where’s my ring?

Last week was fairly uneventful. Brady and I planned a trip to his grandparent’s house in Florida for the second weekend in June. He’s even going to take a day off from work so I’m super excited! He said his grandparents travel a lot and won’t be there so we are going to have the entire house to ourselves. Yessssss. We are going to fuck like chimps all over their house.

On Friday night, we (I) drank an entire bottle while watching Netflix. Brady realized that he needed to go to Home Depot and I decided to be a great girlfriend and tag along. It was almost closing time, but I assured the guy who greeted us that we wouldn’t be long. Brady was looking for something for his grill and decided to try to look for it by himself. He seemed kind of confused so I snuck away to find a worker to help us. Obviously Brady was too proud to ask.

I found the guy we saw at the door and flagged him down. He was a good looking African American guy with dreadlocks.

“Hiii!” I greeted him. “Can you come help us?”

He said yes and I led him to the aisle Brady was in.

“I found a friend to help us!” I exclaimed to Brady. He stood up and the two of them discussed what he was looking for. My dreadlocked friend gave Brady some advice and then the two of us watched Brady look through his options.

“Thanks so much. He wanted to try to figure it out himself because he thinks he’s so smart. Men,” I said to the worker.

He laughed.

“I’m Reese by the way,” I said.

He introduced himself as Manny and we started talking about his hobbies outside of the Home Depot. I’m not sure why, but I was flirting hardcore with him. So much so that Brady turned around and gave me a weird look. I waved and he just kind of laughed. So I thanked my friend for his help and sent him on his way.

Brady ended up working on Saturday which was annoying so I spent the day shopping with Preston. I needed new bathing suits for Florida, obviously. I bought a ton of bathing suits for Mexico when Brady and I were going to go, but those are Mexico bikinis. I had to get Florida bikinis.

Since we were having people over on Monday for Memorial Day, Brady sent me to go shopping on Sunday afternoon. He gave me his credit card and I took his car because I didn’t have mine. I was driving back to Brady’s and there was a freaking monsoon happening in Chicago. There was some fallen debris in the street that looked like a cardboard box so I decided to keep driving and run over it.

Well it wasn’t cardboard. I think it was a piece of wood or something because I heard a huge crunching noise and the car swerved. Oops? I stopped to assess the damage and decided it was minor enough that Brady couldn’t be mad about it. It was the rain’s fault!

“Hiiiiii!” I shouted through the house when I got back. Brady was in the dining room and I needed him to help bring the food in, but I also needed to warn him about the car. “Oh my gosh, guess what happened?”

He looked up and shrugged. “What? What’s going on?”

“Well, when I was driving back it was raining cats and dogs and something fell in the street and I hit it. Your car is totally fine, but I just wanted to warn you before…” I explained and before I could even finish Brady was up and walking to the garage. I followed him.

“It’s on the passenger side,” I called to him. I walked slowly and waited for yelling or screaming or something, but nothing. I found Brady on the passenger side of the car, running his hand over the scrape. Neither of us said anything for a minute.

“It’s not even that bad. I bet they could just paint over this,” I said.

“This whole panel will have to be replaced,” Brady said calmly.

“You really think so? Honestly you can’t even tell.”

“Are you blind?” he asked, looking at me.

I shrugged.

“This isn’t minor damage, Reese. This whole piece has to be replaced and the tire and axle will need to be looked at because they are probably damaged too.”

I felt like he was attacking me so I just shrugged again. I felt him staring at me expectantly.

“I’ll pay for it to be fixed obviously,” I said.

Brady ignored me and walked back in the house. So I ended up having to bring all the food and stuff in by myself. I avoided him for an hour while I put things away. Later on, I found him watching tv in the basement with a beer.

“Hey,” I said and sat down on the couch next to him. He glanced at me and didn’t say anything. Ugh.

“It wasn’t even my fault!” I started whining.

“What do you mean it wasn’t your fault? Do you think I’m stupid enough to believe you didn’t see a huge fucking object in the street? What were you doing? Texting? Looking in the mirror? What?”

I didn’t like his tone of voice so I started pouting. “Brady, don’t yell-” I began.

“Don’t start this shit,” he said, pointing at me.

I got up and went upstairs to cry. I got in Brady’s bed with all my clothes then got hot and took them all off. I started dozing off until I heard Brady come in. I had my back to the door so I could only hear him getting undressed. I felt him get in bed and spoon me. The feeling of his warm body against mine made me so happy so I quickly rolled over and kissed him. And we ended up having sex without apologizing to each other or anything.

We weren’t expecting people until around three on Monday afternoon so I slept in. I woke up when I heard Carly talking loudly in the hallway. I haven’t seen much of Carly lately, but we still talk almost everyday in our group chat with Kendra and Preston. I got up and got ready and found Brady, Carly and Chris in the kitchen.

“Hey baby!” Carly squealed when she saw me. She hugged me. “Take a shot with me.”

“Right now?” I asked. I’m all about day drinking, but it was barely noon.

“Come on! It’s a holiday,” she said. Carly had a point so I agreed to it.

By 2:00 I was completely drunk. I blame Carly. I was kind of embarrassed that I was as drunk as I was so I decided to take a long bath to hide out. I fell asleep in the bathtub. When I finally woke up two hours later, I had a huge headache and I felt gross. I jumped out and got dressed in a romper and wedges.

The party was in full swing by this time. Kendra and John were there and Luke and a bunch of Brady and Chris’s friends, coworkers and classmates. I went outside to find Brady and he was talking to a guy and a girl who I’ve never seen before. I sat on Brady’s lap and heard him mention something about Illinois bars.

“Yeah, it’s a completely different thing here,” the girl said.

“What bars? In River North?” I butted in. I should have minded my own business.

Brady and the girl just looked at me and it took me a moment to realize that they were talking about the bar exam, not a bar with alcohol. The girl was a lawyer.

The guy and girl continued talking and I turned to Brady. “Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed.”

Brady laughed and kissed me. “You’re so cute.”

Later on, a lot of us were hanging out in the kitchen taking shots. I was clinging on to Brady because that’s bae and he always smells so good. “7/11” by Beyonce came on and allegedly I started twerking on Brady in the middle of the kitchen. I say allegedly because I don’t remember this happening, but after debriefing with Luke on Tuesday, he told me that’s what happened. I do remember Brady putting a protective arm around me and refusing to let me go though. Guess I was embarrassing him.

Some time later, I went to find Kendra and everyone. Kendra and Carly were sitting in the living room talking to Luke. John and Chris were not too far away.

They were talking about Kendra’s wedding and what they had planned so far. Maybe I was mad because all the attention wasn’t on me, but I said something like, “Oh, who cares? The wedding is going to be just a boring as your relationship.”

Everyone turned to look at me.

“Reese, that was mean,” Carly said gently.

“Oh my fucking gosh, I’m kidding!” I rolled my eyes.

They continued talking and I was bored so I kept cutting in and being kind of annoying. Luke was giving her suggestions about reception food and hairstyle ideas. He’s all like, “With your pretty skin blah blah blah,” and “You have such a good bone structure so blah blah blah.” And Luke is supposed to worship me, not Kendra so I was vocal about how unhappy I was about this.

Finally, Kendra said, “Reese, would you just shut up?”

I gasped, surprised. “Well aren’t you in a pissy mood? What, are you refusing to have sex with John again so you need to get laid?”

Kendra narrowed her eyes at me. “No. I don’t need to get laid, but perhaps you do? Maybe call Carly’s brother and have sex with him again since you seem to enjoy that so much.”

I was drunk so I started laughing even though no one else was.

“What?” Carly said, looking all confused. Kendra looked at her and nodded.

“When?” she wanted to know.

“Like two months ago. Does that sound right, Reese?”

I didn’t say anything.

“When you and Brady were broken up?” Carly asked and seemed to be doing the math in her head.

I didn’t confirm or deny and just took a drink from my tequila sunrise.

“I can’t fucking believe you.”

“I told her it was a bad idea and she just continued to do it,” Kendra said like she was my mother and I was her misbehaving daughter.

“No wonder… It all makes sense now,” Carly said.

“What does? It literally only happened a couple of times. It’s not that big of a deal at all,” I said.

“You slept with my brother, Reese!” Carly exclaimed loudly and I quickly turned to make sure Chris and John hadn’t heard her. “I told you not to do that more than five thousand times. Why am I not surprised?”

“What?” I whined defensively.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Can’t you be honest and not lie for once in your life?”

I didn’t say anything. Carly was doing an amazing job of making me feel like shit.

“Does Brady know you did that?” she asked.

“No. Please don’t tell him,” I answered.

She gave me a sort of surprised look. “Oh, I won’t. You two can talk about all the different people you fucked while you were on a break if you want, but I’m not getting involved.” Carly stood up and walked away.

Kendra got up and went over to John so just Luke and I remained. He was probably super confused about what was going on, but I didn’t feel like explaining to him what happened. Plus, I was thinking about what Carly said. “All the different people we fucked,”? What was that supposed to mean? I had sex with Kyle and that’s it. Does she know of a ton of girls Brady hooked up with?

“Wanna take a shot?” I asked and Luke said yes so we headed to the kitchen.

We took our shot then I went outside to find Brady. He was sitting at the patio table talking to the lawyer girl and it smelled like they’d been smoking.

I went and sat next to Brady and heard him and Lawyer Girl talking about Instagram. And then I watched him unlock his phone and hand it to her so she could put in her username. Ew. Why did they need to follow each other on Instagram? She isn’t even cute and her outfit sucked. I realized that even if she does decide to follow Brady on Instagram, he has nothing but pictures of me so I started giggling to myself.

“What are you laughing about?” Brady asked and playfully put his arm around me.

I kissed him then said, “I’m going to get in bed!”

I jumped up and actually did get in bed and waited for Brady to follow me so we could hook up. He walked in two minutes later.

“I missed you!” I said as he climbed on top of me.

“Did you?” he said, kissing my neck and pulling down my romper.

“Mmhm.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and enjoyed him undressing me and kissing all over me.

We undressed each other and just when I felt that he was about to put his head between my legs, I got up and flipped him over. I tried to be sexy as I worked my way down his body. I wanted to give him the best blow job of his life because he just deserves it. He didn’t even last five minutes before he started tugging on my hair and saying my name in agony. Mission accomplished.

Brady grabbed my elbow and yanked me on top of him. He started bouncing me wildly and I moaned his name. I was being loud and he shushed me once then just laughed and enjoyed the fact that he was making me go crazy.

“I love youuuuu,” I cried.

“I love you more, baby. I love you so much,” Brady said back.

After we both finished, we laid side by side on the bed. Suddenly Brady said something like, “I want to be with you forever.”

I nodded and agreed with him.

“Are you going to marry me?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, snuggling close to him. “Of course I am.”

“Really?” Brady sounded surprised.

“Yes. But you have to ask sweetly. Get on one knee.”

I felt him get out of bed and watched Brady get on one knee in just his boxers. He said my full name and then, “Will you marry me?”

Obviously this wasn’t my dream proposal, but Brady looked so adorable that I giggled and clapped.

“Where’s my ring?” I asked.

“Oh, I haven’t gotten it yet.”

My face fell. “You’re seriously proposing and you don’t even have a ring for me?”

“No because I want you to pick out whatever you want. We can go to the jeweler together,” Brady said, not missing a beat.

I was still pouting so he got up and kissed me. “You can have whatever ring you want, seriously.”

Obviously I was picturing Jessica Biel’s engagement ring and wondered how quickly the jeweler could whip up a dupe with a larger center stone.

We stayed in bed talking about our wedding and children and pets until we fell asleep. On Tuesday morning, Brady accidentally woke me up when he was getting ready for work. I rolled over and peeked at him and noticed that he looked tired and sick. We probably went a little too hard for Memorial Day, but usually he handles it well.

“Are you okay?” I asked him.

“I’m fine,” he snapped like I was pestering him. Whatever. So I turned back over and slept for a few more hours.

Kyle texted me on Tuesday. He said, “Hey, what’s up?”

I hadn’t heard from him in forever so I just said, “Hey Kyle. How are you?”

“No complaints. Long time no talk. Is everything okay with you?”

I debated telling him about getting back with Brady and Carly finding out about us, but decided against it. “Everything is fine. I started a new job so I’ve been so busy!”

Kyle said, “Cool. I thought we decided not to tell Carly what happened.”

I felt my face getting hot. “What?”

“She said you told her about you and me. She’s really pissed at me about it. I’m not mad if you told her, I just thought we weren’t going to say anything.”


“I imagine she’s not too happy with you either.”

To be honest, at this point I had completely forgotten that Kendra blabbed about me and Kyle. I hadn’t talked to Kendra or Carly at all since the party.

I was really confused about what to say to Kyle so finally I just said, “Yeah, sorry. Guilt got the best of me.”

He replied, “No worries. I hope you’re doing well. If you ever need to talk or anything, just let me know.”

I sensed an innuendo so I didn’t reply. I feel really awful about it. Carly will probably never speak to me again and I’m sure Kendra has already found a replacement bridesmaid for me. I’m the worst friend ever.

So basically I’m still recovering from the weekend. I feel like everyone is pissed at me right now. I haven’t reached out to Kendra or Carly and Brady was distant all day Tuesday. Blah. Oh, and my parents are still at war with each other. My mom called me last week asking to borrow money (the horror) because my dad cut her off. I let her know how ridiculous it all was then called the bank and had some funds transferred to her. I hope I never rely on my husband so much that if we get in a small disagreement I don’t even have money to eat. That’s pathetic.


97 thoughts on “where’s my ring?

  1. Danielle says:

    I have been waiting for this post ever since your tweets on Monday lmao.
    Girl, you need to reach out to both Carly and Kendra and apologize. You should never have slept with Kyle (which you already know, obviously) and your comments about Kendra were mean. Clearly she was upset with you otherwise she would have kept quiet about Kyle. I think in this situation drunk Reese just got the better of you, lol.
    Also, the Brady proposal thing is completely adorable. But you guys can’t fall back into the habit of not talking about your problems. I would also ignore Carly’s “all the people you guys slept with on your break” comment… You don’t want to know regardless (it’s just gonna make you upset) and you guys are together now regardless. This is just my two cents anyways πŸ™‚

    • I know. I’m going to talk to Kendra first and apologize and see what she thinks I should do about Carly. she has more of an idea of how pissed Carly is than I am. and when I was writing this I realized that Brady and I are falling back into the not talking about our problems thing which I thought we had gotten over. so I’m going to try to talk to him too.

      • D says:

        I’m sure it will all work out in the end. Despite what some people are saying below, I think you have grown. You’ve recognized your mistakes and are already working towards fixing them. You *may* have taken a *tiny* step backwards, but this is dramatic drunk Reese’s first appearance in quite some time, so I think it’s a vast improvement. πŸ™‚ I hope you’re not getting too down on yourself about everything!

  2. anon says:

    If you actually end up marrying Brady (which you really are not engaged, that was not a proposal) you will be divorced quicker than KK. Surprise surprise you really have not grown like you think you have:

    > congrats you didn’t lie about the car, but you don’t think of the consequences of handling car damages. It may seem small, but Brady’s right what if the whole axle wouldve broken?

    > Who can’t control an offer of a shot right when you wake up? Oh right, alcoholics. Plus its rude to disappear for for 2 hours like that. Selfish.

    > The show is not always about you, and you will really start to lose people if you don’t understand that. Its kendra’s wedding, your comments were beyond disgusting, and you deserved every part she said about you.

    > you and Brady will never succeeded because you don’t see him socially equal to you. You are allowed to flirt and go out dancing and give out number while Brady can’t be sitting at a party he is hosting speaking to a females, and turns out according to you, you are just not a fan of any females around him.

    > and most importantly, get off your high horse, Brady could’ve fucked half of america for all I care, you have no right to question why and how many there were.

    • Kira says:

      I actually agree with all of this. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it! Also, you should not get engaged practically immediately after you get back together. There are so many issues you need to work out before you commit to a lifetime together. Brady is a sucker, in my opinion.

    • Sara says:

      Yikes, Debbie Downer! Feedback is good, but that wasn’t criticism, that was ripping Reese as new one and was uncalled for. She posts on this blog to get feedback and while some of the things are true (yeah–not very nice to Kendra. Some serious apologizing is called for), the rest was just harsh. You should lighten up and work on your own communication skills a but, because all a rant like you just posted does is make people defensive. Just saying.

      I know Carly said what she did about Reese not sleeping with Kyle, but honestly? Kyle is a grownup. HE is not bothered by the fling with Reese, so why is Carly all bent out of shape by who her GROWNUP brother does or does not sleep with. It is none of her business. Reese, I think you ought to talk to Carly and find out why she is so miffed about this, since Kyle (and you) are not and have put it behind you. It’s weird on her part. I am not trying to stir up stuff with Carly, but I would be curious in the same circumstances. I think there is something emotional under the surface here, and it needs to aired out–Carly needs to talk about it.

      As for the car? Shit happens. My husband did something similar. It was a panel he thought was cardboard, but it was metal and it cut a brake line (on my car). I was annoyed for about 5 minutes, we called the insurance company and then got on with our lives. It’s called a road hazard. And Reese DID tell Brady. End of story.

      • anon says:

        I am not a Debbie downer. She posts this blog to receive feedback and tell us about her shenanigans.
        Carly should be upset, it doesn’t matter if they are both consenting adults, a good friend wouldn’t have done it. In reality she should have gone to Carly and ask her, not go behind her back — that’s shady and going against a friends request.

      • Danielle says:

        Seriously?! A Reese definitely should not have had to ask Carly for her permission. Kyle is a grown man and made his own decision knowing there were no strings attached.
        Reese shouldn’t have been so bitchy to Kendra about her wedding but Kendra, what the fuck? She knew dropping that bomb would set Carly off. Reese owes Kendra and apology for the comments but Kendra owes Reese an apology for being a bitch.
        Brady has more mood swings than most girls I know and if it isn’t ok for Reese to be flirty with guys then Brady needs to quit being so naive and spending time talking to girls alone, didn’t he learn his lesson with both of the coworkers?

      • Anon says:

        Danielle, you sound like a great loyal friend (Serious sarcasm). I didn’t mean asking permission like a child would, but Carly is HER friend, if you can’t be loyal and trustworthy of friend, the what is the point? There could have been so many other guys she could’ve been with during the break, but she chose the one person that is off limits. It’s just like not sleeping with a friend’s ex, girl rules — learn them.
        Brady, thus far, has not proven himself as a cheater or a player, the man is allowed to speak to a girl alone, or in this case it was during a gathering,get over yourself. Reese flirted with the store rep, RIGHT IN FRONT of Brady, that is just disrespectful, that she even mentioned how he looked all confused at her.

        You can try and defend her action, but this whole post is just proving, that Reese has not changed her ways like she claims to want. It reeks of disrespect to her friends and loved ones.

    • Sara says:

      It’s not what you said here I object to, but the way you said it. You could sum your post up by writing “It sounds like you needs to own your mistakes, work on your communication skills some more and police your behavior more when you are drinking.” See? Not hard. And not sarcastic (and yes, I know _I_ am being a bit sarcastic, now, but it comes when I perceive something to be mean spirited). Your line (and I quote) “you will be divorced quicker than KK. Surprise surprise you really have not grown like you think you have” seems snarky, rude and unconstructive to me. If you were going for funny it fell flat.

      • Luita says:

        Hahaha its very easy to sit behind your computer screen and judge everything that she does. But we are not really there. She slept with Kyle because she really wanted to and he wanted to also. It’s easier to promise you won’t do something when you don’t know there’s a chance to do it. Carly needs to get over herself, like she’s never slept with someone she shouldn’t?
        Maybe talk to Luke get some feedback from him about your behavior at the party. And your friends’ behavior also.
        Alcohol is not your friend Reese, I don’t think you can handle it as well as you think. We all need to be able to filter our thoughts and I don’t think you do that when you are drunk.

  3. Aisha says:

    Ugh, I really wish I could have a face to a name! Would you ever consider posting your picture? Probably not, I’m just so curious!

  4. Lori says:

    Reese you’re taking steps backwards. If you damage someone’s property you take responsibility and not act like it’s not a big deal. Then when Brady gets upset you storm off to cry? Grow up and be accountable.

    You were such a brat to Kendra. The world doesn’t revive around you and everyone doesn’t need to pay attention to you all the time. Honestly I don’t know why you guys are friends. Same goes for Carly. If your friend specifically asks you not to sleep with her brother and you promise her you won’t then she has every right to be pissed. Where’s your integrity and sense of loyalty? It’s like you don’t care about anyone but you.

    Brady’s proposal wasn’t real and if I were you I’d think twice because clearly you’re not at that stage. You two don’t work on issues, you cry when you make a mistake or calls you out, you flirt with random men. If you loved Brady you definitely wouldn’t do it in front of him. If Brady did the same you’d go crazy. You talk about honesty, love and commitment but have no clue what any of it truly means.

  5. Luita says:

    Wow! it’s been a while since you’ve had that much drama. Do you think it’s all you? Or alcohol? Or friends? I can’t believe you upset Kendra so much that she told Carly about Kyle! And Carly was so mean too putting those thoughts in your head about Brady sleeping with other girls. Like I told you before it should be a don’t ask, don’t tell about what happened during the break up because I have a feeling you won’t like it.
    I feel that you & Kyle are both adults and you made that choice together and as much as it upsets Carly. She shouldn’t be so pissed about it. Maybe try talking to your friends. Apologize and see what happens, don’t just let it go without talking. It would drive me crazy, i would have to talk it out.
    I understand liking to be the center of attention, but it’s Kendra’s moment right now be nice to her and let her enjoy this time, hopefully it will only happen once for her.
    I’m kinda mad that Brady got so mad about the car, to me it’s just a car and you didn’t do anything wrong, right? You should stand up for yourself and not let him off the hook when he’s rude (he didn’t help carry groceries in!)
    Did Carly tell him about you & Kyle? maybe that’s why he’s so distant? You need to talk to him.

  6. Y says:

    Hey! I really don’t want t be rude but what you said to Kendra was unacceptable. She’s your best friend and she’s getting married and you’re upset she’s getting attention and compliments? That’s not okay. Abd the things you said about her relationship and Johns actions were low. Being drunk is not an excuse. You are an adult and you should be carefu what you say cos some things you can’t take back. You need to sincerely apologize to her cos you crossed a line. Especially saying those things in front of your new freiend. On the other hand she should apologize for blurting out the Carly thing cos it wasn’t her place to tell. You provoked her so I wouldn’t hold it against her but you should tell her that wasn’t cool either.

    With respect to Carly, you should reach out to her and ask why she’s so pissed about it. You were heart broken and he was nice to you so you did it and you ended it cos of her. Both you and Kyle are grown ups and I don’t think you were obliged to tell her. Tell her sorry she found out but really this wasn’t about her. And if she told Brady that’s messed up.

    Reese, you seem to make too many excuses. You hit his car and he has a right to react the way he wants. You shouldn’t play it down. His feeling ngs arr valid. You should own up to your shit and apoligize instead of insisting it’s not a big deal. It’s not your car so it’s not your call. Take things seriously. A damaged car os a big deal and you should apologize without excuses. You and Brady need to be more open. I think it’s more him than you though. But I don’t think you’ve ever told him outright that it’s not okay. Maybe take him to dinner to apologize about the car and find out what is on his mind. Tell him yhat not saying anything is not an option and you need to know what his feelings are and what he’s thinking so you can work on it and deal with your relationship better. Tell him to commit to being more open. Otherwise, after all these months your relationship isn’t growing. And if you want a sustainable relationship you need these things. Love isn’t enough when it comes to real life issues. You need to learn how to start working through issues together.

    On a general note Reese you need to be more aware of your actions and things you say. You’re a grown up now and people around you notice things and make judgements about you. You’re a sweet girl but if all people see is your bitchiness when you’re drunk it’s not a good look. Be mindful of that as you grow for Both your sake and Brady’s if his friends are around. If drinking turns you into a horrible person you’re grown enough to know your limit and cut yourself off. Drunk drama is getting old.

    I’m so sorry about your parents. Maybe you should talk to them both and act as a mediator? Sometimes people just need someone else to make them see the other persons reason and feelings.

    Make amends this week and make it up to your friends and boyfriend. Good luck!

  7. Lily says:

    Omg Reese you are such a mess. You have to become more accountable and considerate of people’s feelings; unless you are gonna end up losing them ie Brady, Kendra, Carly and co. Honestly get it together, it’s becoming embarrassing. Yikes

  8. megg says:

    Reese!! What happened?! Why why why… 😦 I really do support you and want to see you happy. It’s just hard to read about so many ways in which you disregard those who are closest to you. Multiple times over. I know you love alcohol, and I know it’s a huge part of your identity to having fun. Buuuuut it’s interfering with close relationships and causing more grief than it is worth. I don’t want to sound preachy, but I think you should consider getting some help with getting it under control. It’s hard to do on your own. I know…I’ve been there. So I really think you should enlist some help. Maybe talking to friends or a therapist would be a good first step. You’re a beautiful human and you have so much to offer and receive. Don’t let alcohol control you. It’s not fair to you or those you love.

  9. Reese, so many people love you! Even if we know your faults, we understand that everyone has them.

    ANON sounds like a brat. If you don’t like Reese, feel free to stop reading her posts! It’s kind of funny how this post probably took you at least 15 minutes to read and then you spent another 15 minutes writing that comment. Grow up and leaveee

  10. K says:

    I’m gonna be a bad guy, and say that the anonymous that listed that list and said the comment about being divorced faster than KK?

    They’re right hun. And I know it seems harsh the way it was said, but well, tough. I think you need to hear it that way every once in a while. It’s not criticism. It’s fact. But I don’t agree that you haven’t changed at all. You have improved leaps and bounds. And I don’t agree that what Kendra did is deserved. It’s pathetic that people feel the need to level the playing field. Maybe it’s just me, but if you were mean and said something about my relationship, I wouldn’t out a secret you told me in confidence and betray your trust like that, because then I look the petty untrustworthy wench. But that’s just me. I’d forgive her because of what you did, but I wouldn’t be telling Kendra anything. ever. Even when you were mad at her, you never divulged anything she told you in confidence. That’s a big thing with me.

    I really think though, you need to stop getting stupid drunk. It brings out the worst in you, and you are going to lose those around you because of your stupidity when you are drunk. But unfortunately a lot of people don’t see the err of their ways until it all goes awry. No amount of us telling you that will make you see it until YOU are ready to. But you need to seriously think about things. What is more important? getting drunk, or having people you love around you and their respect and love?

    The car… you were completely stupid on that one. And you were good to own it. From the way you describe it, I don’t think you honestly meant to, it was just a stupid decision to keep driving over something in the road. Explain that to him. Don’t excuse your actions. Just tell him honestly, I thought it was a box, it was raining, and I didn’t swerve (in all honesty, if it was raining that hard, swerving could have lead to much bigger problems, like losing control) you took the chance it was a box, and lost. Own it, tell him you’re sorry and you weren’t trying to play off the damage, you just don’t know cars, and you didn’t realize more could be wrong than the scratch. And that you are going to pay for it. Because you know you fucked up. And that until his car is fixed, he can borrow yours…

    • Reason says:

      Seeing something in the road, having the option to drive around it or slow down and then choosing to say “fuck it” and drive over it IN SOMEONE ELSE’S CAR is the very definition of “meaning to”. (And incredibly selfish, to boot). Any person with a brain and a license knows that you do not drive over anything in the road unless you absolutely cannot avoid it. Then you pray it isn’t something that won’t completely damage your car or something that is ALIVE.

      I think it’s brave for Reese to talk about all the amazingly stupid things that she makes the decision to do – daily, it seems. It means that she’s aware of them at the very least which is a step in the right direction, I guess. It’s a little fascinating to see into a mind of someone who sees and treats the world in a completely different manner than I do, which is why I stumble back here from time to time. It’s also completely frightening to think that this may be a characteristic of her generation and that makes me weep for the future. Her friends seem relatively normal, so maybe that’s overreacting on my part.

      And she needs to stop drinking Alcohol magnifies your personality and she is not a decent person when she drinks.

      • well it was raining and like someone else pointed out, braking or swerving could’ve caused even more damage or an accident. so yeah it was kind of dumb to assume it was a cardboard box, at least it wasn’t worse.

    • Lori says:

      Minimizing your choice and the consequences is very troubling. Why can’t you outright admit that your choice was wrong? I read your responses and I’m surprised by your arrogance and lack of self awareness. Being an adult means making responsible decisions and being accountable.

      You can keep saying that Brady’s drunk thoughts are his true feelings but whatever. I feel for him having to put up with all this drama. He can’t be himself or speak to a female without you flipping out or acting insecure yet you can do whatever you choose. Flirting in front of him, texting that guy you met on the plane because Brady was being mean. You’re very insecure and always need validation. Sad considering you’re doing so well in your career and other areas of life. Alcohol is your crutch and you need to kick the habit before you lose your friends and Brady.

      I’m baffled that you act like you didn’t do anything wrong when all your actions were poor and destructive. You need to treat your friends better. This isn’t your world and it certainly doesn’t revolve around you. Everyone has feelings not just you.

      • I think there are too many enablers writing comments. Reese behaved badly. And it’s not okay. The way you acted towards Kendra was completely uncalled for. It’s obvious that you’re jealous that she is getting married and you’re lashing out, but as one of her best friends, suck it up buttercup. You need to be more supportive of her. And be happy for her during this amazing time. This is supposed to be one of the happiest times of her life and you’re single handly ruining it. And you won’t even acknowledge what you did without making an excuse or shifting blame. You can’t expect to behave the way you did without the person you’re attacking retaliating.
        I have been reading from the beginning and you have definitely grown as a person, but there is still a lot you need to work on. Nobody is perfect, myself included, but I would never treat my friends the way you did. And there is going to come a time when Brady doesn’t tolerate your complete disrespect of your relationship. Flirting is okay, just don’t do it in front of him. That’s so disrespectful. If you loved him the way you say you do then you would own up to your mistakes and quit trying to find fault in him to take the focus off yourself. I really do hope things work out for you guys. But it takes work from both people. And maybe quit being so selfish.


    • Charli, I think that all the time. So many readers always help Reese make more excuses for her behavior. I think they help her rationalize her behavior and thats why she can’t change. It also makes me worried that there are so many people who also engage in this type of behavior and see it as ok.
      If Reese was younger I could totally get it but she’s not. And she’s heading down a lonely and miserable path.

  11. Leanne says:

    I agree with most of these comments. I grew up with a brother and knew that sleeping with his best friend was a no no. It doesn’t matter if they’re both adults. Carly specifically asked you to not do something and you didn’t listen. It wasn’t even a one time mistake. It was multiple occasions. Honesty and trust are key in any relationship and if I were Carly I wouldn’t trust you at all. Bitching because Kendra is getting attention? What are you going to do on her wedding day, throw a tantrum or bitch about everything wrong with her wedding? I’m married and if my friend acted like you and was that mean about my wedding there would be no way I’d ask her to be in bridal party. Too much of a liability and no bride wants to babysit their friend to make sure she acts appropriately.

    You always downplay what you do. While it’s just a car you needed to respect Brady’s feelings. Downplaying and whining shows how little you respect him. Flirting with men in front of him is even worse. You should know better. Lastly having your coworker at these parties where you make a fool of yourself will come back and bite you in the ass.

  12. Kathryn says:

    Girl love you but you have got to stop the self sabatoge, every time your life is going really well you do something to rock the boat. You’re gorgeous, own it and stop looking for others to affirm that, you have people who love you stop pushing them away just to see if they’ll come back, you’re very successful you don’t need your coworkers to worship your personal life in order to see that you’re phenomenal at what you do. You’re awesome in you’re own way stop looking for others to tell you and show you, OWN IT!

  13. lbermont says:

    reese!! 😦 no.

    Pay for Brady’s car, apologize to Kendra, don’t listen to the haters telling you it wasn’t a real proposal (it’s better when you get to pick your own ring).

    Don’t let Drunk Reese out of the closet too much. It’s tough, but sometimes days like that remind us why we have to stay in check sometimes. The same thing has happened to me many times, and it’s super embarrassing but it usually makes me behave for a while after that.

    • Lori says:

      Since I’m one of the “haters” what makes you think the proposal was real? They were both drunk, Brady was possibly high too. If Brady and Reese didn’t have issues and didn’t just get back together, then it would make sense. What type of marriage will they have if they can’t communicate and Reese flies off the handle and throws tantrums when she screws up?

      Enablers are the worst. Instead of being straight with Reese you’re blaming her friends and giving her an out. She needs to grow and won’t if we keep telling her she’s perfect and everything is someone else’s fault.

  14. Sylvia says:

    I love reading your blog, but don’t usually leave comments. However, after reading this post, I feel strongly that I should. Everyone has their own ways of going about things, but I think that you should really try to be a bit more considerate of other people’s feelings. I realize that most people are pretty selfish, as am I, but you really can’t make everything about you. Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax, and let someone else be the center of attention. When it’s your time, you’ll get your turn. In my opinion, that was a real proposal. You don’t just say things like that jokingly. Whether you got a ring or not, and whether he proposed to you at the Willis tower, or in your bedroom, it’s still a proposal. You guys really have a long way to go, but I think that you can totally make it. As for the car… It doesn’t matter if you think it was a big deal. He does. And you should always be considerate of what his feelings may be. If he broke the heel, or even scratched the heel on a pair of your Louboutins, you’d be pissed. His car is just as valuable as a woman’s shoes! Apologize, and work through it. It’s good that you admit it, but you shouldn’t have said that it’s not a big deal. Just own up to whatever it is. It’s always better to do that in the long run. Also, the flirting with all of these guys when you have a boyfriend is completely inappropriate and insensitive. Especially since you know exactly what you’re doing! If you wouldn’t want him to do it to you, don’t do it to him! I’m not one to judge, because it seems like you live a completely different life than I do, I just figured I’d state my opinion, and hopefully you take it to heart. It seems like you’re a great person, just a little rough around the edges. πŸ™‚ Hope you don’t take any offense to anything I said, because it’s really not meant to be offensive!

  15. Kelly says:

    I’ve read your blog from the start and have seen you mature slightly. You still have a long ways to go and took many steps backwards. When you destroy someone’s property you don’t minimize their feelings or act like it’s no big deal. Brady’s feelings are justified and need to be acknowledge. He yelled at you? So what? He didn’t help you with the groceries? I wouldn’t have either after you caused damage to my car and act like it’s no biggie. Become more aware of how selfish you come off. No one is perfect but you act like you are and everyone else is screwed up.

    When you say hurtful things to your bff because you’re jealous and she retaliates don’t get pissy. You push people too far and don’t give a shit. What type of friend say the shit you do? Why do you need constant attention and affirmation? You should have quit hooking up with Kyle after the first time and be done but you didn’t. Carly is justified in her feelings too. Don’t think you’re right because people are saying that Carly shouldn’t get upset because you and Kyle are adults. This is about friendship and your betrayal. Deal with it.

    I don’t know what to say about Brady. He puts up with a lot and it’s only a matter of time before he gets tired of the shenanigans. What woman blatantly flirts with other men in front of her man? One that has zero respect and doesn’t care for her man. I know you’ll say I don’t know what I’m talking about but actions do speak louder than words and yours leaves a lot to be desired.

  16. J says:

    Ahh Reese…I want to like you but you make it so hard. You whine and make everything about you. 😦 You have to learn from your mistakes and grow up…

  17. Mssmartypants says:

    Seriously. Your little, “Hiii!,” nonsense is so immature. Your flirting with random guys in front of Brady is even worse. Wait, worse than that is how you run and throw yourself, crying, naked in his bed when he’s mad at you. Stop being a petulant child, and listen to the people giving you solid advice. Your absurd nature to have the spotlight on you at all times tells me that you have issues that require therapy. Grow up. Put your panties back on and really deal with shit.

  18. Drunk Reese definitely came out to play this weekend! I wouldn’t worry too much, though. You’ll be fine.
    Talk to Carly, assess the damage (even though I feel like she’s being dramatic). And Kendra and you definitely need to apologize to each other. It’s not her place to put your business out there. The car can be fixed. Don’t let the haters stop ya from doing yo thang! ✌🏽️

    I’m excited for your trip to Florida, though!! Take me with you. Please.

  19. Jacalyn says:

    Oh the long weekend binges always bring out the best in us. Apologize to your friends. Carly will understand. It’s kind of creepy she cares so much but siblings can be super weird. As for Kendra, weddings are super boring LOL. Just apologize. Hopefully they both accept.

    Please take a break from drinking. Sometimes we all need it. Focus on having some fun without it. It seems to be a slippery slope. I mean this is the most sincere way.

    As always, love your posts. Keep rocking it. I’ll be rooting for you and Brady. 😍

      • Leanne says:

        As a woman with a brother, you don’t want your best friend hooking up with your brother because it can get really messy. If the relationship goes well it’s fine but if it’s filled with issues you’re stuck in the middle. No one wants to hear their friend bitching about their brother or having to take sides. Then there’s the possibility of that ruining the friendship you once had. It’s that simple. There isn’t some sordid reason and Carly isn’t preoccupied with who her brother hooks up with. I don’t know why so many find Carly’s request to be strange.

      • anon says:

        You’re attitude seriously sucks. You have the one side of kiss asses that I really don’t know why they dream of being you’re off because this weekend you behavior was the worst to your friends. And then you have the other side who like someone stated, we are stating facts you wrote about. You are 24 (25?), start to pull your shit together. Those who gave you criticism you just respond thanks. Don’t be an ungrateful bitch. You don’t like how the commenters are responding, then maybe you shouldn’t be posting your life to the public.

      • what’s wrong with saying thanks? I am honestly thankful for advice because i follow it and it usually helps me. I’m not going to try to explain myself or justify my actions because I know I was wrong and need to change.

      • Jacalyn says:

        I do have siblings and yes, being protective and stuff is the norm. But if things getting messy will put a strain on your friendship? I dunno. If your friendship is good and full of communication, etc, normally things would stay the same. Maybe she doesn’t want them hooking up because she knows Reece is looking for something more/Kyle is looking for something more than what Carly thinks they can offer. Or maybe she thinks Reece will hurt him, who knows. Ask her, Reece. Worth a try!

      • Luita says:

        I dont get Carly. I have 2 brothers and growing up I always wanted them to get together with one of my friends. I actually joke that I picked my older brother’s wife. She was my friend first, i introduced them and now they’ve been married for 10 years! So yeah I don’t get Carly, you need to ask her. And if it’s the whole “it could change the friendship dynamic”, tell her that’s bs because nothing changed, you don’t hate Kyle, you didn’t bad mouthed him to her. You guys scratched the itch and are over it now.

  20. Luita says:

    I don’t understand why people feel the need to be so nasty? Really? complaining because she says thank you to the commenters???? Really Anon? You are a bully!
    I don’t think any of us go a day without making a mistake. She makes mistakes, but she’s brave enough to write about it and she is trying to be better, I don’t feel the need to chastise her all the time. I might not make the same mistakes she does but I make others and you people do too! You guys are just jealous because she is a successful 25 year old woman who can afford to buy brand name stuff and live on her own in an expensive city.
    If you really feel the need to help her out constractive criticism works better than just attacking. You talk about Reese and the mistakes of her “generation” but what about your mistakes you are not all righteous! Judging others is a sin too!
    I’ve been to Seattle during bad rain and it’s hard to see the road and I’ve been lucky to not hit anything but then I’ve hit stuff on the road when there’s no rain, oh the horror!!!! And guess what? I hit my brother’s car once and didn’t tell him about it because I was young & stupid! Are you guys all ready to attack me now? Bring it on!

    • anon says:

      You can call me whatever you want, I’m just stating the truth. I am in the same place as Reese, age wise, job wise (different sector), and relationship wise (fresh). I don’t claim I’m perfect, and I know I make mistakes, but I would NEVER betray a friends request, even if it was not to wear red, because my loyalty is to my bff no matter what the request is, ridiculous or not. And I would never tell my boyfriend to not speak to his female coworkers nor other female friend, because guess what, a relationship is meant to be built on trust. The whining, crying, and drinking actions of reese, are not mature. By 24, you should know your limit with alcohol, its not college anymore its real life. She betrayed her friends, minnmized her boyfriends feeling, and made the show about her self.

      So yes call me a bully, but encouraging her behavior and saying “oh drunk Reese came out” is not okay

      • anon says:

        I never said I was better than you, and I’m sure I’m really not. But you’re an adult, take responsibility for your shit.

      • when you say, “we are the same age and I don’t do that,” then it sounds like you’re saying you’re better.

      • anon says:

        That’s an assumption (implication of communicating via internet). I was just stating a fact, I don’t behave that way, doesn’t mean I’m better than you. I write with left hand, you write with you’re right hand…just a fact

      • anon says:

        Omg. Forget it. Go keep doing everything you just did this weekend. It’ll be fun to only have kissass online friends leftover. Not my life, not my worries. I stand by my original post that if you and Brady get married it will never last. Enjoy your disastrous ways and life.

      • Bella says:

        Umm Anon, you’re actually making assumptions by saying she’s being an ungrateful bitch simply because she said “thanks”. So, if we are all apparently making assumptions now, maybe the “thanks” is a display of gratitude for the comment, and maybe let’s just assume she is actually reflecting on it to become a better person. Invest your time in something else since this seems to rub you the wrong way.

    • Leanne says:

      Luita, money and designer clothing don’t make the world go round. Those are simply material items that don’t matter is the sphere of life. Friendships, love, loyalty are things that can’t be bought. You don’t know anyone’s social or economic status so who are you to say everyone that disagrees with Reese’s antics are jealous. You’re entitled to you’re opinion but don’t minimize others. You can defend Reese but even she admits that she admits her mistakes. This isn’t about you and you hitting your brothers car when you were young. Reese is 25 and should know better. For the record I highly doubt anyone is jealous of Reese’s material things. There are far more important things in life.

      • Luita says:

        I agree with you Leanne money is not important. But I’ve been trying to figure out why people are so harsh on Reese and I noticed they do the same to another blogger who also talks about her designer clothes, I see a pattern I comment on it. That’s my opinion and you can do with it what you want.
        And that comment goes to the people that sound so bitter about all of Reese’s mistakes. I know she makes mistakes and if you read my comments I’m not condoning her behavior. I’m just not as mean about it as everyone one else. Reese has feelings too you know? There’s no need to constantly bring her down.

      • Luita says:

        And not that you need to know but I was probably 28 when I hit my bro’s car hahaha that was a few years ago, I was young and stupid! I wouldn’t do it now, but then I was just too scared to tell him (his car only had a tiny dent). At least Reese told Brady. Girl is not perfect, but she could be worse 😜

    • Sara says:

      I agree with you STRONGLY, Luita! This particular post has sparked some seriously nasty comments. To all the commenters who keep calling Reese a brat or some such, this is NAME CALLING. Grade schoolers do this. It’s not helpful; it’s mean. Constructive criticism (although, I actually prefer the word “feedback”–language can be EVERYTHING in interpersonal relationships.) is not just calling someone out. It also includes proposing solutions and problem solving strategy. It does not include name calling.

      I thing lecturing someone is not helpful. Furthermore, people keep posting and saying the same things over and over without reading the prior comments–like the ones where Reese has already owned her part in a situation. Seems to me that her saying something to the effect of “Yes, I get what you’re saying, I agree and I was wrong” should be a cue to move on rather than make a redundant comment.

      Reese, I have to say I admire the fact that you suck it up and keep posting, considering some of the spleen you occasionally deal with. I hope that you get some use out of the comments people make. It does seem like you have become more introspective since you started posting. One small example is you writing ” I hope I never rely on my husband so much that if we get in a small disagreement I don’t even have money to eat. That’s pathetic.” compared to you jokingly saying you wanted to be a trophy wife some months back is a very positive step.

      We are all of us a work in progress and I feel none of us should forget that idea because that’s what promotes empathy.

  21. Kristin says:

    After digesting this for a day, I have a few thoughts. First, alcohol is clearly the major factor in your bad behavior this weekend, but I think there’s other factors in play that make you act this way when you are drunk. You require a lot of validation, whether it be attention for other men, being the center of attention, etc. Think hard about why that is and I think once you figure that out, your behavior will change.

    I know it sucks that Kendra is getting married and it’s going to be all about her for a while. When my best friends were getting married and I was still dating the same guy I had been dating before they met their soon to be husbands, it sucked hard. I dated my husband for NINE years before we got married. I was the last one of my friends to get married and it was getting really hard to be happy for everyone else. You have to suck it up because when it’s your time, it will be amazing. I know it’s hard to see it now, but good behavior now will be rewarded when it’s your time. If you feel the need to vent, vent to your other unmarried friends or Brady or Luke or whoever, but try to make all of your interactions with Kendra positive for her.

    I’ve always been to tell you that a drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts and I think the proposal from Brady was sweet. Deep down he may see a future with you, but take your time. Keep building a solid foundation with him and work through your issues. Try not to always use sex to get forgiveness. Pay for his car, let him borrow yours while his is getting fixed and genuinely apologize for it when he gets his back.

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