weekend with the republicans – pt. two.

On Saturday morning I woke up at 7:00 – I think I couldn’t sleep because I was in a strange place. I got out of bed, showered and put on my most Republican outfit (head to toe J. Crew). Then I ventured upstairs to 1. get some cell service and 2. see if anyone else was up.

I heard a commotion in the kitchen so I checked there first. Brady’s mom was standing at the stove and his dad was sitting at the island with an iPad.

“Hello,” Brady’s mom said shortly. “Brady’s in the shower. Are you hungry?”

I wanted to say no and run for the hills, but that would be rude. So I said yes and then sat at the island and waited. They pretty much ignored my entire existence after that and it was awkward so I just played on my phone.

When Brady finally got out of the shower, we all had breakfast in the dining room. The parents questioned Brady about his job and his condo and a bunch of other stuff, but didn’t ask me anything or really talk to me at all. Maybe they decided they wouldn’t ask girlfriends/wives anything anymore.

The car to take us to Boston was supposed to arrive at 5:00 so we had to start getting ready pretty early. In the middle of the day, Brady’s mom confronted me and said, “This party is quite conservative and I just wanted to make sure what you plan on wearing is appropriate.”

Obviously the party was going to be conservative and obviously I brought a dress with sleeves plus tights because it was cold. I don’t appreciate her treating me like I’m some bimbo who doesn’t know how to act in society.

So we all got ready and Hunter and Dom met us at the house so we could all go together. Hunter looked nice in a navy fitted suit, trimmed facial hair and slicked back bun, but Dom looked the exact opposite of conservative so obviously Brady’s mom didn’t have a little talk with her beforehand. She wore a strapless teal tea length dress with a (most likely faux) fur stole and tiny gold heels. Her dreadlocks were pulled into a huge bun on top of her head and it was so fabulous that I wondered if I could pull off white girl dreads. She had colorful tattoos covering her back, shoulders and biceps and I swear Brady’s mom vommed a little when she walked in.

We all packed into the limo and somehow I ended up next to Dom. The parents weren’t really talking to either of us so I decided to try to be nice again.

“I love your hair. It’s so pretty,” I said.

She turned and glowered at me. “Are you trying to be funny?”

What is that, insecurity? Pure bitchiness? I genuinely thought her hair was pretty, but never fucking mind. I spent the rest of the limo ride pretending to be a part of the conversation.

When we were almost to the venue, Brady’s mom turned to Dom and said, “Can you take that out?” hastily.

She was clearly talking about the nose hoop and Dom simply said, “No.” Even though she’s a complete bitch, I definitely admire her for standing up to Brady’s mom. I don’t think I would’ve had the nerve to.

The party wasn’t like any party I’ve ever been to. First of all, there was no music. How can they even call it a party when there isn’t any music playing? So everyone was just kind of sitting around drinking drinks from the open bar and eating. Brady’s parents had to go make their rounds since they were the hosts so Brady, Hunter, Dom, and I went to the bar to get drinks.

The four of us stood around talking for a few minutes then Dom grabbed Hunter and said, “Let’s go.” And even though she’s about the size of one of his legs, she literally dragged him away.Β 

So Brady and I finally had some kind of alone time. I felt like I hadn’t really talked to him the whole trip.

“She’s kind of rude,” I said once they walked away.

“She feels attacked,” Brady explained.

“I don’t care. I’ve tried making her feel comfortable and she’s been a total bitch. She’s way too defensive,” I said.

We mingled for a little while and then Brady’s mom came over and said she wanted to introduce me to people. So she led me around and introduced me to a bunch of her and Brady’s dad’s coworkers and family friends.

She was like, “This is Brady’s girlfriend,” emphasizing that we aren’t married I guess. It was all obviously just for show because besides introducing me she didn’t say a word to me. I guess she just wanted everyone to know that at least one of her sons is somewhat normal.Β 

After about a half hour of that, she let me go and I set off to find Brady. I couldn’t find him right away, but I did see Hunter and Dom canoodling in a corner so I asked if they’d seen him.

“Right over there,” Hunter pointed to a general direction and I followed.

I found Brady talking to a little brunette who looked vaguely familiar. Her hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail and she had on chic black glasses and matte red lipstick. Her skin was very, very fair – but it seemed intentional, like she just wanted to look translucent.

“It was great seeing you,” Brady said and turned to me, putting his arm around my waist. “My mom finally let me have you back?”

I nodded trying to place where I’d seen the brunette girl before and it finally hit me like a ton of bricks. It was Anna! His ex-girlfriend!

“Yeah, she introduced me to like everyone in the room,” I said. “Except her.”

Brady followed my index finger to Anna, who was walking away.

“Who is that?” I asked innocently.

“That is Anna,” Brady said and turned back to me.

“Anna,” I repeated. “How do you know her?”

“We attended a college preparatory summer program together,” Brady explained and kind of laughed. “Lame, I know.”

“Hmm, that sounds fun,” I said. So he just wasn’t going to mention that they dated?

“Not really. Should we get another drink?”

I knew that prying would make me look suspicious so I had to drop the subject. But why wouldn’t he introduce me to Anna or at least be honest about who she is? (I already know what y’all are going to say: “because he was afraid you would cause a scene.” I wouldn’t have.)

While Brady and I were standing near the bar, I met a super tall and skinny slightly British girl named Kate. She is a recruiter for an accessory, gift and lifestyle company and we immediately hit it off and started talking about our lives and jobs. She lives in New York City and travels a ton for work so naturally I was completely jealous.

After about twenty minutes of talking and getting to know each other, Kate said, “You know, I have the perfect position for you and it can be based out of Chicago.”

“Thank you, but I’m not really looking for a new job at the moment,” I said politely. I had no idea what position she had in mind, but I feel like I’m a good place at work right now.

“I know, I know,” Kate assured me. “But sometimes the best opportunities fall into your lap when you least expect it.”

She was right so I told her we could at least exchange information. I didn’t have any business cards with me so I put my number in her phone. She said she will actually be in Chicago for a day this week so she wants to get coffee. Even though I kind of toyed with the idea of getting a new job a few weeks ago, I don’t think I could ever do that to Diana.

Brady’s dad ended up getting hilariously drunk and demanded music so we could all dance. We finally left just after midnight and got back in the limo. We were all pretty tired and didn’t say much the entire ride home. Well, except Brady’s dad. He wouldn’t shut up.

When we got back to the house, I went downstairs and showered/washed my hair then got in bed. I laid there for a little while then I got up to go to Brady’s room. I expected the house to be dark and everyone to be sleeping, but as I was creeping up the stairs I saw that there was a light in the dining room on and I could hear voices. I assumed it was Brady’s parents, but when I heard Brady’s voice I stopped and held my breath so I could hear what he was saying.

He was talking low so I could only make out mumbles then his mom said, very sternly, “I don’t. like. her.”

Brady said something else then I heard the dad say, “Honey…” and then more mumbles. It sounded like someone stood up and started walking so I quickly tiptoed back down the stairs and to my dungeon.

At first I was like, “They were obviously talking about Dom,” but then the more I thought about it, the more I thought they were talking about me. Why would Brady’s mom talk so passionately about Dom to Brady? Dom really isn’t his problem. And then it sounded like Brady’s dad was kind of defending whoever they were talking about when he said, “Honey…” And he hates Dom too so I highly doubt he would defend her.

Our flight left Boston at around noon on Sunday and Brady’s parents insisted on taking us to the airport. They even took us brunch when we got to Boston so maybe they are at least semi human. They didn’t talk to me much, but did ask how I liked the party and if I enjoyed the trip. Actually, I’m kind of obsessed with Brady’s parents’ house and how it’s so big and secluded. If I pumped some more life into it (maybe some TVs, more colorful decor, people who aren’t robots) then I could totally see myself living there.

I’m tempted to ask Brady if his mom hates me. How can I ask that and get an honest answer? Also, I need to confront him about Anna. Or should I not? He told me they were serious, but maybe he just doesn’t think she’s that important anymore?


25 thoughts on “weekend with the republicans – pt. two.

  1. Kristin says:

    When I read what you overheard I immediately thought they were talking about Anna. Brady clearly likes you and whoever they were talking about, he doesn’t like. Maybe his parents wish he would get back with her because she’s a better match in their mind. His Mom may have distracted you knowing Anna was there and it would be an opportunity for her to talk to Brady.

    Honestly, who cares if she likes you anyway. She lives in Boston and you won’t have to see her much. I used to feel insecure about my mother in law because she talks about a lot of people behind their back and it always made me wonder what she had to say about me whenever I wasn’t around. I shared that thought with my husband. He told me that everything that makes me different from his Mom is what he loves most about me and I kind of stopped caring after that.

  2. D says:

    I have to agree with Brady about Dom.. She definitely is feeling attacked by Brady’s parents, which could be why she’s being such a bitch, but still…. You’re obviously trying to be nice so she’s being uncalled for.

    About Anna, I really wouldn’t worry. If he’s not sharing, it’s not important anymore and he’s clearly into you. There’s no way you can really bring it up without giving yourself away.

    And like Kristin above me said, it really doesn’t matter if she likes you or not. But I know the curiosity would personally be KILLING me. So I’d probably just admit that I overheard something and ask.
    You literally did nothing outstanding this weekend to deserve Brady’s mom saying that, so I assume it’s about Dom. Even though Brady’s dad doesn’t like her, he also seems like the more reasonable of the parents, so maybe he was trying to help Brady’s mom understand she isn’t gonna change shit with Hunter no matter what. Also, Brady’s mom wouldn’t have paraded you around introducing you to people if she didn’t like you…. She’d be hiding you in the back corner pretending you didn’t exist. I mean, I highly doubt she even tried to introduce Dom to anyone. Idk. That’s my take at least.

    • i actually don’t agree that his parents were attacking dom. they questioned me too but i didn’t react like a defensive bitch. maybe i will tell brady that i overheard the conversation and see if he tell me anything.

      • D says:

        I’m not saying I agree with her actions (and she’s probably not the nicest of people regardless of the situation). I’m actually impressed you didn’t lose it on her, because I definitely would have on the first night. lol. I’m just saying, Brady’s parents aren’t the warmest of people, so she probably took the whole questioning thing the wrong way and then handled it like a child.

      • Kristin says:

        If you ask and they were talking about Anna, he may not want to admit it. It would make him have to elaborate on Anna, which he didn’t want to do when you gave him the chance.

    • Smack says:

      I think you are completely in your rights to ask Brady about how his family feels about you. They weren’t nice to you at all. Granted they were worse with Dom so maybe you have a leg up there πŸ˜‰
      As for Anna, I’d let it go. The past is the past. I know he should be honest but. truthfully, you do kind of flip out and maybe he was worried. And a scene at that party would have been a nightmare. Once he sees you lighten up a little maybe he will be more forthcoming about his past. The past that he shouldn’t have to worry about you freaking out over.

  3. The thing with Anna would completely piss me off– he should have mentioned that she was an ex. Lying by omission is not cool. Although it seems like you blow her out of the water anyway, so I wouldn’t be totally worried.

    As far as the Dom thing; I understand why she might have felt attacked, but that is NO reason to be RUDE to anyone, even Brady’s condescending-ass parents, no less you. She seems like a total psycho and if I were you I’d avoid her as much as possible. You genuinely tried, and she didn’t accept.

    Also, being a little psycho myself, I would completely ask Brady about whom his parents were discussing. I wouldn’t want to be thinking that anyone hated me, and if they do, I’d want to know about it and why.

    P.S. This blog is better than a TV show.. so amazing haha

  4. Sarah says:

    I think Dom is a bitch, if I felt that someone was attacking me, I would be desperate for someone to be nice to me. And multiple times when you tried to strike up a conversation with her she was still a bitch.

    I could see Brady’s mom talking about Dom in the conversation you overheard. She is probably trying to enlist Brody to talk to his brother about Dom. I don’t think his mom would have pranced you around the party introducing you if she didn’t like you. I also think her comments like what to wear to the party are a weird way of her looking out for you, if that makes sense.

  5. Melpod says:

    Maybe don’t follow my advice but if it were me, I definitely ask my boyfriend about the parents first, then about the girlfriend. I would want to know the truth and I (like I’m sure you do too) have enough on my mind with other worries to be wasting time thinking about these two concerns. Which might turn out to be that A.) they weren’t talking about you and B.) he was just scared you were going to cause a scene.

  6. What a crazy weekend you had! I think you should talk to Brady about what you overheard, but it may have been about Dom. Brady’s dad may have been trying to calm her down even though he agreed about Dom either because he was drunk or because the mom was just getting overly worked up. Either way, I think honesty might be the best policy here.

    Good luck!

  7. cr says:

    i know from experience, that the ex conversation can be hard. when my boyfriend and i met and ultimately started seeing each other, the timeline of his at the time current girlfriend and i overlapped quite a bit. i knew about her, but didn’t know the extent of it. i thought they were on and off, and i was there for the off parts. turns out there was a lot more on than off.

    he never really talked about her, he still doesn’t talk much about her. it took me a long time to get over the fear the either he would do the same thing to me or that they would end up back together in a super romantic way. it didn’t happen over night, but i managed to get over it. she used to be the biggest insecurity i had in our relationship when she didn’t need to be.

    trust is key and one of the main things that helped me move on from the experience (aside from numerous apologies about the way he treated me in the past) was asking myself a question: “did the ex, their relationship, the past or anything that happened before we officially started dating, change anything about the time we were together? from the moment we became exclusive and in a relationship, did anything ex related happen or matter?”

    the answer for me was no, and what we know about brady and anna’s relationship (maybe not jessica but she could apply too) has had any impact on the way he’s treated you since you started dating or said i love you. some guys just don’t like to talk about things.

    • oh yikes. thanks for sharing. i think it would def be hard to trust your boyfriend after that happened. brady hasn’t been that open about their relationship which is why i’m so curious about it. i have no reason to dislike her or cause a scene, but i think he should have introduced her at least.

      • Amber says:

        I agree that he should have introduced her. He’s been doing this sort of thing – leaving things out – for a while and I don’t like it. Not trying to hate on Brady, but his communication skills aren’t too great in my opinion.

  8. Y says:

    I think Brady might be an avoider. He probably isn’t hiding anything but likes to avoid awkward conversations. He’s told you they were serious so I think it’s well within your rights to ask if that was her and why he failed to mention it. I don’t think you would have made a scene. It’s not like they were flirting and if that’s his excuse then its unfair to you cos he didn’t give you a chance to see how you would react.

    I think you should ask about the conversation with his parents because you can’t un-hear what you heard. You should just ask him straight up. I think you deserve to know how his mom feels about you. That way if she doesn’t like you, both of you can have a conversation about whether that bothers him or not. You should know if Brady sees a future with you and is taking your relationship seriously regardless of whether his mom likes you or not. That way you know where you stand.

    • he’s definitely an avoider. he avoids confrontation and like someone else said, he isn’t good at communicating. i’m really not good at it either and we both need to work on it. i plan on asking today though.

  9. Luita says:

    Can i give you some advice? Try a little harder with Brady’s mom. For moms no one is good enough for their precious boys! I feel like you need to try a little harder and make conversation with her, how come you didn’t offer to help out with breakfast? Instead you played on your phone, she probably thinks you were just ignoring her. You have to try a little harder because she is his mom and you do want her on your side. Besides, if you try to get her to like you and she doesn’t, you can tell Brady that you did your best and then he’ll have no choice but to be on your side πŸ˜‰
    Dom is a bitch! Yes maybe she was nervous and felt attacked or whatever. She shouldn’t take it out on you, when you were trying to be nice. But then again maybe try being the “bigger person” and send her an email and tell her it was nice to meet her and that you were sorry things didn’t start on the right foot but you would like to be friends. Just an idea. She might ignore you, but at least your tried.

    • oh my gosh, i totally should have tried to talk to her and help with breakfast! no wonder she hates me, she probably thinks i’m the biggest bitch. and at this point, i really don’t care about dom… i don’t think she and hunter will last so i’m not too concerned about being her friend lol.

  10. Amy says:

    Bless you!! You couldn’t seem to win for loosing no matter how hard you tried.
    Brady’s parents seem to be hard nuts to crack! Brady didn’t get much communication skills from them so you may have to just be directly kind in your questions. I’d ask him about the overheard conversation w the parents-be honest about what you were doing & I cant imagine why he wouldn’t tell you.
    I wouldn’t confront him about Anna unless she pops back up. She’s his past for a reason.
    I am not sure about Brady’s parents. I’d just be nice to them, offer your assistance in cooking or other activities (if it’s appropriate) and you could ask her about her interests but otherwise I really feel it’s her place to make a guest (you) feel comfortable.
    I feel sorry for them on the Dom issue. Hopefully, the girl has some redeeming quality! She didn’t even try to be likable & hunter was zero help.

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