that bitch stole my bracelet.

So Anna told Lindsey that I was rude to her and Lindsey told Brady. I know I wasn’t super nice or anything, but I don’t think I was rude and especially not rude enough for her to go telling people. So it really bothered me.

“Wait, do you think I was rude?” I asked Brady when he told me.

He shrugged, but then nodded.

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Why didn’t you say anything then if you thought I was rude? Or are you just saying that because she did?”

“I didn’t think about it. She doesn’t know you very well, like I do,” Brady said.

“So what? I was not rude to her,” I said and then I thought of something else. “What’s the deal with y’all anyway? Are you still into it?”

“Into what?” Brady wanted to know.


He gave me a weird look. “No! What? Why would you ask that?”

“Because y’all were all over each other – she kissed you!”

“She did not kiss me!”

“And you wouldn’t stop talking at her and looking at her. In fact, I think you were rude,” I said.

Brady laughed. He’s so annoying. And honestly, I think Anna is annoying too for complaining about me. Like grow up.

Brady’s mom has emailed me a couple of times. One of them was the worksheets she promised which she sent to both me and Brady. The other one was another article in which she prefaced, “A must read.” Obviously I didn’t read it, but it was something about millennials and our generation. Not interested. She hasn’t called my mom either. I’ve been texting my mom every hour asking because I’m nervous about it.

I asked Brady if his mom gave Anna such a hard time. Brady didn’t look up and said, “She gives everyone a hard time.”

Which isn’t true because I asked Lindsey and she doesn’t have any issues with Brady’s mom. In fact, she loves her. She called her “nice” and “sweet.” We can’t have been talking about the same person.

I got in an argument with Carly’s brother, Kyle, last week. He’s such a dick. I left an expensive bracelet at his apartment last year – SO LONG AGO – and I never got around to going to get it. He sent me a picture of it and said, “You want this?”

And I said, “Oh my gosh, yes please! I kind of forgot about it.”

“My girlfriend almost got a new gift lol, what’s it worth to you?” he said.

I sent the eye rolling emoji back.

“I’m kidding. Do you want to swing by and pick it up?”

“Can you just mail it to me? I don’t have time to come to your place and I definitely have no business being there.”

“And I don’t have time to mail it to you.”

“Okay give it to your little 21 year old girlfriend then, you prick,” I said.

“She’s 22. Are you jealous? :-)”

And so I had to go on this tirade about how I’m not jealous and had no reason to be jealous because I have a hot boyfriend who loves me. Kyle said, “Whatever. Do you want this or not?”

And I said, “Keep it and give it to your girlfriend. I’m sure it’ll be the only gift she ever gets from you anyway.”

He didn’t respond.

So when I saw Carly on Friday, I said, “Your brother is such a dick.”

And she said, “You weren’t saying that when you were fucking him though.”

I didn’t know what to say. Carly has changed so much. She used to be the sweetest, happiest girl who was afraid to piss people off. I’m kind of proud of her actually, as long as she doesn’t get too crazy with me.

On Friday evening, I had dinner and drinks with Carly before she headed to the suburbs to visit her family. Chris wasn’t arriving until Saturday morning so girls night it was.

“You and Brady are so on and off. You’ll get engaged and then he will piss you off and you’ll call the wedding off,” Carly said.

“That’s rude,” I said.

“It’s true. I feel like you complain about him more than you praise him.” Carly rolled her eyes. “I’d love for you two to work out though.”

“It sounds like you have faith in us,” I replied.

“I just don’t know. Don’t get engaged just because I am.”

I laughed. “This has absolutely nothing to do with you!”

She was busy admiring her ring and looking at her phone and didn’t say anything.

“How is planning going?” I asked.

Carly locked her phone. “Good. It’s coming together. Have you found any shoes yet?”

And that started us into talking about her wedding, Chris, their place in Philly and took us back to me and Brady. I told her that we were kind of looking for a new place and she said, “Look in the suburbs. More bang for your buck.”

I scoffed. “No! Are you crazy? We are not suburban people.”

“I bet Brady would consider it. I’ll ask him when I see him.”

She was being so annoying. I was actually really glad when it was time for her to leave. When I got home, Lindsey was over again. Brady was in the kitchen making food and I went in and greeted him.

“Carly was being such a bitch,” I said after we hugged.

“What did she do?” Brady asked.

“Just saying that I want to get engaged because she’s engaged and other stuff. She thinks we should move to the suburbs and I had to explain to her that we aren’t suburban people. Right?”

He shrugged. “I’d be open to looking.”

“What the hell!” I exclaimed, swatting him and someone buzzed the buzzer. “I’ll get it.”

Lindsey beat me to buzzing them in, but I met whoever it was at the door when they rang the bell. I wasn’t sure who we were expecting, but I personally was not expecting Tia. She was with Brady’s friend, Ben, but she was standing right in the doorway, waiting to get in.

“Hey girl,” she greeted me.

“Hi,” I said back. I remembered Anna calling me rude and didn’t want anyone else to call me rude and have Brady questioning if he wanted to marry someone like that. So I added, “How are you?”

“Good. Brady is expecting us,” she said.

I opened the door wider to let them in. And then, Lindsey and Tia proceeded to be butt buddies all night. They were all over each other and I can’t even lie, I felt a little bit left out. Especially because Brady was hanging out with his guy friend so I was just sitting there fifth wheeling. Eventually I got bored and got in bed with a book.

A little while later, Brady came and found me and got on top of me.

“Why did you leave?” he whined. He smelled like alcohol.

“Because you’re with your friends and I have reading to catch up on,” I said, holding up the iPad.

“Reading my messages?” Brady smirked.

Very funny. He didn’t give me the chance to answer because he lifted up my shirt and started kissing my tummy. “Come back out,” he said. “I’m bored without you.”

So I went back out there and listened to them be loud and drunk and talk for a while until they all finally went home. At one point, Tia went to the bathroom and was gone for a little while, but I didn’t think anything of it. I figured the broad was probably sick from drinking, but as long as she cleaned up after herself, I wasn’t worried about it.

On Saturday, Brady and I woke up and went to the gym then got ready for lunch with Carly and Chris. I was not in any rush to see Carly again.

As soon as we sat down, Carly dug in her purse and slid the bracelet I left at Kyle’s to me.

“From Kyle,” she told me.

Seriously, Carly? I snatched it and put it in my bag then dared a peek at Brady. He was squinting at me through his glasses and quickly looked away when he saw me looking. I’d explain later.

Even with everything that happened, I was happy to see Carly and Chris being super affectionate and cute during lunch. Apparently she doesn’t think my relationship is going to make it, but I wouldn’t wish that on her.

That night, we went bar hopping like old times. I wore an off the shoulder top, One Teaspoon shorts and heels and looked way too cute for the bars we went to. And definitely way too cute for Taco Bell which we went to afterwards. It’s all I crave when I’m drunk though. We all went back to our place because Carly and Chris were crashing with us. Brady and I went to our room and I immediately jumped on my man.

The next morning, we met up with Kendra and John for brunch. Naturally, I got a little too crazy with the mimosas and dominated the entire conversation. I was being really annoying, but no one stopped me. Kendra, Carly and their men were doing something afterwards, but Brady decided to take me home.

Later on, we were getting ready to go to dinner and I realized that I couldn’t find my Cartier love bracelet Brady got me. I’ve lost it before, but I knew exactly where I left it, on the bathroom counter on my jewelry tray. I saw it on Friday evening before Brady’s friends came over. And you know who used the bathroom?

At first, I wasn’t going to confront Brady about it, but I couldn’t even stop myself.

“I think your stupid friend Tia stole my bracelet,” I told him.

“Your bracelet? The one Carly’s brother got you?” Brady said, not looking up.

“No, the one you got me. Kyle didn’t get me a bracelet! What the hell?” I said.

“What was that Carly gave you?” he asked.

“I left it at Kyle’s a long time ago and he just found it,” I explained.

Brady looked up at me, rolled his eyes, and looked back down.

“Anyway, I hate her. She’s not welcome back here and I want my fucking shit back,” I said.

“You don’t know that anyone stole it. You probably lost it,” he scoffed.

I glared at him. I let it go then, but that’s a pretty expensive bracelet. So I messaged her yesterday.

Brady and I went to dinner and talked about his parents a lot. His mom has been emailing him daily. I don’t remember her ever caring about him that much so it annoyed me. We are going to Florida next weekend and she was asking questions about when we are arriving and leaving. If this broad ruins our trip to Florida, I’m going to kill her. I’ve been sending him pictures of rings too. I have a whole file on my laptop. With how crazy his mom is being lately, we might get married sooner than we thought! Who knows! I want to be prepared.

So yeah, I found Tia through Lindsey’s Instagram. And I messaged her. I said, “I know you stole my bracelet. It was shitty. I’m expecting it back with an apology note and don’t think you’re ever allowed back at our place again.”

She replied, “You’re nuts.”

And then she told Brady because of course. Brady and I were sitting on the patio, eating and drinking, and his phone vibrated. Brady read the message then looked up at me, slowly.

“Reese, you messaged Tia?” he said, sounding pissed.

“Yes, I did! That bitch stole my bracelet and you weren’t going to do anything about it!” I said.

“I cannot believe you,” he mumbled.

“I hate her,” I said.

Brady was pissed at me for a little while, but he got over it because he knows I had no choice, but do that. And now, I won’t have to see Tia and her stupid big lips and tits and piercings again.

I have more Scott cheating drama. He was on vacation for about a week, but emailed me constantly with things he needed done. One day he emailed me with the code to his office and asked me to get a bag from there that a friend would be picking up. I did as I was told and waited for the friend. And do you know who his friend was? A lanky brunette in a tight pencil skirt and silky tank top! She was hot. Obviously I introduced myself and demanded to know who she was.

“I’m Megan! So nice to meet you!” she said.

“So how do you know Scott?” I asked.

“We’re good friends. Thank you for my stuff!”

So when Scott got back, I was all, “So Megan was nice.”

He didn’t make eye contact and just said, “Yes, she is. Did you make any progress with the North Carolina client?”

Evading questions and eye contact? Definitely his mistress.

Let’s see, what else? I’ve been browsing dogs online. I know it’s the last thing we need right now, but I’m addicted. I just want another one – a big one! Brady’s not on board yet, but he will just need some convincing.

How was everyone’s weekend?


16 thoughts on “that bitch stole my bracelet.

  1. Kelly says:

    Regarding Anna, you eluded to being rude the last post with your I wasn’t trying to be rude. You knew you weren’t being nice so stop. She wasn’t all over brady. You were more all over Devon than she was giving Brady a hug in front of you. It’s funny how you get all pissy about stupid irrelevant things. You treat people shitty and then get upset if they say anything. What was Brady supposed to do if he thought you were being rude? Call you out in front of everyone so you can throw a fit?

    I’m totally with Carly. You didn’t have a problem fucking her brother behind her back so why come complaining about him now. Honestly Kyle was probably playing around but you took it to another level. Are you jealous that he’s moved on? Because you’re response to him, the defensiveness and of course standard rudeness says yes.

    You shouldn’t get married to piss someone off. You do it when the time is right for you and your man. And sending him ring pics? Can Brady do anything with being pressured? Have you ever asked him about the suburbs? It seems like it’s all about what you want and you have zero interest or even concern to ask what Brady wants. It’s none of your business how many times his mom contacts him. You talk to your mom daily. Did it ever occur to you that with Brady’s dad being sick his mom is stressed and dealing with a lot? Instead of always bad mouthing get but yourself in her shoes and show some empathy. you know for a fact that she took this bracelet? Maybe you misplaced it? What happens if you find it somewhere just like the bracelet you left at Kyle months from now? Stop blaming people unless you have hard facts.

    • i wasn’t upset about anna hugging brady. i’m upset about them staring at each other, talking for hours and pretending i’m not there and her kissing brady’s cheek. i’m not mad that kyle moved on. i’m not interested in him at all. if he wanted to give my bracelet back, he should’ve just done it, not play games with me. i’m not pressuring brady by sending ring pics. don’t forget, this was his idea and he is the one who wants to go ring shopping. it’s what girls do. the thing about brady’s mom is that she never contacted him daily before we told her we wanted to get married. so i don’t think she genuinely cares and i have a right to think that. i would never stop brady from talking to his mother, but i can think whatever i want. lastly, i would not have messaged tia if i wasn’t sure it was her. i know exactly where i left it and the last time i saw it and she is the only one who could have touched it.

    • Virginia says:

      What gives you the right to be so judge mental and rude to Reese? She wasn’t rude to Anna until Brady and Anna spent the whole night talking, and then Anna gave him kisses on both cheeks. I think Brady was inconsiderate of Reese in that situation, it’s okay to be friends with an ex but you can’t act like that if you’re current girlfriend is uncomfortable with it. I would be irritated too if my boyfriend acts like that. Reese just has enough respect for herself to know what is inappropriate with an ex girlfriend.

      Also, it’s possible that Reese left the bracelet somewhere, but it’s also possible Tia took it. I don’t blame Reese for messaging her. It’s not like Tia is angel with how she acts towards Brady. I don’t think Tia would return the bracelet, but Reese stood up for herself.

      Lastly, Carly forgave Reese for the Kylething. If you can’t let something go and are going to do petty things to your friends about it, don’t say you forgive them. Also, you question Reese’s actions towards Kyle, but what about his actions? He was definitely goading Reese.

  2. e says:

    what the hell, I can’t believe Brady’s friend stole your bracelet.

    tbh I think Carly is kinda bitter/jealous about her new life and that’s why she’s snapping so much about everything lately. also what the hell, couldn’t she be a bit more discrete about giving you your bracelet back? it’s not like you brought up her tindering there with Chris 🙄

    hope the trip to Florida goes well!

  3. Emily says:

    Tia is a fucking psycho. It pisses me off that Brady doesn’t have your back sometimes.

    Even though you shoot from the hip and act crazy at times, this is still my favourite blog to read! I just love reading about your life! I wish mine was as interesting as yours hehe 💕

  4. Joyce says:

    Carly and Kyle suck. Carly seems to keep taking jabs at you, like she’s jealous or something. As for the Tia thing, it’s crazy that someone would go to your place and just steal something! wtf? I hope you’re wrong and that maybe it was just misplaced. The message to her definitely could have been nicer and not straight up ‘I know you stole my bracelet!’ It seems like you hate all of Brady’s female friends because you think they’re either interested in him or some other reason, with Lindsey as an exception. I think, if Brady feels he can’t have any female friends because you’ll hate them all then he’ll try to be more secretive about his conversations and hanging out with them.

  5. Amber says:

    I am sorry you lost your bracelet!! I have lost several pieces of jewelry that my husband gave me – including the first set that he got me that was really expensive for him – so I can relate! So sad!! Regardless of whether Tia took it, she had that note coming to her and I really hope you don’t see her back at your place anymore!! Also I love when you post links to your clothes – I could never pull off those outfits but they are super cute!

  6. kelseyxsays says:

    I didn’t realize Lindsey & Anna were that close?? I find it weird that a) Anna would say anything period and b) that Lindsey would tell Brady. Like, who cares how Anna felt? That’s really not any of Brady’s concern anymore and I’m not sure why Lindsey thought that was relevant information???? Idk. She just rubs me the wrong way this post.

    I’m sorry about your bracelet! I know how it feels like have something special/expensive stolen and it sucks!

    • yeah, Brady, Lindsey and Anna are all pretty close (at least they all used to be). I don’t find it weird that Anna told Lindsey but I do think it’s a little shady that Lindsey told Brady. I feel like she just wanted to start some shit. because like, you said, who cares how she felt! she doesn’t matter in his life anymore

      • kelseyxsays says:

        Ah, okay. Anna and Lindsey (and kinda Brady?) being close now makes it easier to see why Anna said something to Lindsey. But I totally agree with you that Lindsey telling Brady all about it was completely shady. I wouldn’t trust her at all; I feel like she is talking out of both sides of her mouth… If ya know what I’m sayin’.

  7. Bella says:

    So I love that you called Tia out on it. Reading over what you said to her, I probably wouldn’t have said that, but at least she knows now. If you know that she definitely stole it, I’d bring it up with Brady, but maybe not say “stupid friend” etc. I mean, if you are completely certain that she took it, he should believe you. To be honest, if my boyfriend’s mates came over, and one of them ended up taking something, I’d feel uncomfortable and unable to trust them… definitely wouldn’t want them in the house. So Brady needs to take into consideration that people may not always be the sweet personality that they let on. And of course she is going to say you’re crazy! As if she will admit it now. I wonder if she will ever slip up and wear it in your company sometime down the track.
    Also, Lindsey is an adult and if there was an issue with the way you treated her friend, she could have said something to you. It’s not like you guys are strangers. That kind of “she said this about my friend” reminds me of high school and you don’t need that shit.

    Keep being warm, bubbly and try to see positives in a negative. Don’t participate in Carly’s, or Lindsey et al’s little bitchy games if they ever arise. You are better than that!

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