hello. it’s me. (sorry, i had to.)

Hey y’all.

I’ve been so bored. There’s only so much shopping and watching YouTube videos a girl can do. I miss you guys!

Ever since we got back from our week of vacation, Brady and I have been getting along great. We were in Houston for two days then spent a day in Galveston and then we went to New York. We had a really, really good talk one night and decided that we both needed a break, from life. I came clean about everything right before we left. Obviously he wasn’t particularly happy about what I told him (reading his messages, Marco, etc), but he took it better than expected. When I told him that I’d gone through his messages via the iPad, he swallowed hard and said, “You did?” Which made him seem kind of guilty and I don’t think he had any reason to be. And when I told him about Marco, he asked a ton of questions like, “Did he ever express interest in you other than strictly friends?” and “Why did you accept the bag?” and “Why didn’t you tell me about it sooner?” etc.

I did cry, but not because I wanted to get out of trouble. I cried because I felt bad that he was so understanding. He didn’t even yell at me like he probably should have.

Anyway, we got to Houston and I took him to my favorite taco place near the airport. We literally waltzed in there with all of our luggage and stuff. My parents met us there and we had a classy late night dinner at a hole in the wall taco spot. Valentine’s Day was cute – my dad and Brady got flowers and macarons for me and my mom. Plus Brady got me jewelry. We went to dinner that evening and ended our night at a bar, naturally.

It was the end of fashion week when we were in New York. We mostly just pranced around sightseeing and eating our way through Manhattan. Our hotel had a really good restaurant in its lobby and I don’t even want to talk about how much money we wasted ordering food from downstairs. Worth it though.

When we got back to Chicago, Kendra had a birthday dinner so Brady and I went. Preston and Joe were there along with Kendra’s friend, Lori and Lori’s hubby. We went to this really nice steakhouse which was perfect for my high protein, low carb diet I’ve been on. We ended up racking up a $1300 bill which Brady and John insisted on splitting. I was like, “Brady, what are you trying to prove here? If John wants to pay for his wife’s birthday dinner, then let him.” But he really wanted to.

Overall we’ve been really, really good though. And since I haven’t been working I’m playing the whole stay at home wife role, making breakfast, lunch and dinner and taking Tucker on long walks everyday.

Before I’d even started my new job, I’d been keeping in contact with my new boss, Scott. He started CC-ing me on all the sales emails and keeping me in the loop about how the expansion was going and any additional hiring he did. He kept saying things like, “You’re going to do so great. I can’t wait for you to start. If you keep up the intensity, you’re going to go far.”

Intensity? What intensity? But obviously my head was getting big and I was thinking about how awesome I must be if he was that impressed with me before I even started. And that I was going to like him as a boss because I love feedback, especially when I’m doing well.

One day he called me so we could talk about some things I needed to do prior to my first day and to just chat it seemed. He mentioned that he planned on going to a bar for whiskey that night and kept going on and on about how cool and fun the bar is. After we hung up, he texted me saying, “I’d love for you to join me for whiskey tonight. :-)”

I literally gasped and dropped my phone, having flashbacks of my old boss, Andrew. I started freaking out, thinking there was no way I was going to be able to work for him if he was hitting on me already. Luckily Brady came home a few minutes later and I met him at the door.

“Look what just happened!” I exclaimed, shoving my phone under his nose.

He took it from me and read the message a few times.

“Can you believe this? He’s married! Is there a faithful man left in this world?” I asked.

“Just reply and tell him you aren’t interested. That’ll put a stop to this quickly,” Brady said nonchalantly.

“I don’t even think I can work for him if he thinks this is okay,” I continued.

“Reese, relax. You have to remember that he’s European and comes from a different culture. It may be that he’s just being nice and you’re mistaking it for something else.”

I figured Brady was right and replied, “Haha, I don’t even like whiskey.” (Not true.)

What else is new? Oh, Luke has been texting me complaining about Stacey. Apparently she’s gotten even more out of control and shows up one to two hours late each day and bashes all his ideas even though she has nothing to do with product development. I’m like, “I told you she’s terrible,” and he’s like, “You aren’t helping, Reese!”

Oh, and Hailey is still around. It seems like she’s coming on even stronger now. She comments on literally every single picture Brady posts on Instagram, even the one he posted of me on Valentine’s Day. It was of me sipping a glass of white wine at dinner and she commented, “Where is this? It looks so nice!” and added a heart eyed emoji. Like, can you stop?

Also, Brady’s brother, Hunter’s wife is pregnant again. The thought of them having sex is honestly disgusting, but Brady is really excited about it.The parents are supposed to visit them in San Francisco next month and Brady suggested we go too and I can’t figure out why. I told him I would have to check my schedule.

And I crashed my car. I’m fine and my car is fine now since I fixed it, but I don’t want to drive anymore. So, this is going to sound really high maintenance, but I hired a driver to take me to work during the week. It’s actually a really good idea for anyone if you’re living in the city. It’s much classier than taking an Uber everywhere (is it me or did Uber lower their vehicle standards recently? I’ll never use that disgusting app again). Brady laughed when I told him, but totally understood my need for a driver.

Also, I finally started my new job today. Scott showed me to my new office and left me alone for the remainder of the day to get situated. Basically I just set up my email and hung out on Instagram all day. He didn’t give me a tour or introduce me to anyone, but hopefully that happens tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m exhausted from working after having almost an entire month off. Plus I made a really big dinner so I’m having trouble even moving. I’ll update y’all later this week and let you know how the job is going. Bye!


18 thoughts on “hello. it’s me. (sorry, i had to.)

  1. Ordinary Leah says:

    So glad you’re doing so well!!!!!!! Also, I know a lot of people who have drivers to and from work in Chicago. Not high maintenance at all. Saves you a ton of time!!

  2. Amber says:

    Yay, so glad to see a post from you! Have been wondering how the vacation was – good for you for talking to Brady and glad it was a fun trip! Omg so jealous that you have a driver for work – I would love that! Good luck with the new job – hope Brady is right that Scott wasn’t really coming on to you and I just had to laugh about Luke complaining about Stacey – serves him right!

      • Amanda says:

        I second, third, fourth and fifth this post!! Yes please! I’ve been reading other blogs in your absence and none are as good.

      • Thanks for the update! I’m not sure if you added it or if it just wasn’t showing up before for some reason? Either way, I was so thrilled to read your post! 🙂 Sounds like you’re really on a good path right now, and I hope that continues for you!

  3. kelseyxsays says:

    YAY! You’re back!! I’ve missed your entertaining life! 🙂

    I wonder if Brady wasn’t super upset about your snooping/Marco because he had something guilty on his conscience, as well? So he gave you a “free pass” kinda deal? I don’t know. I hate Hailey because she sounds so desperate and I hate desperate girls. lol Girlfriend needs to get a clue.

      • kelseyxsays says:

        VERY true Shann!! Happens to the best of us (LOLZJK, cause i’ve never been as desperate as this Hailey girl). hahah. I hope she does learn!

  4. Jessi says:

    Welcome back! You were missed! Congrats on the new job! I’m glad your boss encouraed and included you in correspondence prior to you starting to ensure you were aware of what was going on. He sounds like a good boss and I think you will do well.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT take his kindness and invites to socialize as him hitting on you. My boss invited me out to happy hour and dinner a week before I started. He was nice and friendly in his invitation. I’m glad I went because I was able to meet the other VPs I work with. For all you know, your other coworkers were going as well!

    Hailey is a desperate, clueless dumbass. She knows Brady is out of her league and that she is no match for you. Her crush is harmless, but if it starts getting out of hand, let Brady know so he can handle it.

    Again, welcome back and don’t disappear for so long!

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