i’m much more classy now.

On Monday I decided that I was sick of dreading going to work so I was going to take my life back. If they wanted to go through with Whitney’s bullshit ideas then fine, that’s what we would do. One part of me wanted to stay out of it completely so that when it all blew up in her face I could say I had nothing to do with it, but another part of me genuinely cares about the company and doesn’t want Whitney to run in to the ground.

I decided that I would help, but also work on my own projects. I cannot possibly put my all into something someone else was going to put their name on.

On Monday afternoon I got an email from Mark that said, “It was so nice meeting you over the weekend. I would love to assist you in finding your first home. Let’s meet for coffee this week and discuss what you’re looking for.”

I totally forgot that I told Mark I wanted to buy a house. I replied, “Thanks for contacting me. I don’t plan on buying right now or in the near future, but I’ll let you know when I’m ready. And I don’t drink coffee, sorry.”

“You know, it normally takes people several months to find the perfect place. Let’s just meet. We can grab a quick drink since you don’t like coffee,” he replied. 

“Fine. I’m free tomorrow after 5:00. And I’ll get a chai latte instead of coffee.”

For the rest of the work day, I planned a preview party for the night before the holiday warehouse sale. It would be held in the showroom and we would cater finger foods like bacon wrapped shrimp. Plus a lot of alcohol obviously. I was so excited to have my own little project to work on.

After work I met with Carly for mani/pedis so we could discuss the weekend’s events.

“I know you’re not really into weed, but you had fun right?” Carly asked.

“I did, but I ate five fucking slices of pizza in one sitting. That’s unacceptable and quite frankly disgusting. If that’s what weed is going to do to me then I want no parts,” I answered.

Carly giggled. “Then you don’t even want to know how many slices I ate. Thanks for the pizza, by the way. You were the life of the party!”

“Great. I’ll put that down as an explanation on my expense report.”

We finished our pedicures and headed to the manicure stations.

“Call me naive, but I didn’t even know Brady smoked or anything,” I said.

“You’re naive. Brady smokes with us all time,” Carly revealed.

Cool. So my boyfriend is a stoner and I had no idea. I guess I should’ve known though. Everyone smokes these days.

I started to say something, but the petite Asian girl doing my nails said, “You need manicure bad.”

I just blinked at her so she added, “Real bad.”

Then she started giggling. Isn’t that rude? Did y’all see that episode of Sex and the City where Miranda always orders the same Chinese takeout and the girl laughs at her? That’s how I felt. And honestly, I know it’s been awhile since my last mani, but my nails weren’t that bad. 

I made sure to hunt down the manager of the nail salon to let him know how rude his staff is. I found him and told him what happened and he said I did “need manicure.” So whatever. Won’t be going back there.

Brady came over after work and I told him about his persistent friend contacting me.

“It won’t hurt to look. You might actually find something really great,” Brady said.

Fine. So I met Mark after work on Tuesday at a coffee shop near the office. He already had a chai latte waiting for me, which was nice but wasn’t going to make me any more inclined to buy a house/condo.

“Thanks for meeting me, Reese. How was your day?” he asked after he shook my hand.

“It was fine,” I said shortly. I was ready to get this little meeting over with so I could go home and watch the episodes of Snapped I had on DVR.

“That’s what I like to hear. What is it you do for a living again?” Mark asked.

I gave him a super brief summary of my job while he nodded. 

“What an interesting industry to work in. I’m willing to guess your apartment is designed very nicely.”

That was true and I even had pictures to prove it, but I didn’t have time to show off. I nodded.

“Why the resistance, Reese? Buying a home is such an exciting thing that not everyone gets the opportunity to do.”

I took a sip of my chai. “I’m just not ready to buy right now. I probably can’t even afford what I want so I don’t want to get my hopes up,” I explained.

Mark’s face lit up. “You’d be surprised what you can afford at the same amount or less than what you’re paying in rent now. A unit in this building just went on the market last week. Why don’t we go take a look?”

The coffee shop we were in was actually in the lobby of an older apartment building with dark original wood, an ornate tray ceiling and lots of moldings. It was gorgeous. He took me up a rickety flight of stairs to the fourth floor and down the hall to the last unit. When he opened the door, my jaw literally dropped. 

Even though the building was older, the inside of the apartment was completely redone. It had the same dark wood floor from downstairs and huge windows on two of the walls because it was a corner unit. The kitchen opened up the living area and was completely updated with dark cabinets, light granite counter tops, a sparkly dark blue back splash and stainless steel applicances. The bathroom had the same cabinets and counter tops with a separate glassed-in shower and jetted bathtub. Down the hall was the one bedroom, not huge but a good size for how old the building was. There was somehow a walkin closet with a customized built in shelving system. The entire place was beautiful. 

“Wouldn’t you like to live here?” Mark asked. He hadn’t said anything the whole time I toured, letting me take the whole place in by myself.

“Yes,” I admitted. The place was way bigger and just as nice as my current apartment. “But how do I even know if I can afford it?”

“My clients usually work with an amazing banker who can crunch some numbers and find a budget you’re comfortable with. Why don’t you meet with her this week?” Mark suggested.

I said okay and looked around one last time. So now Mark has me seriously considering buying a condo. I mean, if my financial situation works out.

Brady came to get me after work so we could have dinner and drinks. He said he had a long day so I made him spill it over tequila spritzers. He explained that one of the long term patients at the hospital passed away. The man had cancer and wasn’t a patient Brady worked directly with, but they had grown close from seeing each other and talking everyday. I never know what to say when someone dies. I’ve never really had to go through that so I don’t even know what I would want someone to say to me.

Brady asked how my day was and I told him about meeting Mark and the awesome apartment I saw.

“I think you should definitely consider investing in property now. It’s the perfect time in your life,” he said.

I told him that I would look further into it.

We had a few more drinks and I started feeling pretty tipsy. Brady stopped after drink number two because he was driving, but obviously I kept going well past that. By the time we left the restaurant, I was feeling happy and horny as hell.

While Brady drove home, I rubbed his thigh and kissed his neck hoping he would pull over so we could partake in some skanky car sex. He wasn’t very responsive since he was focused on the road, but then Drunk Reese got a wonderful idea.

I quickly unbuckled his belt and pants before he could safely stop me and pulled his penis out. He was hard so obviously he wanted some action too. I was going to give him road head. I haven’t done that since probably high school because I’m much more classy now, but this was the perfect opportunity.

“Reese,” Brady moaned once I got started, but he didn’t stop me.

I kept going and he grabbed a fistful of my hair like he was going to pull me off, but he let me keep sucking. After several minutes, I felt Brady’s body start to tense.

“I’m…gonna…” he started but couldn’t even finish his sentence before he came.

The rest of the car ride back to his place was silent and when we got to his room he pushed me back on the bed and started kissing me. He pulled my shirt over my head and started kissing my neck.

“What are you doing to me?” Brady mumbled into my neck.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he responded so I don’t know what he meant by that.

Either way, we spent the night hooking up so no complaints from me.


28 thoughts on “i’m much more classy now.

  1. Lulu says:

    I also think that getting a permanent place is a great idea! And I’m happy that you’re going to try and work with Whitney. It’s good that you care about the company and are willing to make some sacrifices and add your flair to events.

    I don’t want to freak you out but Brady is clearly crazy about you (why wouldn’t he be). Between this comment and the drunk “big L,” it’s pretty obvious that he’s sorting through those feelings for real! 👍😊

  2. Abbey says:

    Brady works at a hospital and if I’m not mistaken you can’t be a pothead in that type of field. The pothead part bothers me because you have it all together. When he’s stoned he’s a completely different person than regular Brady. He might like you and you like him but be careful. I’m proud of you for working with Britney! It sucks but you have to do what’s best for your career.

      • Kelly says:

        I think drug use is completely different than drinking. You’re not getting drunk every night and you’re upfront with how you are. Brady has been hiding his drug use. Which personality is real? Aggressive Brady or studious/quiet Brady? I don’t think you can get to know someone when you’re mind is clouded. Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it isn’t a big deal. I think you need to find out how often he uses. I’m excited that you’re going home this weekend. Maybe Brady will make an appearance;)

    • jenny says:

      Abby you’re wrong, my bf is a doctor, back in med school they used to get random drug test but not now as an employee. Also I wouldn’t call recreational weed, regular drug use, as long as Brady doesn’t do coke or other stuff I wouldnt bother with it

      • Y says:

        Exactly. I wouldn’t call weed drugs. He obviously does it when he’s not at work. Weed is non-assictive. I see nothing wrong with him loosening up every once in a while. Its not like Reece has noticed him high all the time.

  3. I could totally see Brady being the silent, stoner type. I feel like people who are more laid back tend to enjoy it more. In my opinion, weed isn’t a big deal. I personally don’t enjoy it, but if others do, I don’t consider them ‘druggies’ or anything. It’s pretty harmless and in most places, decriminalized.

    From a past experience with a boyfriend, it might be worth it to ask him about it. I know you hate talking feelings (lol) but you could just give him the heads up that you know and you don’t mind it. My ex kept it from me because he put me on a pedestal and thought I wouldn’t approve. I can totally see Brady having the same line of thought.

    Great post, as always!


    • Carrie says:

      Drugs aren’t harmless. Did you know that since making pot legal in Colorado the number of car accidents increased ten fold. I’m shocked that the majority see no problem with using drugs. If corporal punishment were common would you turn a blind eye? Drugs alter you mood and behavior. It makes you someone else. I have a friend that overdosed and died years ago. Just negate everyone is doing don’t make it right.

      • I’m not going to argue about marijuana because it’s been done to death, but I’m pretty sure you can’t die from a marijuana overdose (I am sorry about your friend though). and there has been no links to marijuana and the car accident increase. that’s just my take on it and I don’t smoke.

      • Drugs are a serious problem. I agree with that premise, but only when it comes to other illicit drugs. Also, I obviously don’t approve of driving while under any influence. I don’t think that since ‘everyone’s doing it’ it’s okay, but maybe there’s a reason that some responsible, functioning adults smoke weed and it doesn’t negatively influence their lives. I don’t think it’s any more harmful to one’s health than drinking is. Both obviously need to be done in moderation Like Reese said, I’m not going to argue the facts, because there’s research that supports both sides. This is just my opinion and you’re entitled to yours.

      • from the article:

        The marijuana industry is questioning the report, as the data does not indicate whether pot was a cause for the accidents.

        “(Testing positive for marijuana) could mean you smoked marijuana 3 weeks ago. It does not mean you were impaired at the spot,” said Michael Elliott, executive director of the Marijuana Industry Group. “And that’s what this report is really failing to distinguish.”

        agree with that.

      • Carrie says:

        Of course the marijuana industry would challenge the report. It puts them in a bad light and makes it less likely that more states would legalize it. It’s like the nfl making excuses and reinstating Adrian Peterson even though he psychically abused his child. They’re doing it to bring in revenue. Same with the marijuana industry. They’re only concerned wh their bottom line. Let’s agree to disagree.

      • I wouldn’t worry about it! Also, I could be wrong. That was just my experience. I personally would just casually bring up to him that you don’t disapprove of it if that’s his thing. Whatever happens, I’m sure this won’t be an issue in your relationship 🙂

  4. I finally caught up on your life. Thank god!
    I died when you broke Brady’s cell phone, you are so bold hahaha. Like it’s insane- but I never have the guts to do what I want in situations like that. And as if SAYING it didn’t prove he is in love with you, staying with you after that sure does! yay!

    Also, Whitney sucks.

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