I was actually happy that Preston and Carly had to work on Wednesday night because I had some things to discuss with Kendra privately. Even though she’s a judgmental asshole sometimes, I can talk about anything with her. I’ve known her forever and have told her literally everything. And she’s still friends with me so.

“So I have a confession,” I said after we were seated and the waitress delivered our martinis and turkey sliders.

“Do I even want to know?” Kendra rolled her eyes.

“Yes because you’re going to get to judge the shit out of me,” I said.


“Brady and I have been having unprotected sex.”

“Oh, Reese. That’s such a bad idea.”

“I know,” I said, taking a sip of my drink. “But I’m on birth control at least.”

“Still. Birth control isn’t 100% effective.”

“When’s the last time you and John used a condom?” I asked because I know for a fact that they don’t use them.

Kendra took a dainty bite of her burger. She knew she was caught.

“John and I haven’t used a condom in years,” she said and I gave her a raised eyebrow look.

“But when we stopped using them we both got checked for STDs and get checkups every year. And we’ve been in a committed relationship for over six years. It’s not like either of us is sleeping with other people.”

“You don’t think John has ever cheated on you?” 

“Reese, no. Why would you even ask me that? When would John even have time to cheat on me?”

I shrugged. “Do you think Brady is sleeping with other people?”

“I have no idea. I honestly don’t know him that well…just the things you tell me.”

I sat there thinking. Even after everything that happened with Brady and Jessica, I don’t think he is actually having sex with anyone else. We literally spend every night together. 

“I’m not even saying this in a judgey kind of way. I’m saying this as a friend. You need to protect yourself, Reese.”

I nodded.

After happy hour, I went home to start getting ready for my trip. I told my parents that I’m coming because I wouldn’t put it past them to take a spontaneous trip out of town the weekend I come. My mom is ecstatic and can’t wait to show me all the new shit she’s bought lately.

In the middle of packing, Brady stopped by on his way home from work. He watched me filling my suitcase up and I asked him if he wanted to get a plane ticket and come with me.

“That does sound tempting,” Brady said. “But I actually have plans.”

My eyebrows shot up. Plans? What the fuck kind of plans could he have that didn’t involve me? He obviously was trying to get rid of me for the weekend so he could do something shady.

“What kind of plans?” I asked.

“Chris and I are running a 10k and one of our friends is getting married.”


So he wanted to get rid of me so he wouldn’t have to take me to the wedding with him. 

“I can cancel everything if you want me to go. I would love to see where you’re from,” Brady added, which was so sweet.

“You don’t have to,” I said. I began throwing the contents of my bikini drawer into my suitcase. You just never know what you might get into in H-Town.

“Do you think we should get tested for STDs?” I blurted out, pronouncing STDs as “stids” like one of my old college professors did. [does stids stand for sexually transmitted infections and diseases? I’m trying to figure this out]

Brady looked taken aback. “Uh, yeah. I mean, we could if you deem it necessary. I was just tested a month or so ago though.”

“And you’re clean?” The way I said that made it sound like he was a former drug addict and Brady kind of laughed.

“Yes. All clean over here.”

He was too much of a gentleman to ask the last time I was tested, which was last year at my annual check up with my gyno. I probably need to schedule my appointment for this year soon. I sat there thinking, Brady just got tested a month ago. Why did he feel like he needed to be tested a month ago? Was it because of a scare or just routine? I hated thinking about him being with someone before me, but clearly there was someone and it was recent. And ick, did Brady have unprotected sex with whoever it was too?

I finished packing and started tidying up to keep myself busy. After our STD talk I just wasn’t in the mood to do anything. Brady asked if I was okay.

“I’m great. Just want to make sure my apartment is clean before I leave,” I said.

Brady nodded and watched me for a few more minutes then he pushed me back on my bed. Without a word, he pulled off my shorts and underwear and started eating me out. I mean, if he insisted.

Normally I just close my eyes and enjoy it while receiving oral, but I just so happened to glance down at Brady. He was watching me and we made eye contact. It was like he was trying to show me that he trusted me – despite wanting the STD tests and stuff.

We didn’t end up having sex at all, probably because of the conversation I started. Since we aren’t using condoms, he probably doesn’t carry them with him now.

Anyways, I’ll be at my parents all weekend. I will probably update how my trip went on my flight home on Sunday or on Monday. Have a good weekend y’all! 


in your dreams, blow job.

I probably checked Brady’s Facebook sixty times between Monday and Wednesday to see if there were any changes, but either he didn’t log on or his privacy settings prevented me from seeing them. Stupid Facebook.

On Wednesday, Dave decided to let the entire office out at 3:00 PM so we could start enjoying the holiday early. It was super generous of him. As everyone started clearing out, I stayed in my office wrapping things up. The guy, Rob, from Monday sent me an email saying that he enjoyed meeting me and to contact him if I was ever in New York City so we could grab drinks. Then he left his personal cell phone number. It was kind of unprofessional, but I want this deal to work out so I replied that I would do so.

I began shutting down my computer and packing up my things when BJ walked in.

“Ready for the long weekend, boss lady?” he asked, leaning on the edge of my desk.

“Of course. I love any holiday that gives me an excuse to get shitfaced,” I replied.

BJ smirked. “Me too. What are you doing? Come out to the bars with me and my friends.”

This was the third time in the past two weeks he had asked me to hang out with him outside of work and each time I told him absolutely not. The kid is persistent.

“In your dreams, Blow Job,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“No, really. That’s my dream,” he said.

I raised an eyebrow. “What is?”

“You. Blow job,” he said in a low voice.

Suddenly it felt like the room got 100 degrees hotter.

“And that’s exactly where that will stay – in your dreams,” I said.

“I know, but that is within my rights as an American.”

I rolled my eyes and began toward the door.

“What?” BJ called after me. “I can’t help that you’re hot.”

I was almost out of the office when I turned and ran right into him. He was following me out too closely. We were chest to chest (or face to chest rather) and I had accidentally touched him in places I shouldn’t have in the scuffle. I quickly jumped away.

“What the fuck? Can I have some space?” I snapped.

BJ stared down at me – eyes blazing. “You can have whatever you want.”

I felt like I could hear my heart beating loudly in my ears. I hated that this little twenty one year old brat could have an affect on me.

“Bye, Brandon,” I said, gesturing toward the open door.

He didn’t take his eyes off me as he sidled out, way closer to me than necessary.

I wasn’t even to the L stop when I got a text from him: “Have an awesome weekend, Reese.” Just seeing his name on my screen did something to my body. Ugh.

I met Kendra and John for martinis and couldn’t wait to tell them about my fiancé.

“He sounds legit,” John said after I recapped Friday night. “That pharmacy school is very competitive. Awesome that he got in.”

“Isn’t it? He’s really smart,” I said.

“When are you guys hanging out again?” Kendra asked.

I failed to mention that Brady and I hadn’t exchanged numbers or made any plans of seeing each other again. I shrugged and took a sip of my martini. “Soon.”

“I’m really happy for Carly though. She deserves a good guy like Chris,” Kendra said.

I was a little annoyed that she changed the subject from me so abruptly, but I took that moment to check and make sure Brady hadn’t updated his Facebook. He hadn’t. But Carly sent me a text message that said, “Fourth of July BBQ at Chris and Brady’s. :-)”

I was already mentally picking out my outfit.



Work has been kind of busy so I had to decline Eric’s invitation to hang out on Tuesday evening. We had a photo shoot for our Nantucket Cottage line that kept me in the showroom until 10:00 PM. I was in charge of making sure the lighting, props, styling, and background sent the perfect preppy and nautical message we were going for. Basically I was running around in my Gianvito Rossi pumps, yelling at anyone in my path and demanding more chai tea. Even though the Nantucket Cottage line was not my vision, Diana was counting on me to make it come to life. Plus The Devil Wears Prada is an inspirational movie for me.

Yesterday was Wednesday so Kendra and I went out for small plates, martinis and gossip. Since Preston had the night off, he decided to join us.

Kendra started telling us about the weekend trip she took with her boring boyfriend, John. John is doing his medical residency or whatever and is always busy. I know their lives sound super successful and promising but they have the most boring relationship on earth. Mostly because John doesn’t drink alcohol or go to bars or clubs, and rides his bike ten miles a day for “fun.” He’s weird. But Kendra seems to be in love with him and I can’t hate on that.

“We went to two art museums and an aquarium. It was lowkey, but actually really fun,” she said. 

Preston let out an audible yawn. “When are you two getting married?”

“After he finishes his residency,” she said, matter-of-factly. “We aren’t in any rush.” 

“You should probably enjoy your time before you spend the rest of your life looking at old art and not drinking,” I pointed out sweetly. I can only imagine how dreadful their life as a married couple will be.

“How are things going with that baseball player? Have you scared him away yet?” she asked, equally as sweetly. 

“Actually no. Things are going really great. We haven’t seen each other since Sunday, but he texts me all the time just to check in. He’s so thoughtful,” I said.

Kendra looked at Preston. “But what Reese failed to mention is that Eric overheard her telling me that she wanted to sleep with him. So I’m sure that’s his motivation.”

Preston let out a low cackle. “That reminds me of the time you accidentally sent that guy you worked with a nude picture and he wouldn’t leave you alone for months. God, you’re such a hot mess, Reese, I love it.”

While they giggled, I drained the rest of my martini and then three more. When I started SnapChatting pictures of my cleavage, Kendra took me home. 

I got inside and took a long shower, put on a robe and checked my phone. Eric had sent me a text: “Hey gorgeous. I hope you had a relaxing day.” 

I was so happy to hear from him so I said, “Heyyy Eric. I miss you!” 

Is anyone else a clingy drunk?

He said, “Me too. I want to see you this weekend.” 

“What do you want to do?” 

“There’s a comedy show on Friday night. Do you want to go?” 

“I’d love to. And then what?” 

“It’s right next door to a bar. We could go there afterwards if you want.”

“Okay, that sounds good. And then what?” I pried. 

“Whatever you want to do Reese. You’re welcome to come over to my place.” 

This got me excited. “Oh really? What would we do there?”

“Anything. You could help me pick out pillows.” 

“Just pillows?” 

“I need a few more things for the bedroom. And maybe the kitchen. You saw my place. I dont have much.” 

“Mmhm. And then?” 

“Then we pop in a movie and cuddle on my new sectional. Break it in a little.” 

I smiled. “Then what?” 

“Hopefully you’re wearing a little dress so I can rub your bare legs during the movie.” 

“Okay. Then what?”

“Then I’ll make my way up your dress and rub your pussy through your panties until you beg me to stop.”

“And then?”

“And then I’ll rip your dress off and lick you from your neck to your belly button.” 

So Eric and I were sexting. I was now grinning like a chimpanzee. 

“Then what would you do?” 

“Then I would suck on your nipples while you moan my name.”

“Mmhm. Then?” 

“I would slide a finger into you and tease you until you beg me to fuck you.” 

That’s when I fell asleep – right in the middle of our steamy sexting sesh. I was still in my robe with all the lights on and my phone in my hand. I didn’t even know I was tired. Oops. 

So I guess Eric and I are hanging out tomorrow night. I can’t wait pick out pillows!