dick sucking culprit.

I planned on staying in for the entire weekend so on Friday night I had Kendra over for movies and wine. A chill night was definitely needed and we just reminisced about the debauchery that was college. 

On Saturday, I went shopping with Preston and Dillon in the afternoon. I didn’t really need anything, but I told them I would tag along for moral support. I ended up getting a multipurpose bag and a skirt.

That night Carly wanted to go out. I dragged my feet until 10:00 and then decided that fine, I would go out, but only for two hours.

We ended up at a bar not far from my apartment. The whole gang was there – Kendra, Carly, Preston, and me and Carly bought us a round of tequila shots. It was actually kind of nice to be out without the boys like old times. I feel like lately, Brady, Chris and John are omnipresent.

Carly and I ended up getting drunk before we even left the first bar because some things never change. We left the bar and went outside to find the next place to go. Directly across the street was a club/lounge and next door was another bar. I remember Jessica posting something on Facebook about going to the club/lounge for her friend’s birthday and since I was drunk, I thought it would be a good idea to go there. We weren’t really dressed to go to a club, but I had  never talked to Jessica without Brady around and I wanted to. What were the chances of us being in the same vicinity at the same time? Like I said, I don’t believe in coincidences. It was meant to be. 

I suggested we go across the street without telling any of them why and Kendra scrunched her nose. “No. Let’s just go to the bar.” 

I grabbed Carly’s hand and ran into the street (in front of a cab who honked at us) and Kendra and Preston had no choice but follow. The place was huge and kind of empty and there were two floors, three separate bars and couches everywhere. The last time I was there, one of my friends had to be carried out by security because she blacked out. Good times.

We ran to one of the bars and ordered drinks. It was a whiskey bar which was annoying, but I got a whiskey sour. We took our drinks to the dance floor and danced to old ass 90’s music. I was on the lookout for Jessie and couldn’t wait to confront her. The place was really dark so I couldn’t really see anything so I decided to just drink and have fun instead.

Carly and I went to another bar and got some kind of delicious cucumber lime cocktail. We took our drinks to a couch and sat down to check our phones. Brady was keeping me in the loop about everything he was doing and I appreciated that. I made one of the guys sitting on the couch across from us take a picture of me and Carly to send to Brady. After that, we started talking to four kind of cute finance guys for a while. I made sure to talk about my boyfriend a lot since Carly thinks I’m a flirt.

We met back up with Kendra and Preston and decided to make our way to the next place since this place was dead. I had kind of forgotten about Jessica as we made our way outside. I almost squealed with delight when I saw her standing with the two door men and one of her bland friends. She was wearing a really tight dress and all I could think about was the fact that I have naked pictures of her saved in my phone.

“Oh my gosh, hi Jessica!” I said loudly because she hadn’t seen me yet. I also wanted to subtly let my friends know that this was the dick sucking culprit who had a thing for my boyfriend. None of them had met her or knew what she looked like except Kendra because I obviously showed Jessica’s nudes to her.

Jessica looked really taken aback to see me and took a look at my plaid shirt, jeans, and riding boots (told you we weren’t dressed for a club) before breaking into a huge smile.

“Hey Reese! How are you?” She pulled me into a really fake hug which I found offensive. I patted her back lightly in lieu of a hug. “You’re not in San Francisco with Brady?”

How did that bitch know where my boyfriend was?

“Uh, no, I don’t give a fuck about a baseball game. These are my friends, Carly, Kendra and Preston.”

Carly and Kendra shook Jessica’s hand and then Preston said, “How do you two know each other?”

“She works with Brady,” I informed him even though he obviously already knew.

“Oh. Ohhh. Nice to meet you, Jessica,” Preston said, shaking her hand.

“Wow so I can’t believe you didn’t want to go to the World Series,” Jessica said, smiling like a psychopath.

I guess I technically wasn’t invited and maybe she knew that and was throwing shade in my direction. I ignored her comment. I wanted to stay and interrogate her, but I also wanted her to know that I didn’t have time to waste talking to her so I said, “Well, we’re going to go inside to have fun somewhere. Bye!”

“Okay. See you around,” Jessica said in an almost sneaky kind of way.

“She’s definitely not as cute as you. She probably just gives really great head,” Preston said as we crossed the street.

I whacked his arm. “Preston!”

I know it wasn’t really the time since everyone was around, but I think Jessica should apologize to me. She knows that I don’t want her talking to Brady yet she continues being thirsty and throwing herself all over him.

After we hit up two or three more places, we headed back to Kendra’s to crash. As I was getting ready to fall asleep, I got a text from Brady that said, “We are going to another bar. I love you.”

I fell asleep before I could respond, but I was so excited when I read the message on Sunday morning. I’m sure he only said it because he was drunk, but I love that I have him saying he loves me in writing. 

Spoiler alert: I didn’t see Brady last night so I didn’t make him dinner or anything, but maybe tonight or tomorrow night. Besides dinner, what other cute, not super sappy things can I do? I’ve cooked for him already and I’m not the Pioneer Woman anyway so I want to do something else.


14 thoughts on “dick sucking culprit.

  1. Hire him a stripper? no no no, that won’t work…

    How about a fruit basket? I hear those make a lovely gift…

    How do you feel about basketball? The Bulls should be playing soon, could you swing some tickets for them?

  2. Kristin says:

    In my opinion, guys are fairly simple and only need food and sex to be happy. If you’re tired of trying the cooking / baking thing, you’re really only left with sex. You can take selfies in lingerie and send them to him when you’re not together. You can go over when you know he’s doing stuff with the guys and say you need to talk to him, go into his room, give him a blowjob and then leave.
    Also, try meeting him for lunch more frequently. That way you insert yourself back into the forefront of his mind in between Jessica throwing herself at him. Plus she will probably end up knowing he was with you and that will annoy her. It’s the food part without the cooking part.

      • Kristin says:

        In general terms yes. Each guy is different obviously, but those two pretty much apply to all of them 😉
        My husband is really into working out, so a nice thing for me to do for him is to let him train me and plan a workout for me that I do wearing yoga tights. You’re the best person to know what Brady would love the most.

  3. I’m a complete romantic so I would plan a weekend away with him. Somewhere fun. Since it’s getting cold, maybe to a ski resort with a nice fireplace in the guest rooms? Maybe take dance lessons or cooking lessons together? Do something fun that interests both of you.

    You can’t control Jessica or her interactions with Brady. You should talk to Brady about HIM continuing to talk with Jessica. Ideally your issue should be with him not Jessica. I had a similar situation when I first started dating my fiance…his former FWB wouldn’t stop hounding him. She was persistent but he had to put his foot down and make it clear that he didn’t want anything to do with her. I don’t think Brady did this by saying you don’t want him to talk to Jessica. Instead he made it seem like he’s cool with her but you aren’t. I think you need to address this with him.

  4. Katy B says:

    Why don’t you plan a date night for him? I once planned a date night that centered around sawdust…we went to the fair first, then an Italian restaurant that had sawdust and finally…went to the honky tonk bar…again with sawdust. 😉 you can do one planned around sports…batting practice, followed by a trip to a sporting goods store to pick up some under armor work out clothes(action in the dressing room)….followed by a sports bar?

    All sorts of things are possible! 🙂

  5. Ella says:

    Out of me and my boyfriend, he’s definitely the romantic so I had to force myself in the beginning to come up with “cute cheese”-stuff. If Brady’s love-language is words, why not hide cute little notes among his stuff.. It can be super-simple things; like the way he does things for you, what about him you find sexy etc. Try it out, I felt ridiculous when I did it but the look on my boyfriends face when he found the first note (in his jean-pocket) was priceless, he loved it! Good luck!

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