom.

There was no sign of Jess, but his comforter was pulled back like he had just gotten out of bed.

“Is everything okay?” Brady asked, following me into the bedroom.

I turned back to him and saw that his nose and eyes did look a little red. “I brought you some stuff to make you feel better.”

I went and heated up the soup and made myself a bowl of ice cream and Oreos. Then I brought everything back to Brady’s room. We talked about his symptoms for a few minutes and then I pulled out my phone and pretended to see Jessica’s Facebook status for the first time.

“Wow, Jessica said she’s sick too. How weird!” I said with faux surprise.

“Yeah, something is going around. A lot of people at work have been getting sick.”

“What, are you guys a bunch of pussies and have to stay home from work because you have a little cold?” I asked snidely.

“I don’t want to get anyone else sick. I’m probably still contagious…”

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” I asked.

“Of course not. You can stay as long as you want.”

Which was sweet and obviously I did. I told him about my car situation and tried to explain why I didn’t want to go through insurance without fully telling him about my awful driving record. I swear only half of the accidents I’ve ever been in were my fault.

I forced Brady to have sex with me because everyone knows sex cures anything. I left after that so he could get some rest.

It must have worked because by Friday, Brady was feeling better so we got dinner and drinks with Carly, Chris, Kendra and John plus Kendra’s coworker, Lori, and Lori’s fiancé, Steven. The night was super chill and I limited myself to two and a half drinks. We were all kind of just talking and stuff and I found out randomly in passing that Brady, Chris and John are going to San Francisco next weekend for the World Series. What the hell?

“When were you going to tell me about San Francisco?” I asked Brady once the conversation shifted elsewhere. 

“Didn’t I tell you? I thought we talked about it.”

That seems to be his favorite line these days.

“Uh, no. You didn’t tell me that,” I said.

Brady started to apologize and I said, “Why are you even going? You don’t like either one of those teams.”

He gave me a weird look. “Because it’s the World Series and Hunter invited me.”

Whatever. Later on during a girls trip to the bathroom, I asked Kendra if John told her about the trip.

“Yeah, he asked for permission this morning,” she said.

Ugh. So it’s not like they’ve been planning this trip forever. Brady totally knows we didn’t talk about it. Sketch, sketch, sketch.

I explained to Kendra what happened and she said, “I’m sure he wasn’t trying to be sneaky, Reese. Why would he hide going to a baseball game?”

“Because he plans on meeting up with a girl or something. You’re the one who said he’s probably hooking up with ten other people!”

Kendra rolled her eyes. “I said he could be. He’s going with John and Chris, I’m sure he wouldn’t be stupid enough to try to pull anything.”

She’s right. Plus Hunter will probably help keep an eye on him too. I still think him not telling me is weird.

The night was lowkey and Brady and I went home at around midnight. On Saturday morning I woke up with a runny nose and headache so I guess I finally caught Brady and Jessica’s cold. Gross.


47 thoughts on “i don’t believe in that kind of coincidence.

  1. Amber says:

    I agree that it’s weird that he keeps saying, “I thought I told you.” He should just be straight up and say he forgot (I’m hoping that’s the reason).

  2. Smack says:

    It is weird. He could just be forgetful. I am and often forget to tell the hubs about things. Or I plan on it and just assume I did it, even though something distracts me and then I don’t. It drives him crazy.

    Part of it could be that every time Brady does anything (i.e. calling out of work because he’s sick) Reese automatically assumes he’s up to something. Rather than fight for weeks on end, he’s waiting til the last minute to tell her or for her to find out. It’s gotta be tough to have every move you make criticized.

    Sometimes guys are just different about stuff than girls. Things I think are a big deal, my husband doesn’t bat an eye at. They are odd creatures. Maybe you could try trusting him once in a while?

      • Y says:

        You only know about both of them staying home. There could be something going around at their place of work, but you don’t know any of their coworkers. I think if he was trying to be sketch he wouldn’t have told you he was staying home, he could have pretended to have gone to work and you would’t have known. By telling you, he ran the risk of you showing up if he was up to something sketchy

      • Sarbear says:

        I really don’t think there’s anything weird about that at all. I mean, weird that she shares on facebook when she’s sick for sure. Just TMI, in my opinion. But people who work together unfortunately get sick together. And in places where you work with people with compromised immune systems, the responsible thing to do is stay home if you’ve got something contagious.

        Also, my live-in boyfriend often forgets to tell me things. Not malicious or anything, things that he deems unimportant slip his mind. And sometimes he legit thinks he’s told me something when he hasn’t. It’s irritating, but you’ve kinda got to roll with it. And ANYONE would go to the world series. Hell, I would, and I can hardly stay awake for a game.

        I’ve got my fair share of trust issues. Unfortunately, sometimes your gut gets screwy when you’ve been cheated on. You just have to communicate about it calmly and be willing to work on yourself. That stuff doesn’t go away overnight, it takes hard work. It doesn’t make you crazy, it means that you are a person who has been hurt in the past. Just try and work past the fear. I know it’s hard, but it’s worth it. I was cheated on by the man I was supposed to marry, and even though my current boyfriend is a dream I still get super jealous sometimes (often spurred by miscommunication, btw). I worked hard and got past it enough to do long distance for a year when it was necessary. You can totally do this. Just trust your heart, communicate that you’re still dealing with jealousy issues, and come up with methods to deal with it. My SO and I do so by talking things out, and trusting what the other says.

        Good luck!

  3. Cristina says:

    My husband thinks he tells me (but totally doesn’t) All. The. TIME. It’s annoying as fuck and we argue about it constantly. He thinks he tells me but I heard because he’s talking about it on the phone to his mom or siblings. It sucks. If you manage to get Brady to stop, please share how.

  4. M says:

    I’m not sure about Brady… It seems like more and more you’re not trusting him. If your gut is telling you something is off, even if you can’t figure out exactly what that is, you need to listen to it.

      • M says:

        You’re not crazy. A woman’s intuition is her strongest asset. Like you said in your last post, we only know the things you tell us, so I’m not sure if he’s shady or not, but if your intuition is telling you something, I think you should pay attention. That doesn’t mean break up with him, just trust your instincts.

  5. I don’t know if Brady is just forgetful or intentionally avoids telling you things. It would make me uncomfortable if my husband when we were dating used the excuse that he thought he told me. The first time it wouldn’t be a big deal but it that line comes up repeatedly I’d have a serious discussion with him and tell him how I’m feeling. Like another person, sometimes you have to trust your instincts. If you feel that something is off, you might be onto something. I’d talk to Brady in a non-accusatory manner and let him know he can talk to you and confide anything in you. If the “forgetfulness” continues then maybe reanalyze the situation. Side note – I can’t see anyone passing up on going to World Series!! Being a NY girl I went when the Yankees were in it a few years back and it’s amazing. Hope Brady has an awesome time:)

  6. Is this Brady’s way of avoiding confrontation with you? In his mind, he’s played out how you would react and doesn’t want / like confrontation? Talk to him why you feel like this. A weekend away with the boys is not a big thing to us…..

  7. Meg says:

    Have you ever though maybe you’re looking for ways for the relationship to fail and expecting that to happen? I know when I after getting out of an unhealthy relationship in the past, like you describe your previous one, I constantly came up with random reasons why my current relationship was “failing”. In some ways I realized I was almost sabotaging it myself without even knowing. I also felt like my man was always lying for stupid reasons or making excuses like you feel Brady does.

  8. “Granted, I have a bomb ass immune system” Must be nice, I’ll probably catch Jessica’s disgusting cold just from reading this hahaha.

    PS- I am someones who’s past relationship seriously affects my present relationship. I am with you on the trust factor and feeling suspicious (even if it’s not warranted)- it’s so tough!

  9. I have always been on the Brady train, but from what I read, something seems to be a little off. Trying to focus on the positive side, I think that maybe what it could be is comfortability in the relationship. You two have been together for quite some time now, and it is possible that he isn’t telling you these things because he doesn’t think they are big deals. But you haven’t been together long enough where it would be appropriate for him to ask you permission (what a puss move anyways) to go for the weekend. I think its just that awkward in between stage in your relationship.

  10. Alex says:

    When someone tells me that they thought they already told me something, I generally think that simply means they talked to SOMEONE about it, but didn’t remember it wasn’t me. Not a great excuse but may mean he didn’t really think it was that big of a deal. I’m not really sure why it is?

    • Alex says:

      Now if Jessica checks in at a baseball came in CA while he’s there, then I’d think there was a reason to make a big deal about it.

    • i just find it weird that he would not tell me that he is flying across the country. it isn’t a big deal that he’s going, just that he didn’t tell me he is going.

      • Y says:

        That’s exactly what I was thinking. I like in a 750 sq ft apartment in DC and that’s a palace compared to some of my friends.

      • B says:

        I live in Chicago. Current in a 900+ ft sq apt and would never buy one this small. I can’t even imagine how tiny a 700 sq ft apt is. Smdh.

      • I agree with B. We have a huge apartment (actually it used to be two apartments that got converted into one) in Bridgeport Chicago. It’s at least 1200 sq ft. And we pay $1125 a month. I could never BUY in Chicago. Never.

      • B says:

        I live in the south loop. To pay however much you’re paying for a 700sq ft place is so dumb IMO. So many better neighborhoods with more space and bang for your buck.

        And please. Everything about Reese screams Lincoln park / Lakeview. Or douchey river north lol.

        And no I highly doubt I make more than you. I just don’t spend my money on luxury cars that aren’t worth it or go on shopping sprees and waste ridiculous amounts of money by partying all the time.

      • could you be anymore judgmental? you have no idea what i’m paying. i lived in the south loop briefly and i didn’t like it. furthermore if i wanted to live in lincoln park or lakeview i would certainly do that. you may value a large apartment, but i value designer clothes and alcohol. to each her own.

  11. Christen says:

    Sorry this comment is several weeks behind!
    (Random thinking brain,had to share my thought)
    Remember when you saw the screen saver on the phone?
    And you were a little offended/irritated that it was a dog instead of a pic of you?
    People that are not animal ppl don’t really understand how us animal ppl value animals more than humans most of the time. Lol
    I personally prefer the company of animals over ppl. Lol
    My screen saver is my brother’s pitbull who I
    co-own/take care of a LOT, that’s my “baby”.
    And same a children, boyfriends and even friends will come and go and disappoint me. But my doggie poo is my constant love bug, never disappoints,always there ready for hugNkisses.
    So for us crazy animal lovers, please cut Brady some slack for having a doggie screen saver!! XOXO! :-p

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