who says i’m not wife material?

So Brady stayed mad at me most of Friday. I had conference calls all day then met Preston for dinner. Preston always makes me feel better about my life. I told him what was going on and he rolled his eyes and said, “Why does Brady pretend like he didn’t know you were a crazy bitch from the beginning?”

He has a point.

During dinner Preston said, “Can you believe Kendra and John are back together? Did you think she would take him back?”

I almost spit out my drink. “Wait, how do you know?”

I had no idea that Kendra and John were officially back together. She hadn’t mentioned anything to me.

Preston gasped dramatically. “She didn’t tell you?!”

I shook my head.

“Well forget I said anything,” he said, but I was already texting Kendra something along the lines of, “Thanks for the relationship status update!”

When I got home I wasted time until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I texted Brady, “Hey, miss you!”

He replied an hour later, “You too.”

Ugh. After taking a moment to calm myself down, I called him. He didn’t answer. I was drafting a hateful message about how he is lucky to have me when he said, “I’ll call you in a bit. I’m wrapping up things at work.”

Still? It was almost 11:00 PM. I’m not exactly sure what Brady does at work, but that seems really late. Especially since he had gone in so early.

When he called, I immediately invited him over. He agreed so I had to speed clean/throw everything in my closet.

I threw my arms around Brady when I let him in. I completely forgot that he was supposed to be mad at me and I think he did too.

“How was work?” I asked as we sat down on my couch.

“Fine. Busy,” Brady yawned. He even looked exhausted. I felt bad for never letting him vent about work to me.

“Really? What were you doing?” I asked.

Brady gave me an almost annoyed look. “Working.”

I was taken aback and got up before I said something bitchy/cried. I went to the kitchen and made a bag of popcorn and when I came back, Brady was sleeping – sitting straight up with his shoes still on. He looked so cute that I didn’t even want to wake him up. I did eventually and made him get in bed with me.

On Saturday morning I allowed Brady to sleep in because he was obviously exhausted. I planned on making breakfast but I ended up watching Sex and the City so we went to brunch instead. We were talking about everything except the bags and the phone thing so I didn’t want to bring it up. Why ruin a nice meal?

After brunch when we were walking to the car, Brady suddenly stopped walking and kissed me in the middle of the sidewalk. I absolutely hate PDA unless I’m drunk, but I actually didn’t mind it.

On Saturday night Carly got invited to some nightclub so we got dressed up and went. I really didn’t want to, but everyone was going and I didn’t want to miss out. Plus everyone told me I should take a break from drinking so I needed one last hoorah.

I felt like being the hottest chick at the club so I wore a tiny dress, a blazer and pumps. Brady, Carly, Chris and I met Preston, his date and one of Preston’s friends there and we started drinking immediately. I told myself I would pace myself and not get too crazy so I got a beer. I like beer, but I hate how it makes me bloated so I switched to liquor. Turn up.

So we were all just hanging out in between the bathrooms and the bar and while Brady was talking, I guess he kind of bumped into a girl who was walking past. She dramatically grabbed her chest and shouted, “Ouch!”

Brady started apologizing and the girl was being super loud and telling him he needed to watch what he was doing, etc. Like you’re in a crowded club, you psycho. Of course you’re going to get bumped into.

Brady was standing in between me and the girl so I peeked around him so I could see her.

“Do we have a problem?” I asked really sweetly and literally everyone was like, “No Reese, everything is fine, calm down, it’s not a big deal, Reese breathe, chill out, etc etc…”

Lol what? I didn’t even do anything. I guess everyone is just used to me causing a scene.

Later on, Brady and I were hiding out in a corner being THAT couple. His hands were all over me and he was kissing my neck and I didn’t even care.

“Hey!” I said abruptly. “Are you pissed at me?”

He barely took his lips off me to say, “No, should I be?”

“Well because I bought stuff!” I yelled over the music.

“Oh. It’s cool.”

So yeah. Guess I can keep the bags?

When we got back to Brady and Chris’s, it was really late and I planned on eating then going to bed. But they all wanted to keep drinking. I was like hell no. So after I finished my chips and applesauce, I went to Brady’s room and got in bed.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is Brady loudly joining me in bed.

“Are you okay?” I asked.Β 

“Mmmmhm,” Brady said climbing on top of me. “I love you.”

And then he started rambling and I could tell he was super, super drunk. I kind of felt bad for him. Brady usually holds his alcohol pretty well, but clearly he’d had too much. I made him lay his head on my boobs while I rubbed his back and he passed out like that. Two hours later my entire body felt numb so I had to push him off.

On Sunday morning I expected Brady to be hungover but he woke up early for a run. Why can’t I recover like that? I didn’t drink as much but still couldn’t get out of bed.

Brady spent the day working at home which was annoying, but I took y’all’s advice and made him dinner, rubbed his shoulders and even made him take a break so we could hook up. Who says I’m not wife material?

On Monday, I went into the store to do my paperwork. Andrew sent me a ton of emails with things I needed to do and he needed reports on so I worked on that. In the middle of the day I got a phone call from one of the managers who said a family emergency came up and she needed to leave work as soon as possible. None of the assistants were answering their phones, but she said she was leaving no matter what. On top of that, the Chicago manager, Leah, came back to me frantic because she’d just accidentally accepted a stolen credit card for a $2,600 sale and didn’t know what to do.

I decided to tackle the first problem first and called Andrew to see what the proper procedure was. I couldn’t just let the girl leave the store unattended. Andrew didn’t answer so I sent him a text asking him what I should do. I figured I might get a quicker response that way.

I did. Andrew replied, “Figure it out. I’m in a meeting.”

Uh, okay.

And almost immediately he sent another text. “Can you hurry and finish your reports? I needed them an hour ago.”

Leah came to the office to ask a question that I didn’t know the answer to and I told her that I would find out. Then I went to the bathroom and cried. I can’t believe I cried at work again. I just felt like I had no control of what was going on. After about two minutes, I pulled myself together and went back to work. Sometimes you just need a good cry.

After work I was so done with the day. I just wanted to see my boyfriend. I went over there when he got off prepared to tell him how horrible my day and boss were, but he was obviously just as stressed as I was. He was working on his laptop and told me that he would be done in a minute. He didn’t look pleased at all.

When he was done, Brady came in his room and got undressed without a word. I pried and pried asking if everything was okay and finally Brady said, “I don’t know. I just feel like I don’t want to be a pharmacist anymore.”

That was not what I was expecting him to say at all. I thought he said he enjoyed his job and thought it was rewarding and all that?

“Really?” I said surprised. “What else would you want to do?”

“Nothing. I don’t know. It’s fine.”

I felt awful because it obviously wasn’t fine and I felt like there was nothing I could do for him. What is a person supposed to do when they don’t want to do the only thing they know how to do anymore? At least we have that vacation next month to look forward to. We obviously both need it.Β 

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is this weekend and I think I should do something cute. We don’t have plans or anything yet (so he probably isn’t proposing lol) but what can a non-romantic girl like me do?


99 thoughts on “who says i’m not wife material?

  1. K says:

    Don’t keep the fucking bags holy shit. Your inability to actually have a conversation with Brady is going to destroy your relationship. Omfg.

    • jess says:

      I was legit going to say that. Reese, you’ve really learnt nothing from the last post’s comments. Return the damn bags. You clearly have a problem and cannot stop drinking alcohol, cannot even go for beer, you go for the hard liquor. And asking if he’s pissed while completely hammered is not a proper way. Also asking “what do you want to do” is not the right question you should’ve asked why he’s feeling that way.
      You’re a spoiled brat and cannot wait to see him treat you like the trash you are. Get off your high horse, because you may message corture and class on the outside, but what matters is on the inside, and you are classless.

      • Just another reader says:

        This is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. That being said, you could have put it a little nicer(: But honestly, I’ve realized these comments don’t do any good anyways, Reese will never learn, and continue to blame others for what goes wrong in her life.

      • megg says:

        Reese, I know you’re pretty tough, but remember you NEVER deserve to be treated like trash. No body does, regardless of their behavior or inadequacies. Remember, don’t let Brady’s behavior dictate the person you wish to be…he’s very kind and possibly a bigger pushover than we imagined. But just like you don’t want him to take advantage of your vulnerabilities, don’t take advantage of his. Act in a way that makes you feel confident in the person you are being and the person you wish to become.

  2. jdizzle says:

    Sorry, I gotta say don’t keep the bags too. I think if you return them it will really show Brady that you respect him.

    As for something romantic, how about a couples day at the spa and/or massages? You both sound super stressed and that would be a great way to relax together. Good luck!

  3. Sara says:

    I think you should keep it simple for Valentine’s Day since you are both stressed–a nice dinner somewhere romantic for just the two of you (And yeah, return the bags. Yeah, yeah, I know…nag nag nag.)

  4. nic says:

    lolololol corture lololol jess lololol too many commas. stupid, angry people are the best

    girl, forget about all the nonsense over the bags– it sounds like he has enough on his mind– material shit is always just going to be material shit. maybe address the going through his phone thing though, even if it is just an apology.

  5. Kay says:

    I’m definitely not the self-righteous type, but holy fuck I was gonna lose my shit if no one else said anything about those goddamn bags.

  6. D says:

    I’m glad you are supporting him more about work. It’s a tough decision he has in front of him if he really doesn’t want to be a pharmacist anymore, so continue to be supportive and encourage him to use you as a sounding board/someone to talk to.
    I gotta say, I was a little disappointed when you didn’t apologize to Brady about the phone incident. Regardless of if it seems he’s ‘forgotten’ or over it, apologizing will go a long way to show Brady you care in my opinion and he definitely needs that right now.
    Unfortunately, I also think you have to return the bags – it was money you spent without really having his permission. It’s just the right thing to do.
    About something romantic, I’m horrible with that stuff too, but jdizzle had a good idea with having you treat him for a couples massage. You both need it anyways lol

  7. Kelly says:

    I’m disappointed as well. Reese keeping those bags solidifies how materialistic you are. Way to ask brady about the bags when he’s drunk at a club. Brady will not open up to you because you keep pestering because you feel bad he’s not opening up. You kept asking him what’s wrong and he tells you you ask what he wants to do instead of asking why. You’re suppose to engage and listen to him not try to the end answer without getting the details first. Second you keep avoiding talking about the phone incident and the bags when both of you are sober. its apparent you know what your doing and no one will change your self centered and materialistic behavior. All you care about is you. Third just because you were nice to brady when he was working from home doesn’t make you wife material. Fourth when your best friend and man don’t confide in you there’s a problem. Most likely you’re judgmental, uncaring attitude. Speaks volumes that they both freely communicate and open up to others. Fifth you got a free ride at your old job. Get your shit together and go your job. Stop bitching about Andrew and focus. He’s not there to hold your hand through every little situation. You need a better work ethic.


      And please send the bags back, it would be a nice gesture from you to just say “I realize I go to far sometimes and I want you to know I love you… I really am sorry about your phone.”

      I think that brady doesnt tell you about work bc he feels like you are only asking to find out about the women there…. so he shuts down. What were you doing at work after all the trust issues probably doesnt sound the same to him.

  8. Y says:

    Doll. You really should’t keep those bags. Asking Brady about being mad about the bags when he was drunk and all over you in my opinion was a cop out. You really should have brought it up at brunch but you were scared to have a real conversation. I You need to understand that relationships take work and you need to have those conversations that are hard because that is how you learn about each other. You’ll never know if he was mad about the money or the fact that you didn’t ask. Either way this isn’t something that should be pushed under the rug. It was disrespectful to use his card like that because besides the fact that you’ve seen his statements you don’t know what his financial situation is and it’s irresponsible/disrespectful to spend someone’s money without their permission. I can’t stress how important I think it is you for to apologize for that. Brady may not be the confrontational type or the type to hold on to things, but as his girlfriend, it’s not for you to take advantage of that. I stand by the idea that you should return the bags, especially the one he didn’t approve and apologize to him for being irresponsible with HIS money like that. You also should apologize for breaking his trust with the phone after you said that you wouldn’t.

    Good job on making him dinner on Sunday. I really think you should ask Brady more questions about what’s going on at work. As his girlfriend you should request more information and be there for him cos it sounds like he’s giving up. For example, when he said he thought he was done, you could have asked what was going on instead of asking what he would do. Maybe tell him that you’re really bothered by what he said and he should tell you why he feels that way. Sometimes guys just need to be led cos they don’t like to whine but boy does he sound stressed. You should let him offload on you and help him through this and encourage him the way he did with you about Andrew. Ask him more about the situation. It’s been going on for a while and you really have no idea.

  9. omg I didn’t keep the bags! calm down. and I’m sorry for not knowing what to say when he told me he hated his job. I’m not a therapist. maybe I’m not the best person to talk to, but I never claimed I was. how can y’all blame me for not saying the right thing/what you would say? also, a lot of y’all are calling me judgmental. what do you think you are?

    • Y says:

      Really wasn’t trying to be judgmental I apologize. Was just trying to convey my thoughts. It’s hard when you’re typing. Wasn’t trying to be harsh. I think a lot of us are just rooting for you and sometimes get disappointed. But it is your life and far be it from me to judge you. We all have flaws. And lol yes you’re not a therapist

      • D says:

        I am also sorry if you interpreted my comment as mean – I definitely wasn’t trying to be. I totally agree with everything Y said here. And I definitely agree that some people are being way harsh – we’re all human, we all make mistakes and have flaws.

    • Elle says:

      You made the personal decision of putting your self out there by, writing this blog. Yes we are only hearing your side of the story, not bradys or your friends sides. As someone else said, you are telling us about how your closest friends are confiding in everyone aside from you. You really don’t see the problem? We are not being harsh, we are all trying to show you that parading around like this and thinking being an adult brat it’s OK, and it’s not.

      • Elle says:

        You receive the respect you receive, you’re an adult you should know that by now. Look at the last tweet you wrote, about fat people… Who do you think you are? For all we know you can be a 50 yo hairy man sitting behind the computer living a virgious lifestyle through cyber space. You say you’re know therapist, but I truly think you need to be seeing one, not in a negative way. You need help with communicating and coming to terms with past relationships. We all go through shit, but we can’t keep poisoning the world with it.

      • Elle says:

        God, the way you just answered, reallllly pissed me off. You’re just a plain bitch. Quit writing because you are just embarrassing yourself and can’t even handle it.

      • like what do you want me to do? this is my blog and i’ll never stop writing because a hater told me to. yes i’m totally a bitch, but what are you? you’re mad for absolutely no reason at all.

      • Elle says:

        I am not mad, I’m annoyed that someone so arrogant can be so full of themselves, and believe they are in the right. You are certainly in the wrong. I honestly think you need outside help (therapist), because there will come a day that you’ll find yourself all alone if you continue this behavior for much longer.

    • Martha says:

      I am not a therapist. That being said, when my husband comes home from work and says he had a bad day, I do NOT respond with “what do you want me to do?” Talk it out, ask him if he’s been feeling this way for a while? or has it just been recently? is it the job itself? or the people he works with? Does he have any other ideas on what he would like to do career-wise? Tell him you’ll support him no matter what he choses to do, and that the most important thing is that he’s happy. Again, I repeat, I am not a therapist, just a decent human being. You should try it some time.

      • K says:

        Martha- I’ve definitely said that to my fiancΓ© and vice versa. Lol that’s not some god-awful thing to say…. I would honestly rather hear “I don’t know what to say” / “what do you want me to do (to make it better)?” than to have someone grill me on my bad day/mood/whathaveyou. Everybody is different.

    • Reese…I’m the same way. I have a big old caring heart, but when a loved one says something like that I immediately get overwhelmed and want to solve it for them and have the end solution. So, I would have most likely asked the same question. Bring it up again with him….just like a check in. “so you mentioned you weren’t sure you wanted to be a pharmacist…what’s going on at work that makes you feel that way…?” …ask if it’s the environment, if there would be another lower-stress place he could still do what he wanted, but without all the demands. Ask what you can do to help make his life a little less stressful…he’ll most likely say nothing, but let him know that you’d really like to be there for him.

  10. Yikes people are harsh. I agree with the overall message, to return the bags and address the phone issue, but you guys are being a bit mean taking such personal shots at someone’s character.

    It can be really hard to date someone like Brady, who obviously isn’t used to opening up. Reese is inexperienced at relationships and is doing her best by being open to feedback.

    If I was in your place, Reese, I’d return the bags and tell Brady that you understand it was an abuse of your relationship and his trust to buy all of that stuff. As for the phone, convey your embarrassment so he understands that you get how bad it was.

    Maybe for v day do something like a staycation, where you just unwind together.

  11. K says:

    First time commenter; long time reader!
    I, for one, am proud that at least you’re trying..! Nobody is a peach ALL the time. Women AND men both get moody and bitchy. I think you’re at least starting to recognize when your behavior is uncalled for and are trying to fix it. lol Rome wasn’t built in a day, as the old saying goes. But, good call on deciding to return the “GODDAMN” bags πŸ˜‰ haha
    Until you have earned Brady’s trust, he is not going to truly open up to you and let you in on everything on his mind, including work. Right now, you are not a “safe place” for him due to all the drama and shenanigans you have caused in the past. You’re not a reliable source of comfort. That’s my opinion, anyway. Once you work on being a better FRIEND and partner to Brady, he will let you in. I think being a good friend is equally as important as being a good lover. Just remember you treat people how you want to be treated.
    My vote is to do something FUN for your Vday. Go ice skating together, go-kart riding, laser tag, bowling, arcade, etc… anything super cheesy like that. Sometimes going out and doing something fun and DIFFERENT is just what a couple needs. Change the scene up a little bit, get his and your mind off of a super stressful few weeks by laughing and goofing off.

  12. Just another reader says:

    Reese, I have to say I’ve read your blog from the beginning, and these last few posts have just made me angry. I honestly feel bad for your friends/boyfriend, they obviously love you, but are at a point where they don’t even want to argue with you about your behavior. Hate to say it – but I honestly hope Brady finds someone who deserves him and treats him the way he deserves to be treated. You treat them (your friends) like they aren’t even humans with feelings. You expect them to forgive you and put up with their shit, but don’t support their choices when you don’t exactly agree with it. That being said, my reading this blog, and getting a little fired up about it, is just endorsing your behavior. I I’ve been waiting to see if one day, you’ll suddenly get it, and start treating people how they deserve to be treated. I read the comments, and comment after comment people tell you how to correct your behavior, but you just don’t want to hear it. You don’t have adult conversations resolving your fights, you just sweep it under the rug and hope it goes away. I don’t know why I’m even typing all this, because most likely, you’re going to just post some bitchy comment back about how mean I am. I’m just trying to be real with you, for your sake and the sake of those around you. Goodluck with this blog, your relationship, and your friendships. I hope one day, you get what we are all saying, and can live happily ever after.

      • Just another reader says:

        Kendra? She loves John. He fucked up. She wants to try and work it out. How is that her being a bitch to you? SHE DIDN’T DO SHIT TO YOU. And now, she’s not telling you anything because you will just make her feel bad about it. How many times has Brady forgiven you for your outlandish behavior? What if his best friend was like you, telling him to leave you and never look back? Brady loves you, so eventually he’d just stop confiding in that best friend.

      • okay, first of all you have no idea the history of me and kendra’s relationship. so you don’t know what she’s been a bitch to me about or what she’s done to me. and anyway, i was talking about readers/commenters.

      • Just another reader says:

        Okay, first of all, I am most likely just wasting my time in replying to these comments, however I am doing it because I hope it will help you. Now, in response to your comment, maybe you aren’t a bitch to everyone, but everyone commenting on this is just TRYING TO HELP YOU. But its so damn frustrating because you refuse to listen or make changes to your behavior. I don’t know if you kept the bags, or returned them, but in the last post EVERY COMMENT said that returning them was the right thing to do. And a lot of the comments said it nicely. However, you didn’t want to give up your precious bags, so you didn’t listen to any of us, and found a way for you to think its okay to keep them. This is not just about the bags, this is about your behavior as a whole. If you had a son, and his girlfriend treated him like this, would you want him to stay with her? Would you think thats how he should be treated?You say you want to get married to Brady, and be wife material, but your behavior isn’t deserving of a proposal. I’m sure a lot of your readers are married women, so a lot of our advice comes from experience. Reese, we don’t type these comments because we’re a bunch of worthless internet trolls, we genuinely want things to work out for you. And up until this point, I’ve been rooting for you! But now I’ve taken a step back and looked at this from the point of those around you, and I’m sick of giving you mental second chances. HOPEFULLY this will be my last comment because an internet blog really isn’t worth getting irritated over.

      • Liya says:

        Sorry, but “Just Another Reader,” who are you to attack someone’s character like this? Is your life this pathetic that you feel the need to say things like “I hope Brady finds someone who treats him better”? Seriously, who the fuck are you. You are being mean and you deserve to be told that. How would you feel if I said I hope your husband/boyfriend leaves you? You’ve been a complete bitch in these comments, so if you were warranted in saying that to Reese, I would be warranted in saying that too.

  13. CR says:

    We all may have our opinions about how events were handled, but we know only a portion of what happened or what was said. Reese shares her life with us, but that does not give us free reign to openly judge and bash another human being.

    You may disagree with the way something was handled, but take a second to realize that you aren’t perfect either. Reese is young and I’m sure not a single person here can say that at her age they were a perfect human being who made all the right choices and was an angel. It’s hard enough to balance relationships, jobs, and friends in general, let alone with grace all the time. At the end of the day, Reese has made amazing leaps forward in the way we see her interact.

    Again, it’s a PORTION of her life. I challenge you all to remember and recount every single detail of a day or conversation to but Ina blog. Then make it interesting and short enough not the bore readers by dragging on. Then please everyone with the decisions you made. We only hear about Brady when something great or bad happens, but what about all those little moments that make a relationship really great? Or, like Reese said, the bulk of her friendship with Kendra that you don’t see. I personally have not told friends about relationships starting again not because they were a bad friend, but because I was embarrassed.

    If this blog makes you so mad that you need to personally condemn and name call the writer, do Reese a favor and stop reading. Do yourself a favor and find out why you need to name call to feel better and why you need to be unnecessarily rude/hurtful to get a simple point across. It’s really easy to type something rude from behind a computer screen, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt the people you’re sending it too.

    Keep your head up Reese. Do what you feel is right and continue to be true to yourself (you’ve never had a problem before, so I’m not worried ;)). Don’t worry about the people on the Internet who have nothing better to do than nit-pick to bring others down.

    • Luita says:

      You just said everything that I’ve been thinking! We really don’t know everything that happens in Reese’s life.
      There’s got to be a reason why Andrew told her that she was doing great at her job I don’t think she has him “fooled”. I believe she works hard but only tells us a little part of what she does.
      There’s a reason why Brady fell in love with you reese, he must’ve seen something good in you. And I’m sure there’s things you do for him that he appreciates.
      I think it’s funny how people went up in arms because of the bags! We don’t really know what his financial situation is, you do. I’m sure you wouldn’t have spent that much money if he couldn’t afford it, but good for you for returning them.
      I wish you would’ve talked to him about the phone incident, but I understand talking things out is not your strongest suit. You are still young, but I hope you figure out soon how to communicate better.
      Good luck with everything! And I think you having haters means that you’ve made it! Hahaha

  14. lgburton says:

    I’m glad things with Brady smoothed over! I’m proud of him for admitting that he maybe wants a career change. Even if nothing comes of it, it’s still really good that he opened up and told you that, and that you were supportive.

    PS whatever happened with Chris supposedly moving out and moving away? Did Carly ever find out?

  15. Leslie says:

    Personally, I think you are taking Brady down a path he doesn’t like. Remember when he told you that he used to be very materialistic and spent a lot of money. I think you are making him do that now and you need to stop. He seems depressed. That’s just my opinion on the situation.

      • Leslie says:

        And you are expecting him to by you a really expensive cartier engagement ring. You are not ready to be someone’s wife and he is never going to propose to you if you keep this up. Especially since you want a expensive ring and you are materialistic and he doesn’t like that.

  16. Liya says:

    Ooook then. I haven’t commented before, but I felt the need to after reading these comments. Everyone needs to relax and take a good look at themselves and the comments they’ve been leaving… I’m not talking about the helpful ones that communicate things in a thoughtful, respectful way, I’m talking about the ones that attack Reese and her character and the way she does things. Yes, she definitely does need to grow up in a lot of ways-Reese, I think I read somewhere in your replies to comments that you DID return the bags, and I think that’s great. When I initially read this post, I was really disappointed that you said something like “I guess I can keep them since he doesn’t care”. That would’ve been a really dick move of you and I’m glad you didn’t… so everyone attacking Reese for keeping the bags can chill out, because she didn’t.

    Reese, all these people attacking you and Brady’s relationship have no idea how the dynamic really is, just what you tell them, so all these people saying that they hope he treats you badly are really out of line. I’m not saying I condone your behavior or support it… a lot of the time I think, what is this chick doing? I think you need to learn to be more thoughtful as a person, not just once in a while when you feel bad after doing something shitty to Brady. But you can work on that and, personally, I see that you ARE working on it (just maybe more slowly than most of your readers want). Personally, I think Kendra hasn’t told you about John because she’s been a judgmental bitch to you this entire time, thinking she had this perfect relationship with John, and she’s scared that you might dish out what she used to give you. She’s said some really hurtful things to you thinking that her relationship was superior, and now that it’s not, she doesn’t know how to handle the loss in power and actually having to listen to someone’s opinions on her less-than-stellar relationship, rather than bitching you out for yours. So I don’t think it’s fair how all these readers keep saying that it’s a character flaw that your friends/bf don’t keep coming to you. Brady is just generally closed off, though there are ways you could make it easier for him… maybe just toning down the drama and working on being a more mature, responsible individual, so that he feels like he can come with you with more serious matters. I get that everyone sort of expects you to be this spoiled little princess at this point but… everyone has to grow up sometime. The truth is no one wants to feel like a babysitter in their relationship-not Brady, not any guy. If you keep pushing his buttons and testing his limits and being another stress in his life, rather than a comfort, he’ll never open up (at least going off what you’ve said). You can still keep your attitude and wittiness, but you can’t fly off the handle or act like a child anytime you don’t get your way.

    Lastly, all these people complaining and bitching you out would be the same people begging you to stay if you ever decided to stop writing. Even if they say they’re married or dating someone, if they say this kind of shit to their husbands/boyfriends anytime they do something “annoying,” they have more serious issues to attend to than attacking you online. Y’all need to realize that this is a REAL person behind the computer and your comments affect her. She takes into account what we say plenty of times, so don’t hit her with that “we try so hard to help you and you don’t take it” bullshit. Reese is free to pick and choose what advice she decides to follow or not (that goes for my advice too) just like any other person.

    Sorry this was so long, I genuinely just felt bad reading how the comment section was going.

    • thank you for the comment. i’m glad you can see a change and i’m definitely trying. I’m trying not to let this blog affect my life too much and change who i am though. I love when you guys give me advice and i take it as much as i can/when i see fit, but i don’t think people should bash me when i don’t do exactly what they would do.

  17. Wow the intensity of the hate from these comments is a little intense and unnecessary. reese mentioned she returned the bags above… Was buying them a great idea? No, but they are returned now so it actually could be a funny story as long as it doesn’t keep happening. As for the phone, she didn’t get very far. I would just take Brady out for lunch, apologize and maybe just mention that you are trying and realize it was dumb. Again no reason for so much vitriol.
    Kendra and Reese are close. Often people hide things they are embarrassed about from those they are close to, especially since Kendra has judged Reese for the same thing in the past she might feel like a hypocrite.

    Yall need to relax. This is a blog. Calling people trash is disgusting and uncalled for even if you don’t agree with how she lives her life. Reese just started a new intense job with increased travel–she has to be stressed and worn down which probably impacts Her choices. Let’s let her adjust to a new life before ripping her to shreds.

    Reese I love your blog and would be sad if you stopped writing. These people’s lives must be pretty boring for them to take so much time ti get deeply upset about yours.

  18. Soooo I haven’t commented in a while but I’ve still been religiously keeping up with your posts.I have to say, I was pretty shocked as well when you first purchased the bags, but these comments are completely inappropriate! I didn’t even read them all and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comments section where people get so aggressive over something that, frankly, isn’t any of their business. We can all offer advice but this is between YOU and BRADY.

    Anywho, the reason I’m actually commenting is because I worked in a pharmacy for over 10 years. Since you said you don’t really know anything about his job, I just thought I’d give my two cents (in case you find it helpful – if not, disregard). He might not like working in a hospital where he’s overworked and doesn’t have a lot of patient contact. He might be happier in an actual pharmacy. Chains (CVS, Walgreens, etc) can overwork their pharmacists also, but you only work WHEN you’re at work. It sounds like he has a lot of ‘at home’ responsibilities and that might be what really stresses him out. Chains also pay well, in addition to giving good vacation packages. He could also work for a smaller pharmacy but the pay isn’t nearly as good (which if you keep internet shopping, he won’t be able to do :-p).

    He probably already knows this and I don’t really expect you to ramble this off to him, but thought I might offer a bit of perspective. Maybe it’s not pharmacy he doesn’t like, but the overworked hospital setting. Also, I’m in NY. Might be very different than Chicago!


    • thanks. i think you’re right and he also mentioned having to take on someone else’s workload so he probably is overworked. i’ll be sure to ask him more about it.

    • Cori says:

      If Brady does want a career change, please steer him away from chain pharmacy! I’m currently switching my path from retail to hospital. I worked at walgreens and it was awful. Corporate never allows you to have enough technician help and they are constantly trying to find ways for you to do more with less hours. Pharmacy can really wear you down.. Is he a clinical pharmacist? Also, I know you probably don’t but please don’t let these people make you feel bad. They obviously hate their own lives and feel the need to degrade you. I wonder if they know that the don’t have to read? One thing that retail pharmacy has taught me is that the world is full of assholes. Keep being awesome!

  19. I love your blog, Reese.

    You’ll learn what to do and when to do it with time. You’re still growing as a person. Everyone is!

    Honestly, everyone is entitled to their opinion but that doesn’t mean that by commenting it on a post, that’s what she’s gonna do. Everyone has some type of insight to offer. If she can relate to it, it may help her decisions or choices but by no means does that mean she has to change who she is or how she reacts to what goes on in her life. It’s all part of her charm.

    Love you, doll. And your blog!

    Chris xoxo

  20. Ann says:

    Reese, you’re great. There are way to many idiotic haters out there who have nothing better to do with their time than bitch and complain from behind a computer screen. If they hate your blog then they should stop reading it, end of story. Your blog is the most entertaining one out there and everyone knows it. And if anyone wants to hate on my comment go for it, I wont be reading it so knock yourselves out. Keep up the writing Reese πŸ™‚

  21. lily says:

    woah cant believe people are getting genuinely mad over a blog and wishing Reese’s bf and friends to leave her. how sad are you. you can advice her but she isn’t compelled to do what you say, Reese is her own individual, she is growing and will come to realize that perhaps certain behavioural traits aren’t the best, but everyone should leave her to grow at her own pace. Reese I hope you don’t talk the hateful comments to heart, you are a strong woman and I respect that.
    Hugs from paris.

  22. Olivia says:

    My takeaway from this post:
    1. From the first paragraph we have Preston defending Reese’s behavior. Brady should have known she was crazy.
    2. Maybe Kendra didn’t tell you she’s back with John because of your less than supportive attitude. Yes we know he cheated but sometimes put friends need us to listen and be there without judgment. Also being a good friend means establishing trust. Carly told you about Kendra and John a few posts ago and you wasted no time texting Kendra after promising Carly you wouldn’t say anything. Same thing here you couldn’t wait to text Kendra and call her out.
    3. Brady not being able to take your call and you drafting a hateful message that you probably would’ve sent shows immaturity. You know how overwhelmed he is but you still put yourself first and don’t give a fuck about his feelings.
    4. You avoided talking about how you screwed up.
    5. Bring up the bags when brady is drunk and all over you. Cop out. You even write that you can keep the bags but after the criticism were suppose to believe you returned them. If you did return them you definitely would have mentioned that.
    6. Making Brady dinner and rubbing his shoulders doesn’t make you wife material. IF you consistently showed you cared, took interest in him and didn’t seem thrilled by his finances and material items then you might be.
    7. You really need to engage Brady more and listen to his problems. Saying you have communication problems is a cop out.
    8. Stop complaining about work so much. Suck it up.

    • 1. yes preston defended me. so?
      2. you’re probably right.
      3. that’s totally immature, i agree. i was frustrated and i’m glad i didn’t send it.
      4. true.
      5. i returned the bags before i even posted this. i don’t care if anyone believes me or even cares.
      6. OBVIOUSLY that doesn’t make me wife material. i was being sarcastic. i’m sorry if you don’t understand my sense of humor, i was not serious.
      7. how is that a cop out? saying i have communication issues is maybe an explanation but not a cop out.
      8. okay.

  23. Sara says:

    YIKES! This post has to have set a record for bitchy comments. Everyone take a Xanax and watch some crap T.V. and calm down. (Or not. I am personally getting off on all the flaming, but I had a bad day so there it is.) Reese, you are awesome and obviously some of your readers don’t get your sly sarcasm. Just saying.

  24. Olivia says:

    It’s a cop out because you’re fully capable about talking about issues with your friends. You avoid doing so with Brady because you can’t handle him calling you out on your behavior. You’ve shown that you can maturely discuss things when you choose to. How is it that you can listen to your friends, ask questions and engage them but not the man that you love? I think it’s sad that Brady chooses to confide in others and not you. He feels your not emotionally available for him. Speaking to relative strangers instead of you is huge in my opinion. Unless you start showing him you genuinely care and respect him, he’ll grow more distant. Sex is not equivalent to caring and respect. It doesn’t solve everything. Bu brushing your issues under the rug you’re setting yourself up for disaster…when the shit finally hits the fan, it won’t be pretty.

  25. Olivia says:

    Reese you need to think about your actions and attitude and how it affects others. You get defensive when others call you out on your behavior but you fail to realize that we are trying to help you. We can all tell you your behavior is justified and condone everything you do but that won’t make you grow as a person. You keep saying you want to grow and be a better version of yourself but your actions show the opposite. Sometimes your harshest comments can teach you more than the ones that blindly go along with your antics. I’ll admit that my comment is blunt. However that’s exactly how you are with everyone in your circle.

      • Sara says:

        It’s easy to be an armchair therapist for other people’s lives. Reese, you are the one putting yourself out there, so don’t let the negativity get to you. And all of you commenters who keep calling Reese names–how is that helpful? Or constructive? As Reese says above it’s mean. You all push hard enough, and Reese will stop writing because why would anyone want to be flamed? All I can add is thank you Reese, you write about your life, put yourself out there and it is entertaining, at least for me because your life is so different than mine. You make yourself vulnerable to all of us invisible readers and deserve some respect. And to all the readers–feedback, not criticism, people. PLAY NICE!!

  26. Liz says:

    Maybe I’m mistaken and I apologize if I am., Sara From your comment above you’re concerned that readers will discourage Reese from writing which you find entertaining. I think most of us want Reese to grow and succeed in life and offer criticism and advice to help steer her in the right direction. Yes being a mature woman isn’t as “entertaining” but we’re talking about Reese’s real life and not a fictional blog. I think we’ll all admit that her life is different from ours and interesting to read. Big difference is we want her to stop repeating her mistakes and be more cognizant of others and appreciate Brady more. Once she starts taking steps to become more aware and caring, Brady and her friends will notice and want to create deeper emotional relationships.

    • Sara says:

      I hear you Liz and I am sorry if I made my last comment sound like I didn’t take what Reese was trying to do seriously. I do. I think she is very brave putting herself out there like she is and think she is genuinely trying to grow as a person. At the same time, I think she is a very good writer and very witty. I think she has grown since she started this blog and has gotten some solid advice from people who posted comments. For some reason, this last blog post generated a lot of negative energy and my intention was to be encouraging to Reese and adding a little levity. Obviously, that fell flat.

  27. c says:

    Sweet Jesus. Lets all stop talking about the bags, it is a single point, why are we harping on it?

    Second of all, Reese was making a joke about the wife material. Not that Reese isn’t wife material but she wrote that as a joke.

    I’m all for giving Reese constructive feedback but the comments on here have been outrageous.

    Reese – I wouldn’t take advice from any of these people. They clearly have no lives based on the fact they have enough time to engage in verbal warfare over your life.

  28. Melpod says:

    Reece I could be totally off, but I feel like what you write are your most brutal and honest thoughts, not anything you would really ever say out loud. Thoughts that we all have but would never voice because we’d be so scared to be judged, as you have been. It always seems that when one person has a problem EVERYONE becomes Dr. Phil and thinks they can tell you the best advice. Honestly I see how you talk to others on their blogs, you are such a sweet person. You have friends that love you and Brady that is obviously head over heels for you. It seems to me that you are so hard on yourself, hence why you portray yourself as kind of childish, when in reality you are not.
    Like I said I could be totally off but with all the negative comments i thought you need to hear something positive.

  29. Jessi says:

    Dude, as an old fart with about a decade of life experience on you, my only word of advice is fuck it. Take what you feel is constructive from both the haters and those who mean well and do your thing.

    You are incredibly successful and although it may not always seem like it, you bring excitement and complete awesomeness to everyone around you. So what if you are a bit of a lush and tend to act before you think? That is what makes you who you are, and you are pretty fucking fantastic. Brady wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t love you, and I can tell you right now you are probably more lively, successful, beautiful, and intelligent than any of the basic bitches he has dated in the past.

    The only thing that concerns me is your relationship with Kendra. I hate to speak poorly of your bestie, but she’s a turbo bitch and way too judgmental. She takes every opportunity to bring you down, yet when you call her out or stand up for yourself she plays the victim and makes you look like the asshole. One thing I have learned about friendship is that your friends are always your champions and never make you feel like shit, even when you fuck up and they call you out.

    Keep doing your thing. You seem to have become more self aware and you have it together more than most people your age, hell, even more than most people my age! Be more cognizant of Brady’s needs. Just talk to him, preferably sober, about anything and everything. Engage him and make sure he knows that you have his back no matter what he decides to do with his career and life.

    • loooool. i honestly love kendra to death but you’re right she can be such a judgemental bitch sometimes. but even so, i value her opinion because she knows me best out of everyone.

  30. Elizabeth7 says:

    Does Brady know that you returned the bags? Did you also return the item that you bought for him? And did you ever address the fact that you tried to use his thumb while he was asleep to access his phone? It just seems weird that you guys wouldn’t talk about it, especially since he seemed so mad. That being said, I do love your blog and look forward to the new posts! (Just some questions I had)

    • neither of us has mentioned the purchases. i returned the watch i got him without opening it and i held onto the bags for a couple of days before returning. we haven’t discussed any of it actually.

  31. Taylor says:

    You returned the watch you got him? LMFAO. You mean the watch you picked and charged to Brady’s card. You have to discuss the purchases and the phone with brady. I got understand why you get the importance of this. You can’t keep brushing issues under the rug and fooling yourself into believing everything is peachy.

  32. Taylor says:

    Well you had plenty of time and quite frankly you need to be an adult and talk about it. There’s always going to be an excuse not to. Yes it’s Valentine’s day and I understand not wanting to fight but you need to fix this soon.

  33. Zeina says:

    Don’t worry about being wife material. Some days I wonder what I did right to get so lucky. And the haters need to either get the sticks out of their asses, or get laid.

  34. Jacalyn says:

    I hope you and Brady have a good, relaxing Valentine’s Day! Nice of you to bring the bags back. I don’t think he really cared about the price, he was probably just stressing over everything else. Relationships are hard. There is no perfect way to do and say the right things. Learn from your mistakes and keep being you.

    Just tell Brady you are here to vent about work and support him in whatever direction he wants to go. You don’t need to be a therapist, just a quiet listener. β€οΈπŸ’‘

  35. M says:

    Holy moly this was intense. I couldn’t even read all the comments because my feelings got hurt, so I’m not sure how you did, Reese.
    People don’t think about the fact that this is just some of your life, not all of it. You’re not drunk and crazy every single night, but obviously you aren’t writing your posts about your boring nights in. Sure, you’re a handful, but you’re young and obviously there’s a lot more to you because you’re surrounded by people who love you to death and you’re so successful at your job.
    Also, I’m glad you returned the bags, and when you and Brady talk about it I’m sure it’ll go well πŸ™‚
    Keep on, Reese! You’re doing a lot of things right, don’t focus on the Negative Nellies.

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