he just doesn’t get me.

I’ve been looking at apartments nonstop for like a week. Finding a place to live is so exhausting. I’m not picky at all, but I’m indecisive so I ended up loving about six of the places I looked at. I was overwhelmed, but I managed to narrow it down to two. They’re both really similar: high rise building with all the amenities, floor to ceiling windows, AMAZING updated kitchen, hardwood, etc. One has a “den” that would be perfect to turn into my home office, private terrace, a better gym and indoor pool. The other is more of a lofty feel with exposed duct work and track lights and has an extra half bath and an all glass balcony. I got approved for both, but I seriously cannot decide. Help!

Kendra found out about me and Kyle. Well, I told her. I just had to. Kyle and I were talking and hanging out regularly (and not just hooking up, he took me to dinner and brought me stuff) and it started to feel like he thought we were a thing. Or maybe I was just imagining it? I had to ask Kendra what she thought.

“So I have a bomb to drop on you,” I said to her.

“Oh God,” she groaned. “What is it?”

The way she reacted made me second guess telling her. But I blurted it out anyway.

“I’ve been hooking up with Kyle.”

Kendra paused until she realized which Kyle I was talking about.

“What? How? Why?”

“I don’t know. I ran into him at the bar one night and I don’t know… We’ve just been talking ever since.”

“That’s such a bad idea. Does Carly know?”

“No. Do you think she would be pissed?” I knew the answer, but still asked just in case.

“So pissed. How long ago did you and Brady even break up? How are you already hooking up with someone else?” Kendra asked, sounding very judgey.

I shrugged even though she couldn’t see me. “Rebound. What should I do?”

“Stop having sex with him! Carly is going to kill you!”

“Don’t tell her!” I exclaimed.

“I won’t, but you should come clean. She is going to be even more mad if she finds out you’re hiding it,” Kendra pointed out.

I decided that Kendra was right and I needed to stop hooking up/going on with dates with Kyle, but I’m not telling Carly anything. So after that conversation with Kendra, I’ve been really short with Kyle when he texts me. Should I just tell him how I feel? That would probably be the mature thing to do.

I do enjoy hanging out with Kyle, but after dinner with him on Friday, I realized that he just doesn’t get me. After scanning the menus, he asked me what I wanted. I told him all I wanted was a shot of tequila then quickly said just kidding because I’m on a drinking hiatus and I actually wanted the first half of the appetizer menu. He just stared at me. And then when his Jack and Coke came, I pretended to snatch it from him and he’s like, “You can totally have some,” while looking at me all weird.

Like ugh. I’m on a drinking hiatus. Brady would have laughed (or not ordered alcohol knowing I couldn’t have any). Brady understands me. Thinking about it made me miss him.

Speaking of Brady, Carly hung out with Brady, Chris and some of their friends on Saturday for the St. Patrick’s Day debauchery. I texted Carly around noon to see if she wanted to get brunch + bottomless mimosas and she replied that she was out.

“Thanks for the invite. Who are you with?” I said back.

“Umm, Chris, Stacey, Jacob, Dan, Nate, Brady…”

I love that she threw Brady’s name in there last like it was an afterthought.

“I’m sorry, we’re all really drunk. I don’t even know exactly where we are. Brunch tomorrow though, love you!” she added.

Later that night, Carly uploaded a group picture to Facebook from their St. Patty’s Day shenanigans and I was excited to see how miserable Brady looked and how his outfit probably sucked (obviously I taught him everything he knows about fashion), but he wasn’t even in the picture. Ugh.

Carly and I met for brunch on Sunday. I ordered a waffle topped with Nutella and strawberries, bacon, eggs with tomatoes and spinach, a side of avocado and a rosé mimosa (that doesn’t count as drinking right?). It was all so fucking good.

“So how was yesterday?” I asked Carly. Really, I just wanted dirt on Brady.

“I felt like I was back in college. It was so much fun. What did you do?” Carly said.

“I sat at home and looked at paint swatches and furniture. I was supposed to hang out with Preston, but he flaked.” This was all true and I made sure to sigh sadly at the end so Carly would feel bad.

“I’m sorry babe. I would’ve invited you out, but you know… Brady was there…” She dug into her omelet aggressively.

“Oh yeah. How’s he doing?” I asked as nonchalantly as possible. I couldn’t let her think I actually cared.

Carly took a huge bite so I had to wait for her to chew. “He’s good. He got so drunk yesterday, he was funny.”

Funny? Funny like how? I really wanted to know the details of Drunk Brady, but Carly changed the subject and started talking about Chris. I don’t think she did it on purpose, but I was annoyed. I don’t care about Chris!

Let’s see, what else has been going on? Andrew has been doing an amazing job of avoiding me. He used to call me and text me every single day and now he emails me with questions, reports and assignments so I haven’t had a chance to talk to him. Which I’m okay with. I actually really like my job when Andrew isn’t breathing down my neck.

Diana emailed me to follow up and asked how my talk with Andrew went and I admitted that I haven’t talked to him. She asked if I was serious about coming back and I waited a few hours to ask her if there was an opening. I can’t lie, I was getting my hopes up about going back.

Especially since Andrew was in Chicago on Wednesday and he was with Tori. He said hello to me and asked how things were then he walked through the store with Tori before they went to Panera to work. And they didn’t invite me which was kind of rude. When they came back, Andrew kept sending messages to me through Tori.

She would come up to me and say things like, “Andrew wants your updated sales report for the quarter. Do you have that on hand?” and “Andrew asked if you have any outstanding supply orders?”

Seriously? I didn’t even feed into it and kept myself busy the whole day. And then he told Tori to tell me that he wanted to walk through the store before they left so I waited around for them. At around 6:00 (I usually leave around 4:30 or 5 on a normal day so this was late for me), Andrew and Tori came out of the office with all of their things, preparing to leave.

“Sorry we couldn’t spend more time together this trip, Reese,” Andrew said. He and Tori continued toward the door.

“Uh, I thought you wanted to do a walkthough?” I said.

“Oh yeah! We can do it next time, everything looks good here,” Andrew replied cheerfully.

Are you FUCKING kidding me? So basically I wasted an hour waiting for them for no reason. I bet he did it on purpose.

I haven’t heard back from Diana so I’m not sure what that means. I just want to get away from Andrew. I know y’all think I’m running from my problems instead of addressing it, but I don’t care. I don’t want to talk to him or work with him.

I think that covers everything. I’ve been going to gym and shopping like a crazy person. Since I’m back on the market, I need a new wardrobe and a hot little body, right? Missed you guys!


53 thoughts on “he just doesn’t get me.

  1. Ahhhhh those apartments sound amazing! I love the description of that second one, with the additional half bath and exposed duct work. The last place we looked at was really gross and awful, but we’re seeing 2 more today so I’m hopeful.

    If it was anyone else, I’d say you probably don’t owe Kyle an explanation (since y’all aren’t really dating), but since he’s Carly’s brother (and he was sort of a friend before? I guess?), you should probably just be straight with him about how you feel. I don’t think he’ll say anything to Carly, but if you keep ignoring him I’d worry that he might try to ask her what was wrong with you, and then she’d find out…

    Glad work is going better, hopefully Andrew knows better than to creep on you from now on.

    • oh believe me, I’ve seen my fair share of disgusting apartments in Chicago. hopefully the ones you see today are awesome!

      and I think you’re right about explaining how I feel to kyle. this is why we should have never done anything together in the first place!

  2. Amber says:

    Ah, so glad to see a post from you!! Both apartments sound great – I would go with the first one because I like the idea of having a home office. Omg how annoying of Carly!! It seems like she should have been more sensitive towards you – she is your good friend, it is her duty to report back on how miserable Brady was on St Patrick’s day, lol! The more time that passes with Brady’s silence, the less respect I have for him. I think you are better off without him!! And I would be upfront with Kyle – he doesn’t sound like a bad guy!

      • Sarah Gwen says:

        I agree. I would need closure. What if your relationship with him could still be saved? I’m sure he misses you. And one of his weak points is communicating and any kind of confrontation so I think it’s up to you, girl. Be bold. Ya know, if you wanna be 😉

  3. Thank goodness you’re back, I was getting sooo bored at work! haha

    I think you should definitely be upfront with Kyle so at least he understands why you don’t want to pursue things further at this point. Although I do feel that him “not getting you” is just him really not being Brady because it is all still so fresh. So I personally would just not totally cut off everything until the dust settles and you’re completely sure that you do not want to be offish with him.

    Brady sucks. I don’t like the shade that Carly is giving by not delving into details about St. Patty’s Day. If I went out and one of my friend’s exes was there, I would answer every single thing she wanted to know about him. And I would want them to do the same for me if they were out with one of my exes.

    I don’t think you’re “not addressing” the Andrew issue. You’re still doing your job, the shit he pulled was shady and he probably realizes it, and that’s that. Especially with Diana following up and poking to see if you were serious about coming back, I would step back and realize your options are looking good at this point. Andrew doesn’t seem like the type who would change if you were to attempt to resolve a conflict anyway. So screw him (figuratively, obv) and do your thing until you know exactly what your plan is in terms of maybe going back to your old job, etc.

    • yeah you’re right. I shouldn’t be comparing anyone to Brady anyway because you’re right, he sucks. I do wonder why Carly didn’t have much to say about Brady on St. Patty’s day and if he did something or was with someone.

  4. Karen says:

    So glad you’re back. I’ve been looking for a new post every day. I was happy to see one today.

    I think I would go for the second apartment, having an extra bathroom would be the deciding factor for me.

    Your such a strong person for not grilling Carly. There is no way I would have been able to stop myself from asking my best friend a million questions. I would think if Carly was trying to spare your feelings she wouldn’t have said “He got so drunk yesterday, he was funny.” B/C who wouldn’t want an explanation; however, maybe she realized that and that is why she changed the subject?

    I have gone through a really hard break up, so I read a lot up on it to help me feel better. A lot of post and articles I’ve read say it takes guys three months before they start to feel like their missing the girl and deal with their feelings regarding the break up. Girls go through pain of the break up right away and deal with their feelings immediately. By the time the guy decides to call or reach out to the girl, the girl has already dealt with the break up and is over it and in most cases have moved on.

    • I think I didn’t grill Carly because I didn’t want her to know how much I cared. which is dumb because I’m sure she already knows.

      and I had no idea about the three month thing with guys. I guess it makes sense though. or maybe Brady misses me now but just won’t do anything about it!

      • Karen says:

        I really believe that, like you said, that Brady misses you terribly, he is really hurting, and he isn’t saying anything. If you guys ever do talk again, I bet you will find out all the things he was thinking while the two of you weren’t talking and how hard it was for him to be away from you.

        My ex fiancé, when we finally spoke again after breaking up, he told me that he sat in the car one day and listened to The Script “For the First Time” over and over again and cried about missing me. I would have NEVER thought that, I was in shock when he told me. Guys are so stupid about acting tough and not just calling and say “I love you and I miss you.” It’s stupid.

      • Karen says:

        I can’t reply to your last comment for some reason so I’ll reply here.

        My ex is still my ex b/c he was a douche. Our relationship wasn’t near what you and Brady have, my ex wasn’t anything like Brady. He couldn’t stop lining up side pieces, when we would argue to the point of almost breaking up, in the case we would break up so he didn’t have to be alone.

        I hope Brady will man up and call b/c I really think what you two have is something special and I’m sure he knows that and he needs to tell you. I just can’t help but feel like it’s not over for you guys.

  5. Alli says:

    I kind of want to punch Carly. I get that she’s friends with Brady too, and it’s not like she has to be rude to him, but com on! She should think about your feelings a bit and understand that passing mentions of Brady probably drive you insane with unanswered questions!

    I definitely think you should be straight up with Kyle. He’s a good guy and has been good to you. Plus, being Carly’s brother, it’s obviously not a bridge you want to burn.

    Good luck with the apartment hunt!

    • I’m a little frustrated with Carly too but I don’t think she means any harm. I’m going to ask her why she’s being so evasive and weird though!

      • amy says:

        I’m guessing she doesn’t want to make you feel bad so she’s trying to avoid talking abot him

  6. Kelly says:

    IF Brady knew you as well as you say then you two wouldn’t have had endless issues and he would have respected your wishes when you told him how you felt about his coworker, listened when you wanted to talk and not shut you out. I think you’re playing with firing hanging out with Kyle. You know Carly’s feelings yet you keep hanging around her brother. I think she’s being really shady. It’s like she is siding with Brady instead of you. Not being much of friend in my opinion.

  7. sarah says:

    I vote for the den apartment. I want to move to Chicago after I graduate, but I’ll probably be living in a shoe box, fantasizing about having an updated kitchen and a den. I think I would die if my best friend was hooking up with my brother, so stop that ASAP and don’t tell Carly anything. But Carly is annoying me in this post, whose side is she on? If shes one of your best friends, should she be telling you all the dirt on Brady, like if he was that drunk he probably made a fool out of himself. So maybe if your feeling extra bitchy you could just casually slip in the “kyle and i had sex” statement and see what happens.

  8. I feel like Carly is being wayyyy too evasive about the Brady topic. It’s kind of rubbing me the wrong way.. But you know her better than we do.

    Also, those apartments sound amazing!!! Go with the den. I feel like it might be a little more your style. Plus, having a home office is the bomb.com. I practically live in mine.

    Ehhhhhh, idk about the Kyle thing. I mean, yeah, let him know what’s up but he obviously wasn’t a good fit. You’ll find someone who understands you soon enough, boo 😽

  9. Haley says:

    I think everyone calling out Carly on being evasive is being a little unfair. It could be a combination of a lot of things: she wants to still be cool with Brady and respectful of his privacy since he is Chris’s good friend (understandable), she wants to be considerate of Reese (and thinks it would be worse to talk about him 24/7). I think she probably mentioned him by accident and then backtracked because she was afraid Reese would overreact about it.

    I vote for you calling Brady too. You obviously still care and the whole “he-has-to-reach-out-first” thing is kind of immature, because the whole break up fight was both of your faults. His for not fully paying attention to you, yours for overreacting.

    • I agree with the first part of this. I don’t think Carly was trying to be evasive and I talked to her about it last night so I feel a bit better.

  10. Brianne says:

    You are selfish. You slept with your best friends brother and you are pissed because she didn’t dish the gossip on Brady. If you want to know something call him and ask him. I hope when Carly finds out she dumps you like the slut you are!

    • Vickie says:

      Reese is most definitely not a slut. It’s not like she took some random guy home. She’s known him for years. She is hurting, and there is nothing wrong with what she did imo. Carly’s brother on the other hand… He knew the situation and took advantage of it.

      That said, I do think it means there is no going back to Brady. I feel like once you’ve slept with someone else, you can’t go back to your ex, if the opportunity ever arose. I think it creates jealousy.

      I’m glad you think Brady stinks, Reese! Now, let’s find you a good man who will buy you those bags! ☺

      • omg I know. kyle totally took advantage which is why I don’t feel bad for not really talking to him anymore. wait so because I hooked up with someone else, Brady and I have no chance of getting back together? aw.

      • Sarah Gwen says:

        I think you two can still get back together!! *Hopeless Romantic* but seriously think you two are good for each other.

  11. Luita says:

    For sure talk to Kyle, he knows you just broke up with Brady, right? So he should know it’s just rebound, so just talk to him let him know how you feel and that you are afraid Carly might find out.
    Maybe Andrew is just super embarrassed and that’s why he doesn’t know how to act around you anymore. The way I see it you rejected him, so that’s gotta hurt his pride.
    I think Carly is stuck in a rough place because she’s your friend, but Brady is Chris’s friend also and she spends a lot of time at their house. she just doesn’t know how to handle the situation. But if you really want to know it wouldn’t hurt to open up to her and tell her how much you miss Brady and see what she says.
    Whatever happened to the Mexico trip?

  12. Kelly says:

    Reese you need to get out of the victim mentality. Kyle did not take advantage of you. You make your own choices and need to own them instead of looking for someone to blame. Just like with Andrew. His actions were wrong but you went along with them and then when you found out this is his usual behavior got all defensive. With Brady in every situation you found a way to twist the story and make it like he was the one who wronged you. You need to become accountable for you actions and make an effort to change them. You are not a victim and I think you know damn well what you are doing.

      • Jenn says:

        You didn’t encourage Kyle in any way? You could have shut him down but you wanted to make up for the previous night when you started crying. Your words not his. You didn’t have to go to dinner with him. You choose this. He did not take advantage of the situation. You want to blame him to make yourself feel better for betraying Carly. It would serve you right for Kendra to tell Carly. Every time a fried has asked you to keep a secret in two seconds flat you blab. When Preston or Carly told you not say nothing about Kendra and John what did you do, text Kendra right away. You don’t know the meaning of loyalty or friendship. You are caught up in a material world where you are the only one who’s feelings matter.

      • I didn’t deny encouraging kyle. he did take advantage of the situation the first night we hooked up, he practically invited himself over. I’m not blaming him solely for anything. I know I took part in all of it and if Carly ever found out I would own up to it. anyway, you don’t understand the dynamic of any of our friendships.

      • Luita says:

        This is why I think you need to talk to Kyle. I don’t think he took advantage is the right way to put it. Maybe he saw an opportunity and he took it what if he’s liked you for a while? He wouldn’t take you out to dinner and jump through hoops to see you just to get laid. Talk to him.

      • Jenn says:

        I don’t know the dynamic of your friendship. It seems like you don’t either if Carly is more interested in protecting and siding with Brady. Delivering your things, making sure not to share details of Brady with you. Is it to protect you? Doubtful. Open your eyes.

        I do know that if my so called best friends has repeatedly said her brother is off limits I’d respect that. The first time was an accident but what about the other two/three times? Did he take advantage then too? You knew that Kyle was interested in you. You’re a big girl, start acting like one. The world doesn’t owe you anything and you aren’t innocent. I know what you’ve posted and most times it’s you acting immature and them blaming others. You’ve betrayed your friends trust multiple times, doing or repeating what you were told in confidence. You expect loyalty and 100% from your friends but do not give it. To say Kyle took advantage is pathetic and completely wrong.

      • when I wrote this I even said that I don’t think Carly did it on purpose when she changed the subject. how is that siding with Brady? she’s not siding with him, I talked to her about it last night. I said kyle took advantage of the situation (not me) the FIRST TIME. then I completely take ownership of continuing things. I said that!

      • Rachel says:

        Reese I kinda agree with the comments that you aren’t owning up to you actions. I understand being lonely after Brady broke up with you and hooking up with Kyle. To say he took advantage of the situation now is screwed up. You say Carly is your best friend. Why would you do what she asked you no to do? You should have more self control and common sense than that. How would you feel if your best friend dated someone you made clear was off boundaries and then kept it from you? You can’t say you made a mistake because you continued seeing him after. You need to come clean and not wait until Carly found out. You also need to talk to Kyle. You can’t keep playing with his feelings. If he didn’t like you and only wanted sex, he would not have taken you dinner. We know how you feel and how Kyle isn’t Brady, blah blah blah but have you thought how he feels. You are toying with his feelings and that’s wrong. If Brady was a great catch and perfect for you, you would still be together. The two of you never had a real conversation sober. It was all alcohol or drug induced thoughts. You were uncomfortable with his work friends, he kept talking to them, you facebooked Jessica and made a terrible work situation for Brady. You didn’t trust him, broke into his phone, when you got caught, yelled/screamed/cried and then made Brady apologize. Same time you broke his phone. Brady is trying to work from home and instead of being supportive you bug him to buy you things. You rack up tens of thousands of dollars on his credit card and didn’t think anything of it until readers pointed it out. When Brady asked how much you spent you avoided the question. You tried to break into his phone again and didn’t even apologize or try to explain yourself. You bring up the bags when he’s drunk and horny and he says forget about it so you think you were justified. He’s stressed with work and you don’t care. Finally you give him a massage and think you’ve been morphed into super girlfriend status.

        You keep bitching about your job to him and he gives you advice. The final straw. He’s stressed from working, you walk in and immediately start unloading your bullshit work issues on him. Seriously Reese, when you worked with Diana you complained. Now you’re working with Andrew and you’re bitching. You never lived up to your potential and if Diana wasn’t your family friend you probably would have been fired a long time ago. You are the definition of an entitled, rules don’t apply to me slacker.. Back to Brady, he’s stressed, you’re bitching about work and he’s on his phone. You get pissed and start yelling and he’s over it. Over the drama, the temper tantrums, the immaturity, he has his own life to deal with and doesn’t need someone who will bring him down and dumps you. Good sex and getting drunk doesn’t make a relationship. Until you take a good look at yourself and start making big changes you are going to be alone with a bottle of tequila. Your friends have settled down and in normal relationships. They aren’t acting the fool and acting like a sorority girl on spring break each night. You don’t have boundaries and feel that you are owed something.

        Designer bags, shoes, fancy cars, apartments don’t mean anything. You can be on top of the world with unlimited cash one day and living paycheck to paycheck another. Don’t brag about what you have or how much you spend. Only new money people do that. Also if you make and have a shitload of money like you claim why would you need Brady or any man to buy you thousands and thousands of dollars worth of stuff?

        I know I’m the minority and you’ll say I’m mean. Whatever. I’m being realistic and trying to help unlike others who are telling you that Kyle took advantage of you and you are complete victim.

      • first of all, you are mean. a lot of this is assumptions you made about me and my life. you don’t know what kind of conversations we had sober. I never lived up to my potential? you have no idea what you’re talking about. I never said that I have or make a shitload of money, I would never say something like that because I don’t. thanks for your feedback because it’s helpful to know people feel this way, but it’s all not true.

      • Rachel says:

        Reese you lived up to your potential by surfing the Internet, Pinterest’ing and having sex with your intern? You avoided having to work with Whitney because you disliked her. You slouched on your responsibilities. You took advantage of Diana. If you worked for a person who wasn’t a family friend things things wouldn’t slide. You always have a work issue. You either hate your boss, coworker or being unfairly taken advantage of. You might have climbed the corporate ladder but was it a result of your hard work or nepotism? If you valued Diana and working for her company you would have given your job 100%. You talk a good game but now it’s time to back it up.

        Reese you are irresponsible in every area of your life. Bragging about how much you spend on Twitter or here is uncouth. The car that you had to have and then immediately got into an accident with because you were driving drunk, the bags and shoes that you talk about all the time. What is the purpose of sharing how much you spent on these items? When will you realize the world does not revolve around you? Other people have feelings, not only you. Brady, Kyle, Kendra, Carly, they have feelings that you don’t care about. You were irresponsible with Brady’s money because you didn’t care and are the same way with your own money. You need to stop living in a fake, fantasy world and take a step into the real world.

        I don’t think I’m the only who feels this way but if I am so be it. I’m a strong believer in not enabling or encouraging poor behavior. I also believe that adults need to take responsibility for their actions and not place blame on others.

      • like I said, you’re wrong. Diana doesn’t have enough influence to keep me if I wasn’t valuable. that’s rude of you to say that, you don’t anything about my work ethic. how is posting a link to the things I wear bragging? how is that different from a fashion blogger posting links to the stuff they wear and buy? my world does revolve around me, not sorry.

      • Luita says:

        You guys are so judgy. I have days at work when I play on the Internet all day, but when I have work to do I do it. I do everything I need to do and have no complains from my superiors, in fact they tell me I’m the best. So im sure that’s how it is for Reese or else she wouldn’t have gotten promoted at her previous job.
        You guys all must be perfect and have perfect relationships what are you doing reading this blog?

  13. Sara says:

    People seem to be taking everything at face value with this blog. By that, they forget that it is the voice of one person. What it not here are the voices of the other people. We are getting select incidents of a person’s life. Rachel, you are bringing up some incidents (the intern) that happened almost a year ago. Reese already knows it was a mistake and wrote about it here to own up to it. And as for Diana, she glossed it over BECAUSE REESE WAS A VALUABLE WORKER.
    As for Brady, we only see Reese’s perspective and it is pretty silly to assume we know what is going on in his mind. We don’t know. How could we? He’s not writing this. Even Reese has said time and again, she was not sure what he was thinking. All we can do is extrapolate based on Reese writing about his actions. And can Rachel, you obviously forgot that the accident with Reese’s car was a hit-and-run sideswipe done by someone else when she was parked. Yes, she has made mistakes, but flaming her saying she is not trying is pointless. She is trying. She wrote this blog for that reason and over the months, she has tried,and often succeeded. It’s all to easy to judge other people, especially on the internet. Lecturing people and flaming them does no good and I would say take a good LONG look at yourself, Rachel, before you start picking apart the actions of others.

    One last thing about Brady, Reese. GIRL, JUST CALL OR TEXT HIM ALREADY. You need to have it out with him. Stop worrying if Carly thinks you should call or not. All that is between you and Brady. You tweet repeatedly that you miss him, which I believe and can understand. Just be straight with his. You asked if you should tell him you miss him. You should. If nothing else comes from a conversation with him, he needs to know how much he hurt you and to own up as to why he ended things. This issue will not go away until this conversation is had. One of the biggest regrets I had with one breakup is not telling the guy how very badly he hurt me. I realized that I was more protecting HIM than myself by not saying anything. It doesn’t have to be mean or angry, but you never got your say with the breakup. I don;t think hearing Brady say WHY it all happened is an unreasonable request.

    I admit over several month of reading there are things you have done Reese that leave me shaking my head, but I am not you. I tend to be a talker with my partner when it comes to relationships. I had to learn how to do this, though. You have to do what is right for you. I really hope you can turn all this around and start to heal. You changed jobs, broke up and now are moving–all in about three months. These are HUGE life events in and of themselves. The only things worse than these are severe illness or death, so you have a lot of grieving and/or processing to do So, try not let the comments get under your skin too much.

    • thank you Sara! You’re right, I am trying and I feel like I’m getting better. maybe I don’t make the best decisions all the time, but I’m not going to change into this mature, responsible adult overnight. I literally just don’t know what to say to Brady. I cannot think of anything to text him that feels or sounds right.

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