three minutes in purgatory.

On Saturday night I was so bored I literally thought I would die. Kendra and John were at a play, Preston and his boyfriend were in Puerto Rico for the weekend and Carly was at Chris’s place and not responding. I’ve never felt so single in my life. 

Finally, in one last ditch effort before I croaked, I texted BJ to see what he was doing.

He responded, “At this bar with some of the guys. Come out.” 

Within thirty minutes, I was in a Finders Keepers dress, Guisseppe Zanottis and a pair of Target earrings because these were college boys I would be hanging out with so I wanted to be modest.

I finished a glass of wine and then taxied to the bar. BJ and about ten of his frat brothers had taken over a corner of the bar and had several pitchers of beer already.

“Well, look who it is. I thought you only existed in the office,” BJ said, greeting me with a hug and a kiss on my temple. Even though he’s almost four years younger than me, I still felt teeny tiny in his arms. He was wearing khaki shorts, a trendy denim button down, and Sperrys with a backward Polo hat on his head. 

“Guys, this is who I was telling you about, Reese.”

The guys said hi and gave me appreciative nods. We got to talking and I learned that one of them is from a town thirty minutes away from the town I’m from so he bought me my first drink. The guys were all over me and asking tons of questions. I was obviously loving it and eating all this attention up.

Three hours and several Patron shots (they insisted) later, the frat was gone and only BJ and I remained at the bar. We were completely drunk and had spent most of night dancing, arguing about everything and laughing about nothing. 

Once the bar started clearing out, we made our way outside to the muggy night.

“I’m glad you came out tonight. It took you long enough,” BJ said.

“You lucked out because all my friends were busy tonight. I was just bored enough to hang out with you,” I said.

“Oh yeah? You had fun though, didn’t you?”

I smiled. “A little bit.”

“I knew you would be a good dancer,” BJ said.

I started dancing in the middle of the sidewalk and BJ grabbed my waist and pulled me close so that my back was to his chest. I quickly pulled away and pretended I didn’t like it.

I turned back toward him and he was staring down at me with a fiery look in his eyes – not smiling or looking goofy like he normally does. The truth was I wanted BJ. I wanted him badly. And it wasn’t just because I was plastered. He looked so hot in his southern preppy attire that I wanted to lick him head to toe. 

There were so many reasons I shouldn’t though – he’s four years younger than me, he’s an intern and if anyone found out I would be fired, he had that “thing” with Amanda, etc. But none of that seemed to matter. No one would find out. How would they? And who cares if he’s younger? People say I have a youthful spirit anyway. 

“Do you want to come over?” I asked. 

“Yeah,” BJ answered.

We cabbed to my apartment and sat so close to each other I was practically on his lap. We talked about college or something and every time the driver would go over a bump or take a turn too fast, we would almost kiss. 

I let us into my apartment, immediately kicked off my shoes and padded to my room to change into something more comfortable (cropped tank, lace shorts). BJ was sitting on my couch waiting. 

“Damn, you look hot,” he said in a low voice.

I spun and he caught my wrist. He pulled me on his lap and I let him, no longer playing hard to get. We instantly started making out. It was urgent and a little bit sloppy, and all I could think about was how badly I wanted to have sex with him. I pulled his head back by his hair and kissed his throat. BJ let out a moan and I continued licking and sucking his neck. 

We started kind of dry humping and I couldn’t even pretend not to want it anymore. 

“Take me to my room,” I said. 

He picked me up with my legs still wrapped around his waist and carried me to my room. He dropped me on the bed and pulled off his shirt, seemingly simultaneously. I never knew it, but BJ has a huge tattoo of his last name going down the side of his torso which looked cool but was super pointless. Such a bro. 

We ripped each other’s clothes off – my top then his shorts then my shorts. BJ was standing over my naked body in just boxer briefs. Even though he’s on the skinnier side, his body is really lean and ripped and he had a nice sized bulge in the front of his boxer briefs. 

BJ leaned down and frenchkissed my hipbone then got back up and rolled on a condom. That’s when I realized that this was actually happening. It was too late to go back now (and I didn’t want to) so this had to be worthwhile.

He climbed on top of me and kind of fumbled around for a moment trying to put his penis in. Wtf. Just when I was about to blame #whiskeydick and call the whole thing off, he got it in. He started going in and out really fast like a jackhammer and it was unpleasant. I was actually bored. I knew that when I noticed that my ceiling fan needed to be dusted, something had to change.

I made BJ flip over so I was on top. He gave me a lazy version of his normal smirk and said, “You’re so sexy, Reese.”

I started riding him like California Chrome and all he could do was grab my hips and hang on. All of that sexual tension we built up came down to this so I was going to make the most of it.

“Oh my God,” BJ moaned. 

I looked down and his brow was furrowed, his eyes were shut and he was biting his lip so hard that it was turning white. Somehow he still looked hot and I kept going, harder. 

Before I could pull out any of my signature moves (the spin), BJ let out a low groan that sounded almost like a whimper.

Um, okay.

He sighed and I felt his whole body relax. So he was finished. I climbed off him and sat there, baffled and mortified. I couldn’t believe that was it. I’d risked my job for three minutes in purgatory.

BJ wasn’t saying anything and it was pissing me off so I called his name. When he didn’t answer, I said it again and elbowed his ribs.

He let out a deep breath and rolled away from me. He was sleeping. 


16 thoughts on “three minutes in purgatory.

  1. M says:

    Bahahahahahaha I’m sorry but that’s so funny and not at all surprising. Poor guy… I suddenly remember all the terrible sex I had in college (that I didn’t even usually realize was terrible!). Nice try though, BJ.

  2. Lizzie says:

    I’m beginning to think that this blog is partially fictional. Why would Reese, a 26 year old woman, that’s invested in her career jeopardize it by having sex with a 21 year old intern? Why would she even be drawn to a frat guy after the baseball player and the guy she ran the 5k with? Are we to believe that Reese didn’t have anyone else to hang out with other than the guy who works for her? She only has three friends? Reese crossed a major line and I’m sure bj is going to want more. I’m not surprised the sex sucked and bj feel asleep.

    • Hi. First of all, I’m 24. I’ll be 25 soon. Secondly, I have three friends I spend most of my time with. Not sure why that’s unbelievable. Why wouldn’t I be drawn to the intern? He’s hot and I assumed he would be really good in bed by the way he acts. The only thing I make up is dialogue because I don’t remember exactly what people say sometimes. Any other questions? I’m free all day.

      • Zoe says:

        Haha! Reese you’re awesome. I really thought you and BJ would be en fuego too if you ever went there… Shame. Also, I’m 23 and like you have a few close friends instead of masses of crap ones (it’s not unheard of) so I get the feeling of being bored to death when they’re doing couple stuff! Brady wherefore art thou?! I have a good feeling about that boy 😉

      • Lizzie says:

        It’s understandable to have three very good, best friends but you must have some other friends you could’ve called instead of BJ. In my opinion he should have been your last option if that. If you care about your career like you keep saying you would have kept it professional. For a few posts you were all about Brady. I still don’t get why you would take BJ back to your apartment and quite frankly think it’s going to come back and bite you in the ass. Whitney already caught the exchange in the conference room and probably has doubts.

  3. Anon says:

    Puerto Rican reader here 🙂 You should come on your honeymoon with Brady! Sooo upset about BJ, thought he’d be better than that.

  4. Joyce says:

    OMG, I can’t believe you slept with the intern! I loved all the sexual tension so I guess the sex was expected… But LOUSY sex? Oooof total downer D: Hope you guys don’t get caught…

  5. First, after mostly being off for a week, damn I missed you.
    Second, fuck me that’s a hot dress!
    Finally, I’m glad it was “good” for BJ, because after that sorry performance, I suspect you’re really gonna give him even more
    shit work to do at the office.

  6. Jessi says:

    Why do people make a big deal in the age difference?? That’s the same age bracket…lol. Sad that it was a let down though!! LOL Hope it’s not weird at work.

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