he hid all the scissors from me.

Hola amigas. Brady and I didn’t end up going to Florida – we went to Mexico instead. The place we went was super touristy, but it’s beautiful and the tickets weren’t extremely expensive so we just went. Brady and I never said it out loud, but I think we were both trying to avoid accidentally encountering his mom in Florida. Can’t you imagine her “randomly” showing up because we were there?

So Brady left me in charge of finding somewhere to stay and of course, I completely forgot until the night before we left. I’m not sure how I managed to do that when the trip was last minute in the first place. It ended up working out fine though and we stayed in the cutest all inclusive ever. Brady didn’t even have to know I forgot.

On our way to Playa, Brady and I sat next to a woman who was probably in her late 30s. She was traveling with her husband, but their assigned seats weren’t together and no one was willing to switch. I know I wasn’t.

Brady was in the middle and I had the window seat and the woman was sitting on the other side of him. Despite being in her late 30s, she was wearing two pigtails which confused me a little bit. Brady and I were just talking and minding our own business and the lady leaned over to Brady and said, “Have you been here before?”

I detected a slight southern accent so I thought I liked her immediately. But she only wanted to talk to Brady. She took one glance at me and decided she wanted nothing to do with me. He started telling her about his travels and his job and she was super intrigued. She even turned around to the row behind us to tell her husband all about her new friend. Her husband was a doctor. And since Brady had worked during the day and we were traveling in the evening, she asked if he was tired. She was like, “You poor thing! You’re probably exhausted. Get some rest before we land. We won’t bother you!” Speak for yourself, lady.

They literally talked for the entire flight and I gave up trying to join the conversation after I realized she didn’t want me involved. I wasn’t even mad.

The lady was totally right that we were exhausted, but not too exhausted to drink. We found this late night buffet with margarita pitchers so we went there. A buffet! I’d go back to Mexico once a month just for the buffet. I’m kidding.

After we were drunk and full and happy, we headed back to the hotel. Naturally, we began fooling around. I was giving Brady the best blow job of his life when his phone vibrated and he had the fucking nerve to pick it up. And then read his message.

“What the fuck, Brady?” I exclaimed.

“What? Sorry. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t important,” he said.

“Why would it be important? I’m right here,” I said. I began to get up and grab my dignity.

“No, no, no. I’m almost there, don’t stop,” he said, putting his phone down.

“Fuck you!”

“Baby, please. I’m sorry…”

I was livid. Who actually does that? I’m fairly sure I’ve never been so offended in my life. I refused to even touch him for the rest of the night.

The next morning, we got dressed in our bathing suits and headed down to the pool. To make up for the night before, I made Brady take a ton of pictures and videos of me to post online. Usually I’m not even that vain, but I figured since I always wished I had a personal photographer, this was my time to have one. And Brady kept saying, “That one was really good.” Probably so I would be satisfied and let him stop.

Later that day, we met a cute couple from Texas – Marianna and Ricardo. I loved them so much. She works in marketing/social media for a well known jewelry company, but also has a background in the beauty industry so we talked nonstop for about an hour. She asked me to be her personal stylist and I said yes. Isn’t that fun? I’d love to just tell people what to wear for a living, but if they ever disagreed with me, I’d quit. What I say goes. Ask Brady.

We were all staying at the same resort so we went to the restaurant/bar together that evening. It was almost like a double date with Kendra and John, but way more fun. No one was judging me. It’s cute, I have about forty pictures of the four of us saved on my camera roll. I don’t remember taking them, but they’re so funny to look back on. And I probably had a five minute long Snapchat story of all of us. Everyone kept chatting me with curious questions so they’re even popular with my friend group already.

Oh, do y’all remember my friend from college, Ronnie? He’s the one who is good friends with Devin and is always asking us to get back together. Like fuck you. So now I only talk to him on Snaphat and when he comments on my pictures on Instagram. Anyway, he was at an event on Saturday night and uploaded a ton of videos from it. I was just watching them innocently and then there was one of Devin standing there while Ronnie made fun of him. That’s what they do. They’ll video each other “roasting” the other. I don’t know. I watched it a couple (six) times and then I threw my phone. Luckily Brady rescued it for me and babysat me (and my phone) for the rest of the night.

So Mexico was fun especially for such a last minute trip. We got back on Sunday morning and even though we were pretty tired, our place was disgusting so we spent a few hours cleaning. I don’t mind cleaning, but I hate when Brady makes me. Or suggests that we clean together. Ugh. If I clean, I want it to be my own decision.

After everything was clean and all of our laundry was sorted, Brady went to the gym. I poured a glass of wine and FaceTimed my friend, Natalie. She was starting a new job on Monday and needed help calming her nerves. She’s so cute.

We sat on FaceTime drinking wine for about an hour and I helped her pick out an outfit (my second personal stylist client) and taught her how to introduce herself to people in a professional, non-bitchy way. Because I’m the perfect person to teach that.

After we hung up, Tucker came and found me and got in my lap. I’ve been meaning to find the perfect groomer to take him to for a haircut, but I just haven’t gotten the chance. And since its summertime and scorching hot in Chicago, I felt bad that he had to live under all that fur. So after three glasses of wine, I thought it would be a good idea to just trim his hair myself. I’d learned a little bit about hair cutting and coloring from Marianna so I thought I’d put my new knowledge to use. I grabbed a pair of scissors from the office along with his brush and began chopping.

First of all, let me just say Tucker wouldn’t sit still. And the scissors I was using weren’t sharp enough for his thick hair. So it didn’t turn out quite how I envisioned. And then, no one tells you this, but dogs have so many little crevices that grow hair. And he didn’t want me touching all those crevices. It was tough. Every time I thought I was getting close to be doing done, a new lock of hair would sprout up. Eventually, there was so much hair on the floor that I gave up because I needed to clean again before Brady came home and murdered me.

A little while later, Brady woke me up out of my sleep. It was freezing in the house because I’d turned the air down to 60 degrees to cool down from all the wine.

“Reese, what did you do?” he asked, holding Tucker in his arms.

When I fell asleep, Tucker looked at least partially presentable, but now he looked like a burn victim.

“Oh my gosh,” I said, reaching out to grab my baby.

Brady pulled him away. “Did you attempt to cut his hair?”

“Yes,” I sighed. “Now let me see him so I can fix it.”

“No. You aren’t allowed to do that again,” he said. And then he hid all the scissors in the house from me like I’m some sort of unstable psychopath.

We made Tucker an appointment to see a real groomer, but it isn’t until Friday. It’s embarrassing taking him for a walk with his fur all messed up like that. Learn from my mistake y’all, don’t try to groom your dog after three glasses of wine.

When I got back to work on Monday, Scott (who has been in New York working with Mike) had emailed everyone about a really bad complaint from a client about Monica. The client said she and her team were rude, didn’t get him what he asked for at all and quoted them completely inaccurate prices. It’s crazy because Monica’s sole job is to make sure all of our clients are satisfied. She’s supposed to be the one who deal with this kind of stuff. Mike was copied on the email which made Monica look so bad and I just waited to see what Mike would say. Mike is the kind of guy who would give a client $100,000 and a Range Rover to make them happy.

Monica called me just before lunch.

“That client is such a fucking dick,” she complained. “He’s so needy. He acts like he’s the only customer we have. Like, we don’t need your business that bad if you’re gonna make my life hell.”

I kind of get where she’s coming from, but you can’t have that kind of mindset and work in customer experience. You just can’t.

“I’ve done so much for this guy and he just isn’t satisfied. I’m pissed that he complained on me. He’s so annoying,” she went on.

I let her rant for a little bit while interjecting, “Yeah, I mean you did everything you could,” every so often.

Later on in the afternoon, right before we left for the day, Mike responded to the email, “Have Reese take over this account. Reese, please resolve the issue and let us know the outcome.”

He copied everyone and I can’t even lie, I liked that he specifically asked me to resolve the issue because he knew I could.

The next morning, Scott called Monica to see how everything in the office was going. I don’t know why, but it annoyed me. Why was he calling Monica, who couldn’t even keep her clients happy? Whatever. And he didn’t even reach out to me to see how my client resolution plan was going, but do you know who did? Mike. He emailed me asking if the irate client needed any accommodations or anything. And when I told him that I had everything under control he said, “I know you do. Thank you for all of your hard work, Reese.” And coming from Mike, that’s huge.

So I don’t hate Monica or anything, I just don’t think she’s very good at her job. But that isn’t really my issue until it’s my issue. 

On Tuesday when I got to work, she stopped by my office to vent about the client some more. I tried to calm her down and asked a little bit about what he had been requesting and she  just yelled about how needy and ridiculous he was. Then she stormed out and didn’t speak to me again for the rest of the day. I know I throw tantrums on the regular, but I would never throw a fit like that at work. I’m not exactly sure what I did wrong and why she has an issue with me? Not that I care, but it created a hostile work environment all day. She was talking to everyone except me and would literally wipe the smile off her face whenever I came around.

Scott isn’t back until next week. I think she’s mad that she looked bad in front of Mike and he asked me to fix it. How incredibly immature is it to be mad at me for that though?


10 thoughts on “he hid all the scissors from me.

  1. kelseyxsays says:

    I think if the roles were reversed (even if that’s outlandish) – you’d understand how Monica feels. I think it really sucks when you feel undermined in the work place and at a loss with a client, who you feel exasperated about, whether you deserve it or not. It’s similar to how you feel annoyed when Scott asks Monica about the office instead of you. Granted, Monica shouldn’t be acting hostile towards you regardless. That’s definitely misplaced anger and unprofessional. You’re just doing the job being asked of you. Just keep doing what you’re doing; stay professional, stay out of the drama, and try to have empathy for the situation that could easily be reversed.

    • I can understand how Monica feels and I see what you’re saying. I think if the roles were reversed I would try harder at my job. thats how I feel

  2. I think Monica is absolutely misplacing her anger. She’s probably feeling nervous about losing her job and acting childish, which isn’t going to help anything. I wouldn’t worry, I’m sure once it blows over she’ll be fine.
    Glad your trip to Mexico was fun though! I’m dying for a vacation. I travel a lot but always for work and it’s not nearly as fun as people seem to think it is.
    And Yes!! Kelly asked first but I’m wondering about the bracelet too!!!!

  3. Sara says:

    I have to admit I wish you could post a pic of Tucker. I am dying to see what a doggy haircut done under the influence of 3 glasses of wine looks like.

  4. Kali says:

    I’m not saying you should give Tucker a hair cut again after three glasses of wine but I do my own dogs at home, sober I might add, but I do them with a pair of clippers that are designed for pets. They might be the way to go if you want to do Tucker at home yourself.

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