would that be too thirsty?

I was still sick on Monday, but instead of staying home like a baby, I went to work and complained about how sick I felt all day. I was tired of feeling like shit so I took three Benadryl when I got off and then I passed out until 9:30 AM Tuesday morning. I woke up feeling like a new person so maybe I just needed sleep.

I felt bad about how I’ve been treating Brady lately so I made him pumpkin cupcakes after work on Tuesday. I know that baking treats doesn’t really mean anything, but I’m the least romantic person I know. Kendra says it makes me seem like a lesbian because I hate anything overly romantic or sappy and I definitely hate pet names. I have no idea what that has to do with lesbians though.

The recipe said it would take a little less than an hour, but it took me two tries and close to three hours. I swear, I know how to follow a recipe. I’m just lazy and try to take shortcuts. Brady obviously loved the cupcakes and thinks I’m some sort of baking wizard (lol).

I met up with Preston and Dillon after work on Wednesday and we got salads and martinis. Ever since Mr. Murphy got himself and Preston matching beach cruisers, Preston’s been keeping his distance. Apparently he hasn’t proposed his three way relationship idea to Murph yet so he’s keeping he and Dillion’s relationship on the down low for now.

“So you’re basically cheating on Mr. Murphy?” I asked.

Preston gasped, offended. “Of course not. What kind of person do you think I am?”

How could Mr. Murphy possibly believe that Preston and Dillon are “just friends” which is the story they’ve been telling him? They’re two young, hot gays, like of course they’re hooking up.

I went to Brady’s after that and we watched a baseball game with Chris in the basement. Well they watched while I looked up Halloween costumes. Preston and Dillon are doing coordinating Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes which kind of made me want to do a coordinating costume with Brady. But I can’t think of one that isn’t completely cheesy and makes me like some silly whipped girl who has to do everything with her boyfriend. Like Kendra. I bet they’re going to be Adam and Eve or something.

Thursday was a really dramatic day at work. One of the guys on the ad team got fired/arrested for stealing. A company was auditing our records from the past year and found out that he had been doing cash payouts for advertising materials, software and customer satisfaction. He admitted to taking the money for himself (which added up to be over $2,200). I felt kind of bad because I had absolutely no idea it was going on and I probably should’ve been paying more attention.

Tracey and Diana told him he was fired and let him go, but the police were waiting outside of the office to arrest him. What an idiot. 

After work, I went to Brady’s. We hung out for a bit then I wanted a snack, but when I went to the kitchen there was literally no food in there. Well, nothing I wanted to eat so I demanded we go get groceries.

You really learn a lot about a person while grocery shopping with them. First of all, Brady is a picky eater which is just such a childish trait. He didn’t like anything I picked up, but couldn’t pick out anything for himself either. After thirty minutes, we only had a loaf of Italian bread in the shopping cart so I took control of the situation and just started getting things I wanted. We only spent $100 and I told him I would make dinner when we got back to his place. I didn’t, so we ended up eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and tortilla chips. It was disgusting.

So I probably won’t do anything this weekend except stay home and drink wine since my boyfriend is away. Maybe I can surprise him with something when he gets back?! Or would I look too thirsty if I did that?


5 thoughts on “would that be too thirsty?

  1. The game he went to was on Saturday, right? Hope you waited and didn’t do anything when they got back yesterday. He might be excited to see you, but after a short trip from Chicago to San Fran and back, he’ll probably be pretty wiped out. But I agree with the others, make him that dinner, wear something cute on Monday and you won’t look thirsty at all!

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