i have to figure my life out.

Hey you guys!

Thank you so much for your comments on my last post! There was so much good advice and so many things to consider. I did talk to Brady on Sunday night when he got home and it was a good talk, probably one of the best we’ve had. I don’t know if Brady just doesn’t know what a relationship is supposed to look like, but he was kind of in denial that something is wrong. How can anyone think this is normal, lol? But he finally agreed that something must change. We just need to figure out exactly what.

So I somehow talked to him into taking next week off from work to spend with me! AN ENTIRE WEEK. We are flying to Houston on Saturday night and spending Valentine’s Day with my wacky parents then traveling a bit throughout the week. I’m seriously shocked that he agreed to it. I plan on coming clean about everything – reading the messages, the gift from Marco, everything. I think if I want to seriously move forward with him then I really should.

Anyway, I have to take a break from the blog. It was really helping at first, I loved reading all the comments and advice and everything, but now I feel like it’s making me crazy. So until I figure my life out, y’all can find me via email or Twitter! Miss you already!


20 thoughts on “i have to figure my life out.

  1. Jilly says:

    Gonna miss all of your crazy posts for now, hope you get back to us soon! Praying for you and Brady over the next weeks, awesome that you guys are taking serious steps for your future! Hope to hear good news from y’all in the future:)

  2. m says:

    Thjs is my first time commenting, but I’ve been reading since the beginning. Good for you for all of this post! I’m gonna miss creeping on your life, but I think that this is necessary. I don’t know how any normal person could read the comments that some people make here and not let it affect them. People suck. You’ve taken the good advice and have grown so much from it, so you’re doing better than most. I hope this break from work and trip with Brady give you the fresh start that you need, and helps you get your confidence back. I can’t wait to read all about it once you’ve got things figured out. Good luck girl!!

  3. megg says:

    I’m so happy and proud of you!! For what it’s worth I think this is a great decision. You have good instincts…trust yourself. You deserve the absolute best. Good luck, Reese. 💚

  4. Sara says:

    Best of luck, Reese! I have every faith you will figure things out. You are a smart cookie and have the tools to do so. we will be here in the ether if you need us.

  5. Amanda says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 😦 Haha Im happy that you guys are taking these steps but I will miss reading this sooooo much. Totally get the reasons but still BOO. Please make sure you come back to us

  6. I mean this in only the best way: I’m glad you’re taking some time off for yourself (and Brady). I’ve been wondering what it is “you need” lately and I realise now it’s a reboot and a breather. Taking a break from everything will invigorate you!

    You do YOU, girl! 😀 Have fun! ❤

    Soul xo

  7. kelseyxsays says:

    I’m so proud of you guys for finally making this step; especially you, for not taking “no” as an answer and holding yourself AND Brady accountable for what has happened in the past several months. Good for you! I wish you all the best! Have a FUN and safe trip!

    Meanwhile… I’ll be here stalking your twitter for updates 🙂 Please come back to blogging when you’re ready (pretty plzzzzz)!! ❤

  8. Luita says:

    Im so happy for you!
    A break from the blog will be good for you.
    Hope you have a great time with Brady and you guys can work things out. Or whatever makes YOU happy!
    Good luck with life!

  9. Amber says:

    Good luck Reese! Will miss your posts but totally understand! I am glad that you and Brady will have some alone time together – enjoy it! You have been doing great lately – I know you guys can work things out or figure out what is best! Take care and will be here when you return!

  10. Anna says:

    Yes! Take a real break. Look to Brady’s parents as what he has seen as what a relationship looks like to him (which may reveal why he is the way he is) and look to what your own parents’ relationship showed you. Both should give you clues on how you need to improve or change. Enjoy your time away together.

    • Ana says:

      I like the idea of disabling the comments that way you don’t have to worry about what others will say. We will miss you Reese! And hope you come back soon 😘

  11. Gina says:

    As (selfishly) sad as I am that you’re taking a break, I’m also so happy for you that you and Brady are taking time to spend together!

    I really commend you for putting your life out there like you do on this blog. The tricky thing with a blog is that you write your innermost thoughts – thoughts that we ALL have but maybe don’t say out loud and/or blog for anyone to read. So the comments can get really nasty. But I admire that you do it anyway, unfiltered. And you respond in a mature way to the criticism as well. But yes, I can understand that would get super overwhelming.

    Just a suggestion, but I noticed another blog turned off the comments and created a Facebook page where people can write on the wall and in the comments of the posted link. Just a thought – people might be more likely to give constructive comments if it’s linked to their profile. I guarantee the people who tear you down wouldn’t even think of doing so if it wasn’t anonymous.

    Anyways, have a good break! 🙂

  12. mum says:

    Glad to hear it. This trip will obviously not fix everything, but hopefully it will give you both a chance to come clean, truly think about what you want, and come home and start fresh. You’ll have a new job. You both can continue seeing the therapist. Definitely a positive thing! mum

  13. Hapinex says:

    I understand that there are cultural differences between the both of us (I live in Nigeria), but I personally think you have some growing up to do. Its obvious you love drinking but it would be wisdom to cut back on it. Drinking to the point where you blackout is neither responsible nor healthy. You may blackout in the wrong company and get seriously hurt. Its a good thing you make your own money, but this economy does not support frivolous spending. I would advise that u save for the rainy day. You might never be out of a job in future but nothing stops you from opening your own company and being your own boss but you are never going to get dere if you keep blowing through money on things you can live without. As it concerns Brady, he might be hesitant to take the next step because of the way you act. Everyman wants to get married to a woman and not a girl so u need to grow up and act more maturedly in every facet of your life. When you resume your new job, be friendly but keep your relationship strictly professional. Constant texting and drinking in bars is not professional conduct, especially with your subordinates. It may make them like you, but it certainly won’t engender respect. Keep meeting your therapist and work to be a better person than you are at the moment. You are destined for great things and you deserve to be happy. Sorry for the super long post

  14. sarahthorne10 says:

    waaaaaa I miss your blog already but taking a step back will hopefully accomplish what you are looking for.

    Hope all is well.

  15. Lisa says:

    Ok ok- I’ll admit it- I am hopelessly ADDICTED to your life…is that WIERD?? I’m an upper 40’ish lady who has two kids living the life as young twenty somethings, so I suppose reading about your adventures makes me feel ultra maternal towards you. Now I miss you. I just moved my second oldest to Reno NV- and now all my kidlets are far from me. Having your stories to look forward to kept me sane…I sure hope you take the time you need to make the best decisions for YOURSELF. you come first sweet girl- remember that.
    But- please come back, eventually. I need to know my “blog kid” is doing alright. 👍😉

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