i’ll kill him.

I finally decided to just bite the bullet and get my car fixed so I dropped it off on Monday. They gave me a loaner car while my car is being worked on which probably isn’t the best idea on their part. Not complaining though.

After I dropped my car off I invited myself to Brady’s. I was so excited to see him and to see how his trip was. Brady opened the door (when is he just going to give me a key?) and pulled me into a hug.

“I missed you,” I said, hugging him. 

“Me too,” he replied. He kissed me hard and then led me into the house. We went to the kitchen and got water then he sat down in front of his laptop in the dining room. Ugh.

“So how was your trip?” I asked, trying to hide my annoyance. We hadn’t seen each other in like three days, but he was completely engrossed in his stupid computer.

“I had a very good time. I haven’t visited Hunter in a while so I enjoyed seeing where he lives and meeting all his friends,” Brady said. 

“Who did you meet?” My eyes lit up. I thought of the girl Hunter said he would be marrying, Dumb or whoever.

Brady looked up from the laptop at me. “I can’t remember. A bunch of guys.”

Oh. He totally thought I was being a jealous, psycho girlfriend and I wasn’t (this time.) I made him elaborate on the trip and he told me about the game and how they bar hopped and smoked hookah and etc. Typical shit. 

I excitedly let him know that I “ran into” Jessica on Saturday night and he said, “I heard.”

Are you fucking kidding me? It’s one thing for her to brag about them talking, but now he was too? Cool. I decided to let this slide and dragged him to his room. We got undressed and I proceeded to fuck his brains out then fall asleep.

On Tuesday I was pretty busy working on projects at work, but I took a break midday to eat. Whitney and a gay guy from the ad team named Danny were standing at the sink talking, but stopped when I walked in.

“Hey Reese! I love your shoes! You always have the best shoes,” Whitney said, all syrupy sweet.

I smiled and said, “Thanks!”

Lately, Whitney and I have been getting along fine. She kind of does her own thing and I do mine and when we talk it’s pure business. She’s definitely more into the digital side of branding so it actually works out.

Whitney walked out and I said, “I don’t know why she’s being so nice lately.”

Danny shrugged and said, matter-of-factly, “Probably because she feels guilty about talking so much shit about you.”

My eyes narrowed. I knew I shouldn’t care or ask what she said, but I had to know. “What did she say?”

“A lot of stuff. She wants your job. She said you’re lazy and you’re going to get fired because you never do anything.”

Excuse me?

“And the only reason you didn’t get fired for supposedly hooking up with that BJ kid is because your mom is friends with Diana.”

That actually really pissed me off. First of all, I am not lazy. Of course I have my lazy days (we all do), but I’ve done so much for my company. I think I deserve a lazy day every once in a while. Secondly, I thought the whole BJ thing was behind us. Why is she bringing that up? I’ve moved on. Whatever.

I rolled my eyes and told Danny that I didn’t care even though I wanted to go immediately confront Whitney. I knew that wasn’t the smartest idea so I avoided her for the rest of the day.

After work, I went home and showered to get ready to go to a bar and grill with Brady and Chris because apparently there was some sort of game on. I told Brady about Whitney and her comments and of course, he took her side and said that being in a position of power, I shouldn’t ever let anyone see me being lazy. He doesn’t understand. Even when I’m being lazy, I’m doing work like replying to emails or getting on Pinterest for inspiration.

Whatever. I was sick of this conversation so I grabbed Brady’s hand under the table and pulled it into my lap. He looked at me kind of confused at first and then smiled when I slid his hand under my dress. He started rubbing my pussy and I bit my lip trying not to make any noise.

Our server came back and Brady quickly removed his hand and ordered us another beer. Ugh. He’s so not daring sometimes. We barely made it through another inning before we wanted to go back to his place to have sex.

On Wednesday I had some meetings outside of the office so luckily I didn’t really have to be around Whitney. I stayed in the office until 6:30 and I was supposed to meet Kendra for happy hour at 7:00. As I was packing up and getting ready to leave, she called me. 

“I’m leaving right now. It’s only 6:30 you psycho,” I answered, thinking she was calling to see where I was. 

“Can you come over here right now?” she asked, her voice shaky.

“Are you okay? Where are you?” I asked, concerned.

“I’m at home. Just please come over here,” she sniffled. She was clearly upset and crying.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” I promised and hung up. Naturally, I thought the worst like she had poked her eyeball out with her mascara or accidentally burned all her hair off with her straightener so I sped over. 

Kendra answered the door still wearing her work suit, but her face was wet and streaky with tears. 

“Ken, what’s wrong?” I asked automatically pulling her into a hug. I’ve only ever seen Kendra cry a handful of times and most recently it was because her grandfather died.

She hugged me back and then led me to the small living room without a word. Kendra sank into the couch and started bawling.

“Kendra, what’s wrong?” I asked, my concern growing. This was not like her at all.

She waited a few moments before sobbing, “John cheated on me in San Francisco.”

Wait, what?

“What? How do you know?” I gasped.

“I found a receipt. He bought condoms at a CVS on Saturday night. I confronted him and he admitted to having a one night stand. He fucked some random girl!”

Oh my God.

“Apparently they met at a bar and she invited him back to her place. He said he was really drunk, but that is hardly an excuse.”

You guys, John is the nerdiest guy ever. I find it very hard to believe that he could even flirt with a random girl enough for her to invite him home. And how dare John cheat on gorgeous, successful lawyer Kendra? She has always been too good for him. She made him everything he is today. Kendra literally gave him a chance (when she shouldn’t have) when he was obsessed and in love with her. After she let him move into her beautiful apartment and he ruined it with his bike and smelly belongings, he had the nerve to fucking cheat on her?

“I’ll kill him,” I said and I meant it.

Kendra started crying again and I hugged her hard. As much as we butt heads, Kendra is my best friend in the entire world and I will do anything to protect her.

“I can’t believe this. I didn’t think John was capable of doing anything like this,” I thought out loud. 

“I didn’t either. I trusted him so much, Reese. I never thought I would have to worry about him cheating.”

John cheating on Kendra just shows that you can’t trust a guy just because he’s fucking lame. Like do all guys cheat?

“So where is he now?”

“He had to go back to work, but I told him he can’t come back here. I’m going to throw all his stuff in trash bags and leaving it outside.”

I couldn’t help kind of smirking at the thought of a bunch of trash bags sitting outside her gorgeous apartment.

“Kendra, I can’t fucking believe him. Did Brady and Chris know what happened?” I said. 

“They did. They met the girl and everything.” 

Wait so Brady knew John had sex with some random girl and failed to tell me that when I asked about his trip? Why wouldn’t he tell me? Does he have a secret about the trip too?

I let Kendra cry on my shoulder for the next few hours. I told her what an asshat I think John is and eventually she asked me to stop. And then she asked me to leave because she needed to be alone to bag up his shit. I told her that I thought I should stay and she insisted I leave. Which was rude, but I’ll overlook it. I needed to confront Brady anyway.

I called him and told him I was coming over. Brady answered the door and we hugged and kissed and he tried to walk back to the dining room, but I grabbed his hand. I pushed him onto the couch and straddled him. Brady smirked up at me, clearly into my little domineering act. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him making my way down to his throat. I could feel between my legs that he was getting excited and I can’t lie, I was to. But I was here on a mission.

I grabbed the top of his hair where it’s grown out a bit and yanked hard so that he was looking directly up at me. “Why didn’t you tell me John cheated on Kendra in San Francisco?”

Brady’s body kind of deflated and he looked down guiltily. He didn’t say anything for several seconds so I said, “Huh?”

“He asked me not to tell you. He wanted to tell Kendra on his own accord and I didn’t want to strip him of that opportunity. He knew you would tell her,” Brady said.

“Of course I would tell her! She’s my best fucking friend. Why would you choose John over me?”

Brady started to say, “He asked me-”

But I shouted, “Your loyalty is to me, not John! You wouldn’t even know him if it wasn’t for me.”

“I know. I just didn’t want you or me to get involved in their relationship. He deserved the right to tell her himself.”

“Do you know she found out because she found a condom receipt? That asshole wasn’t going to tell her!”

Brady didn’t say anything and I couldn’t help asking, “Did you hook up with someone too?”

He looked up at me, stunned. “Of course not. I can’t believe you would even ask me that.”

“You never know. Kendra didn’t think John would ever be capable of hooking up with someone else either.” I climbed off Brady’s lap and grabbed my bag to head to his room.

He continued sitting on the couch, looking at me. I shrugged and headed to his room to get ready for bed. Brady didn’t join me right away so I sent a really sweet text to Kendra letting her know that she’s beautiful and amazing and John sucks and etc. and that I was here for absolutely anything.

Brady finally came in his room and turned off the light and got in bed next to me. I grabbed his neck and started kissing him and he kissed me back for a few minutes before pulling away.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about John,” he started.

I rolled my eyes.

“I understand that you think it was your right to know, but things aren’t always all about you.”

I started to say that it was my right to know, but Brady put a hand on the side of my face/in my hair and I knew he was about to say something life changing/important.

“I…love you,” he said.

My heart jumped up to my throat and I actually thought I was going to vomit. But not because I was grossed out or anything. Brady saying he loved me – completely sober and looking at me in the eye – was almost too much. But I felt it. I closed my eyes because I couldn’t handle all the love and eye contact.

“I love you too,” I said not looking at him.

We kissed and fell asleep without having sex or anything. Just so you guys know, the only other guy I thought I was in love with was my college ex. And I found out that that wasn’t love at all, it was totally lust. So I’m not even sure what love feels like. (I haven’t even told Kendra that I don’t know if I’ve ever been in love because she would just lecture me.)


31 thoughts on “i’ll kill him.

  1. You are seriously such a good friend. I feel so horrible for Kendra… and am so disappointed that she had to find out that way. But, I’m sure that despite how bad the situation is, she’s thankful for you being there for her 🙂

    Also – the way you confronted Brady was absolutely hilarious.

    More also – Can’t believe (well I can but…) that Brady finally soberly admitted that he loves you! Very happy for you two, and that you feel it too.

  2. K says:

    He’s right you know.. not everything is about you. You would have gotten involved and it would have been a big mess and Kendra didn’t need that. However, he maybe could have said “fine. John, you have a week, and if you don’t tell her, I’m telling Reese. Then you can deal with her.” at least then he would have actually told her himself.

      • K says:

        on the bright side, your messed up intentions come out of serious loyalty to your friend. Because I would have gone in there with my guns blazing too if my bf told me my best friend’s boy cheated on her. I wouldn’t have been able to control myself either. 🙂

  3. S says:

    “Are you fucking kidding me? It’s one thing for her to brag about them talking, but now he was too? Cool.”

    Uhm what? How is he in any way bragging about them talking? He said “I heard.” You’re deluded smdh.

      • S says:

        I stand corrected. I meant delusional. As in you’re delusional if you think him saying that was him bragging about them talking.

        I don’t see how we’re supposed to know that you were obviously exaggerating, since you always blow things out of proportion, but ok sure.

      • B says:

        Why is it infuriating? They’re coworkers. I bet the convo went something like this:
        Hey how was SF??
        Good, how was your weekend?
        Great! I actually ran into your gf at the bar on sat night.
        Ah cool.

        How is that infuriating? What is he supposed to do? Ignore her at work? And say what? “Sorry Dr I can’t talk to the nurse for this patient bc my gf says we can’t talk? Oh but I need to update the medication dosage or the patient will die? No sorry I’m not allowed to have a convo with her.” Give me a break.

  4. Amber says:

    Reese, I’m so glad you’re supporting Kendra like this. So the garbage bags mean they’re breaking up for sure? John is such a piece of shit, ruining what they had for one night (well at least we only know about one night).

    Brady is acting a little bit weird, going to his laptop like that and tiptoeing around your conversations… I’m glad you two are in love, though and I hope everything works out!

  5. Reese, you’re an awesome friend and Kendra is lucky to have you in her life. I hope she cuts John loose and doesn’t give him another chance; she deserves to be with someone that respects and loves her. John is a loser for cheating. Worse is he probably wouldn’t have said anything if she didn’t find out on her own.

    I’m a bit disappointed that Brady and Jessica are still communicating. It’s a little weird and I hope he’ll respect your wishes and stop talking to her. I’m proud of you for not getting involved in work drama. Even though Whitney and you are cool now, don’t get to close or trust her. You never know what she’s up to.

    • K says:

      It’s hard not to talk to her because they work together, but I do think that Brady shouldn’t be telling her “I can’t talk to you because my gf doesn’t like it” for someone who is up in arms about being professional (Reese and the bar and his coworkers) he doesn’t seem worried about needing to be professional with the girl who sucked him off at work. He should be telling her “listen, unless it has something to do with work, I don’t want to discuss anything with you. Stop asking me how my weekend was, because I don’t want to hear it unless the patient needs more meds”

      Done and Done

      • i agree! i do not think brady would ever do that though because he doesn’t want to be “rude.” which i think is absurd. and funny how he’s all about professionalism but got a blowy from jess at work right? 👿

  6. Luita says:

    I love the way you confronted him!!! It was too funny, cause you got him all vulnerable and then went for it, good job!
    And to those people criticizing you for the comment you made about Brady/Jessica situation I totally get it! You were thinking it, but you also know it’s a little crazy that’s why you didn’t say it to him!!!
    And you should still watch your back with that girl. She obviously couldn’t care less that Brady has a gf and she’s going to continue to try to involve herself in his life, I don’t like people like that and there are some many of those “snakes” our there!!! Just make lunch dates with him every once in a while so that she knows you are here to stay!
    Will you finally talk to your boss about Whitney?!??? I’m scared she’s going to sabotage you! I don’t want you to get fired because of a crazy jealous bitch! She shouldn’t be trash talking you to other co-workers, it’s so unprofessional!

    • hehe. maybe i should plan more lunch dates so i can at least know what is going on at his work. i don’t know if i should go to diana or tracey about whitney. i would feel weird being like “i heard whitney said i’m lazy abd blah blah.”

  7. Susy says:

    How exciting that Brady finally revealed his true feelings for you. As for your friend Kendra, that is horrible. Betrayal of trust is the worst, especially if you felt you had a future with the other person.

  8. Lyvie says:

    Your posts couldn’t have come at a better time. The love of my life, the man I was to marry and spent almost 4 years of our lives together, cheated on me. I had suspicions and found out only because I bumped into the girl at a bar this wknd. She’s not even from the same city. I called him out and he revealed more infidelity from previous women. He went for low class trash. I can relate, I like to think I am successful and beautiful like Kendra. I gave him all of my love and opened my life only to have it shattered. My heart aches for your friend.

    • oh i’m so sorry that happened to you. 😦 cheating is the worst, especially when you think you’re going to marry the person. it is so hard to regain trust with him or anyone really. i hope everything works out for you and you get an awesome man you deserve!

  9. D says:

    First off. I literally laughed out loud at your confrontation with Brady about John. You are hilarious. But I feel so bad for Kendra since she was planning on spending her life with him. That’s horrible.

    With Whitney (as much as I don’t like her), you guys seem to be in a good(ish) place right now, so maybe leave it, but if you hear more about her talking smack, for sure bring it up to Diana like, “I feel uncomfortable working with Whitney when I know she is talking badly about me to everyone.” etc. But really, I think I just wanna see the bitch put in her place. lol..

    Yay for you guys finally expressing your feelings! 🙂

  10. Just wanted to say that I love your blog! I enjoy reading the drama at work and the stuff with your boyfriend. You have a natural talent for writing, and you’re really good at telling your story. You keep writing, and I’ll keep reading! 🙂

  11. megg says:

    Poor Kendra. Ugh. That is the worst kind of betrayal. Unfortunately, I have been where she is. After the initial cheating was discovered, layers upon layers of lies unfolded in front me. It can be devastating. Regardless…of the extent to which one cheats, it is so confusing and hurtful. I would offer that seeing a therapist was super beneficial for me while processing through everything. I hope her heart heals quickly 💚

    As for Whitney. Another ugh. Maybe (I don’t know, this is just an idea) but maybe you could approach Diana by saying, “I need some professional advice. It’s come to my attention that one of my coworkers is talking poorly about me, spreading rumors, etc. If it were you, how would you handle the situation?” Explain to her that you would like to not validate your coworkers antics by giving it any attention, but that you also worry that not doing anything could in the long run potentially jeopardize your job/professional reputation.

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