i’m a horrible person.

Brady and I went to dinner on Monday night. We don’t hang out every single day like we used to and it’s okay because when I do see him I get so excited.

After we ate, Brady suggested we go to this chocolate shop a couple of doors down. I was pretty full from dinner, but I’ll never say no to chocolate. I ended up getting chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallows dipped in chocolate and pretty much the whole top row of the display case. All together we spent almost $50. No regrets though.

On Tuesday Andrew started being a dick to me just like Brady predicted. I woke up early to start working because I didn’t want to leave with a ton of stuff to be done. I started answering emails from my home office at like 6:30 AM and didn’t stop for breakfast until like 11 AM. I was proud of myself.

I was sitting at my little dining table eating a waffle and scrolling through Instagram when Andrew texted me.

“Can you send me your completed operations report right away?” he asked.

Shit. Out of everything I had worked on, that was the one thing I hadn’t gotten to. I just needed to plug in some numbers though so I replied, “Sure. Just give me a few minutes.”

I abandoned my waffle and OJ and grabbed my laptop to bring to the kitchen with me. Andrew had sent me three messages basically lecturing me. He said, “Just because it’s your last week doesn’t mean you can slack off. We’re still paying you so you still need to do work.”

Whoa. What the fuck? Obviously he had no idea that I actually was still doing work and more work than I did usually. Whatever. I didn’t even reply.

Later on, we had a conference call with other sales directors and Andrew’s immediate boss. I was listening and taking notes, but kind of daydreaming too. Andrew put me on the spot and asked me a question, but luckily the answer was right on the page of my packet that I was looking at.

“Wow. Everyone, let’s clap for Reese. She finally knows how to read,” Andrew said sarcastically. And then he actually paused so people could clap.

I was so fucking pissed off that I almost hung up and texted Andrew to tell him I was done. But I took a deep breath and finished the call and didn’t talk to Andrew for the rest of the day.

I went to Brady’s after he left work. After Andrew ruined my day, I needed bae to make me feel better. We took wine to the living room and Brady did work while I told him what happened.

“I was afraid that would happen,” Brady said. “I don’t think you should do anything crazy though. Just try to stick it out until Friday.”

“He’s such an ass! I’m going to report him to HR before I leave. I hope they fire him,” I grumbled. I almost wanted to tell Brady what happened that one night in Tennessee, but luckily I caught myself before I blurted it out.

“You should file some sort of formal complaint. Maybe they won’t fire him, but it’ll be good to at least let them know what’s going on. And in the meantime, just be thankful that you only have to deal with him for a few more days,” Brady said.

I instantly felt better. “How are you always so positive? Does anything ever upset you? Don’t you ever just want to kill someone?” I asked.

Brady shrugged. “Of course things upset me, but never enough to ruin my day. I have so much more to be grateful for. I won’t let a stupid coworker put me in a bad mood.”

“Yeah,” I said, nodding.

“You have way too much going for you to let that guy make you feel worthless.”

Aw. I really, really need to be more like Brady. Maybe I need to go to a third world country and witness some real life problems for myself.

I was in a much better mood on Wednesday and managed to avoid Andrew the entire day. Brady texted me around five saying that he was off and wanted to see me so I invited him over. I can’t lie, I was a little bit nervous because I feel like every time Brady gets off early and wants to see me, I’m in trouble. I sat there racking my brain trying to think of what I could have done wrong. Nothing was jumping out at me except exchanging numbers with Matt, but even then, Brady couldn’t possibly be pissed at me for that.

Oh well. I showered and put on a hoodie and little knit shorts, threw my hair into a bun and waited. I buzzed him up and paced, nervous that he was going to yell at me. I think I was a little bit scarred from the time he screamed at me for messaging Jessica. When I heard Brady’s light knock on the door I practically ran to answer it.

I was surprised to find Brady standing there with a bag from a bakery near his work and a couple of white roses. Awwwwwwwwww.

“Hiiiiii,” I said happily, but cautiously.

“Hey. I brought you something,” Brady said walking in. He sat the bag down and motioned for me to look in. Cheesecake.

“Oh my gosh. Are you trying to make me get fat so no one else wants me?” I was mostly kidding.

Brady laughed. “Exactly.”

He dropped to his knees and just as I started to ask what he was doing, he started kissing my thighs. Oh. Ohhh. Neither of us said a word as Brady painstakingly slowly pulled my shorts off. He looked up at me, almost for approval, before pulling my underwear down and helping me step out of them. So I was standing in front of a kneeling Brady with just a hoodie on.

He started kissing my thighs again and then put one of my legs over his shoulder. And then Brady began eating me out. Yesssssssss.

“Shit,” I mumbled. I almost couldn’t handle it. I had to lean over and put my hands on Brady’s head because my leg was about to give out. Have I mentioned how good Brady is at cunnilingus? I’ll keep him around for that, if nothing else. Also, have you ever had someone eat you out so well that it almost hurt? Like it was unbearable. I was conflicted between telling him to stop because I couldn’t handle it and pushing myself further onto him. And then I came.

Brady stood up and wiped his chin and I had to lean against the counter to steady myself.

“Do you want to eat cheesecake now?” I asked.

Brady laughed and stepped forward to pick me up. “No.”

He carried me to my room and we finally consummated our relationship. And I didn’t even have to seduce him. I think he was probably just as horny as I was.

Afterwards, I was half asleep, but we laid in bed talking.

“Why did it take you so long to have sex with me? Were you trying to torture me?” I asked.

“What are you talking about? No,” Brady replied.

“Because you haven’t tried anything in like two weeks. It was deliberate right?”

“Yes it was deliberate!” Brady exclaimed. “Last time I tried something you practically tied my hands to your bed. I didn’t want you to do that again.”

I couldn’t even pretend that wasn’t hilarious. I threw my arms around him and kissed his cheek. “You’re so presh.”

“No, you’re presh.”

On Thursday I got a really interesting text message. Remember BJ the intern (insert eye rolling emoji here)? I literally haven’t talked to him since last summer. He texted me saying, “Hey boss lady. I’m interviewing for a job in Atlanta and was wondering if you could write me a letter of recommendation? I’ll owe you big time. :-)”

Ew. That kid has some fucking nerve texting me asking for a favor. I was half tempted to tell him that I would do it then sending a scathing letter letting his future employer know what an asshat he is. But I’ve matured. So I didn’t text back.

Friday was my last day of work and lucky for me, Andrew was in Chicago. He ignored me the entire morning then invited me to lunch – a totally work free lunch. I couldn’t think of an excuse to get out of it fast enough.

At first Andrew just asked me questions like what I would miss most about the company (traveling) and if I thought I was ready to take on new challenges (obviously). Then he started giving me like an impromptu performance review and told me what he thinks I need to work on. I didn’t ask for that. I feel like Andrew is that boyfriend who would tell you he doesn’t like your outfit for date night and you should change.

At the end of lunch, Andrew said, “Well I hope you keep in touch, Reese. I don’t want you to feel like you can’t reach out to me for any reason.”

Gross. But of course, I nodded and said okay. Then he proceeded to give me his personal cell phone number since until then all I’ve had was his work number. Joy. Doubt I’ll ever need to use it.

Brady was running in some sort of race on Saturday so he wasn’t interested in doing anything that night. So I decided to meet Matt at the pub crawl. I invited Preston and his new best friend, Nicole. I filled Preston in on Matt on our way to the bar.

“So you don’t think he’s into you?” Preston asked, looking skeptical.

“I don’t know. I think he’s just friendly,” I replied. Honestly, Matt had been kind of flirty – telling me to come over after work for a glass of wine, asking what he needed to do to see me – but I’d been completely unresponsive to his advances.

“Mmkay, girl. You just let me know if we need an escape,” Preston said. I hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

When we got to the bar, Matt was standing outside waiting for us.

“Hey you,” Matt said smiling. The last time I’d seen him was when we were getting off the plane and he looked a little different without his hat and travel attire. Plus he was clean shaven when I met him, but he had some stubble on Friday night. He’s on the taller side with an athletic build and nice, brown hair.

Matt pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek and I knew Preston was standing behind me judging so I pulled away quickly. I introduced him to Preston and Nicole and Nicole shook his hand and asked how we knew each other. I turned around and rolled my eyes at her. I explained the whole story to them on the way to the bar. Nicole is just so annoying. I don’t think she has a filter so she just says whatever pops into her little brain. It doesn’t help that she has a thigh gap the size of the Grand Canyon so I can’t stand to even look at her.

“I met this little beauty in first class on the way back to Chicago from Dallas.”

“Ohhhh,” Nicole looked from him to me and back. “So what’s this pub crawl for?”

Matt explained his job to her – how he runs this company and has hundreds of people under him and likes to show them his appreciation sometimes hence the pub crawl. We got inside, Matt introduced us to a few of his employees then ordered a round of beer for all of us.

“You must be a busy girl,” Matt said.

It took me a second to realize that he said that because I never got back to him about hanging out. Oops.

“Yeah. Switching jobs has been hectic,” I said which was kind of a lie.

We chatted for a while, just mindless small talk about work. He said he only works Monday through Thursday and likes to get away on the weekends. He has condos in San Diego and Miami and when I told him that I want to go back to Miami because I haven’t been in a couple years, he told me that he would love to take me. I didn’t say anything back.

I met some more of Matt’s employees who wanted to do shots with us. They had obviously been out for a while because they were all completely drunk. They were actually really fun. He works with this big guy with a crazy mustache who seemed to be the life of the party. They called him “Big Ben.” Big Ben kept saying to Matt, “She’s cute, man. Watch yourself.”

Since I was a little tipsy I started asking questions. I found out that Matt is 33 and grew up in New York City, but he’s been in Chicago for almost ten years.

“So you’re 33 and you aren’t married?” I asked.

Matt took a drink from his beer before saying, “Nope.”

“And you haven’t been?”


I think I made a face because Matt said, “What? A guy in his early thirties should be married?”

“I mean… Kinda. I just feel like if you aren’t married by now, is there something wrong with you?”

He laughed. “That’s such a naรฏve thing to say. How old are you again, Reese?”

“Twenty five,” I said.

“Ah. And you’re not married?”

I didn’t say anything.

“I’ve been waiting for a girl just like you, Reese. That’s why I’m not.”

I rolled my eyes. I knew it was the perfect time to mention Brady. But I didn’t. I should have, but I just didn’t.

A few minutes later I told Matt that I would be right back and went to find Preston and Nicole. I hadn’t seen them since we first arrived.

“Hey chick,” Preston said when I reached them in a corner of the bar. “We’re gonna go.”

“What? Already?” I exclaimed.

“We’re getting bored and I have to work in the morning,” Preston explained.

“Okay, well I’m leaving too. Let me just say goodbye to Matt.”

“Noo, no, no. You stay and have fun. Don’t let us ruin your night, doll.”

“Okay. Well, you suck for leaving,” I said. I can’t lie, I was a little bit nervous about Preston leaving me alone with Matt.

After Preston and Nicole left we all headed to the next bar. I only had one more drink before I got tired and started yawning.

“Am I boring you that much?” Matt leaned down and whispered in my ear.

“No, sorry! I’m just getting sleepy. I had a long day,” I said. “Thanks for inviting me though. I had fun.”

“Do you want me to call you a car?” he asked.

“No. I’m calling an Uber.”

Matt nodded and walked me outside to wait.

“Make some time for me next week,” he said and it sounded almost like an order.

“I’ll try. I’ll probably be super, super busy with my new job.”

“Too busy for a quick dinner with me?” Matt looked boyishly smug when he said this and put his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

“Unfortunately yes. I’ll let you know though, k?” My phone buzzed to let me know that my Uber was arriving. I was almost relieved when the Toyota Camry stopped at the curb.

“Oh, this is me!” I squealed.

Matt grabbed my arm and pulled me into a hug. “Get yourself something good to eat then.” His hands slid down my back and grabbed a good handful of my ass cheek.

“Whoa!” I said, pushing him away. Flirting was one thing, but I never gave him permission to touch me like that.

He laughed and kissed my cheek quickly. “Goodnight, Reese.”

I said, “Bye!” hastily before jumping in the car.

Later on when I was at home getting undressed, I saw what looked like a dollar hanging out of my jeans pocket. I never carry cash so I was confused and picked up my jeans to investigate. I found two hundred dollar bills in the back pocket of my jeans and I realized that Matt must have stuck them in my pocket when he was squeezing my ass. That’s why he was touching me like that. And that explained the, “Get yourself something good to eat,” comment too.

Ew. How tacky. He thinks he can buy me with $200? Maybe $2,000 – just kidding. I felt guilty and terrible and decided I was going to tell him immediately that I’m happily taken and I can’t accept his money.

I texted him, “Matt, what’s this money for?”

“Since you aren’t going to make time for me to take you to dinner, take it and go somewhere nice.”

Ugh. I said, “I can buy my own dinner, thanks.”

“Just take it and quit being difficult. Goodnight, Reese.”

I felt like he was dismissing me which pissed me off. I started typing about seven different messages bragging about having my own money and a boyfriend, but then I decided not to respond at all.

I went to brunch with Kendra on Saturday. She says she and John finally have a date picked out: September 26th which is not that far away at all. She started telling me all the details I needed to know about getting fitted for a bridesmaid dress and stuff.

“Wait. You haven’t even asked me to be a bridesmaid,” I said.

“Well, obviously. As if I have a choice,” Kendra rolled her eyes.

I was already smiling and clapping. So excited! I love being in weddings.

That afternoon I made Brady go shopping with me. We spent an hour in the handbag department trying to find the perfect small, but not too small crossbody bag. It’s a lot harder than you may think. I narrowed it down to my four favorites and ran to every mirror to try them on and see them from different angles. And then I made Brady take pictures of me wearing the bags so I could see how they photograph. I finally decided on this one and this one. And a pair of Converse (who the fuck am I?) and a floral printed a-line dress to wear for my first day of work. Brady picked it out so I just had to get it.

We grabbed dinner after a long day of shopping. Brady asked what I did the night before and I immediately felt my face getting red hot with guilt. If I was feeling guilty then obviously I was doing something wrong, right?

“Um, I went with Preston to a pub crawl. This guy’s company covered the bill so…yeah.” I said.

“What guy?” Brady asked, looking confused.

“Just this guy. I met him a couple of weeks ago. He invited me and told me to bring whoever. You were being lame last night.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“Yeah so. I got home pretty early. I was tired.”

“Did you have fun though?”

“Noooo because you weren’t there,” I said, kissing him.

I really felt like shit later that night when I  got on Instagram and saw that 

Brady uploaded a picture of us from a night out around the holidays. I’m completely drunk in the picture, but we both still looked cute. Someone commented, “She’s beautiful.” And Brady replied, “I know. I’m lucky right?”

Don’t bother telling me because I already know: I’m a horrible person. I don’t know what to do. Matt hasn’t talked to me since Friday which is fine, but now I feel like I owe him something because he gave me this money. I don’t even understand why he gave it to me.

Anyway, I actually probably will be busy this week, but hopefully I can get another post up. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for any updates! Bye!


47 thoughts on “i’m a horrible person.

  1. Jilly says:

    Love that I can come on here and know that Brady will be in the post again, and loved all the flash back posts. I’m from Texas, going to ASU so I can definitely relate! As for Matt, I wouldn’t feel too bad, it’s not like you were on a date with him, you went with friends, and you didn’t do anything really wrong. If the money makes you uncomfortable give it to charity or something if you don’t want to see Matt again and if he contacts you again ignore it; you don’t want to be texting some guy, who obviously wants you, since you’d probs be hurt if Brady did that with some girl. Good luck with starting your new (old) job!

    • love it girl! asu is such an awesome school, you’ll have a ton of fun! I’ll just ignore Matt. he hasn’t contacted me since, but if he does I’ll ignore him.

  2. Susy says:

    Matt is bold. If I were you, I’d probably stop talking to him, only because you’re in a relationship and he got a little grabby. He’s also making comments that he’s interested in being more than friends, so I’d end it there. I wouldn’t feel too bad either, since you took your friends with you and it was just an outing. Best of luck in your new job.

  3. Sara says:

    You owe Matt nothing. And the $200.00 is an ultra douchebag move. Also his pickup lines are lame. (Not dissing you at all, but I would believe his โ€œIโ€™ve been waiting for a girl just like you, Reese” the same time I believe that the world is flat, pigs can fly and the moon is made of cheese. He wants to impress you so he can get in your pants and he thinks he can do it by flashing cash. D-bag all the way. I would take Brady with two roses and a cheesecake any day of the week.) The money thing was super greasy and he DOES think he can buy you. Cut him off and put him out of your mind. You have Brady and he never need know that Matt even exists.

  4. Luita says:

    I didn’t think there was anything wrong with talking to Matt before, but now that he’s made his intentions known, you need to either tell him you have a bf or just stop communication. You owe him nothing the $200 was a weird move, who does that? If there’s a way you can send the money back to him without seeing him, do it or else just donate it.
    Its good that you told Brady about a guy you met a few weeks ago, its good to have them shaking in their boots every now and then. How cute of him to post that pic of you on Instagram?
    Did you end up writing something up about Andrew?

    • lol it’s good for Brady to know that other guys are interested in me? hahaha. I will love doing that. I didn’t write to hr or anything about Andrew but they emailed me asking me to an exit interview! guess I’ll let it all out then.

  5. Hey, Reese! You might recognize me for talking to you on twitter, but never leaving any comment here…
    Let’s start from the first problem you showed: Andrew. He is a jackass, and you should’ve said something earlier. And you should’ve told him you don’t want his personal number, I think it’s not a good idea, since he can keep in touch with you.
    Matt is another jackass. Really. It’s as disgusting as Andrew. You need to put an ending in that RIGHT AWAY, honey! Send back his money and block his number on your iPhone. He thought he could buy you, that’s absurd and rude and completely awful!!!! Get this shitty guy out of your life.

    So happy you’ll be on Kendra’s wedding! Show us the dress when you pick it up, please, please, please!
    I’m not even going to say how happy I am for you and Brady. Seriously! You guys are the cutest.

    • hi! thanks for your comment! I’ll post pictures as soon as I see the dress! I hope it’s pretty lol. as for Andrew and Matt, the crazy thing is I used to be into douchey, asshole guys but Brady is the opposite and its so much better. I would never date an awful guy like Matt.

  6. megg says:

    Give the $200 to a homeless person, or a mom that is struggling, etc. Can you imagine making their day that? Matt deserves nothing from you and it was a dick move. You owe him no response. Honestly, I’m quite proud of you. I had a pit in my stomach that something was going to happen with Matt…I’m proud you walked away and proud you haven’t engaged more. Just block his number. Give the money to someone who will benefit. And go love the fucking shit out of Brady.

    • aww I love the idea of giving it to a homeless person. I always see this lady who calls me beautiful and says she’s going to pray for me (do I look like I need prayer? ๐Ÿ˜ณ). I’m going to give it to her! omg do you really think I would let something happen with Matt? I have the best boyfriend ever!

  7. kelseyxsays says:

    Ew. Matt is a douchelord. That would make me feel like a .05 cent prostitute. #Disgusting

    Sidenote: I love that you and Brady are totes back on!! If it was me, I wouldn’t really say anything to him about Matt unless he straight up asks. And if Matt contacts you again, I would tell him off and send his money to his corporate office and be done with it. lol

  8. London says:

    If I were you, I’d take the 200 to the nearest homeless person, and take them for some new shoes, and coat and lunch. Snap a pick of Matt’s generosity, and text it to him with a comment of “this person thanks you!” Because clearly he thinKS not that highly of you and is trying to sway you with his money. Thankfully your not A) a hooked B) a gold digger and C) you are better that that cuz you make your own money and your man makes good money.
    Matt is a douche bag. Stay clear of him because he reeks of all kinds of trouble for you.

    Glad to hear things worked out well with Brady. You are growing as a person, so there is no need for anyone on the comments to preach to you about if the pub crawl/Matt situation is wrong. You obviously already know based on your feelings.
    Hope all turns out well for you and brady! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • so true. I do think I’m growing because before I would’ve been so excited about attention from a guy that I might have let something happen. so glad I didn’t though!

  9. Alli says:

    I get why you feel guilty, but I think you managed to escape the sketchy Matt situation pretty unscathed. It definitely could have been worse. Also, as if he offered you money?!? How tacky is that?

    You and Brady are really cute together. It really seems like he’s trying. I think maybe you were trying to get back at Brady by flirting with Matt and that’s why you feel bad. Luckily no harm was done and it seems like you learned from it. Good riddance to both Matt and Andrew (and BJ… Again) – wow that was way too many assholes to have to deal with in one week!

  10. K says:

    you can send that 200 to me, but I need it in Canadian funds ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You should feel bad about Matt, because you know that it is a a bit of a shady thing to be doing. Think of how pissed you would be if it were the opposite way. You feel bad because you have a conscience darlin so it’s a good thing you do feel bad. I wouldn’t worry too much about it though. You haven’t done anything wrong really, just block his number and delete it from your phone and never speak to him again.

    I say it because I care lovely. I know it may not be what you want to hear, but I’m not saying it to make you feel worse. I’m saying it as an outside looking in. If I were in your shoes, I’d feel just as lousy. It means you care about not hurting people. If you didn’t feel bad about it, I’d be worried. Seriously. xo

    • aww. thanks. yeah I don’t want to hurt Brady and when I told him about hanging out with Matt and he didn’t seem to phased by it, I felt worse. obviously he trusts me and I need to give him a reason to.

  11. Danielle says:

    Ew… Matt is a douchecanoe. That’s gross. I like the idea of giving it to a homeless person as well. Do not feel guilty, you really didn’t do anything. You discouraged all his advances and such. Just never talk to him again. gross.
    Also, Brady is fucking adorable. You guys are so cute. The whole insta pic thing literally made me “awww” out loud.

  12. Reason says:

    Either tell him you have a boyfriend or lose his number. Why would you feel bad about not talking to some random you flirted with on a plane? Do you need the attention so badly that you’re willing to hurt the man you claim you love?

  13. lucia says:

    I read your posts and tweets and I’m shocked by what a flirt you are. You knew that Matt was interested (remember the hey gorgeous text and all the others he sent per this post) and still went to his event. You keep blaming and acting like a victim when you put yourself in these situations. If you love Brady and he’s the only one for you why even go to matts event? Why not leave with your friends? You like the attention. If Brady did what you’re doing you’d flip out. Now you’re tweeting about the hot guy at work? You need to get your priorities straight. Stop being a flirt. Don’t behave how you wouldn’t want Brady to. Honestly he deserves better.

    • how did I act like a victim? I owned up to the fact that I shouldn’t have went and should have been upfront about having a boyfriend. and yes I like attention. maybe a little too much. and the hot guy at work is gay.

      • lucia says:

        When you’re in a relationship you shouldn’t be seeking attention from other men. You expect a lot from Brady but give nothing in return. You act surprised by Matt’s advances but you knew he was interested. How do you think Brady would feel if he knew about your behavior? Do you think he’d be proud that your his girlfriend or hurt? How would you feel if the roles were reversed? Actions speak louder than words. You keep saying you would never hurt Brady, love him, always think of his feelings but your actions show the opposite.

      • he would hurt and he would be mad… I know this because I told him. I do love Brady. I put a lot of my life on here but not all of it so you can’t make judgements.

  14. wow, Matt kinda sucks. awful lines!!

    I have the same converse, girl ๐Ÿ˜ but I also have like another 30 pairs.. I suck. Lmaoo.

    You and Brady make me happy. That IG post made me melt. So happy for you!
    And good luck at your new job!

  15. Brianne says:

    I agree with the previous poster; you are a flirt and would flip if Brady exchanged numbers with a pretty girl on a plane. Let alone if he met said girl for a pub crawl and let her grab his ass! Do you ever think about others?

      • Lizzie says:

        Since when do you think about others? It’s always about your feelings and what you want. You’re always bitching about something and acting completely clueless. You knew darn well that Matt was into you but yet you blatantly went to the pub crawl. When your friends left, you chose to stay. You had plenty of chances to tell Matt you had a boyfriend but didn’t. A person in a relationship with a man they love wouldn’t encourage the type of attention Matt was giving you. You can act all innocent and say that you love Brady but your actions show otherwise. If Brady acted like you did you’d be bitching about how rude he his. Were you thinking about Brady when you were drinking with Matt? How about when Matt started flirting with you? Obviously not. You chose to not mention your boyfriend. The one that you keep saying that you love. The only one you want to be with. If you loved Brady you would have nipped all this in the bud instead of playing along.

        Even though most of your readers are praising you and knocking Matt, where is your accountability? You’re actions are wrong on so many levels. If the tables were turned everyone would be knocking Brady and telling you to leave him. But since it’s you, it’s justified. I hope Brady finds out what type of girlfriend you really are. Not the loyal, loving, woman that he deserves. You need to think about his feelings for once.

  16. Matt seems like he’s trying way too hard with his cheesy pick-up lines and the persistent text messages. I would definitely either ignore him from now on or just straight up tell him that you’re not into him and/or have a boyfriend. I know it potentially started off innocent, but you know for sure now that he’s interested by the things he said to you when you saw him, so now it’s time to cut the cord. You know that if it were the other way around and you found out that Brady was hanging out with some girl he met on a plane, you’d flip out and call him “shady Brady”. Just sayin’.

  17. Bella says:

    Hey, I agree that you are definitely growing as you said, and we can see that you are thinking of Brady…otherwise, like someone said, you wouldn’t feel bad. I think that most of the people here have the right idea, obviously you’re going to feel crumby but you dodged the situation and now you are moving away from it, and learning from it too probably. I have had a sort of similar situation myself, and while I’m not proud of it, I moved past it and I don’t think it’s the end of the world. I know that people here are saying you’re not thinking of Brady or are self-centered, but we don’t know what else goes on in your life so we are in no position to judge, and really as if half of us haven’t had some weird/ stupid moments in our lives…come on!!! We aren’t perfect.
    You’re turning into a nicer person every time I read your posts, and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope everything is going well for you and looking forward to your next post!

  18. Sara says:

    Oh and I have to comment on a the fact that this post contains bits about Andrew, Matt AND Mr. Clueless (B.J.)–who I thought was long gone. Talk about the Unholy Trinity of Asshats! To damned funny, I say.

  19. ELC says:

    Ok this is going to start off bad but I promise it’s not and there’s a good point at the end. When I first started reading your blog, I’m not going to lie, I thought you were some spoiled rich white girl. You came off as selfish, self-centered, and ignorant. I know the smart thing to do would have been to stop reading but at the time it was just like watching a train wreck. I couldn’t look away. But Reese, you have come such a long way. You are not that same person. You have grown a lot. You once said you created this blog to become more self aware and to better yourself as a person. And you did just that. It’s very easy to read a blog and sit on your soapbox passing judgments (I am definitely guilty of this). It’s not however, easy to document your life for the world to see, read a lot of judgmental comments regarding decisions one has made, and STILL continue writing. But you kept writing. And even when you made mistakes, you still documented it for the world. So along with growing and changing by writing this blog, you’ve also changed my views. As far as telling Brady about Matt, that took a lot of grown up courage. People have no right to judge you. You are a work in progress and while I don’t know you personally, but you definitely do not seem like the same person you were, when starting this blog.

  20. Hey Reese!
    So, I definitely think you should tell Brady about Matt. And that it was completely innocent on your part, but after the pub crawl you’re kind of feeling like this guy might think it’s more than just friends, even though you gave him no reason to think that. But if the tables were turned, you would expect Brady to tell you, and if he didn’t and you happened to find out, you would be livid. So just get it out there and tell him.

    As for Matt, I think you should text him and thank him for the $200 by saying “thanks for covering an amazing dinner for my boyfriend Brady and I! You’re the best!” That way he finally knows about Brady. If he wants to just be friends with you, he won’t care that you have a bf. Hell, he will want to meet him. But if he wants more, he will get pissed that you spent that money on Brady and then you’ll know you can’t hang out with him again. Hope this helps! Love your blog! You should check mine out sometime! Posting was kind of sketchy at first, but I think I’ve found my groove and will be posting fairly frequently. Here’s the link for anyone that wants to check it out!


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